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Kim Hyun Joong loves to be with kids

When I saw this collection, one thing I noticed... he loves to take pictures with kids. You could see the smile on his face is really pure whenever he is beside a kid. He hates cute poses, but tries hard when he's with a kid. That's how sweet he is. ^^

Credit: as tagged + http://www.cyworld.com/vndrudhj/5280669

[Eng Subs] Kyu Jong and Young Saeng invites you to watch their Fanmeeting in Manila

Here's the subbed version of what I have posted yesterday. I'll see you soon Kyu Jong and Young Saeng ^^  *waves*

credits: kkapuljima@yt

SS501 made me laugh and cry in 2010

These videos are my latest fanvid. The first part , I had trouble with uploading in you tube because of copyright infringement. That's why I just uploaded the video here on my blog. Hope you enjoy watching both of my videos ^^Happy New Year Triple S! Happy New Year SS501! Mansae!

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng Fanmeeting in Manila Promotional Video

OMG OMG OMG!!!! The moment I saw this video posted, I literally screamed in front of my computer! (eventhough it's late at night here) They are inviting us to watch their fanmeeting here in Manila! Even though I know it will happen, but hearing the invitation from them makes it more truthful! I am so excited!!!! Hopefully, someone with a kind heart would be able to translate whole clip. Please please please if you know how to translate it, don't hesitate to share it with us, And we will definitely be grateful for that. ^^ In fairness, Young Saeng spoke a lot here. ^^ For those who haven't gotten yet the tickets, head over to the Official Site where you can purchase the ticket. Seat Plan for the fanmeeting was already provided, so go ahead and buy your tickets now! This is just a one time opportunity you could not miss!

credits: GEPPInc@yt

Floor Plan                                                                       


KIm Hyun Joong Acceptance Speech for 'Popularity Award'

Thanks to one of my visitors who provided me the link. Hyun Joong return the thanks to his fans. ^^ That is so sweet of him. ^^

credits: fumihkj0606

Brief English Translation

MC: What can you say to your many fans who came?
Hyun Joong: Very much thanks to fans. Because it is a prize selected personally by the netizen, all honor should be given to fans. Thank you.

Kim Hyun Joong won 'Popularity Award' in 2010 MBC Drama Awards

After getting enough rest, Kim Hyun Joong shows up at the recent 2010 MBC Drama Awards and accepted his trophy for the 'Popularity Award' Category. He looks dashing in this suit. ^^ 
김현중 축하 해요 !!! 


Source: Nate                                                                                    Korean to Chinese translation: 蛋蛋yoyo @ hyunbar66.cn                         
Chinese to English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com                         Please repost with full credits

[News][2010.12.30] Popularity Award Kim Hyun Joong, "Because it is selected by netizen, all honour belongs to fans"

Artist Kim Hyun Joong and Han HyuJu won netizen selected popularity award.

In the 30th, 9.55pm (Korea) Ilsan MBC Center live telecast '2010 MBC Drama Award', Kim Hyun Joong and Han HyuJu both won the popularity award.

Kim Hyun Joong: "Very thank you to fans", at the same time "Because it is a prize selected personally by the netizen, all honor should be given to fans." he expressed.

In 'DongYi', Han HyuJu acted as an important role, showing her hardworking side from 1st to last episode, gaining the support from the audience. Singer turned actor's Kim Hyun Joong acted as Baek SeungJo in 'Naughty Kiss', showing his peculiar acting skill.

On the other hand, the popularity award is selected directly by netizen at MBC Official Website iMBC until 10.30pm, 30th December. 

Here are some added pictures 

Credit: as tagged + http://gall.dcinside.com

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Kim Hyun Joong on 2010 MBC Drama Awards

So later, he will attend the awards night. Will be waiting for the latest pictures to be uploaded. If ever, those pictures would prove if he is already feeling good since he got sick the last time.


