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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong filming for Mischievous Kiss

If i were to see him filming the said drama, I would also do the same thing, I would write a fan account to describe how hardworking Hyun Joong is. So that other people would know what they are missing if they won't watch his drama. 


credits: Source: http://blog.naver.com/harukhj
Chinese translation: YOYO| http://hyunbar66.cn/
English translation: wonderrrgirl| http://lovekimhyunjoong.com/

Today’s weather is very refreshing

Very suitable for lazing around on the grass for a nap

The crew are all very tired, all of them are resting…

Some playing tennis, some lying down for a good rest.

Hyun Joong Oppa seems to be in his car “getting back his energy”… kekekekekeke

About 4pm? Oppa came out from the carkeke

Covered in a tiger striped pattern blanket and yawning as he comes out, seems to look very tired.

Cody noona tidied his hair and reapply make up. Keke

I just saw 10 fans… don’t know where they went to.. all have disappeared…

OXI unnie (her friend), me and another fan, just 3 of us..

A filming site without much fans is a rare sight..keke

A while later, the filming will begin

Starting the next filming with Jung So Min

How long has it been since we saw Jung So Min sitting on a chair? ..it’s a scene where she gets to sit

Everyone seems to be very quiet, so the dialogue can be heard kekekekeke

The filming site is very quiet, it’s not the ordinary kind of silence, so we don’t even dare to breathe kekekekekeke
Filming with So Min,

Also with Lee Si Young and the boy starring as Lee Si Young’s brother..

The weather is quite cooling, after filming (Hyun Joong) went back to wrapping himself with the blanket..

Next, at night……… should I build a house here? Then I can stay over here at Hyun Joong Oppa’s side for one day.. kekekekekekeke

Got quite a scare kekekekekeke the sight of him shunning away is so cute kekekekekekekeke

Beside him, Jung So Min is sitting there kekekekeke

This scene took about 2 hours to film??

Ah, yes Hyun Joong Oppa seems to have gotten his hair permed again.. kekekekek

Our energetic Leader Kim Hyun Joong

This article has been posted by a couple of blogs already but I can't let this news just pass by. It was an inspirational one and I hope other bloggers out there would spread this news so that they would know what is Leader Kim Hyun Joong's attitude when it comes to acting in the drama 'Mischievous Kiss'. He really deserve to be acknowledged by a lot of people.  Kim Hyun Joong Fighting! Take care of your health also.


credits: KoreaStarDaily@yahoo.tw
Article Translated by reena29shadow

[News] Behind the scene of KimHyunJoong in Mischievous Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong who is now acting in [Mischievous Kiss] by MBC, showing his passion for acting.

At the filming site of [Mischievous Kiss] on 27th morning, picture of Kim Hyun Joong practicing his script were released, causing uproar on the internet. In the show, because of Oh HaNi, Kim Hyun Joong who starts to change bit by bit gave a very good impression to female viewers. In [Mischievous Kiss]. Kim Hyun Joong shed off the nice and caring look of Yoon JiHoo in [Boys Over Flower], becoming the arrogant and cold personality of Baek Seung Jo also successfully proven his improvement in acting. 

Staff revealed: [Kim Hyun Joong works harder than everyone on the set, not only analysing the script before actual filming, he also brings his script everywhere with him. He really puts in a lot of effort. Also, he came to the set everyday in cheerful mood, which is why the filming set are also so cheerful with him around.] Praising Kim Hyun Joong. Staff of Kim Hyun Joong management company, KEYEAST, also revealed: [Kim Hyun Joong only sleeps 2 to 3 hours a day, even though the filming schedule is very hectic, but he always do his best for filming as he felt thankful for the support from his fans. Kim Hyun Joong and the whole [Mischievous Kiss] cast and staff are all working very hard in filming so as not to let everyone down. Hope that everyone will show more support, concern and love.] 

