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Kim Kyu Jong buying a new Phone

This was when he was in a shop buying a new phone since he broke his phone. keke ^^

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Odyssey Promo for Kyu jong and Young Saeng's 'AND Story' in Manila

The moment I saw this promo, I immediately joined in since I really wanted to see them up close and personal! But of course, I'm not keeping my hopes up since I'm not lucky when it comes to contests and raffles. If I would be picked, I would be definitely be overwhelmed and ecstatic, but if not, then it's not meant to be. So for those guys who wanted to take some chances, here's for you. ^^


 Kyu Jong & Youngsaeng and Story in Manila!!

What happens when you combine two celebrated members of a successful franchise and give it a go?
   Chances are it will be a big hit no doubt!

   As a colossal treat this 2011, South Korea’s poster boys Kyu Jong and Young Saeng will embark on an Asian tour for a meet-and-greet/showcase simply as their way of thanking their millions of fans for the unwavering support they accorded the group through the years.

   Kyu Jong and Young Saeng have indeed come a long way since SS501 first gained prominence in the Asian market years ago. Both are key members of mentioned group. Presently, all members are scattered in 4 different agencies; however, each made sure that their contracts would allow them to regroup as SS501 whenever their schedule permits it.

   Differentiating the two, Young Saeng’s voice is the otherwise vocal backbone of SS501 known for its strength and clarity while Kyu Jong on the other hand though an integral part of the group plays middle vocals, the heart of the group. Notably, the popularity of SS501 (double S 501) skyrocketed after their leader Kim Hyun Joong gained superstar status when he played a major role in the global blockbuster drama Boys Over Flowers as ‘Ji-Hoo’.

   Both superstars will be lending their stellar presence as they embark on stops in five Asian countries namely Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Manila. The first salvo kicked-off December 4, 2010 in Seoul where tickets were sold out as fast as it was released. It was followed by Thailand and Hong Kong then next would be Japan. Despite the high demands from other countries, the tour will end in the Philippines on February 5, 2011.

   The events mentioned were also the first fan meet experience of Kyu Jong and Young Saeng after signing up with B2M  Entertainment (an artist agency owned by fellow artist-singer Lee Hyori). Furthermore, the event will be a breaker before both superstars concentrate on their respective careers. Young Saeng will be releasing an album first half of 2011 while Kyu Jong will concentrate on portraying roles in Koreanovelas.

   Fans will surely be thrilled as Kyu Jong and Young Saeng entertain the crowd with songs and answer questions from throng of followers as well. Both superstars will also release private video clips taken from their holiday trips, breaks, and about their daily lives. This is surely an experience that fans will never forget for a very long time.

  Here’s a list of activities to be participated in by the fans themselves:

   The meet-and-greet/showcase which will be held at the PICC's The Forum at 6:30 pm Saturday. Tickets are priced at P6,950 (VIP); P4,950 (GREEN); P3,450 (GOLD) and P2,000 (SILVER) respectively.

   As an added bonus, 100 VIP ticket holders will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet and shake hands with Kyu Jong and Young Saeng to be decided in a raffle for VIP ticket holders and sponsors only.

   The first 100 GREEN section ticket holders on the other hand will have the chance to bring home an autographed poster.

      The Philippine tour is brought to you by Greenlights Events & Productions Phils., Inc. in cooperation with B2M Entertainment and Mays Entertainment and the official residence Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

   For ticket inquiries, log on to www.ticketworld.com.ph or call 8919999, and www.kyusaengstoryinmanila.com or call 2165292.

    This event is also brought to you by Audi, Del Monte Fit & Right and PKCI. Media Partners are ABS-CBN, MYX, SUMMIT MEDIA, Mellow 94.7, Tambayan 101.9, 103.5 WOW FM, Seoul FM, DKPOP News, Odyssey Music & Video, Odyssey Live and Manila Concerts Scene.

   Long live, KPOP!




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MOST CREATIVE ANSWER WILL WIN A PAIR OF VIP/MEET AND GREET PASS to Kyu Jong & Youngsaeng and Story in Manila!! Four (4) runner-ups will get a SIGNED POSTER each!!


Winners will be announced on February 4, 2011 12 noon.

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SS501 kids... can you tell who is who?