Credit: hyun-joong.com

MBC 2010 Drama Awards
Date & Time:30 Dec 10 @ 9:55 PM
MC: Kim Young Man & Lee Seo Yeon



Lee Sun Gyun
Lee Tae Gon
Jung Joon Ho
Ji Jin Hee

Gong Hyo Jin
Kim Nam Joo
Shin Eun Gyung
Han Hyo Joo


Kim Hyun Joong
Park Shi Hoo
Lee Min Ho
Lee Chun Hee

Park Eun Hye
Bae Do Na
Seo Yoo Jin
Lee So Yeon


Lee Sang Yoon
Lee Tae Sung
Im Seul Ong

Park Ha Sun
Jung So Min
Jo Yoon Hee


Lee Min Ho & Son Ye Jin (Personal Preference)
Han Hyo Joo & Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi)
Kim Nam Joo & Jung Joon Ho (Queens of Reversals)
Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min (Mischievous Kiss)
Gong Hyo Jin & Lee Sun Gyun (Pasta)


Kim Hyun Joong
Yoo Seung Ho
Lee Min Ho
Lee Sun Gyun
Jung Joon Ho
Ji Jin Hee

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong's Fans helps the needy.... just like their idol ^^

Since Leader Kim Hyun Joong has the passion to help the needy, his fans were also doing the same thing. It's good to read this kind of news. ^^


Kim Hyun Joong’s Fans Club Earned more than 100 Million Won for Charity [10.12.28]

Credit: [Photo] http://club.cyworld.com/generalidea + [Article]http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shellview.htm?articleid=2010122810082960408&linkid=4&newssetid=1352

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong’s fan club collected donations throughout the year exceeding 100 million won. Hyun Joong’s powerful supporters / fan clubs posted in their public notice boards that their fund raising earnings amounted to more than one hundred million won. These are the accumulated donations from fans for various charitable project like the Kim Hyun Joong Scholarship funds as well as donations for various institutions for the needy.

Donors list of more than 1,000 people were also further revealed.

이경란 기자 [ran@joongang.co.kr]

[Eng Subs] Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng at True Inside Program in Thailand

All through out the video, I noticed Young Saeng expression. And you know what? I was actually smiling just by looking at his cute expressions. ^^ Oh c'mon.. February please hurry. ^^ Really wanted to see them in person! ^^

credit: reenatriple@yt

[Eng Trans] Kim Hyun Joong Message to Taiwanese Fans

I hope he gets a lot of rest. He deserves to have a vacation. Taiwanese fans, please do watch 'Playful Kiss' and I assure you that you will enjoy every minute of it. ^^

Credit: conightime @ YT + 纬来戏剧台@facebook

English Trans by: BB @LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Annyong haseo (hello), I am Kim Hyun Joong
I really wanted to go to Taiwan to see all of you this time
Unfortunately the trip cannot materialize since I’m not feeling well
I would like to say SORRY to everyone
Hope that you will like Playful Kiss
And please, everyone do tune in on time ya
Thank you, everyone. Bye!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweet Uncle Kim Kyu Jong

I think everybody wants to be that little kid. ^^ Getting a kiss from Kyu Jong-sshi. ^^


Source: TVDaily
English tanslation: Honeyeee @ Love501

“Silly Nephew” Kim Kyu Jong showing his affection towards his nephew, “How old is our nephew? 3 Years Old~”

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong was emerged the “Silly Nephew”

Recently, Kim Kyu Jong updated his twitter:“My Pretty Nephew ^^ Ah Pretty Ooing?” along with 2 pictures.

The pictures reveal Kyu Jong embracing and kissing his nephew, showing his love & affection for him. Being crowned as the “Silly Nephew” seems appropriate as he did a cute pose along with his nephew whereby the both of them sticks out 3 fingers.

Upon seeing the photos, netizens responded “It would be great to have Kyu Jong as Uncle”, “Nephew is too cute to be true”, “Kyu Jong seems like a good Uncle”.

[Eng Subs] Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng Interview

That is so cute... 'One two three... Y!' ^^ 

credits: iZoomZaa@yt

Kim Hyun Joong's 'Ready, Action! in Spain Photobook Review

Credit: cathsdeen.com

When Korean superstar Kim Hyun Joong (“Boys Over Flowers”, “Playful Kiss”) visited Spain last year, fans thought it was for a well-earned vacation. As it turned out, the visit was for a special photobook project which Kim Hyun Joong himself referenced as a “gift” for his fans in the year 2010. I am not really sure if this was what he referred to but given the style and quality of the photobook, I would say this was the gift he talked about.