[Eng Subs] Mischievous Kiss Episode 10 Preview

I think it will be a tear jerking episode 10 that awaits us. With Seung Jo moving out of the house, and telling Hani that he is happy since he is with He ra, definitely will make your heart aches. Wanting to see this episode. ^^ Get ready with your tissue guys. T_T

credits: JangKissSubs2 @ yt

[Screencaps] Baek Seung Jo being nice to Hani in Episode 9

Just finished watching episode 9 of Mischievous Kiss and I can say that it was an episode where he was being nice to Hani. He even hugged her when Hani was crying. Looking forward to episode 10. ^^ 

Seung Jo to Hani:
"Being with you isn't easy but I'm just saying I don't hate you"



credits: Mischievous Kiss + liezle

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong various news for Mischievous Kiss

The first video is about Seung Jo and Hani as best couple and the second clip is regarding the previous interview from the cast of Mischievous Kiss and also news from SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong. Thanks for JangKissSubs2 for uploading it in you tube ^^

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong is the No. 1 Visual Idol

Love the clips included in this video.♥ The aegyo thing made me giggle coz he is definitely cute. ^^ I have watched it over and over again. Thanks to JangKissSubs2 for uploading ^^

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mischievous Kiss Official Photos Episode 9

Excited to see what's in store for us in Episode 9? Here are just some pictures to give us a an idea on what to expect on tonight's episode. I wonder why they had a some kind of date here. Hmmmm... 

race with patients?

credits: imbc.com 

Phone of SS501 Park Jung Min?

When I saw this picture, I wondered why he was holding that phone in a middle of the street. Could he be in a phone booth? But how come he would be making a call in a phone booth? Naah... that's impossible, he has his own cellphone right? Then, my questions was suddenly answered by these set of pictures. Jung Min-ah, that's one unique item! ^^

This was the picture he posted in his Official Facebook account. Wonder why it was connected on his bag?

Ja jan.... kekeke ^^

Seriously choosing...green or red?...red or green?...

credits: photo as tagged + Iamson@Twitter + ParkJungMinOfficial@FB + 501wangja

Twitter Updates: Hyung Jun misses his brother Kyu Jong

For quite a while I haven't posted their latest twitter conversations. But this set of tweets really interests me, especially on the part when Hyung Jun tells Kyu Jong that he wants him to be by his side because he's lonely. Aawww... our baby is missing his brother.

credits: rainaftershine@wordpress

Random pictures of Kim Hyun Joong

Found these pictures of Hyun Joong from different sponsors. I decided to post just one entry for these set of pictures. 

Fred Perry Sponsor

Kelburn Clothing Sponsor

at waiting room for Mischievous Kiss

credits:  Miclub + KHJ Baidu +  blog.naver.com/fredperrykor + KHJ Baidu +  kelburn + gall.dcinside.com 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong's 'The First Love Story' Blog Report

I just have one question... does your heart beat faster and slower at the same time whenever you see Kim Hyun Joong like I do? Especially when he is wearing a Tuxedo, waiting at the end of the aisle,... smiling and looking at you? The moment I saw that scene... I really can't describe how I feel. My knees went numb already just looking at him. Well, actually, when I first saw him, when I had my first encounter with him during his stay here in the Philippines, I've mentioned on my fan account that literally my knees went numb when he passed us by. That's how big his impact was for me. But before I do faint here while sharing my story again, I found this blog report from his 'The First Love Story'. Read it for yourself and find out how many girls are head over heels about this guy. ♥


Kim Hyun Joong - “The First Love Story” – Lake Hamana Location Report No.2-

Source: "The First Love Story" Shooting Blog
Japanese Translation: miyo@ lovekimhyunjoong.com

2010.09.25 Saturday
Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story”―Lake Hamana Location Report No.2―

When question about shooting the wedding ceremony scene, this is how he replied.
“I had experienced in wedding ceremony in drama and I had also worn before a tuxedo. I wonder if I would still have the nervous, excited feeling when the day of the real wedding comes? One will get worried when doing too many wedding scenes.”

About the outdoor wedding setup at the garden of Magna resort, his thoughts were, “It’s strange how such a nice view like Hawaii can be setup in Japan.”
The extras and fans all moved to the outdoor wedding venue and the filming starts.
After the extras are seated, first they filmed the kids scene. 2 children walked down the aisle smiling while scattering the petals.

The local artiste did a wonderful performance under the scorching hot sun.


When Hyun Joong appeared at the arch entrance wearing his tuxedo, sighs can be heard.
Hyun Joong’s muttering voice can be heard when getting near him.

Director Che’s translator and assistant, Lee Yumi grabbed the microphone and worked hard warming up the atmosphere.
Finally Hyun Joong walked down the aisle with hundreds of balloons flying up.
Blessings with a round of applause. Stepping infront of the platform and made a bow.

President of Magna Resort acted as the matchmaker accepted the bow.
While waiting on standby, Hyun Joong said to the extras nearby, “It’s very hot eh..”

