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Photos of Heo Young Saeng at 'Crime Prevention Puppet Show' 04.15.14

Here comes the kid Young Saeng!! ^^ I don't know why but I find it cute and funny when he acts as a little kid. ^^ And that 3rd picture... I was laughing because everyone was dancing to the left but Young SAeng was having his own world again. lols ^^ Somehow I find his acting very effective. ㅋㅋㅋ 아닌가 허영생씨? ^^ Thanks to RiCeLyN for the info! ^^

credits: http://blog.daum.net/jygilll/

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 104 04.16.14

Another complication in the story where Jjunie a.k.a. Han Taekyung was accused of plagarism while Deulim's father was being accused of fraud. I wonder how can they straighten things out to clear out the confusion.

credits: KBS World TV@yt

[Audio] Kim Hyung Jun crying during last episode of Music High 04.14.14

And my heart broke when I heard him cry and his voice started shaking. T_T I know it's hard to let go this radio program that he's been with for 5 years. But I believe that good things will still come along our Maknae and more opportunities will open for him. 울지마 김형준~ T_T 마음 많이 아프겠다. Thanks to ollee for the link! 

credits: zorori@vimeo

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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's Talk Time during 'Inspiring Generation' Special Fanmeeting in Seoul 04.12.14

Huge thanks to howlovelylala for providing the translations. ^^ It's nice to know what he was saying and what are his feelings towards th ending of th drama. In some answers, I se the 4D Leader, and in some answers I see the brave Jung Tae. He did mention he's looking over some scripts meaning he will be acting in a drama again, but for now he is enjoying his free time. ^^ Welcome back Leader Kim Hyun Joong! 보고싶어 김현중!! ♥

It's been awhile to meet you with a clean look. I am filled with emotions. (audience laughing)

I didn't eve know how to leave Jung Tae after finishing the drama. By the way I came back to Seoul yesterday from a trip, and I feel like I have pretty much turned back to Kim Hyun Joong.

As soon as I came back to Seoul, I have recorded (songs) for Japanese new album.
I am preparing to turn back to a singer Kim Hyun Joong.
(after saying this, HJ asked to the interpreter if he had talked about his plan for releasing the Japanese album before and said, sometimes he talked too much about this and that and that might have confused people working with him. lol)
I am working very hard on this album to show different aspects of Kim Hyun Joong, you may look forward to it.

I started (shooting) the drama from a cold winter and have finished in spring.
It ended with a feeling of spring-like warmth so I am happy but also have mixed feelings (feel relieved and missing at the same time).

Many people are pulling for me that I have improved as an actor, and I'd like to act and show more improvement soon again.
Actually, I am reading one or two scripts so I think I can show another side of me (as an actor) again, after the album promotion.
There's no fixed plan yet, but I have finished a period drama, so I am just thinking about a present-day drama in the next year.

I wanted to have a break to be healed because I felt physically and mentally tired after the drama.
So I planned to hold press conferences for two days in a row right after finished the drama and left for Jeju Island on the next day.
I took a plenty of rest in Jeju going scuba-diving and playing golf and that gave me energy, much enthusiasm for my work.

I can't say one best scene (among the drama) but the most memorable line is "Fighting is not only about a skill (strength), the one who more determined wins."
I think we will realize sometime in our life that when we are determined and eager, we can archive something rather than when we are strong.

It's going to be difficult to cry if I think "I have to act at this crying scene." The world in the drama was not real, created by the script, but I believed in the world existing and I thought I was the one really living in the world. Even if Kim Hyun Joong didn't love with (in reality), I had to keep being in harmony other actors in order to have emotions toward them, such as hatred or love so that I could naturally identify with the character and have emotions. When understanding the role as a round character rather than a flat one, I could deliver the character's thoughts and feelings even if they were not written in the script.

Kim Hyun Joong and Shin Jung Tae were two different persons having different personalities, but I tried to understand Shin Jung Tae. For example, I have my family and father with me but Shin Jung Tae misunderstood his father and even lost his father. I had been seeing and thinking through Shin Jung Tae's eyes and kept stacking up the feelings, then at some point, I could explode them. I enjoyed the experiences when I felt the character's feelings stacked up for real and delivered them to the audience.