Ready, Action! Kim Hyun Joong in Spain is an excellently conceptualized photobook. It is divided into two main sections: Ready and Action. The Ready section features the artist in relaxed settings including photos of him enjoying the beach, walking his dog, sleeping in, going to the market, playing football and traveling. The Action! section shows the artist’s multi-faceted personality through expressions of various moods including being adventurous, charismatic, defiant, passionate and romantic.

What I love about this photobook is that I feel closer to the artist as I flipped through the almost-100% spot-on photos. I say almost 100% spot-on since there were some “posed” shots which I would have taken out if I was the editor. Candids would have been more expressive of the artist specially in the Composure chapter. I would have appreciated night shots for the Romancechapter rather than the day shots they took at that dusty bullfighting arena. I just don’t see Kim Hyun Joong as a romantic matador.

Since the book has English translations of the Korean text, it is very friendly to international fans. The text is written in the first person point of view making Kim Hyun Joong’s words more personal and reachable. Those who have been his fans for a long time will also see traces of his 4-dimensional personality which will definitely elicit laughs. My top five favorite entries include:

- From Action, “Many eyes that stare at me. If I can’t avoid it. enjoy it.”

- From Defiant Attitude, “If you have self assurance, you should be able to express yourself no matter what others say…This is my, Kim Hyun Joong style.” (Shortened from original)

- From Dog, “He who wags his tail to anyone is not my style…That’s why I like dog better than puppy. It sometimes is cold and gives threat to a stranger but in front of his master, he shows all sides of him.” (Shortened from original)

- From Romance, “No hesitation as if never been heart broken or never had fear before, like today is the last day, I will love.”

- From Passion, “Passion to fall in love like a puppy.”

But enough about the words, this is a photobook so what do I think of the photos?

To be frank, when I first opened the photobook, I was unable to complete flipping through the book after the first three pages. Why? My heart was already hyperventilating from the first three pages. I decided to close the book and enjoy it later in the comfort of my home where I can scream and feel giddy all I want. The photos were simply gorgeous! They were sophisticated. As expected, Kim Hyun Joong can wear anything he likes and still look like a walking monument. His famous flawless skin is also a highlight even if we know there’s some photoshop involved. Ready, Action! is a photobook that will appeal to Kim Hyun Joong’s fanbase which includes the younger set and the not-so-young set. This photobook is indeed something a true Kim Hyun Joong fan can treasure.

Park Jung Min hugged a crying fan

That was so sweet of him. He comforted and hugged her, and even said 'Fighting!' I laughed when he answered to the fans calling him. kekekeke. 'Yea. I am here!' ^^ That is so Jung Min.♥

credit: PJM IFC + I-cable.com + yyy148b@YT

[English text translation by Planethyun.blogspot.com]
Please repost with full credits

Korean group SS501 Park JungMin started his solo activity in Japan, other than 4 sessions of fan meeting in Tokyo and Osaka, he has also released his personal photobook.

On this day, Park JungMin held his photobook autograph event, [can't figure out the next sentence]. He knew that his fans have been waited anxiously, so instead he spoke to all through interview [not very sure of this sentence, haha, sorry for my half bucket cantonese]

From 0:25
JM: Hi everybody
JM: I am JungMin
Fans: JungMin
JM: Yes
Fans scream!!!!
JM: I am here!

Park JungMin really care a lot of his fans. During the autograph event, there's a fan started to cry when seeing him, JungMin immediately gave her a love hug.

From 0:44
[Fan cried when seeing him]
JM: I will feel sad if you are like this
JM: Don't cry
Give a hug to her [MiniUFO: Next time everybody will start to cry once seeing him... Kekeke....]
JM: Buck up! Fighting!
JM: Fighting!

As a stylist man, when taking photograph for his photobook, he show his sexiness, bare his top body and lie on the bed to pose. JungMin said he hope all female will wish to hug him after reading the photobok. However, these words made him burst into laughter after he spoken finished.