When my friend showed this picture to me, I made a guess on who's who since it is really hard to distinguish. How about you? Can you tell? 

photo credit as tagged

Answer: Kyu Jong, Young Saeng, Hyun Joong, Hyung Jun, Jung Min

Actually, my guess was right. ^^ The first person I recognize was Young Saeng. You know why? Because even though he is still young, his dimples is already showing. ^^ Such an adorable kid. ^^ Were you able to guess it correctly? ^^


Kim Hyun Joong looking like a man from Manga

When I looked at these set of pictures, the first thing that came to my mind was, he is one gorgeous man. ^^ One thing is for sure, he is someone who came out from a manga. Such a perfect man. Characters from Manga are those who seemed to be perfect, which fits Hyun Joong's personality, don't you agree? ^^

credits: http://bbs3.telzone.daum.net/gaia/do/starzone/detail/read?bbsId=S000001&articleId=9911991&objCate1=103&forceTalkro=T

Park Jung Min in Fans Magazine February 2011 Issue

His regimen on losing wait is... to eat more and to sleep more. kekeke ^^ The things I love to do. ^^


Scanned by ForeverYS (foreverystw.url.tw/)
English translation: rainaftershine.wordpress.com
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(T/N: Only translated interview, i did not translate other pages on the fan-meeting)

Park Jung Min
Not lonely in red rabbit year
Park Jung Min, Not Alone……

Releasing a solo Korean album alone in SS501, he displayed more sexy charisma than in the past. During the interview, he shared the things he anticipated the most during Chinese New Year, he self-written down his greeting wishes, and even drew a cute rabbit, wishing everyone a red rabbit year! The editor also wished Jungmin to get more popular in Asia in his year on behalf of all the fan, with so much support from his fans, he is definitely not alone.

Q1) Jungmin releases the first solo album, during preparation, what is the difference of your feeling like without having members around you and you need to face everything alone?

The first time without SS501 members by my side, i would feel lonely occasionally, however, upon thinking about the other members who are also doing their solo activities right now, it encourages me to bring a ‘I must work even harder’ feeling. Although releasing an album alone, i would feel nervous and stress, but the staff beside me always take care of me, it allowed me to fully utilize ‘Park Jung Min”s characteristics, (Laughs) I will be myself, and really thankful for them.

Q2) You always said that you represent ‘Sexy Charisma’, did you show your sexiness in the album?

Er… in this album, i can say that it fully showed my charisma! (Laughs) Apart from ‘Sexy Charisma’, everyone will get to see me walking towards becoming matured from teenager, an adult side.

Q3) What was the most unforgettable thing in 2010?

I think its the process of producing my album. Because i really put in effort in everything, everyone please support me!

Q4) This year is a rabbit year, Jungmin who is born in rabbit year, what’s your wish related to rabbit in your own zodiac year? In addition, what’s your 3 biggest aim in rabbit year?

Wish which is related to rabbits? I wish that Royal Avenue’s rabbit babies will grow up healthily and happily (Laughs); the schedule in 2011 is really packed, i hope everything will go on smoothly. And my 3 biggest aim in this year is: firstly, good sales in my solo album; secondly, i am going to film a drama in Taiwan, i hope it will be welcomed and loved by everyone; thirdly, to become an Asia superstar!

Q5) Previously you participated in a Japanese musical in Japan, what did you improved from the 1st musical you did in Korea in 2008?
The musical in Japan and the musical previously in Korea, of course the acting improved a lot! The actor’s age in Japanese musical Kizuna are around the same as mine, so we are comfortable with chatting with each another, its a memory hard to be forgotten.

Q6) Jungmin lost as much as 12kg just for the album? Did you normally have any special methods on it? Please share the secret of maintaining health with everyone?

I did not deliberately use any special methods to lose my weight. Because i looked at myself during Love Ya period MV previously, i felt that i looks fat on screen, so i started to go to the gym to exercise on a regular basis, and also took more notice on the calories intake. My regimen… is to eat more and sleep more (Laughs), and to drink more water~ Thanks for everyone concern, i am a healthy baby, please do not worry about me.

Q7) Jungmin who has special compatibility with the Taiwan fans, what do you like most about them? What incident did they do which made a deep impression in you?

I love Taiwan fan’s passion! The incident which made me left a deep impression should be whenever i am in Taiwan, there will be many motorbike and taxi following my van, but it is really dangerous. I am worried about the fans meeting with accident in the van, everyone please do not do such a dangerous act again.

Q8) What’s your most anticipated thing in the past Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is a really important festival in Korea, no matter how far i live away, during Chinese New Year period, i will need to return home and gather with family. The younger generation will put on traditional costume and bow to the elder on the morning of the 1st day; at this time, the elders will give children red packets which symbolize good fortune and lucky, after eating rice cake soup, which symbolize that we grow up by 1 year. When i was a kid, the thing i anticipated was to collect the money and go to the nearest toy store near my house to buy toys with my sister. (Laughs)

Q9) Jungmin’s Chinese is constantly improving, what did you learn recently?

