Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kim Kyu Jong's Instagram Update: Thank you 02.25.16

Suddenly getting emotional the moment I saw this update from Kyu Jong. TT_TT Always the sweetest member. ^^ 김규종 고마워요~ ♥

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credits: jdream_kyujong@ig + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

[Audio] Double S 301's Radio Guesting on Park So HYun's Love Game 02.20.16

Posting this before I hit the sack. It's been a nice day for all of us, with all the updates from the boys. ^^ In this radio guesting, I've laughed several times with Hyung Jun's wit! ^^ Listen to it and you'll know what I'm talking about. ^^ Could've wished it was open cam, but it's not. Still it was grreat hearing to their voices especially the moment when Young Saeng sang 21gram acapella. ^^ 메인 보컬 허영생 진짜 대박! ^^


[Eng Subs] SS301 Animal Farm Episodes 1 and 2 plus Guerilla Fanmeeting

I'm posting this in one entry so that I'll be able to catch up on the videos I've missed. ^^ It was fun seeing the boys being themselves. ^^ You can easily see that there is no difference on and off cam. ^^ Have fun watching! ^^

Episode 1
Episode 2
Guerilla Fanmeeting
credits: Cha Njumma@yt + namajchingu06khj@yt


[Eng Subs] SS301 on Show Champion Backstage 02.20.16

These boys.... really making me laugh and to think they are already in their 30s, they still play a game during decision making. ^^I missed them a lot so seeing these makes me feel happy. ^^ Young Saeng's solo stage? 푸하하하하하하하 야 영생아! 너 왜이래? ㅋㅋㅋ 

credits: hongbae_@yt

[Eng Subs] SS301's Beagle Beagle on Show Champion 02.24.16

Another funny moment with the boys while inside their car and explaining the point in their song 'PAIN'. ^^ Ya~ Young Saeng-ah! Why so funny, eh? ㅋㅋㅋ 허영생씨 완전 웃겨!! ^^

credits: hongbae_@yt

[Eng Subs] SS301 Behind the Show 02.24.16

Really grateful to all fans who are willing to sub videos for international fans who couldn't understand korean. ^^ This way, we'll know how funny they are. ^^ Have you noticed Young Saeng being talkative already? ^^ Enjoy watching! 

credits: hongbae_@yt

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[Eng Subs] Double S 301's winning speech in SBS 'The Show' 02.23.16

Posting this before I go to work. ^^ Congratulations again and Happy Birthday Kim Kyu Jong! ^^

credits: Video Courtesy Skpb K-Music Live [SBS #3] + (eng trans) xiaochu1004 + (subbing) kelemama
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