From 1:12
JM: This photobook will enable me to be
JM: A man whom everybody most wanted to be hug
JM: Hope that every ladies after buying it
JM: Will hug with me
JM: I will hug you until.....
JM: your rib bones are broken
JM: Thank you

Park JungMin says after going on diet, he had reduce 20kg, he has also constantly do facial to maintain his skin condition. He want fans from Hong Kong to wait for him to appear under the best condition.

From 1:45
JM: Fans from Hong Kong, nice to meet you
JM: I will go to Hong Kong soon, please keep in anticipation
JM: [Speak in mandarin] Hong Kong jian (see you in Hong Kong)

Park JungMin is really the model expert for going after girls, so handsome, know how to do facial and has good body build, and even know how to make fans happy.

Kim Hyun Joong photo scans for I'm David

These set of his pictures just make me stare at the screen for a long time because the man in the picture is sooooo handsome! It's like a hypnotic picture that would keep you staring at him. Love his stare at the last picture. ^^

Credit: Khj Baidu

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Park Jung Min's Fanmeeting is very popular

Congratulations Jung Min-sshi! ^^ Looking forward to more of your fanmeeting events.


Park JungMin first Japan FM… radiating charm [24.12.10]

Source: http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/news/view.asp?seq=432411
Korean to Chinese translation: 피오나 @ http://www.park-jung-min.com
Chinese to English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit

Popular group SS501 member Park JungMin sucessfully held his 1st solo fan meeting in Japan and was very popular.

On 23 December, Tokyo Dome JCB hall, Park JungMin held 2 session of ‘First Fan Meeting Japan 2010 – Christmas Special’, and sung SS501 representative song ‘If I cannot’ and ‘Lovers’ and also Mika Nakashima’s ‘Orion’ and Popular rock group B’z's ‘Itsuka no Merry Christmas’ and other popular Japanese pop song.

Park JungMin has also presented ‘Everyday is a Christmas’ from his first solo album to be released in South Korea 20th January next year, and used his fluent Japanese to introduce items and goodies included his first photobook ‘Present’.

In addition, he also prepared a mini musicial, invited his fan to act together with him, a story about proposing to girl friend in a restaurant corner.

Leader Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 chosen for Most Influential Hallyu Star

Wow!! SS501 and Leader Hyun Joong winners on the same poll?!! They are really amazing! No doubt about that! Indeed that they are one of the most influential Hallyu stars, and Leader on top of the list is truly a daebak! ^^ Not to mention, this is already Hyun Joong's 2nd win for two consecutive year. 축하 해요 (Congratulations in English) 


Kim Hyun Joong Chosen as The Most Influential Hallyu Star

Credit: http://storyaboutagirl-chocolate.blogspot.com

He won this poll 2 years in a row, receiving an overwhelming support from Chinese fans at Baidu site.

source: http://gb.cri.cn//27224/2010/10/11/Zt1326s3016439.htm

Poll Results:

Translation : Chinese to English by Elle

Kim Hyun Joong defending Japan and South Korea’s most popular star of the king won the 2010 championship
International online entertainment reports:

organized by the International Online Entertainment Channel’s .Global Entertainment Red Hot forces in 2010, the network selected activities(topics).

“Japan-Korea region finals voting has ended. 2010 the most popular in China, Japan and South Korea star has been published, after fans keen to vote in 2009 “Japan and South Korea the Reds ” Kim Hyun Joong defending successfully won the championship, becoming the “2010 Japan and South Korea’s most Reds! “.

2010 Japan and South Korea’s top ten most Reds were:

1. Kim Hyun Joong

Last year “Japan and South Korea the Reds” Kim Hyun Joong, he is still overwhelmingly elected as the “region’s most Reds in 2010 Japan and South Korea. Awards such as this popular this year, he has got a lot, every time he would sincerely thank the fans, this is like one of the reasons for his madness, right - in a word a smile to make people warm.

