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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong on Oricon Style

The Question and Answer part was the only one translated. I'm so excited for his next album! ^^


Hyun Joong – Oricon Style 8/29 Issue

Q1. Please tell us the concept of the mini album “Break Down”It is the process of a young man changing to an adult.
As I have received alot of positive comments on it, this is a satisfied work.

Q2. It was said that you were involved in producing, could you tell us exactly what have you participated in?
From selection of songs to selections of lyrics, arrangement of the melody lines, design of the jacket & logo and music videos, I have given all my ideas on it. In the end, I think alot of my ideas were reflected in it.

Q3. Having your hair blonde is also manly?
Currently I’m in the midst of the promotion activities of “Kiss Kiss”, so I decided to try out changing it. I thought it might show a little cuteness, but everyone around me said, “It looks manly.”.

Q4. In regards to your solo activities, did your management company boss, Bae Yong Joon or members of SS501 gave any advice to you?
Young Saeng (Had his solo debut first) had told me, “As you already have the experience, I think that it’s good that you have it to spare to do your activities” Bae Yong Joon is always giving his support behind me. He would mail such as “Today, this part is good” etc

Q5. Please tell us about your 2nd album which is to be released in Autumn. As of now, there is the selection of songs. Also, 2 songs have already been recorded. It would be good to show a different image from what I have till now.

Q.6. It was said that your nationwide tour has been decided
Till now, my activities has always been centralized in Tokyo and Osaka, I would like to reach out to fans in other areas, so we decided to hold it at 7 areas. It is a concert but with talks where I can interact with the fans. So please do not hesitate to attend and I would be happy!

credits: Scanned by + Japanese~English Translation: miyo @ lovekimhyunjoong.com
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Hangul + Romanization + English Translation of Heo Young Saeng's 'Sad Song' from Protect The Boss' OST Part 7

Here is the lyrics. Thanks to Stephanie for doing the translation. ^^

 Source: melon.com
Hangul lyrics: melon.com
Romanization & English translation lyrics: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
Please leave the credits remain intact when repost.  TQ! :)


캄캄한 밤 외로운 밤
난 자꾸만 자꾸 누군가를 떠올려요
사랑 사랑 그런 사랑 넘 사랑해
쳐다보기 조차 힘든 사랑

슬픈 노래는 왜 하필 이럴 때
다친 내 맘 더 왜 아프게 하는지
듣기 싫어 싫테도 자꾸 자꾸만
귀 기울이는 내 맘 난 몰라

항상 곁에 몰랐었죠 사랑 따위
쉽게 살 수 있는 줄 알았죠
사람 사람 못난 사람 그런 사람
바로 나라는걸 깨달아요

슬픈 노래는 왜 하필 이럴 때
다친 내 맘 더 왜 아프게 하는지
듣기 싫어 싫테도 자꾸 자꾸만
귀 기울이는 내맘 난 몰라

요즘은 나 자꾸만 밤하늘에
별을 세어봐요
한 개 두 개 모두모두 반짝이는 별들은
흘러 내리는 이 눈물은
모두 그댈 향한 내 사랑

슬픈 노래는 왜 하필 이럴 때
울고 있는 나를 더 울리는지
벌 받아요 이렇게 그 누굴 울리면
내가 더 많이 울게 된다는 걸
난 이제 알아요

다친 내 맘 더 아프게 하는지
듣기 싫어 싫테도 자꾸 자꾸만
귀 기울이는 내맘 난 몰라
슬픈 노래는 하필 이럴 때



Kamkamhan bam wiroun bam
Nan chakkuman chakku nugungareul ddeolleoyo
Sarang sarang geureon sarang neom saranghae
Chyeodabogi jocha himdeun sarang

Seulpeun noraeneun wae hapil ireol ddae
Dachin nae mam deo wae apeuge haneunji
Deutgi silreo siltedo chakku chakkuman
Gwi giulineun nae mam nan molla

Hangsang gyeote mollaseotjyo sarang ddawi
Swipge sal su itneun jul aratjyo
Saram saram motnan saram geureon saram
Baro naraneungeol ggaedalayo

Seulpeun noraeneun wae hapil ireol ddae
Dachin nae mam deo wae apeuge haneunji
Deutgi silreo siltedo chakku chakkuman
Gwi giulineun nae mam nan molla

