Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Double S 301's 2nd Teaser for 'PAIN' features Heo Young Saeng 02.02.16

The second teaser is out and this time, it's Young Saeng's turn. ^^ Gosh this boys are making us all hype up with them.^^ So it's gonna be a some kinda dance song I think.^^ Really looking forward to it! 허영생 화이팅 So we all know who's on the next teaser. ^^ 고고고 김형준! ^^ 

credits: CI ENT@yt

Friday, January 29, 2016

Double S 301's 'PAIN' MV Teaser is out! 01.29.16

OMG!!! It's the first teaser only but I'm already hyper and excited at the same time when I saw it. ^^ It was released 12AM KST. ^^ From their comeback album 'ETERNAL 5', the single is entitled 'Pain'. A 0:41 second clip that shows the 3 of them dancing together and also a clip where Kyu Jong was crying.  His acting is really good, and his side profile is 대박!!! I wonder what Leader Hyun Joong and Sexy Charisma Jung Min has to say on this teaser.^^ They must be happy and proud too! ^^ We must look forward to the other 3 teasers they will release in succeeding days! ^^ 축하해 허영생 김규종 김형준! ^^

credits: CI ENT@yt

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Double S 301 Official Facebook Page

If you want to be updated on the latest activities of the much awaited comeback of our sub-unit, well here is your chance not to miss out anything. ^^ Presenting the official Facebook page of Double S 301. ^ Okay, no need to react negatively as to why it was named Double S 301. We all know the reason why and we all know that even though it was named that way, they are still 5.. eternally. ^^ Anyways, I'm just reminding you to like this page because for sure, any announcements on their activities will be posted here.^^ Like the page of our boys, ok? ^^ 더블에스 오공일 만세! 고고고 허영생 김규종 김형준! ^^


Click the picture to be re-directed to their page then hit like. ^^ 

credits: Double S 301@fb

Monday, January 25, 2016

Kim Kyu Jong's Instagram Update 01.25.16

Kyu Jong seems to be giving us a heart attack with his latest IG update photo teaser. ^^ Almost every word I see in it is what I want to see! ^^ SS501, Green Peas501, 501, 301. ^^ My gosh! He knows how to make us all happy! ^^ Now, I am definitely more excited and more eager to see the much awaited comeback! 고마워 김규종! ♥

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credits: jdream_kyujong

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pre-Order SS501's Sub-Unit Group SS301's Mini Album 'ETERNAL 5'

I know many international fans are wondering where they could buy or purchase their album. Well, here is my suggestion where you can order online.^^ I've purchased some of my albums in this site. ^^ You can pre-order as early as now before they run out of stock. ^^ It includes a 60-page photobook, 4 random photocards and a limited poster in a tube!^^ For Filipino fans who do not have any card to use, you can also order from Triple S Philippines and they are willing to have it shipped in your location with minimal fee. ^^ Hope we all support our boys! ^^ 더블에스301 화이팅! ^^

 Click here to Pre-order your album in YesAsia

For Triple S Philippines Order, you may visit their Facebook Page or click their name below
[ETERNAL 5 PREORDER] DS301 ETERNAL 5 album preorder open for Filipino fans!ALBUM PRICE: 1000phpPAYMENT DEADLINE:...
Posted by TRIPLE S PHILIPPINES on Thursday, January 21, 2016

credits: YesAsia + Triple S Philippines@fb

Kim Kyu Jong's Instagram Update: ETERNAL 5 01.20.16

Our Kyu Jongie seems to be active now in Instagram. ^^ He just recently shared the latest photo teaser for the pre-ordering of their album. ^^ Gyaaaahhh it's making me excited once again! ^^ So pretties, don't forget to grab a copy of this one! ^^ Let's support their comeback! We've waited for this for so long, right? ^^ 더블에스301 미니앨범 ETERNAL 5 화이팅!!

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credits: jdream_kyujong@ig

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Photo Teasers for Sub unit's New Album "ETERNAL 5"

Our boys are just making our heart beat faster! ^^ Look at their poses, very handsome and cool indeed! 허영생 김규종 김형준 진짜 멋있다! ♥ Who would think that they are already at their 30s? ㅋㅋㅋ Looking forward to see more of them... soon! Stay tuned pretties! ^^

credits: naver.com
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