At the scene that Ok Ryeon passed away, I was outraged for real. (The interpreter said HJ's eyes looked different at the scene.) I don't usually fight or speak a bad word in real life but at the scene I found myself ad-libbing swear words. So I messed up the scene, and had to shoot it again and again. After all the bad word was covered with B.G.M when the scene aired.

Even if I have been working out, I don't have much experience of action scenes so I didn't expect I could be fit for the action role. I think I am used to memorizing dance choreography, and that helped me memorizing action choreography faster. The drama went through the lack of shooting time, but we managed to show great action scenes til the end. The action director did his best to choreograph also I tried to memorize and learn to show more.

I had kinda good-looking hands, but now I have calluses and bruises on my hands. I consider the calluses and bruises as badges of honor. I don't think I will show another action drama for a while.

Memorizing dance choreography is more difficult for me than memorizing action choreography. When I filmed action scenes, I could naturally throw a fist having hatred and my body instinctively reacted to dodged (the opponent's fist). However, a mistake while dancing on stage will make me scared stiff.

Because I practiced punching everyday for that quickness, I could really punch faster.
(Hyun Joong is asked to show his punches.)
I used to practice it everyday though..

It is hard to understand for you, but sometimes I had to memorize (the choreography) at a glance to film it quickly when we had very little time to film the scene. In such a case, we (the opponent and I) promised that if we would unexpectedly beat or be beaten for real, we should quickly stand up no matter how it hurt. Actually I was beaten up for real while shooting an action scene but I had to keep filming the scene because, once I showed I was in pain, we would have to film from the beginning.

Maybe I might be naturally resilient to physical attacks? I feel more comfortable when I get beaten up than I beat up.

I watched the final episode with actors together. We didn't have an official finale party so I asked people to come together and watched the drama finale drinking some beer.

As what I've said at the interview, for our or your ancestors, 1930's was the age of intensity. In 1930's they were poor and possessed almost nothing ... (*sorry, the clip ends up here. also sorry, it's a really rough trans.)
credits: amiko0071@yt + @howlovelylala (English Translation)

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 103 04.15.14

Jjunie was so cute when he was hugging Suim and won't let her go. ^^ And when he defended his wife against his mother, I saw that husband side of him and for me was sweet. ^^ 

credits: KBS World TV@yt

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Photos of Heo Young Saeng during campaign for High School Violence Prevention 04.14.14

And once again, we saw Young Saeng performing in front of students in relation to the campaign against violence for HighSchool Students. His hair is a bit shorter compared to his previous performance. Still, he looks very handsome and cute! Miss you Young Saeng! ^^ 허영생 멋지다!! ♥

credits: @RiCeLyN + http://blog.naver.com/phww5019/120211410991

SS501 Tweets: Hyung Jun says goodbye to Music High 04.14.14

Today is the 5th Anniversary of Jjun DJ's Music High. However, it will also be the last broadcasting day for the said program. T_T I felt sad knowing it already ended, although I am aware of the fact that sooner or later it will end because of his hectic schedule plus his upcoming enlistment. It's been 5 great years of hearing his parodies, his language lessons, his singing live, and even having SS501 members as his guest. I'm gonna miss all of that, especially his famous line '두신데 여태 안잤어?' Sigh. I'm feeling sad about it, really. But looking on the brighter side, we will be seeing more of him in his drama, and hopefully we can hear him sing a new song again in the near future. 수고했어 김형준! 안녕 쭌디제이~

credits: HyungJun87 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 102 04.14.14

Those sweet words of Jjunie towards Suim is just ♥. He said he was born to be Suim's husband and he stood very long outside fretting over her. ^^ I know, I know, I'm being too emotional. But still, not all boys are saying that to their wife. ^^ Lucky girl. ^^

credits: KBS World TV@yt

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HD Photos of Kim Hyun Joong during 'Inspiring Generation' Fanmeeting in Seoul 04.12.14