I learn lots of Chinese recently. But the one i remembered the most is ‘I feel like sleeping after eating.’ Sometimes, i started Chinese lesson after eating. (Laughs) So i felt like sleeping especially.

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng in Fans Magazine February Issue

Whoaaaa!!!! Just a few days to go and I'll be breathing the same air with Kyu Jong and Young Saeng!!! Can't help but feel excited about it! ^^ I even asked for a few days off from work and good thing they granted my leave. ^^ Hopefully a lot of fans will be coming to their fanmeeting since this is just their first time to visit the country. We need to give them a good impression so that they'll be coming back. By the way, it was already confirmed that they will be landing in the airport of Philippines on February 3, 2011 at 11:05AM via KE 621. So for those who would like to see and welcome our boys, grab your banners, gifts, tarps, letters and other stuffs on February 3 and see them in person! 


Scanned by ForeverYS (foreverystw.url.tw/)
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(T/N: Only translated interview, i did not translate other pages on the fan-meeting)

Kim Kyu Jong V.S.Heo Young Saeng
A new start in year 2011

SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng both signed with a new agency B2M last year, and started Asia Fan-meeting from Seoul, they went to Thailand Bangkok and the 3rd stop was held in Hong Kong. Although they are not doing activities as 5, but the green pea princess are very loyal, they still supported and went for their activities. Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are two good brothers who stood side by side, (can’t depict what’s the whole sentence here since 1/2 of the sentence got covered up by watermark. T_T) They also revealed their confirmed work schedule, YoungSaeng will be releasing a solo album in February, and KyuJong who is celebrating his birthday in Feburary will also talk about his unforgettable present!

SS501 members belong in different agencies now, do you all still contact each other frequently?

Usually i will still contact the other 3 members, but because the chance of us working together had turned lesser, we cannot meet up like how we used to do. But luckily the internet is very advance now, the few of us loves to play twitter, though we cannot get together often, but i can know what is everyone doing through twitter.

It was said that you were working hard on English to improve on your language. Apart from languages, are there anything you will like to learn?

I did not specially learn English previously, i did not go for lessons or hire a tutor, but i used English to email a few friends i know from overseas, i am happy to know these friends because i get a chance to learn English. With regards to performing work, i wish to learn more about acting, this will help me in my acting in the future. In addition, i was actually interested in art during middle school. If there is a chance, i will like to continue to learn drawing, enriching myself in different aspect.

 2011 has just started, does KyuJong have any special new wish in a new year?

Because everyone now in the group are doing their solo activities, so i wish that everyone can success in what they are doing. I will also work hard, i hope to do more things which satisfy me.

Although your work is busy these days, but do you have anything you personally like to do during your free time?

I am crazy in love with painting and calligraphy, i will start to paint whenever i am free. 

February 24th is KyuJong’s birthday, i will like to wish you a happy birthday on behalf of all your fans! Do you have any present you will like to receive specially this year?

I don’t have any present which i will like to receive specially this year. But previously in a year, a fan gave me a present which its hard to be forgotten. The fan gave me a big photobook on my birthday, containing photos from the day i debuted till now, looking at those photos, it brings me back to the past, i felt that it was meaningful, and i will always keep this present with me.

Do you wish to challenge any new work in a new year?

Although i will continue to sing, but i wish to challenge acting. In a acting world, i am a newbie, so no matter what roles are given to me, i will still want to challenge it. But i want to film a romantic love story the most. In a new year, i wish that more people will notice me and know my characteristics.

What type of brother is YoungSaeng hyung to you?

YoungSaeng hyung makes me feel that he is cool when i started to know him, and even seems hard to get close to. But after knowing him, i can feel that he always think for others, and he is a person who is considerate and caring, and he is also a good listener! The most unusual is, although he is tired sometimes, he will never forget to take care people around him.

Talk about your ideal partner?

I like girls whose body are nice, and her personality must be friendly and lively, as my personality is rather *depress (*Sorry, i can’t see what is this word since the scan is not really good.), lack of a little confidence, so i hope the partner whom i date will influence me, to help me to improve my shortcomings.

2011 has just started, does YoungSaeng have any special new wish in a new year?
My biggest wish is to produce a solo work in 2011, and fortunately, it will be fulfilled in February, please support me! The new album will mainly be dance music, i rested for a period of time previously, now i will start again, hope to bring a new different feeling to the fans.