Thereafter, he filmed the extras with the camera he had in his hand.

Checking the images that he had just took and said with a mischievous look boasting,“This is how it was taken. It’s an art.”

After taking several times of the entering scene, taking the next scene together with the little girl. Hyun Joong asked in Japanese “How old are you?” “What’s your name?” etc to the little girl. His thoughtfulness to the little girl made her loosen up and feeling relaxed.

Kim Hyun Joong on KeyEast Eco Calendar Making

Found these lovely gifs and I can't help it but to share it with you. Have you noticed his earring? Looks good on him. ^^ Really love the smiles he have here. ^^ Makes my heart flutter. ^^ Love Ya Hyun Joong-shii ♥

OMO... stop doing that smile... melts my heart... *faints*

credits: Nicole @ legendkim.com

Monday, September 27, 2010

[Eng Subs] SS501 Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min's Message: What's the Best name for his Official Fanclub?

Love it when he said he hopes to become the man whom you wishes to hug most. That is not impossible to happen, Jung Min-sshi. We all wanted to give you a hug. ^^ Also he was asking for any suggestions regarding the name for his fanclub. Hmmm.... I can't think of any. How about you guys, any ideas?


credits: 501wangja@yt

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[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong interview for 'The Face Shop' CF

I got so excited when I saw this video since I know I'll be seeing a lot of unexpected answers from him. And I was right! Kim Hyun Joong makes it a point to answer the questions honestly, but without him knowing it, the answers will definitely make you laugh. ^^ Thanks to reena29shadow for uploading it in you tube. ^^


Wanna play with SS501?

Mianhe guys if I wasn't able to update my blog. I was kind of preoccupied in making a fanvid for our boys. I suddenly got an urge to make another one again since I miss seeing them playing together. Each time I see a video of these boys having fun, feels like I wanted to be a part of their happiness. I hope by creating this fanvid will take us one step closer to their world. ^^

Kim Hyun Joong at 'The Face Shop' outlets

When... when... when are they gonna post these pictures here in the Philippines? I am so excited to see his posters and pictures! I will definitely buy products from 'The Face Shop' especially if they include one of his pictures as a freebie. ^^ He looks good in every pose. ^^ So handsome! ^^♥ Credits to hyunbar66.cn


If only I could carry this, I'll definitely take this home ^^

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SS501 in Saitama Arena

Missing the 5 boys already? I do. Every single day. To ease the longingness, here are some set of goodies and pictures when they performed in Saitama Arena. Gotta have one! ^^




DVD & Photobook

credits: blog.daum.net/elley0606/311

SS501 Park Jung Min... true to his title 'Sexy Charisma'

From this latest article, Jung Min mentioned how he tries to control what he eats and try to stay fit. You really are the Sexy Charisma of SS501 ^^


 SS501 Park Jung Min wishes to be praised as ‘Person with the Best Body’ [24.09.10]

Belonging to the boy group which is currently resting, Park Jung Min who revealed last month that he has changed his Korean agency to , has also announced that his solo activities in Japan have officially started.
From Nov 18 onwards he will be performing at New National Theatre for the musical 『絆-少年よ大紙を抱け-』, at the same time, his Japanese official fanclub site [http://www.parkjungmin.jp] has been set up. Additionally, on Dec 22 at NHK Osaka Hall and Dec 23 JCB Hall there will be a fanmeeting titled .
Mid-September Park Jung Min received an interview when he arrived in Japan, speaking fluent Japanese, he answered fully in Japanese and at the same time showed a good degree of determination and confidence for his new beginning.

-After switching agencies, is there any change in matters of the heart?

After signing on with the new agency, felt a little pressurised from having to adapt to a change from 5-men group activities to solo activities, but I still tell myself to [Keep fighting!]

-Decided to perform for a Japanese musical?

(Because had the experience of musical performance in Korea) So very familiar with the schedule of musicals. Initially when I was informed of this news, I was a little lost, but compared to Japanese activities, Japanese Shibai (i.e. plays), this has more singing opportunities, that is why I decided to participate. Have already been introduced to other performers, and also made friends with many people of my age, I believe this is a good production.

-Recently seem to be on a diet restriction

That is correct~ After watching our [Love Ya] comeback stage performance, I thought to myself [This cannot do], so started to restrict my diet intake. I want to allow myself to be praised at least once in this life [Your body shape is the best] (laugh).

-Would you be travelling privately in Japan?