Earlier, Hyun Joong had a Special Fanmeeting together with his Japanese fans. Seriously, I envy the Japanese fans because every time they get to have a special fanmeetings from our boys. Sigh~ sometimes I wish I was one of them. Well, I guess I'm still thankful to those who shared his pictures with us even if we are not present at the venue. ^^ Hyun Joong looks very happy and relaxed. ^^ Good thing his vacation in Jeju made him a fresh looking Leader! ^^ 김현중 멋있다! ♥ I'm gonna insert some transcripts of a few conversations and interactions with fans. ^^ Thanks to those who shared the updates! ^^


-  Yesterday came back from Jeju and did recording for Jap album. Enjoyed scuba diving n golf at Jeju 

 - HJ said will meet fans during his world tour so dun send him off when he go army cos he will feel its a long farewell. He will eat kimchi jjigae with friends and like to go army comfortably 

 - Q:When was the time when Jung Tae possessed you? HJ: The scene when Ok Ryeon died and I ran out. I don't say vulgar words usually but at that scene, I ad-libbed many many vulgar words. It was covered up by music later on. (Laugh) 

- About the future plan, 1/ Release an album in Japan (He already finished recording) 2/ Release another album in Korea 3/ World Tour 4/ Act in another drama (he would like to show his acting again ) 5/ If there is an occasion, Japan tour the next year 6/ Charity concert (no fee) for which I will raise the fund (laugh)

- Future plans? First of all, Jap album →Kor album →World Tour →drama →If there's chance next year, Jap concert tour →free concert

credits: http://s865.photobucket.com/user/MURDERER_Q/library/-KHJLIVE/2014KHJ/20140412%20Seoul%20-%20IG%20Special%20Fan%20Meeting?sort=4&page=1 + @501wangja (English Translation) + @jamkkuleogihj + @Hjlove09 + @duddnjs0606 + @chocolatdaleKHJ

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 101 04.11.14

The episode where Jjunie a.k.a. Han Taekyung married Suim, the girl of his dreams. ^^ Finally he get to have her as his wife. ^^ She looks very pretty and Hyung Jun looks very handsome as a groom. ^^ I am so very happy for him, but felt sad for Deulim since he is now alone in her room, without her sister next to her. Don't worry, Deulim. You will get to have your own happy ending soon. ^^

credits: KBS World TV@yt

Thursday, April 10, 2014

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 100 04.10.14

I am so very proud of TaeKyung being able to help out in fixing their faucet. ^^ But somehow, I was smiling as well just the thought of Jjunie doing it in real life. ^^ Lucky girl! Congratulations Han Taekyung for getting married! ^^ 행복해서 김형준! ^^

credits: KBS World TV@yt

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

[Video] HeoYoung Saeng's performances at Goyang OulimNuri Arts Center 04.09.14

Love the dance part!! Can definitely see the Young Saeng moves!!! ^^ And of course, we cannot miss out the singing of him with his favorite song 'Because I'm Stupid'. ^^ 잘했어 허영생! I wish I can see him perform live one day. ^^ Thanks to Triple S Philippines at Facebook for the links! ^^

credits: 정연길@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 99 04.09.14

Sanghyeon's dad is determined not to accept Deulim in their family, to the point that he'd be cancelling the contract with her. On the other hand, Han Taekyung and Suim are soon gonna face a problem with their mothers fighting against each other. I hope the matter will be solved soon. Then, Jeongja is worrying about Sejun. This girl really never stops caring for Sejun-ssi.

credits: KBS World TV@yt 

Photos of Heo Young Saeng at Goyang OulimNuri Arts Center 04.09.14

Another event where we saw Heo Young Saeng performing. ^^ Glad to see another set f pictures of him. ^^ Even in a large crowd, I can still locate where he is! ^^ Can you? ^^ 허영생 미소 너무 좋아!! ♥ Hmmmm... I think I can make a good guess what ballad song he sang. ^^ 

credits: http://blog.daum.net/jygilll

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 98 04.08.14

죄송합니다~ 정말 죄송합니다~ I'm delayed in posting again about the updates regarding our boys. I got home late last night, around midnight already, and woke up early to go to work. >.< I felt I'm missing half of my life already not knowing what's latest about them. T_T Well, hopefully I can still keep up. First up is the episode last night of 'Melody of Love'. I am moved with how understanding Hyeonu can be. He was able to feel what Deulim's father concern towards his daughter. And how cute to see the picture of 4 of them together, Suim with Taekyung and Hyeonu wit Deulim. Jjunie being playful with Hyeonu, eh? ^^ 

credits: KBS World TV@yt

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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's Various Media Interviews April 2014

