Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Steven Lee shares a picture of him with Kyu Jong and friends while in Seoul 10.21.14

I am so grateful with Mr. Steven Lee for being so generous enough in sharing pictures of Kyu Jong with us. ^^ At least we get some updates and latest picture of our Kyuie. ^^ He looks handsome even thoguh he's wearing casual clothes. ^^ 멋지다 김규종! ♥

Good time :) in Seoul, day1
credits: realstevenlee

SS501 Tweets: Kim Hyung Jun's Instagram Update 10.21.14

These are the updates that Jjunie shared on his Instagram account. ^^ Looks like he's enjoying his time with his friends. ^^ Good for him. ^^ 프리티보이 김형준! ^^

credits: HyungJun87 + kimhyungjun87 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

[Fanpic] Kim Hyung Jun playing soccer 10.18.14

The day when we saw Jjunie along side with fellow FC Avengers teammates playing soccer. ^^ The best part of these pics? Is when I saw him laughing with that cute little kid. ㅋㅋㅋ Lovely to look at, feels like I'll be able to laugh with them just by looking at their picture. ^^ 재미있다 김형준! ^^

credits: http://tlsxhah.blog.me/220156727223

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Media Photos of Kim Hyung Jun attending the 2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week for Designer Jayho 10.18.14

Earlier today, Hyung Jun was seen attending the Seoul Fashion Week for the designer Jayho. He came in wearing blue sweater with leather jacket on him, black pants, no socks and blue shoes. Our fashionista Maknae did not miss this event. ^^  멋있다 김형준! ^^ Thanks to wengvann for the info. ^^

credits: daum.net
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