YoungSaeng is normally interested in photography, do you have any plan to release a photobook?
Erm, i thought of it before. But not exactly thinking about it specifically. If there is a day where i releases one, i will write words inside the photobook, letting everyone to see my photos, more sensation, and to bring out more.

SS501 members belong in different agencies now, do you all still contact each other frequently?

Usually i will still contact the other 3 members, but because the chance of us working together had turned lesser, we cannot meet up like how we used to do. But luckily the internet is very advance now, the few of us loves to play twitter, though we cannot get together often, but i can know what is everyone doing through twitter.

Although your work is busy these days, but do you have anything you personally like to do during your free time?

Although the schedule is pretty busy recently, but recently i fell in love with sports, i have been playing baseball since last year, and usually play with my friends. 

Do you wish to challenge any new work in a new year?

Actually from debut till now, i don’t really wish to become just a singer only. I also wish to challenge acting. Although i know i will be busy in this year, but if there is a chance to act, i will accept with courage, i hope to act a role… which everyone (Man, woman, child, elderly) will love! (Laughs)

What type of brother is KyuJong to you?

KyuJong’s personality is really easy to get along with, this is also what i admire about him, no matter where is he, he can get along with people harmoniously.

Talk about your ideal partner?

I love girls who is lovely (cute) with kind-hearted personality.

Previously you went to Hong Kong for fan-meeting, do you have any place you wished to go?

The time we spent in Hong Kong was very short, we don’t have any time to play. I went to Lan Kwai Fong way previously, but there were so many people, so i left after awhile, it’s a pity.

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Park Jung Min on Inkigayo January 30, 2011

He's wearing white again! ^^ I was streaming to soribada earlier and because I was enjoying the song of 'Not Alone', I almost forgot that he has a performance today at Inknigayo. >_< Anyways, here is the video. Watch it before SBS deletes the video.


credits: CrazyCarrot360@yt

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Park Jung Min on Music Core

He's wearing a new outfit today. Looking more handsome Jung Min-ah! ^^ Don't forget guys to buy his album and stream in soribada to increase the votes for 'Not Alone'

credits: BigBangShineeWorld1@yt

Kim Hyun Joong's 'The Face Shop' Asia Tour 2010

These was a compilation of his visits to different outlets of 'The Face Shop'. He looks so dashing in white outfit! Seems like a prince alighting his car. ^^ Lucky fans who were able to attend the event. Now I thought about it... I miss him again...

credits: zanes08@yt + TheFaceShop@SG facebook

Friday, January 28, 2011

Park Jung Min on Music Bank January 28, 2011

I thought I made a mistake of watching the video, but it seems he wore the same outfit he was wearing yesterday for MNET M!Countdown. This time, it's in High definition so you'll definitely see all his reactions and facial expressions. ^^

credits: kpopbisu@yt

credits: CodeAnalysisSeason3@yt  

Kim Hyung Jun sings 'I Love You' on Music High

Oh my!!!! He sang this song! This was sung by Kim Hyun Joong way back 'We Got Married' days! Remember when he sang it in front of Hwang Bo and Kyu Jong, Hyung Jun and Young SAeng was standing at the back? I even used this song to one of my fanvids! ^^ He sang it very nicely. ^^

credits: poohmuhigh

And here's one of my fanvids where Hyun Joong was singing the song during 'We Got Married'. You can see that in 0:32 ^^

Kim Hyung Jun left a message on his Japan Official Website

Our boys know how to give the stage to other members. Have you noticed? When one is on the news, others are not making any activities or noise. For example, right now Mal is busy promoting his activities, Leader Hyun Joong is busy preparing for his album so he is quiet these days, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng just finished their fanmeeting in Japan and will be on their way next week for 'AND Story' here in Manila (yahoooo!!!! can't wait!), and Maknae Hyung Jun finished his musical 'Cafe In'. So it's good to see that they are all giving way to each other and of course, supporting each other's activities. ^^ And speaking of Maknae, he left a message on his Japan Official Website. Guess he's still busy after all. ^^


Source: JJunaway (kimhyungjun.jp)
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)
Repost with full credits please.

Hello, I’m Kim Hyung Jun.
Today I’m having a photoshoot for a women’s magazine.

Musical Café-In performances have also ended smoothly
It is only a few days away before I meet everyone in Japan

Have also smoothly signed a deal with Avex
Only left with the official Japanese solo album activity…

Eum… my first target is
my album to enter the Oricon chart!!