Gotta post this fast because I'm late for work. Will give my reaction later tonight I promise. ^^ Love his 4D answers. ^^ 


[Trans: KHJ’s interview - Kim Hyun Joong, A Man With Surprises (1)]

Q: It's a tough journey. How do you feel about 'Inspiring Generation' for the past 3 months?

A: The 3 months was as if one year. (laughs) 'Inspiring Generation' started its production since June last year. I was (always)contemplating how should I bring out the character of 'Shin Jeong-tae' throughout the 10 months. Although there were tough times during the timing, it ended perfectly thanks to the love and supports from the viewers.


Q: There were quite a few characters that left a deep impression. How did you able to adapt to that?

A: Every scene was shot with 100% effort. The best was given for every moment/shots. If I couldn't receive a positive approval, I will accept the fact that I might not have done enough yet.


Q: There were concerns on the comparison between you and the top actors, but your crying scenes in the early-mid part of the drama have wiped out the concerns.

A: I did cry a lot during the crying scenes, but it’s a little pity if the focus of acting skills was only zooming into those scenes. In fact, a lot of emotions that were as much as crying scenes, were put into angry scenes, funny scenes and even sad scenes. It was up to the point that I contemplated on how should I hold a spoon during acting. I’ve always tried my best to imagine the scenario whenever I received the script. When I looked at the father’s (Shin Yeong-chul) picture, I imagined how his life and actions would be. I’ve also tried to imagine the little habits that Chung-ah have when looking at her picture, and even tried the speech intonation I (as Shin Jeong-tae) when speaking to her. Perhaps I was always thinking about all these, I even dreamed about ‘Inspiring Generation’. When I was napping for around 2-3 hours, I dreamed about Shin I-chi and Wang Baek-san chasing after me. (laughs) Then I realised ‘I’ve really fallen for IG’.


Q: Have you ever thought you could erase the clear image you’ve got in the long run from KBS2 ‘Boys Over Flower’ through ‘Inspiring Generation’?

A: I’ve never thought of breaking the ‘flower boy’ image. The ‘image’ choice belongs to the viewers, isn’t it? However I think there is a limitation in which acting skills can reach in romantic comedy genre. It was one of the reason why I chose a more manly period drama so I make a turning point through my acting skills. As much as the preparation was done, in order to express the right emotions of the characters, I think it’s best to choose the right character (first that suits yourself).


Q: There were positive feedbacks on your acting skills, including your action scenes. It wasn’t easy to try action scenes for the first time.

A: I attended action schools for a few days, but I haven’t practiced a lot. I learned martial acting and there’s a line that I can still remember very well, ‘Action is not about synchronicity, it’s emotions’. It feels a whole lot different when you were fighting against a stranger and someone you loved. The latter one consists of a more complex actions and emotions. ‘Inspiring Generation’ have changed a big part of my mindset on martial acting.


Q: Are you personally satisfied with the production this time? Have you gained any meaningful experiences?

A: The feedbacks were more than what I was expecting. But I think it could have been better. I will not stop here nor will I choose to act a character that is similar to ‘Shin Jeong-tae’. Instead, I will show something that is beyond what I have achieved now. Since there is no endpoint to martial arts, I will continue and show something different in the future.

Q: From the change of scriptwriter and the production cost scandal, it was quite an interference to the broadcast of ‘Inspiring Generation’. Were you affected by it?

A: I had a hard time too but I did not have any dissatisfaction about it since I was one of the lead cast, I have to continue with the filming. I have to prepare to bring out the best for the scene even if I have no more than 5 minutes to memorise the script. So I wasn’t really affected by changing of the scriptwriter. A part of me had become one with ‘Shin Jeong-tae’, so almost everything I do was to bring the best of the character. Besides, there was a good collaboration between the casts. To be able to make a production up to this standard under such condition, the casts deserve large credits. Everyone were able to focus, no matter during filming or off filming.


