Monday, November 24, 2014

Updates on Park Jung Min's 'WInter Love' Handshake Event 11.24.14

I am so pleased to give you the details on updates regarding Jung Min's handshake event in Shibuya Tower Records. ^^ It was an enjoyable event to most of the fans especially with the witty Jung Min answering all the questions. ^^ Lucky for those who were present today. ^^ Hopefully other fans will support also Jung Min's single 'Winter Love' . ^^ 박정민 'Winter Love' 싱글은 화이!!

- Park Jungmin's giant panel in Tower Records Shibuya for Winter Love promotion.

- We are in Tower Records Shibuya for handshake event with Park Jungmin. Each Winter Love CD bought = 1 event ticket #PJMWinterLove

- There are 3 types of Winter Love CDs that can be bought. Events are in 3 batches: 15.00, 16.30, 18.00 #PJMWinterLove

- The handshake tickets look like this. After 1 handshake, we must return to the tail of the line. #PJMWinterLove


- The tickets are not given randomly. As long as you buy even only one CD, you will get a handshake ticket. #PJMWinterLove

- Park Jungmin's Winter Love Type A CD #PJMWinterLove


- PJM appeared in white long-sleeved shirt with dark collar & brown chest pockets & denim trousers #PJMWinterLove

- He joked a lot in Japanese with the MC. He's going to release Christmas Kiss next month, and he sang a bit of it for fans #PJMWinterLove

- PJM asked MC abt Christmas kiss experience.MC was taken aback. MC: "(My story) is not interesting!" PJM: (teasing) "It is!" #PJMWinterLove

- When asked abt his own Xmas Kiss experience, PJM asked fans to teach him. MC reminded as an idol he must answer carefully! #PJMWinterLove


- Park Jungmin's Winter Love Type B CD #PJMWinterLove


- PJM has signed the giant panel. Some of his message: "Let's walk together no matter where it takes us" #PJMWinterLove


- For the 3rd session PJM changed his collared shirt w/ a white sweatshirt, long sand-coloured coat & a hat of a similar colour #PJMWinterLove

- At 1st MC came out to do some introduction.But no sound came out from his mic. PJM extended his hand from behind the curtain, #PJMWinterLove

- handing MC his own mic. "Here." Audience laughed. So PJM just came to the stage anyway although he's not called yet #PJMWinterLove

- gain PJM 'interviewed' MC instead. He joked MC was Tower-dol, idol of Tower Records.PJM asked him abt his winter love memory #PJMWinterLove

- They also reminded fans abt upcoming Xmas album. It can be preordered from today but directly at Tower Records Shibuya. #PJMWinterLove

- It can't be ordered via internet yet. For preorders there will be postcard bonuses. #PJMWinterLove

- PJM joked each fan must order 100 or even 1000 copies. When they take a walk they can just give away their extra copies #PJMWinterLove

- Again PJM sang a bit of Christmas Kiss. He still forgot some of the lyrics, but he said fans wouldn't know yet anyway #PJMWinterLove

- Earlier PJM also joked w/ MC abt ROMEO who also held events not so long ago in the store, as if he's a different person #PJMWinterLove

- PJM proceeded with the handshake. But nobody really shook his hands - everyone locked fingers with him! ^^ #PJMWinterLove

credits: @Relawan_kONser

Photos of Heo Young Saeng during performance for Hongbodan Police 11.22.14

I think more than a week has it's been since we last heard an update from Young Saeng. Good thing he had another performance and now we are able to see a picture of him performing. ^^ Hopefully a video soon will also be shared. ^^ 오랜만이에요 허영생씨. ^^ Thanks to RiCeLyN for the info. ^^

credits: http://blog.daum.net/jygilll/16131939

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Photos of Park Jung Min's 'ROMEO Alive' Album

I saw this in the net today, and I can't help it but share the photos she shared from the 6 albums. ^^ Since I don't have it yet, I was mesmerized when I saw the photos inside. ^^ What can you say about the poses and the theme Romeo used for this album? ^^ 진짜 박정민?

credits: http://kongja501.blog.me/220180247387

Friday, November 21, 2014

[Full Video] Kim Kyu Jong on 'S.O.S. Please Save Me' Episode 4 11.20.14

Huge thanks to Triple S Philippines on Facebook who shared the link for the full episode. I am still hoping for someone to sub this drama for us. ^^ 김규종 화이팅! &^^

credits: jaja*box*001@yt

[Video] Kim Kyu Jong's cut in 'S.O.S. Please Save Me' Episode 4 11.20.14

His part was kinda short for me this time. But still I'm grateful he did appear at the middle and at the end of the episode. Hopefully more exposures next time. ^^ 김규종 화이팅! ^^

credits: kerria007님의 채널@yt

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Official Photo of Kim Kyu Jong for 'S.O.S. Please Save Me' Episode 4 11.20.14

So this scene is gonna be shown later tonight at 11pm KST. I am so looking forward to see him acting again as Park Jung Jun. ^^ Don't forget to stay tune gals. ^^ 김규종 화이팅! ^^

credits: kbsn@fb

Kim Hyung Jun Instagram Update: At Jaksal Restaurant, Osaka 11.19.14

Woah! I was both surprised and happy to see him dine at Jaksal Restaurant in Osaka. It's as if he was patronizing Leader's restaurant! ^^ Good job, Jjunie! You made us very happy once again! ^^ 고마워 김형준! ♥

A photo posted by 김형준  Kim Hyung Jun . SS501 (@kimhyungjun87) on

I'm also gonna insert here a photo shared by Jaksal Osaka with Hyung Jun.^^

credits: kimhyungjun87 + @JaksalOsaka
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