Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SS501 Tweets: Hyung Jun's Message to Kyu Jong 07.22.14

Despite Hyung Jun's busy schedule today, he did not forget that it is Kyu's discharge from military service. He then tweets his message to his brother which I find it very sweet of our Maknae. ^^ 규막!! ♥♥♥

credits: HyungJun87 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

Steven Lee shares a picture of him with Kim Kyu Jong 07.22.14

Yes, indeed Kyu had a wonderful day spending it with friends and family after he was officially discharged from military service. ^^ Just by looking at this picture, you will see how happy he is. ^^ 핸섬 가이 김규종!♥ Thanks to Steven Lee for sharing the picture on his instagram account and to Cheezeemelt501 for the info! ^^

credits: realstevenlee@instagram

Article about SS501's Kim Kyu Jong's official discharge from military service 07.22.14

And I'm finally back in blogging with news about our Triple S President finishing his military service today. ^^ A lot of fans visited the site where he worked for 2 years and it seems Kyu Jong is very happy to see his pretties and they even gave gifts to him. ^^ His mom and dad were waiting for him at the parking lot and some fans were able to talk to them. ^^ Welcome back Kim Kyu Jong! Looking forward to your future activities! ^^ 오랜만이에요 김규종! ^^ 보고싶어~! ^^


SS501's Kim Kyu Jong officially discharged from military service

SS501's Kim Kyu Jong was officially discharged from his military service requirement today (22nd)!

According to his agency B2M Entertainment on the 22nd, Kim Kyu Jong held his discharge ceremony at the military manpower office in Jeonbuk, Jeonju on the 22nd at 9:30 AM KST.

A rep stated, "Kim Kyu Jong was set to be discharged by 10 AM KST today, but the discharge ceremony was held earlier than expected... When Kim Kyu Jong stepped out of the Jeonbuk military manpower office, there were already around 100 fans waiting to greet him there and Kim Kyu Jong gave a short greeting and waved his hand to show his gratitude."

"Kim Kyu Jong has departed for his home in Jeonju and will spend time with his parents for a few days... He will then hold an official fan meeting to repay fans for their support up until now."

Kim Kyu Jong enlisted on July 23, 2012 as a public service personnel and having now fulfilled his service requirement, it's expected that he'll return soon to fans to take on upcoming projects as a singer and actor.

Welcome back, Kim Kyu Jong!

Tip: drunkenluv

credits: starsung@allkpop

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Media Photos of Kim Hyung Jun at Anna Sui Lingerie Fashion Show 07.15.14

Yesterday, it was a VIP Movie Premiere. Now, he was at a Lingerie Show. ^^ Our Maknae is busy as a bee. ^^ Lucke for the fans who have seen him in those 2 straight days. Very handsome Hyung Jun in that blue coat. ^^ And did you notice his gold sneakers? ^^ Love it! 패셔니스타 김형준! ^^

credits: naver.com

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kim Kyu Jong with Bodybuilder Kim Hyun Woo 07.13.14

Hmmmm I don't know if I had understand it correctly. But the one who posted this picture with Kyu Jong wrote the title as 'Lesson: Meat after workout' So I am kinda puzzled about it. Probably they ate in this restaurant after the workout. Anyways, I am happy to see a latest photo of Kyu jong. ^^ I miss him terribly. But soon we will see him already doing activities. Just 8 more days to go and he will already be finished with his military duties. ^^ Hopefully he come back in Twitterland too. I miss our Triple S President on my timeline. ^^ 보고싶어 김규종! ♥ Thanks to RiCeLyN for the tip and for kyujongfacts for the info. ^^

credits: http://blog.naver.com/gusdndbfl/220059117779

Media Photos of Kim Hyung Jun attending 'Gundo: Age of the Rampant' VIP Movie Premiere 07.14.14

Our very handsome Maknae was seen attending another VIP Movie Premiere in Gangnam-gu, Seoul today. ^^ That print on his shirt adds to the charisma of our youngest. ^^ 김형준 멋있다! ^^

credits: naver.com

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Photos of Heo Young Saeng during Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Performance for Prevention on School Violence 07.11.14

Let's take a break first from updates on Leader Hyun Joong since our Prince has some updates too. ^^ He was seen today at the SMPA Performance against school violence held at the Police Musuem. I envy those girls who were able to take a picture with him. Wish I could do the same in the future. Even in a huge crowd, I could still see him because of his good looks. ^^ 허영생 멋있다!! ^^

credits: http://blog.daum.net/jygilll/
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