Kim Kyu Jong

"When we think of you who gave us so much support, we are really very thankful…" ~ Center, Kim Kyu Jong

"They are family who fulfilled my dream" ~Kim Kyu Jong, Forever Center SS501, 5 Men 5 Years DVD interview

"Everyone supporting us, before we become the first in the world,we'll continue to work hard... That's right, can't switch band...can't switch band but you can get a boyfriend..."
~message of Kim Kyu Jong to Triple S, X-Concert Fanmeeting

"Remember that we said to grow old together? I will add one more! Grow old while smiling together!" ~ Center, Kyu Jong

"Forever, we’ll always be together.." ~ Center, Kyu Jong, X-Concert Fanmeting

"We will continue to work hard until we will not feel apologetic.." ~Kim Kyu Jong, Forever Center SS501 x concert

"I must repay the gratitude given by pretties.. I want to give even more happiness that I have received all these while" ~ Kim Kyu Jong, message to Triple S in their 'And Story' Fanmeeting

"My father often tells me to treat them (fans) well when they come to me, because who will be there 10 years from now.  It’s true, don’t you think?  I live feeling thankful that they like me.” ~ Kim Kyu Jong, Interview,  JoongAng Daily

"There are times that after a fan meeting, fans would line up and cry while we shake their hands! That’s very touching." ~ Kim Kyu Jong interview, 'The Wrap'

"Thanks..^^ To everyone who is always siding me.. Sincerely thank you!! Let's grow old together!!" ~ Kim Kyu Jong, twitter

"There was a popularity voting via phone ARS, we told our fans not to vote as it will affect their telephone bills. That was 100 won or 200 won per call, which is a huge money for young people. And because they will not just once or twice but vote continuously. Thus we told them never to do that, and that representative (from the company who organizes the voting) was angry why we said that." ~Kim Kyu Jong, Playdb interview 08.26.11 

"Also, I'm sorry for those who voted for the Mobile awards!!
Not at all!! We are not hurt because of this~
So is our Leader hyung, so is our Min(ee)^^ All the members think so~ You would know that even if I dont say it out right?!
I would rather fans save the money and get a great treat for yourself!!" ~Kim Kyu
Jong, DSP Website 12.01.06

"No matter what others say, to me, our fans are the best, so work hard (fighting)! ... During times when I'm tired, when I hear alot of mean words, because everyone protected me. Because everyone is there for me, I forget all those mean words,.." ~Kim Kyu Jong, DSP Website 12.01.06 

" YoungSaeng hyung also said I am suitable to sing and supported me. It became a big strength to me.” ~ Kim Kyu Jong, interview enews24.net

"Of course if my album would turn out great will be best, but because my role in the team is to balance the team well with everyone equally-weighted, it will just be enough if people will think that ‘Kim Kyu Jong is actually quite a not-bad person(singer)’, rather than me becoming a shocking hit with my solo debut…” ~Kim Kyu Jong, interview Newsen 09.28.11

“To be honest, there were alot of talks about SS501. Alot of talks like how there was only Kim Hyun Joong enough in SS501, etc.. Hyunjoong-hyung, as well as our other members were very hurt” ~Kim Kyu Jong, Interview Newsen 09.28.11

“As we do our individual activities, we also build up experiences, and then one day when we re-unite, those experiences we gained will then become a strong strength." ~ Kim Kyu Jong, Interview Newsen 09.28.11

“All of us have the thought to do a SS501 album together." ~Kim Kyu Jong, Interview Newsen 09.28.11 

"At that time, members held on tightly to me and gave me lots of strength. " ~Kim Kyu Jong, Interview star.mk.co.kr 10.12.11

"I hope all our members come to give support and congregate together in the waiting room" ~ Kim Kyu Jong, Interview Sports Hangook 09.30.11

"Fans are the friends you have who spins all the precious memories with you during the most shining period of time. When we look back and reminisce, I hope to weave really proud memories together as that way. So for that to happen, we would do that (re-unite) latest next year. And, all our members think the same way, too." ~Kim Kyu Jong, Interview Sports Hangook 09.30.11

"YoungSaeng hyung also said I am suitable to sing and supported me. It became a big strength to me." ~Kim Kyu Jong, Interview enews24.net 09.29.11

"So to my members, you go to Japan and Taiwan. Hyun Joong-hyung is busy with the preparation, Young Saeng-hyung with musical, Jung Min in Taiwan, Hyung Jun is in MNET Broadcast.. Everyone are busy doing solo activity and let's do our best and hopefully, next year, in the name of SS501, we can make a great comeback.. SS501 Fighting..!!" 

~Kim Kyu Jong, MNET Countdown Backstage 09.29.11

"No matter who you compare to, SS501 and TripleS are the best. You know? ^^ That we are the best.. he" ~Kim Kyu Jong DSP Website 11.15.06

"Some fans said it was not sold-out and are sorry for that
but we don't have to do only sold-out shows. It is concert.Five of us will sing and dance even one person comes to our show! Don't worry about it at all~" Kim Kyu Jong, DSP Website 07.23.06

"This year I am spending New Year alone. Previously I always spent it with the members, but this year solo activities have no choice but to spend it alone." ~Kim Kyu Jong, Choun Interview

"All the fans who has let me know exactly what happiness is, I always only have gratefulness in my whole heart .." ~Kim Kyu Jong, DSP Website 11.15.06

"I wish that I am a star, shining for every TripleS in every corner of the earth." ~ Kim Kyu Jong

"Being a singer is not just for popularity, it is more like cheering people's hearts and never forget my root." ~ Kim Kyu Jong 

"I want to do music that holds the heart of five members and send a message to my fans with the song." ~ Kim Kyu Jong 

"I want to give even more happiness that I have received all these while." ~ Kim Kyu Jong

"I want to sing songs which will touch people's hearts." ~ Kim Kyu Jong 

 "We, SS501 will work harder and make sure all our weakness will be gone. Please lead us onward. I am the one that always work hard, SS501's Kim Kyu Jong." ~ Kim Kyu Jong

"The beautiful memories we have shared will last till the very end of our beginning." ~ Kim Kyu Jong

“I hope to become an actor who succeed not from how I look, but my talent.” ~ Kim Kyu Jong

"...SS501 is the best ♥..." ~Kim Kyu Jong's reply to Sean Alexander on 501 day 05.01.13
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