2. Micky TVXQ

3. Hero TVXQ

4. Joo JiHoon

5. SS501

6. Junsu


8. Song Hye Kyo

9. Yoon Eun Hye

10. Lee Jun-ki

Sunday, December 26, 2010

SS501 Maknae Hyung Jun envious of Leader Hyun Joong

Our Maknae might be thinking before that he would not be able to have an offer for acting. But now, look at him... he got in for musical 'Cafe In' and he even starred for the mini drama 'Black City'. Well done Maknae. ^^


Hyung Jun – Love, Future, Dream

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2010122107470050343
Translation by: ode@SS501ode.blogspot.com

Having debuted in 2006 as the rival alongside DBSG, SS501 has now stood up in solo paths. Due to the expiry of their contract, SS501 was dispersed here and there, and is now striving for each’s individual activities. Amidst which, Kim Hyung Jun is striving not just as a singer but also as an actor wherein he attends many acting lessons for the sake of acting. He may still be a rookie in acting, but his passion actually does not make him envious of veteran actors as much as his heart holds that one desire. He who is displaying some acting skills in the musical [Cafein] recently has met up with us in Shinsadong’s fine dining restaurant Elbon as we drank to wines. We heard honest talks from Kim Hyung Jun about his future, dream and, love. 

#Kim Hyun Joong starred in [Boys over Flowers] made me envious.
Kim Hyung Jun who dreams of being an actor was actually envious of SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong. Reason it being Kim Hyun Joong is SS501′s representative icon and had also starred in [Boys over Flowers] and [Playful Kiss] where he’s already laid down his actor status.

“To be honest, when Hyun Joong hyung starred in [Boys over Flowers] back then I was already envious. I wanted to do acting too. However the chance didn’t come. And I didn’t know that it probably was why it made me yearn to do acting even more. Perhaps it began since then. I work hard to show my side as a true status-ed actor”.
The road Kim Hyung Jun has to walk ahead is still far. Through musical [Cafein], he’s already let known about his first involvement as an actor. Reactions from the audiences wasn’t bad, in fact. Even if you were to credit this to be the passionate responses coming from his fans, the age range of these theatre-filling audiences was very much wide.

“There were many couples who came to watch. Of course people from 10s to 40s generation was present too. Seems like many people are on the rise to taking a liking in my still-raw acting ne. For me too, I’ve gained much strength from the audiences’ support and is doing all my best right now”.

The witty him who usually loves to joke around stars across as the role of a braggy sommelier in [Cafein]. Kim Hyung Jun finds that his acting somewhat improves than rehearsals whenever he comes to stand on the stage of [Cafein]. Somewhat devious and stuck-up acting is ‘the best’. To him, it does not seem like the [Acting Awards] is far from his reach.

#Solo Striving? Very much burdened.

With regards to SS501′s expiry of contract, it was actually something much earlier than what most people know about. However, SS501 members are only carrying out their solo activities only like year-end now since their former agency’s CEO was fighting his illness back then and wasn’t aware of their decisions. However, all of SS501′s thoughts was not able to be alike (to be together). Eventually, it turned out to be that members chose to locate new agencies to support their each’s individual activities. For him, he chose S-Plus Entertainment where Kang Ji-hwan is a part of.

“For the sake of our individual activities, we moved agencies. When I moved agency I was very worried, I’ve gotta adapt, and also deal with more improved singing and acting skills isn’t it. Even if I may do acting I’ll still definitely do singing. At first when I moved agency, I was very burdened if I could succeed or not, if I could gain recognition from fans as Kim Hyung Jun or not, and it’s true that all of these became my worries. All feedbacks are given to me by fans — I really think of it this manner”.

He also stated that he felt sad that people thought he won’t be continuing with SS501 anymore. He felt awkward, disappointed and sad that he wouldn’t be able to see people like Park Jung Min and Kim Kyu Jong every day whom he had lived together with, but still, he’s now already adapted to a certain degree.
#Marriage at 29 years old, Will not exceed 30 years old.
To Kim Hyung Jun, marriage is just like a mssion. He intends to get married at 29 years old as he wants to get married faster. Of course too, he thinks that once a suitable person appears, he will also be able to get married much earlier. His view is that marriage will be of a positive influence to his showbiz activities as well.

We asked the warmingly nice and well-mannered him how many girlfriends has he had dated before? To which he confessed he’s met about 3 girlfriends up until now.

For now, sad it may be, he does not have a girlfriend. He’s determined to be more developed in area of acting rather than locating for a girlfriend in the next 1~2 years. In order for him to hear ‘Kim Hyung Jun has succeeded’ instead of as a part of SS501, it will be that love for him will be delayed for the moment. His ideal type is that of a straight-forward and comfortable style. Of course if she’s pretty it will be best.

