Kim Hyung Jun

"I’m only carrying out solo activities, but I always believe that SS501 is my roots.” ~ Maknae Hyung Jun

"For 5 years, 10 years, 50 years, our tears would not change." ~ Maknae, Kim Hyung Jun X-Concert Fanmeeting

"We, SS501, will not go anywhere.. We will always be together with everyone till the day we die" ~ Kim Hyung Jun, X-Concert Fanmeeting 

"And we SS501, the five of us, we will keep supporting, care, and love one another; we must become the best.Let's be together...us...and together, we'll keep going right till the end, never giving up and working hard." ~ Kim Hyung Jun during his birthday celebration with Triple S

"We will be together all the way until we become grandmothers and grandfathers." ~ Maknae, Hyung Jun

“Although negative opinions rose as we joined different agencies, our unity is absolute. Like Shinhwa, we will pursue our personal dreams but always be part of SS501.” - Maknae, Hyung Jun

" The affinity that’s fated to be forever in my life
The five brothers in SS501,
Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, and… me!
Even when we’re older and aged, we still want to stand onto the stage together,
We must keep the promise…
Really love you (guys) very very much,
We must keep and guard our brotherhood no matter the passage of time.

That’s not all~! For the many, many Triple S,
the five of us will work hard to reunite and come together,
Please, all of you, do not forget that, ya,
There will be rewards, so please believe in us!
We will be together, for sure." 

~SS501 Maknae Kim Hyung Jun, Thank You's in his Solo Album

"Our members are originally skilled by nature, so even if we were to stand forth alone, all of us will be able to do it well enough." ~ Kim Hyung Jun, interview in MK Star

"SS501 is the motivation behind Kim Hyung Jun now, is also the essential existence in my life." ~ Kim Hyung Jun, interview Korean star daily  

" Whenever one of us begins his activities, the SS501 members are the first to call. I just want to say that the loyalty and friendship that we share haven't changed. The other members were the first ones to show their support when I said I was to debut as solo." ~ Kim Hyung Jun, interview with Arirang 04.29.11 

"We have always been helping each other. And also we started out being together, so we will have to be together till the very end. Let's all each accumulate more experiences as we wait for us to come back together. I will work even harder. Let us all Fighting~. Mansae! Hope that everyone will be successful. I love you all" ~Kim Hyung Jun's message to fellow SS501 members,  X-Files(Honest Interview) 08.24.11 

"SS501 will be forever so fans and Triple S everyone and everyone here, we'd like you to be with us. You trust SS501, right?" ~Kim Hyung Jun, SS501 Persona in Seoul 

"We will work harder in the future so set your eyes on us 5 men only.. Even when we become 30 and 40 as long as you can move, be with us." ~ Kim Hyung Jun, SS501 Persona Encore

"I think SS501 is the best because each one of us is working hard as a solo so please wait and look forward to our Comeback" ~ Kim Hyung Jun, Tokyo Fanmeeting 04.07.12 

"Please love SS501 forever! Please support all members!" ~Kim Hyung Jun, "Always Love You' Fanmeeting in Japan 10.20.13

"SS501 Forever" ~Kim Hyung Jun, a photo update on Instagram 11.27.14 

"You will be able to see the complete SS501 again someday. We always talk about reuniting even if it's just for the sake of our fans."  ~Kim Hyung Jun, Interview with BNT News 01.09.15
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