JJUNAWAY everyone will give me a lot of support right?

Wish to meet everyone sooner.
Everyone is also thinking the same right? he he

Jung Min showed his sexy moves in TV Show 'Strong Heart'

For those who would be watching this clip, I must warn you to brace yourself. It would be a shocking performance  especially on the rival of Jung Min. In my opinion, Jung Min was being nice when he did not compete further to the hardworking opponent. ^^ I think the name of his rival was Jo Kwon? (Sorry not familiar with his name) I know Jung Min can do more but it's best to step back and let Jo Kwon do his death-defying, breath-taking moves. ^^ For  me, Jung Min will forever be the sexy charisma of SS501! ^^

credits:  1YSJ@yt

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Park Jung Min on MNET M!Countdown

Another great performance from our dear Sexy Charisma! Unfortunately, he didn't won this time. Well, hopefully he wins next time because he really deserve it. Triple S, let's help Jung Min by streaming more in Soribada and buying his album. We can all do this Triple S! 

credits: keitawingsmin@yt

Park Jung Min chose SS501 over Super Junior during debut days

I'm glad he chose to be in the group SS501 because if he didn't, I wouldn't have known such a funny and charismatic guy. ^^


by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

On January 27th, SS501’s Park Jung Min made a guest appearance on Mnet’s “Beatles Code“, through which he not only revealed some pre-debut photos, but he also shared a shocking pre-debut story as well.

He began, “I was scouted by an agency in the middle of the street when I was 13 years old. At the time, I was casted into both DSP Media and SM Entertainment.“

He continued, “I had to choose between one or the other. At the time, SM told me that they were preparing a new group, but that the group consisted of many members. Thinking about it now, it was probably Super Junior. I saw them rehearsing, too.”


When asked why he chose DSP Media over SM Entertainment, Park Jung Min answered, “I thought about wanting to see myself on TV and believed that I’d be able to debut faster through DSP Media, which was what influenced my decision.”

He then revealed various pictures from his pre-debut days. MC Yoon Jong Shin quickly spotted a CF Park Jung Min had done for condoms. He asked, ”Are you not embarrassed seeing it now?”

Park Jung Min confidently replied, “Not at all. It was an advertisement advocating a message of safe sex. I’m actually satisfied.”


Park Jung Min: "...although I stepped forth alone, I will forever be a member of SS501."

There are a couple of lines that Jung Min said here that I love to read over and over again. He said it very nicely and I began to miss seeing the five boys together. But Mal is right, they need to do solo activities to improve themselves. Looking forward on the day that 5 of you will be on the stage...singing together. ^^


Source: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?page=1&gCode=ent&arcid=1296037484&cp=du
English translation: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

The most beautiful group when all five were as one. Now, it’s not as five; but shared as one or as two. Last June when SS501 whose full time contract with DSP Media was up, did not sign on to a new contract with DSP Media. Members Hyunjoong, Jungmin, Hyungjun turned to stand on sole feet, while Youngsaeng and Kyujong moved to a new agency company as all of them began to shoulder troubles on their own as solo musicians. Without his 4 other intimate members, Park Jungmin has returned alone. As he poured his rythm of his heart, we listened to how he told about leaving the arms of SS501 to stand again alone on his own feet.

Our interview with Park Jungmin continued throughout without a pause. Two hours passed by in a huff with someone who was so affluent in speech. He was just like any other youth chattering on and on about his stories. If there wasn’t any time restrictions for interviews, it could have just been like pure comfort listening to someone pour about his personal stories. Though he returned alone, he did not look lonely at all. In fact, even more manly now. Park Jungmin who is a part of SS501 member has came forth for the first time with his solo mini-album titled [Not Alone] as if attempting to make it known officially that he has fought off the word named ‘Loneliness’. So how are his thoughts on stepping forth solo for the first time amidst his 6 years of experience in showbiz?


“The album name of ‘Not Alone’ simply means to want to contain the message of ‘We are all not alone. We are all One’. For my case, it also contains the meaning wherein although I stepped forth alone, I will forever be a member of SS501. If you listen to the entire album, you will be able to feel that this album contains only my personal attributes and not as a concept of SS501′s continuation of line. Without electronics or instruments, we tried our best to use bands and orchestras to animate the entire feel instead”.

In order for Park Jungmin to create only-his attributes, the part that he had put in most effort was in the ‘lyrics’. He wrote the lyrics with his imagination and personal experiences. Through the lyrics with a sentence by a sentence, a word by a word, Park Jungmin had obviously attempted to deliver his story there and then.