Yojeumeun na chakkuman bamhaneune
Byeoleul seyeobwayo
Han gae du gae modumodu banjjakineun byeoldeuleun
Heuleo naerineun i nunmuleun
Modu geudael hyanghan nae sarang

Seulpeun noraeneun wae hapil ireol ddae
Ulgo itneun nareul deo ullineunji
Beol badayo ireohke geu nugul ullimyeon
Naega deo manhi ulge dwindaneun geol
Nan ije arayo

Dachin nae mam deo wae apeuge haneunji
Deutgi silreo siltedo chakku chakkuman
Gwi giulineun nae mam nan molla
Seulpeun noraeneun hapil ireol ddae


English Translation

A dark night, in a solemn night
Non-stop, I'm still thinking of someone
Love love this love I love you so much
A love, so painful even staring at it.

The sad song, why did it have to appear like this?
My broken heart, why did it hurt more?
I don't wanna hear, but still
My ears are still listening unknowingly

I never realized, that it was just at my side
Always thought that love can be easily bought
Person person bad person that person
Only now that I realized

The sad song, why did it have to appear like this?
My broken heart, why did it hurt more?
I don't wanna hear, but still
My ears are still listening unknowingly

Lately I've been looking at the night sky
Counting the stars
One, two, every shining stars
The tears fall down
Every drop all because of you, my love

The sad song, why did it have to appear like this?
I cried and I cried
Accepting the punishment like this, that person cried
And I cried even more
Now, I know

The broken heart, it hurts even deeply
I don't wanna hear, but still
My ears are still listening unknowingly
The sad song, that's how it appeared like this.


Kim Hyun Joong introduces his family: Art & Matic ^^

This is just two cute! ^^ The puppies are so lucky to have Hyun Joong as their owner. I know he will take care of them! ^^ (And I am certain a lot of fans are wishing they were just the dogs who could be with Hyun Joong. kekeke^^)


HyunJoong's Japanese Mobile Site Update - Introducing My Family
Source & Credits: HyunJoong's Japanese Mobile Site + elley0606
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
Please leave the credits remain intact when repost.  

Introducing My Family

Together with my long time no see Art & Matic...
The white-fur called Art, and the black one is Matic.

Photo credits: Kim HyunJoong

Kim Hyun Joong will be back for his second album

Right now, he is busy preparing for his second album. And I know a lot of you are dying to know how his next album concept would look like. Me too, I am so eager to know, but then patience is a virtue. We just need to wait until he finishes it, and I am definite that we will all love it! ^^


Kim HyunJoong, ‘I’ll Be Back With My Second Album’

The Asia Star ‘Kim HyunJoong’ successfully returned to Korea after finishing his one-month Asia promotion on 27th of August.

Kim HyunJoong kicked off his first stop of Asia promotion in Japan on last July and moved on to 7 different countries, once again, proving Kim HyunJoong’s high level popularity in Asia.

With Kim HyunJoong’s amazing popularity level, it surely have caused swarm of people flooding to wherever he goes. Not only on the day when Kim HyunJoong returned to Korea at Incheon Airport that have attracted more than thousands of fans to welcome his arrival, even the number of fans attending his Hi-5 events during the Asia tour promotion in different countries have also exceeded the estimated number causing some delay during the events which was truly remarkable.

Especially, aside from marking his successful solo singer debut in the Asia promotion this time in different countries, he had once again proved himself as the new generation of Hanryu Star. Through the one-month Asia promotion starting from Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand to Philippines, Kim HyunJoong’s nicely upgraded appearance and manner have grabbed many hearts of the fans.

In addition, in his press conferences and events in different countries, many were concerned about Kim HyunJoong’s first mini album as well as his upcoming album too, receiving proposals from global recording labels and etc were also the frequently asked questions.

What had captured the eyes of fans as a whole is that Kim HyunJoong’s Asia Tour concert are scheduled this upcoming December to early 2012.

Kim HyunJoong said, ‘I appreciated the great time spending to meet my overseas fans directly who had gave their distant yet loving support, since I have garnered so many fans’ undying support, I will definitely work harder to prepare for my next album.’

After putting a full stop to his one-month Asia promotion on last 27th of August, Kim HyunJoong have returned to Korea to fully concentrate on his preparation for his second album.