#2011 February Solo Album release… “Singing goes on”

Besides standing on stage for appearance in [Cafein], Kim Hyung Jun spends remaining of his time for his album recording. His mini album is in midst of preparation and is targeted for release in February next year. The musical persona will not be too different from SS501′s existent musical tendency as well. However he’s hinted that it will be an album filled with abundancy of his unique charm.

“Am now in the stage of song receiving. For songs already decided, I’m in midst of practising and recording for it, and is kinda purplexing over them with my staff. I’m working hard in aiming to hear that I’ve succeeded well on my own feet. For me, I like dance and since I like SS501′s music, it will not be too overly different from the already existent music that we have”.

We hope that the year of 2011 will become a successful year for Kim Hyung Jun not as a singer but also as an actor.

“I will become a good singer and natural actor. Though I’m in musical [Cafein] for this year, I’m wanting to try out official acting next year. Hopefully a somewhat comical and yet emotional-impactful character. The day where my name appears in the movie credits won’t be too far off. I’ll develop into a good actor so please show me much adore and love”.

SS501 Members born in the Year of Rabbit

So that's why Jung Min has rabbit for pets, and Hyung Jun is cute like a rabbit, and Kyu Jong is as calm as the rabbit. They all have something in common. ^^ 


photo credits as tagged

By KBS Global

As the year 2011 is the year of the rabbit, many star actors who were born in the year of rabbit – year 1951, 1963, and 1987 – are making a fresh resolution to make a new leap forward next year. Let’s take a look at those stars who were born in the year of the rabbit and have actively been performing in the various fields of broadcasting, movies, and music.

-Others omitted-

◇ Music Industry = Singers who were born in the year of the rabbit in 1987 mostly consist of members of idol groups; they debuted as singers, but they are actually actively performing as “multi-players” by appearing in various movies, musicals, and other entertainment. Top (Big Bang), Choi Si Won, Kim Ki Bum, and Ryeo Wook (Super Junior), Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jeong Min, and Kim Hyung Joon (SS501), GO (MBLAQ), Gun Il (Supernova), Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls), Joo Yeon (After School), So Yeon (Tiara), and the former member of 2PM Jae Bum are those stars who were born in 1987. Top had taken on the challenge of acting by appearing in the drama “IRIS” and in the movie “Into the Fire,” Choi Si Won is also appearing in the drama “'Athena: goddess of war,” Ga In and Joo Yeon are also appearing in the sitcom drama “All My Love” and drama “Smile Again,” respectively, and Jae Bum will also appear in the movie “Hype Nation.” Ryeo Wook and Kim Hyung Joon had appeared in musical works before. Seo In Kook, the winner of “Superstar K – Season one” last year, was also born in 1987, and successfully debuted as a solo singer with his hit songs such as “Love U” and “My Baby U.” Star singers such as Maya, Ha Ri Soo, Shin Jung Hwan, and Woo Seung Min in “All Lies Band” were born in 1975. Shin Jung Hwan, who had shown outstanding performances by appearing on many entertainment programs, has been caught up in controversy with the accusation illegal gambling in the Philippines in early September, and is still staying overseas, so many people are paying attention to his comeback.

Heo Young Saeng made a mistake during Fanmeeting?

I think he was referring the time when he performed 'Love Song' and the silver costume he was wearing had some problems. We all watched that, right? Well that's okay Young Saeng-sshi, we all loved the performance despite of the unavoidable mistakes during that time. Now that I have mention it, I'm so excited to see him this coming Feb. ^^


Heo Young Saeng Talked About Mistake During Fanmeeting in Seoul  
Reposted on liezle.blogspot.com
Lifted From: rainaftershine@wordpress

It just reminds me of the 1st FM in Korea. I performed a dance of another singer, suddenly the special costume was torn apart

So I was so embarrassed, thinking What should I do? Should I stop?……No, I must go on as a professional. I changed the mistake, although it wasn’t mine, into a more fascinating performance….as a professional