“When a singer sings on stage, the most important thing is to hold that sincere heart. For the fact that I decided to write the lyrics, it is for the sake of better expressing my feelings. Just like the songs ‘Do you know’ and ‘Every day is Christmas’ contained positive lyrics because I wrote them then with a serenic heart. Especially the song ‘Do you know’ – it was a song featuring the concept of a re-unite with the lover whom you already broke up with. I wrote the lyrics of this song in a puff upon hearing the melody of it a hundred times. It was in the feeling of a phone call conversation. There are also people who asked me if this song was written in view of feelings towards the members or not, but no it wasn’t hinting at any one, it’s just a story from my imagination (laughs)”.

SS501 may be his forever-roots, but still he wants to create his personal character image. For the sake of transforming into ‘the solo singer Park Jungmin’ and not as ‘SS501′s Park Jungmin’, he’s shed 12kg of weight. With his slimmed body, he’s managed to create a sharp image. Could it be for outlook transformation only? Still, you could see it as a form of stronger highlight of the feeling as ‘solo singer Park Jungmin’ who carries with him a rookie heart instead of that as ‘SS501′s Park Jungmin’.

“I went to watch past SS501 videos when I was preparing for my solo album, and I thought as I watched, ‘Ah this won’t do ne’. I didn’t know that I was so huge in size (laughs). When there were many of us, I couldn’t feel it clearly, but since I have to stand on stage alone now, I came to be worried about visuals wise. In order to slim down on my heavy body, I went on diets like diet treatments and exercising. I shed 12kg of weight, do I look different to you? (laughs)”.

Park Jungmin’s solo debut was full of bumps though. His album was originally scheduled to be released last November, but while he was in midst of preparing it, the North Korea’s Yeonpyeong-do incident occurred, to which his album had to be inevitably postponed. There was no choice but to lay down his hands on it because it was to emphatize with the country matter. However though, it turned out that 2 months of emptiness was incurred. If you think of it negatively, you might have thought that this entire matter could almost fail through already, but for him, he thought of it in a positive light and auto-tuned his mindset. He waited, and waited – his higher goals for the completion of his album.

“I felt sad that the release had to be postponed about close to two months. But if you think of it in the opposite manner, there was more time for me to prepare and so I felt glad. The Yeonpyeong-do incident wasn’t something to be happy nor laugh about, so I thought that it’d have been better as I emphatize with the country affair with the status of a citizen rather than to carry out my personal affairs. At that time I was in Japan holding my fanmeeting. Was studying alot then as I was preparing for my acoustic band performance. With the incident, it turned out as a period for me to better mature with the name as a musician to carry out activities”.

While preparing for the album, the toughest part was to deal with SS501 related conjectures and unfounded rumors. Park Jungmin was dragged into the talk of town as “the cause for SS501′s dispersal all around the place”. Though that inflicted scars on Park Jungmin, he chose to shoulder all of these on his own. It wasn’t something to have in control about where scars turn out to be inflicted on his family members SS501. He who has that strong affection for his family members strugglingly revealed talks of SS501.

“It was all along five of us, and the toughest thing was when we had to be dispersed. All kinds of thoughts came onto mind, but I managed to tune my mindset. There are many others who are more unfortunate than I am. What is mine as compared to really unfortunate matters? That thought crept through me all time long, and no sooner than later, all bad thoughts disappeared. I just want to talk about pleasant matters of SS501″.

“We may all be in different agencies, but we made it a must to prioritize this one condition that we have to re-unite under the name of SS501″, as Park Jungmin delivered his affections. SS501 is not his rival, but instead his companions who will be walking with him for the whole of his life — as he clarified it.

“The five of us don’t see one another as rivals. All of us must succeed, and when so, that will be the most beautiful graphic is it not. All of us have good abilities, so we’re not exactly very hugely worried. All of us are working hard on our own. Results will be different with each of us as per how much sincere preparation we put in. It will be lovely if you could realize that ‘Ah so there’s a person called Park Jungmin’ through this time’s album. I wasn’t the person who shone to one’s eyes at first sight when I was in SS501, and I wasn’t superbly outstanding with my singing as well, but now I’m working hard for that, and I want to create good results”.

