Park Jung Min

"My favorite word is SS501.. It is the biggest stronghold of my life…" ~ Sexy Charisma, Park Jung Min

"I realized that they are friends who mean much to me" ~ Park Jung Min, Sexy Charisma, 5 Men 5 Years DVD interview

“SS501 members is only doing solo activities and not disbanded,in future will also not be disbanded!" ~ Sexy Charisma, Jung Min. Interview for Play Magazine

"No matter what, hope that everyone will continue to support us till the end. Next time, when we, SS501 perform, hope that everyone can be present"  ~Park Jung Min, Sexy Charisma SS501 x concert

“We will always cheer for each others activities, will also often communicate via phone. " 
~ Park Jung Min, interview Osen

“No matter where you may be alone, please do put in much effort as you work to your career” ~ Park Jung Min message to fellow SS501 members, Fanmeeting for 'Not Alone'

"...although I stepped forth alone, I will forever be a member of SS501." ~ Park Jung Min, Interview for TV Report

“We may all be in different agencies, but we made it a must to prioritize this one condition that we have to re-unite under the name of SS501″ ~ Park Jung Min, Interview for TV Report

"Everytime when I'm doing anything, I'm always doing it with the loyalty to SS501" ~Park Jung Min, guesting on Music High

" I am not alone because I have been surrounded by my fans who loves me" ~Park Jung Min, interview OK! Magazine May 2011

" For me, all fans are the most precious presents" ~Park Jung Min, interview OK! Magazine May 2011

" Triple S to SS501 is a must." ~Park Jung Min, SS501 Persona Encore 

"I think a lot of fans who supported us think that we are giving them something to fill in their life but honestly, we think that we are the ones who are getting something from our fans." ~ Park Jung Min 

"If I will choose to be a movie star or to be a forever SS501 member, I'll choose the last one. Because no roles in this world will make me a happy man but a role to be their friend." ~ Park Jung Min 

"Although we are not perfect, but the 5 of us will always work very hard." ~ Park Jung Min

"For me, love should be expressed. Therefore, I don't mind expressing my love for TripleS." ~ Park Jung Min

"If the five of us could do a stage together, it would have been really wonderful.." ~ Park Jung Min, DSP Website 07.03.2010

"I honestly missing the time that five of us being together." ~ Park Jung Min

"Q: What is SS501 to you?
SS501 is like home to me. Where I was born, always make me feel warm and safe." ~ Park Jung Min, Interview londonoppa.co.uk

"Thanks to all supporters of SS501, from now on, no matter whether its our solo activities, or one day, when we can all perform again on stage, please wait a little longer, please wait for our performance, I will diligently transform into a forever hardworking Park Jung Min; the other members would also work very hard, please support the other members as well. " ~ Park Jung Min, Interview MTV Taiwan's 'Idols of Asia' 03.17.14

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