Q: Did fans notice the mistake?
A: Yes, all the fans saw it. They felt sorry and worried, but saw me trying my best till the end, attracted to me again, and screamed more loudly


Q. How you start playing baseball with the baseball team?
A: A friend of mine, very close, older than me, is playing baseball. He asked Do you like baseball? Yes, I do! So I joined the team

- about album and others in next year

Q. About album and others in next year
A: Kyu said YS’s preparing for a great solo album and also has a special plan to show up as an actor


Q. About twitter, are they answering twitter with fans?
A: Yes, I saw the mentions from fans. But written in English…..for those I can understand, I read them, H-mmmm……for those I can’t understand, I just pass

Q. About practicing speak Thai language
A: We know we have to practice hard, but to be honest, we just learned a few words before shooting. We appreciate your compliment on our pronunciation. We’re gonna study hard


Q. The last question, greeting our King
A: For celebration of the King’s birthday, we are wearing this bracelet to honor him. Celebrating with all our heart, we wish him healthy for all ages. We will pray for his health

P.S. Behind the scene, the recording microphone is wireless microphone and clipping on his shirt but the one in YS hand is fake and YS always play with it.

credits: myhelloasian@yt

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to SS501 and Triple S ^_^

it's already 11:14pm here in Manila and for sure it's 12:14am in Seoul. So by this time it is already Christmas in Korea. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to our beloved SS501 members Leader Kim hyun Joong, Prince turned bad boy Heo Young Saeng, Forever Center Kim Kyu Jong, Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min, and Maknae Kim Hyung Jun! I hope they are celebrating their Christmas with their loved ones and friends. And for Triple S, here's some clips I have gathered about SS501 videos with Christmas related. Merry Christmas!!!! ^^

SS501 Dances in Christmas song

credit: onus28328@yt

SS501 greets you Merry Christmas
credits: iZoomZaa@yt
SS501 sings Christmas song in Persona Hongkong
credits: anon92049@yt


Kim Hyun Joong revealed his new version of his solo track

This was the news about the RnB style of 'Please Be Nice To Me'. 


credits: 501wangja

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong [KEYEAST]

Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong has revealed a new version of his solo song on his official website.

An acoustic rap arrangement of his solo song “Be My Girl” was uploaded onto his webpage along with his holiday wishes to his fans.

Kim had previously sang “Be My Girl” for his solo performances at concerts while touring several countries in Asia with his group SS501.

Kim made his debut as the leader of the popular boy band SS501 in 2005. He became a household name throughout Asia, starring in last year’s smash hit series “Boys Over Flowers.”

He has led a busy year in 2010, playing the male lead in the Korean adaptation of Japanese comic "Naughty Kiss," singing at the opening ceremony during the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games and winning three awards during the Yahoo! Buzz Awards 2010 in Hong Kong.

The 24-year-old heartthrob also took part in the "Miso Project," a philanthropy project to help the children in Cambodia and the Philippines, titled "Message! to Asia" with Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon and singer Hwanhee.

He is currently preparing his first solo album which is scheduled for release sometime next year.

Credits : http://www.hyun-joong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
Please repost with full credits only

Kim HyunJoong’s surprise gift is here.
Please confirm it via From. HyunJoong menu,
We hope that all fans will have a happy Christmas.

Key East

Park Jung Min Christmas Party Making the Video NG

I can see at the start of the video, he was about to laugh but he kept his composure. By the time he could no longer hold it anymore, he burst out laughing! ^^ That is so Jung Min. ^^

credits: 501wangja@yt

SS501 Maknae Hyung Jun greets his members in Music High

That is so sweet of him. ♥ Never forgets his members to include in his greetings. ^^

English Translation

It's 2AM now, haven't you slept?
To our SS501 members, have you been well?
It's Christmas Eve today.
...I miss you all too much to the brim...
When we have time, we MUST go out to eat together ya...goddit?
Jungmin, this time YOU TREAT!!!!^___^

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Christmas Gift of Kim Hyun Joong to Fans... 'Please Be Nice To Me' - RnB Version