Source: Star News

credits: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1) (English translation)

Kim Kyu Jong to participate in 'Go! Dream Team'

So this only means we will get to see more of Kyu Jong in the following days. There is his musical performance, comeback stage for his new album, the guesting on variety shows. ^^ Can't wait to see more of him. ^^


Kim KyuJong Participates in Go!DreamTeam

Credits : World Martial Arts Festival news + (Chinese Translation) redcat111 @ KimKyuJong.com.cn + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Martial Arts Festival, Celebrities Attending

This is the first time so many celebrities will visit the World Martial Arts Park since its completion. On 4-Sep during the Martial Arts Festival, ‘Go! Dream Team’ recording set will be on the World Martial Arts Park with members such as b-boy Park JaeMin, comedian Kim HyunChul, singer Lee Hyun, JinWoon, Kim KyuJong, and Ricky Kim. These celebrities will compete against the local and overseas martial people who are participating in the World Martial Arts Festival. Is it the Dream Team, or the martial people? Filming will start on 4-Sep at 2pm.

Kim Kyu Jong rehearsal for 'Goong' Musical by TV Daily

Missing our Kyu? Well, he's here, busy practicing for his upcoming musical performance in Korea. ^^

credits: Malexxx28@yt

Kim Hyun Joong and the little kid from the Philippines

I knew this girl and it's true, the little girl was very very lucky. ^^ How cute when Hyun Joong smiled upon seeing Julia danced and sing to his song 'Kiss Kiss'. ^^


SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong receives a kiss at Philippine fanmeet

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong received a kiss from a child fan during his fan meet in the Philippines.

While Kim Hyun Joong was signing autographs for fans, a little girl stood in front of him and danced to ‘KISS KISS‘.

Pleased, Kim Hyun Joong smiled brightly and leaned over to shake the girl’s hand. However, when Kim Hyun Joong leaned over, the little girl gave him a kiss on the cheek. Kim Hyun Joong kept smiling, drawing out the envy of every girl fan.

Netizens stated, “Kim Hyun Joong is so cute”, “How can you be jealous of a little girl”, “To all of those who screamed at the kiss, I feel the same”, and “Kim Hyun Joong seems like a dad who falls stupid for his daughter.”

Source: enews24 via Nate

credits: phenom@allkpop

Audio of Heo Young Saeng's 'The Sad Song (슬픈 노래는)' for 'Protect the Boss' OST

The song itself will definitely make you cry. Indeed, Young Saeng's voice is the best especially for ballad songs! ^^

credits: satomi709201@yt

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong at 'The Face Shop' Press Conference by Hyuniversal0606

Their video is really clear! And Ms. Grace Lee was very funny when she was curious to know who massage Kim Hyun Joong! ^^ kekekeke ^^ 

credits: hyuniversal0606@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong Break Down Showcase

Thanks to lafone for subbing the video. ^^ These two videos were the ones that wasnt subbed before since it was only the part where Kyu Jong and Young Saeng was on the stage. The first video made me laugh when he said he heard about the news on the internet that he gained weight. ^^ He was also sweet when he tried to walk around the stage to see the faces of his fans one by one. ^^ On the second video was a very touching part because it was when he read his letter to his fans. T.T I really hope Triple S and Henecians all over the world work out as one like our boys so Hyun Joong will not feel he is a helpless guy. T.T

credits: lafone0606@yt

Kim Hyun Joong participates in ShenZhen Concert

And to think it's pre-ordered tickets, already exceeded 1 million yuan! Wow! That is really amazing!!! Only proves how popular he is! ^^


photo credits as tagged

Kim Hyun Joong Participation In ShenZhen Concert, Pre-Ordered Tickets By Fans Almost Exceeds 1 Million Yuan

Source: ShenZhen News Portal
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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Hallyu Popular Idol, Kim Hyun Joong, will be coming to Shenzhen to participate together with the 4 Heavenly Queens of Chinese & Canto-pop, Elva Hsiao, Shirley Kwan, Fish Leong and Sammi Cheng for the “SUPER PERFECT” (“非常完美”) Concert.  It is a huge scale of  grand-style dance floor DISCO PARTY theme which will be held on 16 Sep at ChunJian of ShenZhen Sport Complex. He will be appearing in his blonde new image.