Currently no. Previously whenever I come to Japan I will bring my family members along, and together we will go to various places to play. If there is a chance, I would like to make a private trip again. Recently haven’t been to Osaka, or places like Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, really wanted to go there.  Previously, when we released our first single in Japan (SS501), we visited some places many times, now I’m starting to miss those places already. Wish to eat the delicacies in Osaka, and also Nagoya’s chicken wings, then travel to Sapporo to drink beer (laugh), I miss chicken wings the most.

-Japanese is quite fluent, are you still learning now?

Still diligently learning, first started out by learning from a book, but it gets a little boring (laugh), so now learning by watching television drama and variety shows. Recently I’m using television programmes as a means of revision.

-What type of dramas and TV shows?

Recently watching [Gift ](A TV drama aired on Fuji TV in 1997), re-watched the subtitles in parts several times, so even when I sleep at night, scenes will still appear in my mind, [what is the meaning of using this word in this scene] and I would try to use it. As for variety shows I watch < Domoto Kyoudai> which has Yousona, BoA etc as guests to talk something related to Korea, and I also watched performances with Koreans as special guests.

-Kinki Kids both use Kansai dialect right?

Yes, this is very interesting, learning dialect is also very fun.  (Jung Min  followed up by saying some dialects) [ええやん(very good)] [そうだべ (so this is the case)] [だべ (that’s right)] [ちゃうねん (that’s not true)] [まいど (really)] [まいう (delicious)]

-Do you have anything that interests you recently?

Looking for apartment (laugh). Recently preparing to move house, so if time permits, I will visit the furniture stores, my ideas will be injected into my new home design too

-What is fashionable to the Korean younger generation recently?

Mmm.. (thinking for a moment) I’m no longer considered as the younger generation (laugh), What do kids like to do these days… (laugh)

-Then, what do you usually do when you hang out with friends?

My friends…not long ago they have been enlisted into the army…(laugh). But when I meet up with friends, usually we chat over drinks (i.e. alcohol), but if for those who don’t drink, normally will go to cafes, just like how other normal guys do when they hang out, only difference now compared to the past is that our conversation topics has evolved to become adult topics (laugh)

-Jung Min can hold liquor well?

No, my liquor capacity is lousy, if I drink a little more, the next day would have hang over and be giddy!  If drink within normal capacity, the next day I still wouldn’t be able to move, anyway just drink merrily, drinking to one heart’s content! (laugh) Also, my drunken look cannot be revealed to public.

-How do you feel about Japanese Sake?

Japanese Sake  “very good very good” (laugh), since Japanese Sakae is fermented using rice, so it is sweet and delicious; also like Korean’s ones since it is from my hometown (laugh);  Korean rice wine mixed with Cider (Cider in Korea means 7-UP / Sprite) taste not bad as well,  can be recommended to the ladies. Additionally, I also like Champagne.

-When you are in Japan, how do you spend your free days?

Usually play alone (laugh). Of course, will also play with friends, but will meet somewhere close to my place (laugh), for instance [Meet at OO bus station, wait at OO bus station] things like this. If I’m alone, will go to the Ramen shop and Barbeque shop near the bus station. If together with friends, mostly eat steamboat, or will be at the nearby riverside to chat while admiring the scenery.

- Tell us more about your near future plans

Plan to release a solo single in Korea in November, then come to Japan for musical performance, next year wish to act in either a Taiwanese or Korean drama. For this year, up till the end, because there is a fan meeting in Japan, looks like I will spend time busily.

-Say something to your Japanese fans?

Hello my Japanese fans, I’m Park Jung Min. How are you? I’m doing well (laugh), please do not worry about me, I will do my best. Wish to meet everyone, so if there is any chance to meet up, please do come. I will continue to do my best, everyone please do your best for your work too. Please also give me your support, I look forward to meeting everyone. Lastly, please appreciate my solo single which will be released soon. I’m waiting for you to come and watch the musical!

credits: WowKorea.JP + (English translation) crazynoona@daseots.wordpress.com + rainaftershine@wordpress

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[Screncaps] Baek Seung Jo smiled a lot in Episode 8 ^^

Just finished watching episode 8 of Mischievous Kiss. Have you watched it already? And I was surprised to see a lot of smiles from Baek Seung Jo! Seems like he was starting to be as cheerful as Hani.^^ She contributed to these smiles, congrats Hani. ^^ Hope to see more smiles from him. I simply love it!♥

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