The title that Park Jungmin yearns for is a ‘All Rounded Entertainer’. Not just as a singer, but also as an MC and actor, and he dreams to hold results in many multi fields. He also met an agency that could accompany in his strides as they walk the same pace. He moved into the new agency CNR Media which would be his full-fledged partner. CNR Media collaborates alongside Taiwan’s Comic Ritz. While for his activities in Greater China region, he chose to sign on with Sony Music Asia. With these, he is now able to fly wider. Soon, he will be starring in a drama with Comic Ritz who produced Taiwan version of ‘Boys over Flowers’. Starting from May onwards, he will be leaving the country for Taiwan as he stays there and starts his path as an actor.

“I want to become a person who shows his various profiles as a singer, MC, actor, etc. Not only in Korea but also in China, Southeast Asia, European markets, I will work hard to show these people about a person called Park Jungmin. If I am to summarize my name, it would mean ‘a person who sings with his heart’, ‘a person who acts with his eyes’, and then when people recall me in future they would think of these descriptions. I will sprint only ahead bearing these in mind”.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mischievous Kiss claims the Top Spot in HongKong's Korean Top 100 Album

Wow! Congratulations Hyun Joong! ^^

credits: blog.naver.com/ast90021 + http://hk.kkbox.com/charts/korea-daily-album-latest.html

Kim Hyun Joong in Teenage Magazine February 2011 Issue

Lucky for those who can grab a copy of these. ^^

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YTN features 2nd Philippine KPOP Convention

Wow! Korean news featuring events held here in the Philippines? That made me happy! ^^

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Kim Hyun Joong for Converse

4d Leader!!!! We miss you already! ^^

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong in Hanryu Fondue

Will watch this tomorrow. But for you guys, you can definitely watch it now. ^^

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Park Jung Min went through a hard time

Reading this article made me feel a bit hurt, but it's good he was able to overcome his depression. Fighting Jung Min... we, Triple S are here to stay. ^^


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Returned as solo. Standing as solo with his own name ‘Park JungMin’ from group ‘SS501’, he has an extraordinary air on him. Even though with a unique mellow voice as before, his face shows quite a determination when saying ‘Not Alone’. ‘Not Alone’ is the title song for his first solo album, and Park Jungmin is also as such.

“Even at the thought of temporary leaving SS501 members, I thought ‘Should I just stop doing everything?’. With that type of mindset, I went through a hard time and even to the extent of having a wrong thought of ‘Should I quit on my life here?’. However, because there are people who believe that I can do well even as 1 person ‘Park JungMin’, and not SS501, I was able to get over the hard times.”

In place of the extreme word ‘suicide’, he used a different word to express, and immediately casually gave a bright smile. This is because he spread out his own wings, putting behind the glamorous title of ‘SS501’, and dumped the thought of being ‘alone’. No, actually that he realised there are things he will do by himself and many others he can do. In addition, this album is filled with songs that tell his own stories.

“Putting in my feelings for the lyrics, it would be a lie if I say that the lyrics for ‘Not Alone’ or ‘Do you know?’ are written 100% without bearing them in mind (his yearning for the members). But I hope even more to convey a hopeful message to those who are neglected in the society, those who felt ‘alone’ that there will always be someone by your side. I hope that you can decipher ‘Do you know?’ as the feelings of a couple who broke up. (laughs)”

In fact, ‘temporary’ as what he said, was not a forever farewell with SS501 members from the start. Park JungMin is still continuing his friendship with SS501 members, and planning to release album every year with the members with the right opportunity and time.

“We always talk about coming back together among our members. However rather than to cramp those unexpected work together, we wish to put aside 2~3 months to work on it and to release the album on a specific date every year. More than being virtual promise, this will be an album that fans will be waiting for like their valentine. The agencies that the members are under, all agreed to it. Only that, all of us are still busy with our own activities….”

 Park JungMin’s album title song ‘Not Alone’ is a song where the beautiful orchestra stands out. Especially that it is powerful in the introduction, and the sad violin melody represents his cries. While preparing for this album, he puts in much sincerity in his music in each and every song.

“Even though I heard over thousands of melody but I wrote the lyrics at one go. Initially I wanted to write about thanking Mother Nature but then it seems like it’s too bombastic. (laughs) A song that cannot touch the singer will not be able to touch the hearts of the general public, that I learnt by experience, so in the end I wrote my true feelings within myself. It made me realize that I should be thankful for being ordinary/normal everyday.”

If title song ‘Not Alone’ is the continuity of SS501 music, then 2nd track ‘Do You Know?’ is a song that contains the passion and music style by his own name ‘Park JungMin’. In the alternative rock rhythm, the dreamy British-pop sound makes this song attractive, Park JungMin not only wrote the lyrics but also participated in all its production. Could it be because of the burden that he is ‘alone’ and not as 5, that made him even more hard working?