Praising the Warmth of ShenZhen Universiade 2011

Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong “surprised” participation added the finishing touches to this concert. Kim Hyun Joong is currently the most popular Asian Superstar in today’s Asian entertainment industry. His Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers, “Playful Kiss” showed his exceptional acting skills and dashing looks which propelled him to fame. He is also the leader of the popular idol group SS501 and recently he just released his solo mini album “BREAK DOWN”. After finishing his promotional tour in Korea, Kim Hyun Joong will start invading into the Asian market and China is 1 of the main station for his series of promotional activities.

This time “SUPER PERFECT” Concert will be held at ChunJian of ShenZhen Sports complex after the Universiade 2011. Regard this, Kim Hyun Joong is particularly looking forward to it.  He has watched the Universiade 2011 in Korea and also some of the competition events, saying that even though he is separated only by a TV screen, he can feel the enthusiasm and passion of the Chinese audience, thus he is really looking forward for the arrival at ChunJian to have interactions with the Chinese audience, “Thru the World University Games on TV I felt the Chinese audience’s enthusiasm, I look forward to 16 Sep performance in Shenzhen Bay. I will decide what songs I will be performing after my interaction with China fans.”

This Time Wanna Be A Tough Cool Man

It is reported that, this time Kim Hyun Joong participation for this event was supported by the Chinese fans.  The sale for the concert tickets only starts on 29 Aug, but the news from the box office is  that his fans have already booked tickets which exceeds 1 million yuan that really caused the organisers to be stunned as they did expect that this Korean flower boy has such a strong base of fans.

Kim Hyun Joong will be bringing his sound engineers, light engineers, dancers, stage designers and so on, a huge entourage and his image will be a total break through matching with his newly released album “BREAK DOWN” with a new blonde image to show his transformation. “This is my 1st solo album, it depicts a 26 years old man growing stages”.  In the MV, he was in black doing a strong dance, showing off his cool side, “I hope to let people to see a more brillant performance.”  Kim Hyun Joong new blonde hair style will be very striking, he explains, “This is due to the last hit song in the album “KISS KISS” is on the radio top charts, it is a more happy and cute style.”

There is no doubt, this “surprise” hallyu will also bring a different surprise and shock to the fans.  Kim Hyun Joong states, “Hope this time showing the audience my new image can let them see the transformation of me from a flower boy into a tough and cool man.”

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Pictures of Kim Hyun Joong from The Face Shop in Manila, Philippines

These pictures makes me reminisce about the time when he was still here! ^^ Gyaaahhhh August 25 can you come back??? T.T


Our last destination in Manila, KHJ has visited two outlets in the mall of Asia & Trinoma. Five thousands fans have gathered to see our spokesperson KHJ! 100 Lucky winners attended fan signing event held at the activity center of Trinoma.

credits: Thefaceshop Korea@fb

Kim Hyun Joong's Lotte Duty Free Shop New Wallpapers for September 2011

Every month, he captures our hearts with his sweet smile. ^^

credits: en.lottedfs.com

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour Promotion was a success!

Indeed, it was! Looking at the crowd he attended per country, you can tell that Hyun Joong is very popular in all parts of the Asia. ^^ Congratulations Hyun Joong-ssi and thanks for coming in the Philippines. ^^ Hope you rest well and we will wait for your next album! ^^


photo credits by Thefaceshop Phil

Asia Fans, Love at 1st Sight Towards Warm & Kind Kim Hyun Joong 

Source: NATE
Chinese Trans: YOYO@百度金贤重吧
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Kim Hyun Joong was having his Asia Promotion Tour during August, he visited Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Philippines total 7 countries in a row, meeting all the fans.

This time the activities for every country consist of a 2~3days tight schedule.  Kim Hyun Joong not only had to digest all the presscons, interviews and news, other magazines interviews, fansigns and Hi5 handshake etc, different work.

When faced with sudden difficult questions directed from the fans during the ongoing promotions, Kim Hyun Joong still maintain his smile and answered them sincerely, ensuring them removing their doubts. Upon seeing all the gifts which were prepared painstakingly by the fans, he was very touched and emotional, his curious expressions when looking around the whole venue during the fansign or hi5 handshake events attracted everyone’s attention.