Have you heard this already? The moment I listened to the song, my initial reaction was 'Hyun Joong is really amazing! He could sing pop, ballad, rock, and now rnb. That is how good he is. Any type of music that he sings, it will come out really good. I am so loving this version. Try listening to his new music and figure out why I liked it. ^^ This is his christmas gift to his fans. Komawo Hyun Joong-sshi. We love our gift very much ^^ 

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Kim Hyun Joong wants to act as a poor guy

Does this mean no more prince roles for him? It would be interesting to see him as a man who does not have any money. But I believe even though he would be wearing rags and would sleep with rats, he would still be the good looking poor guy. ^^ Can you imagine him begging for money? I would be probably sitting beside him, giving all the money I have just in case that happens. ^^


Japanese Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Big news in 2010?
“In terms of work, have moved to another management company, acted in drama 「Playful Kiss」, attend the Guangzhou Asia Games Opening Ceremony as a representative from Korea and sang the official theme song and winning the Best Dresser Award at 「Skyperfect! Awards 2010」.
In terms of private, I have moved house and had a trip to China.
This time I went together with the male dancer friends. In 2009, when I went to Hong Kong together with friends, I had a bad experience with photos taken by paparazzi (laughs). Last time, I do not have that much of interest in travelling but now has changed. I would like to go to Africa and South Pole. I’m interested with places that not many people have been to.
In 2010, during the World Cup Soccer at South Africa, it was the best news to know that Japan and South Korea got into the best 16. Proud of both countries showing what Asia soccer is to the world. For Japanese soccer player, I like Honda Keisuke.”

If 100points is full marks, how many points would you give for satisfaction in 2010?
“Although I do not have much rest, I do not feel overloaded as I play while working.
I think I have achieved over my target so it will be 100points.”

Recently how do you spend your off time?

“In these 2 years, when I have the time I will spend it on working on my body. My body fat is about 10%. 6 times a week, 1 day for 2 hours swimming, jogging and weight training with my trainer.
On Sundays is soccer with friends. My position is center forward!”

Target for 2011?
“I’m preparing for the album production now. I’m also planning for Asia tour. In future, my biggest target would be a solo concert at Tokyo Dome!
I would like to challenge more in drama and movies too. Korean version 「Boys Over Flowers」, 「Playful Kiss」 both were roles of a prince.
There’s a scene in 「Playful Kiss」 where I have to say this line “you are more dazzling than the sunshine”, it was hard and embarrassing. I shouldn’t say this but I thought next time I could act in a role as a poor guy who has no money and is troubled (laughs). I think this type of role fits me. When I was 17, I had left home and stayed in a basement for several months. I lived with rats and cat with nothing else but only a bed in the room (laughs). Of course there isn’t the need to pay rent. It was happy. Please love my next work even if it’s not a prince role!”

I'm back! ---> Namjachingu_khj

To all my readers, visitors, friends... finally I am back. Sorry if I wasn't able to update my blog for the past few days since I had encountered a problem on my computer and it was needed to be fixed for almost a week! I was only able to update once in awhile using the computer we have at work. I was so depressed and sad not being able to watch or listen to any news about our boys. But now, it is finally fixed!!! ^^ I will try to catch up on the news I've missed. For those who have stayed and still visits my blog, thank you so much ^^ In Korean language, kamsahamnida ^^ 

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Kim Hyun Joong left a message for fans this Christmas

I was smiling when I read his message. I was thinking 'Hyun Joong-sshi... really 4d' ^^ He was even thinking of uploading his photo? Will he be using twitter? Or just upload it in KeyEast Website? Well, we'll see about that. I guess he is already feeling. We haven't heard from him since the time the news broke out about him not doing good due to fatigue. But upon reading this, I can tell that he is feeling more than okay, he even mentions about drinking alcohol. kekeke ^^ You must really love to drink eh HyunJoong -sshi? ^^ We will all be waiting for you and your picture ^^


(English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


5th Story .........................................


Finally Christmas is here keke

It's a small gift but I will do my best until next year

Because I will come out with a new album^^

Don't drink too much (alcohol) because it is Christmas, students should go back early and eat cake at home

This is the period of focused crackdown on alcohol drinking, so must definately use subsitute driver.....No, if it is like this then better ride a bicycle out keke

I pray that everything will go well next year and I will upload a photo of me praying for next year nyahaha
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