“Having to do everything on my own when it used to be done by 5 of us, I think that this is a process that anyone must go through when they develop/grow up. Even though now I am still at a stage of challenging it, wouldn’t I be able slowly and steadily find a style of my own? (laughs) Rather than bearing the thoughts of ‘I must do well’ ‘I must show something’, I think I will slowly become stronger. I must become stronger so that others can rely on me, I want to become a great person as such. I don’t think I will give up when it gets more difficult, I will think of the times when I learnt what I can do on my own.”

 He lost 12kg, leaving him with a defined jaw line and muscles to be proud of, the chatty Park JungMin made a new promise to his fans. In the love letters sent to his fans are the lyrics to his song ‘My everyday is Christmas’.

“That tired expression in your eyes always remain in me. Other than your breathe, I can’t see your image and can’t make you stay too (Not Alone Lyics)” during the difficult times of his. “Do you know? You are a special person to me (Do You Know? Lyrics)” says his confession. “Hm I am very happy, everything about you is great. Even as I sleep, sometimes I see you so made me excited. Which is why if we are together, my day is Christmas everyday” like this. His love towards his fans is the reason that brings forth a solo musician ‘Park JungMin’.

Hyung Jun and Jung Min in BTN News

Here are the videos of performances made by Hyung Jun and Jung Min. First video is the complete song performed by Hyung Jun and Jung Min singing 'If You Cannot' and the second video is Jung Min performing SS501's 'Love Ya'. 

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How to play volleyball - Young Saeng's way

I found this fancam and I could not help watch it over and over again.^^ Professor Heo, you're not only good in giving love advices, but also in teaching sports game! ^^ Young Saeng-ah, can you teach me how? Really don't know how to play it, 진짜로! ^^


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Support SS501 in Facebook

If you do have a Facebook account, show your support to our lovely boys SS501 by adding PicBadge on your Facebook profile picture. I just found out about this application recently so you might wanna try it out also. ^^ You may click on the picture or click the link below. ^^

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng Summer Love DVD Preview in Japan Fanmeeting

I am so proud to say that the scenes on the DVD were taken when they were here in the Philippines! So, the moment I saw the video, I am so happy and thrilled to watch what they have done during there stay in our country.  And I must say, they did a good job. I had fun watching at the beginning when they were liking the same girl, and loved the last part when NG parts were shown. Even though it's just short clips taken, it was really funny. ^^ 

 The beginning of the Love Triangle

Continuation of the story
How to win the heart of the same person?

NG Parts

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong in Haru*Hana Magazine Interview

Gonna post this before I'm off to work. I'll be posting more news from Kyu Jong and Young Saeng's Fanmeeting in Japan tomorrow. ^^


Credit: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606

Japanese Translation: miy0 @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Kim Hyun Joong participated in the public filming of DATV Charity program 「Message To Asia」 at Tokyo Dome in December. Recently, his activities as an actor stands out but this time at this event, he sang the theme song in japanese and it has been a while since he appeared on stage as a singer showing his charm.
“It really has been a while since I’m able to appear as a singer and I’m very happy. Also it was meaningful to me to be able to sing the theme song. To be able to sing in front of everyone, I myself enjoyed it. I thought that it’s really great to be able to join such a good event at the end of the year. I feel that the year 2010 has end off well.”

Looking back at Kim Hyun Joong in 2010, the first that comes to mind is the drama 「Playful Kiss」. In his earlier drama 「Boys Over Flowers」, he acted as F4 which is played by 4 members but this time Kim Hyun Joong plays the leading role. Therefore he has more appearance in scenes and during filming he hardly has any time to sleep.
“Filming was really tough. Stress has been piling up and there was no time to reduce that stress. So there isn’t any way to relieve stress (laughs)”

Even after the filming of 「Playful Kiss」, he haven’t been able to take a break slowly.
“The filming ended at the end of October and then consistently continuing a lot of schedule, like participating in the Asia Games Opening Ceremony and there is also commercial filming work. So still hardly taken a rest yet.”

When asked if he is able to take a break what would he want to do and he replied with such an answer.
“Thinking back, it didn’t cross my mind of any thing in particular that I want to do. Ahh, but, I would want to go to Jeju Island with my family. Then work again after resting and played a little. (laughs)”

He will be working on the production of the new album. In 2011, seems like it will be hard to keep one’s eyes off Kim Hyun Joong who will still be running on.
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