During the promotion activities in Thailand on 23rd, a public was being interviewed by the media said, “I like different Hallyu stars, but when seeing Kim Hyun Joong in Thailand, I can totally understand why everyone is so fanatic liking him,” “Even in a very noisy event, he will still listen intently to what the fans are saying, his warm smile is indeed very beautiful.” feeling very proud to be a Kim Hyun Joong fan.

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong Philippines event on 27th will be his last stop for his month long promotion activities.  Upon returning to Seoul, he will start embarking in the preparations for his 2nd album.

Kim Hyun Joong in 'The Person' Interview defines a real man

Need to learn how to cook quickly! ^^ *runs to the kitchen*


Kim Hyun Joong At THE PERSON Interview: “Being Tolerant” Is A True Man

Source: TVBS TW
English Trans:  http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

For the release of this album, Kim Hyun Joong cut his hair and  changed from his usual flower boy image into a man showing off his masculinity.  But the definition of real men, has significantly reversed the stereotypes, the stereotypes of Korean men.  Korean star Kim Hyun Joong said, “My definition of real man, is not the kind where he has to be very powerful or strong but more of someone who knows how to understand, knows how to commit and have a tolerant heart.  Perhaps he does not really look very masculine on the outside, but to me this the definition a real man.”

While he hope to be a committing, caring man, but Kim Hyun Joong who is so busy with his work, did not deny that in all his relationships usually is the girl who ask for break off.  Now single, when talking about his ideal type, she cannot only knows how to boil water.

Host: You are so busy everyday, eating instant noodles is so easy, you probably did not even get to eat your regular 3 meals, for eg. when you are rushing for your activities, or during filming, you usually eat simply?
HJL: Speaking of this… I am the kind where people gave me anything to eat, I will just eat anything.

Host: You are so easy to maintain, instant noodles also doesnt matter?
HJL: You can even give me instant noodles, as long as can make me full, I am okie with it.

Host: So if the person whom you like, when both of you getting married in future, she only knows how to boil water?
HJL: No way, it will only make me dislike her.

25 years old Kim Hyun Joong, working very hard in the entertainment industry, intitially wanting to settle down after 5 years, he also said that still need to wait, a young chap like him who has full of ideas, his enlightened approach for the future, his charismatic charm will continue to blow across Asia, for more interesting contents, remember to tune in to 8pm THE PERSON at TVBS channel.

[Eng Subs] Preview of Park Jung Min's guesting on Jung Bo Suk's One o'clock in the Morning Chungdam Dong

'An interesting show. ^^ Please look forward to it. ^^

credits: charm403@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong in Channel V Just Love K

Hyun Joong was totally cute when he was picking the features of her ideal type girl. He was thinking that the girl was better off without lips. kekekeke ^^ And the way he said 'Aigoo' was cute as well. ^^ Still having Hyun Joong withdrawal syndrome in me. >_<

credits: onlykhjtimes@yt

'All for the Love' Video shown to Hyun Joong during The Face Shop Auction Awarding

This is such a touching video, I hope Hyun Joong liked it. ^^

credits: areled@yt

[Eng Subs] Heo Young Saeng in Beatles Code

So cute of Young Saeng when he was trying to imitate the Japanese fan who tries to hide herself. ^^ And also when he sang a bit of SS501's song made me miss them even more! Thanks for the uploader for subbing! ^^ These are just cuts of Young Saeng.

credits: mieraiee@yt


[Eng Subs] Heo Young Saeng Radio Guesting in Sukira Radio 05.27.11

I don't know which video comes first since they are cuts of Young Saeng. But still, thanks so much for the uploader for subbing it. ^^

credits: mieraiee@yt

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Kim Hyung Jun singing & dancing to Ne-yo and Usher songs on Summer Festival in Tokyo

I love watching this video over and over again. ^^ Seeing Hyung Jun dance and sing to English songs really made me happy! ^^ I wish he'll be including an english song in his future albums. ^^ . Thanks Cheezeemelt for the tip! ^^

credits: jyhj3183@yt

Kim Kyu Jong: 'I had one dream, 5-member idol singer'

This article is a must-read!! Know how Kyu Jong overcome his troubles before accepting 'Goong' Musical.