Q: Although it was said after filming, ‘Although it was a 150million KRW mass production, the viewerships ratings were just so-so’. And ‘Inspiring Generation’ was highly anticipated by outsiders from the start. It’s another task for you to shake off this burden.

A: I don’t know how I should say this, but I did not feel any burden. When it comes to ‘Kim Hyun-Joong’, it’s surely thrilling & nervous. However I was ‘Shin Jeong-tae’, not ‘Kim Hyun-Joong’ in ‘Inspiring Generation’. It was also a reason why tears fell naturally when Jeong Jae-hwa (Kim Seong-oh) and the Bangsamtong’s people kneeled before me. Rather than feeling stressed towards the expectations for the drama, I felt sorry for the people together with me whom I cannot protect. Whether it’s the cast or the factors beyond the production.


Q: You have experience in acting from modern drama to period drama throughout your short acting journey. What do you think that matches you between the two?

A: To be honest, it was hard filming for a period drama. (laughs) Because we had to play a lot with the intonation and moves. It was hard to express your emotions in a limited area. On the other hand, if I were to point out a good point about period drama, it’s going to be ‘stepping into the past through acting’. If ‘time machine’ really does exist, wouldn’t it be ‘period drama’? The historical sentiments, culture and incidents that I wanted to feel so real. I’ve felt/learned a lot of things from ‘Inspiring Generation’. For example, ‘So 1930 era was such a depressing era’, ‘The only way to protect your family was only through fighting’, ‘Without handphones (text messages), there’s no misunderstanding’. (laughs)


Q: The steady fandom since your days as a singer idol seemed to have become more solid while you were engaged in both activities. Have you have any thoughts of expanding your acting career overseas?

A: I don’t know, honestly. Even with dubbings and subtitles, I think there ought to have problems if I’m filming just because of my popularity, using a language I do not know. No matter what, I do not want to do it just because of the money value. I’m the type whom I will not do anything that I am not confident in. Although I wanted to learn foreign language, but it’ll not be Japanese or Chinese. It’s likely to be English since it’s a more widely used language. I’m not a person who can absorb a variety of languages well. (laughs)


Q: Then what do you think about ‘actor Lee Byung-hun’? He’s one of the very few Korean stars who officially entered Hollywood.

A: Ah, I really respected him. If you watched his acting, it seemed as if he’s a native(English) speaking in mother tongue language. An acting skills whom he did research on the proper language pronunciation alongside with the sentiments it brings along. If I’m going to do this, I wanted to do it like that as well.


Q: You are a singer and actor to the public at the same time. Especially there are sayings that ‘There’s a lot of burden as an actor’. So how did you manage to balance between the two?

A: There are ups and downs for both singer and actor. Although I didn’t want to be outstanding on one career over another. (laughs) Rather than choosing what I should be doing, a lot more thoughts are need to be given when running the both activities at the same time. As I’m thinking about ‘Why can’t an idol-turned actor received appraisals for their acting skills?’, I came down with the conclusion that viewers weren’t expecting much about their acting skills, aside from the ‘misleading’ image they have (as an idol). No matter on which side, I think more time is needed to be given for viewers to forget about the image. So I think I’m going on a tour as a singer for a while.


Q: You made your first turning point via ‘Inspiring Generation’. And you have also reached the ‘important age’ of an actor. Have you got any plans ahead?

A: I want to try a beautiful melodrama as an actor. For a romantic comedy, it’s ‘Wherever there’s wind, I’m able to go travel freely’ (Kim Hyun-joong used his famous line from Boys Over Flowers and said ‘Isn’t that line referring to a kite?’. But for this famous quote, I don’t think it’s still usable in the next century. (laughs) Just like the previous quote, there are many lines that do not quite make sense. Since melodramas are more related to our daily lives, I want to focus more on that.


Q: What do you think as a man who reached 29 this year.There are many things you should think of now.

A: I’m planning to enlist next year. To be honest, I’ve postponed the date of enlistment so I’ll make it a memorable one. In other words, before I enlist, I’ve done everything I wish I could do. With no regrets, with no worries. (laughs) Maybe I’m afraid I will forget about it (things he wish to do), so instead of worrying about it, I bring along the the memories of myself (accomplishing the things he wished to do) into the army. After I come back, I’m going to show a more steady acting skills, more band-liked music of different style as compared to now, in order to repay fans. Also displaying a more diverse personality as a public figure, as well as keeping the profile as low as possible. *laughs* (P/S: meaning less public criticism and less scandals).
credits: @5StarsAs1

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 97 04.07.14

I am so tired from work, but I couldn't let this day pass without me watching 'Melody of Love'. ^^ For those who missed watching the episode, here it is! ^^

credits: KBS World TV@yt

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SS501 Tweets: Hyung Jun shares photo of Choco with a ball 04.07.14

It's been soooooooooo long since Jjunie last tweeted and I'm glad to see his back on my timeline again. ^^ 오랜만이에요 김형준씨! ^^ He shares a picture of Choco with a ball and is looking very cute in that shot. ^^ Did you notice the pictures showing on the ball? ^^

credits: HyungJun87 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

Article about Kim Hyun Joong denying that he is dating UEE

Yes, it was true that rumors were spreading before about them being together because of the show 'Barefoot Friends'. Alot of 'he-said she-said' type of thingy was heard. But finally, our Leader have spoken the truth regarding the real deal between the two of them. They are not dating. So you can relax your heart now gals. ㅋㅋㅋ We all know how prankster he is that's why he joked like that to their staff, but there is really nothing going on between them. They are colleagues, but nothing goes beyond that. 난 믿어요 김현중씨.


Kim Hyun Joong denies that he is dating After School's UEE


Kim Hyun Joong talked about the rumors of him dating After School's UEE!

Back when both of them were starring on 'Barefoot Friends', a rumor had spread that the duo were actually dating. According to rumors, Kim Hyun Joong had introduced UEE to his friends as his girlfriend. Even though the rumors quieted after the show ended, it still pops up from time to time.

In an interview he had with Star Today, he was asked about the rumors. He answered, "It's not true at all. To be honest, I trusted these rumors out of instinct. But now that I became one of the subjects, I realized they're not believable. I heard through the rumors that I was dating UEE, and we laughed together when we saw it. After that, the staff kept teasing us, so I jokingly said 'she's my girlfriend', and that became the fuel for another round of rumors. It's a scary world."

He added, "We were all close during the filming, but I don't think I could ever be dating UEE like the rumors suggest."

credits: jennywill@allkpop

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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's Media Interview April 2014

Several media portals released today interviews with our very own Kim Hyun Joong! ^^ The pictures are just ♥♥♥. I really like this hairstyle of Leader! Brings out his more handsome looks! ^^ Thanks to TheAlienPrince for translating some parts of his interview. So basically he will be entering military in 2015 and he even mentioned about releasing another album plus overseas activities. I am so excited to see him active again in the music industry. ^^ 김현중 화이팅!!! ^^

HJ: I think my new album will come out bfore WorldCup. I want to prepare album that fits WC where ppl can gather & feel good when listening.

HJ: I'm also preparing for Korean concert as well as a tour.

HJ: I think I will enter the military service next year. I will go as Grade 1 (active duty)

HJ: I'll turn 30 next year. I think 'Inspiring Generation' would be the last drama where I can show a character who's in his 20s.

KHJ with his changed gaze & tone/speech shook off flower boy image & transformed to real man

HJ will go for a full-scale overseas tour starting from June.

credits: TheAlienPrince (English Translation) + @mollybb0706

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fans' food support for Kim Hyung Jun for the drama 'Melody of Love' 03.31.14-04.1.14

Jjunie's fans are so daebak!!! They provided food support and I bet Hyung Jun was very happy to receive it. ^^ Just by looking at those food makes me hungry already. ^^ 행복해 김형준씨? ^^ That smile on his face tells me he enjoyed it so much. ^^ He even shows off the ring on his finger. cute! ^^ (that's their wedding ring on the drama. ^^)  He looks a kid by the way when he was peeking at the box. ㅋㅋㅋ

credits: http://tlsxhah.blog.me/60212218209
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