Playdb Cover Story – Go, Kim KyuJong

Credits : www.playdb.co.kr (Text : kangjuck@interpark.com + Photo : Ki JoonSeo (www.studiochoon.com) + Design : Jung HyeRin) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Pure Passion
Passionate First Step
Kim KyuJong

Start. First ever fencing in his life, breaking away from ‘SS501’ and set his first step with the name ‘Kim KyuJong’. During the period where he is filled with a retreating heart saying ‘Should I quit everything’, he met this musical, it was a thankful meeting as it made him rethink of his motto ‘Let’s challenge without any regrets’. Living as actor Kim KyuJong these days, he uses the method of ‘Do my best in everything no matter what’ on the tensions, takes out his confidence with ‘I can do it’ on the heavy burdens, while preparing for musical .

Musical , Prince

Playdb: Started first performance in Japan.
I was very worried prior to the first performance. After the first performance ended, the actors/actresses talked about “Having good hunch about it”. Besides feeling great to be talking about the sold-out of tickets, the audience response is really great even till the very last performance. Our performance venue is Kabuki theatre in Kyoto which can hold 1,200 seats, it is a very old theatre, there are a lot of fans in the audience who are there to see the performances in the theatre. Especially that there are many grandfathers and grandmother audiences, and maybe the royal family story touches their heart so they cried a lot. At that moment, the thought of ‘Moved the hearts of the audience’ came to my mind and tugged at my heart. 

Me to Musical
Deep acting, outstanding singing skill. I don’t think that I was successfully casted because of these.
To me, I want to achieve that role if what they want is the ticketing power of idol singer and the vitality of a musical.
I am currently learning intensively, the reason for practicing is also because I can do my part on stage, also because to be able to well in the other roles given to me.

Playdb : Critics that “If there is no Hallyu Star Kim KyuJong, overseas fans won’t move”
Prior to musical , there was comic and drama which plays a big part on letting people know about this musical. There are comments such as “Heard that SS501 Kim KyuJong will appear in musical which Hallyu star representative ‘Dong Bang Shin Gi’ Uknow Yoonho acted before”. (Kim) HyunJoong hyung asked “I heard you did well for the musical in Japan?”, and continued “It was a sold-out, isn’t it a huge theatre with 1,200 seats?”, “That is really great, a good experience, really great”, giving a lot of praises to me. I’ve stood on stages of theatre with 30,000~40,000 seats with my members, but I had no idea about other genre, other theatres. After I returned to Korea, every time the people I know said to me “That’s great, congratulations”, I felt ‘Wah, it turned out well’. Feels good.

“Idol Singer, I know the part I have to play”

Playdb : Under the poor critics of idol singers going into musical acting, there must have been a lot of stresses.
It is fine, really fine because I don’t think that I was successfully casted because of outstanding acting and singing. They thought of idol singers’ ticketing power too. I want to do well in the role given to me by them, so practicing is the basic thing to do, and did many interview so that it helps in promoting . However, idol singers really prepare a lot before coming out these days. Came out really intensely and difficult. Because that they are labeled as idol, I hope that these friends will not get hurt.

Playdb : Are you very interested in musical?
I like performances. I watched a lot of plays and musicals. I watched Ock JuHyun noona’s , and thought “That’s impossible, how can a person do that? I guess it is possible because she is Ock JuHyun”. Then (Park) JungMin was going to do . He asked me “How was my musical?”, wah it is really good. But he was always saying “It’s hard, hard, really hard”. So I thought “ah, I mustn’t do musical”. In fact prior to , I received a lot of proposals for musicals, but I was determined not to do it ever while rejecting them saying “I will watch it as a fan”. I didn’t know it turn out like this in the end.

 Playdb : What is the reason for changing your thoughts?
There are any talks about trying out in drama and movies. I received acting lessons, for a person who used to dance and sing under the fancy lightings, I felt uncomfortable acting in a quiet place, and formed a bad feeling at the thought of ‘ah, I think I can’t do well’, and can’t adapt well. I said to my boss “I will prepare for an album release since I work hard on singing”, but he told me “I hope you can go into acting”. After a long discussion, the conclusion is that the stress will be smaller if I go for acting via musical has music. But musical is even scarier to me. I said I hated it for almost 1.5 months. Finally I started with the thought ‘It won’t do, I must get interested in it’, and now I am really enjoying it.

Playdb : Is there a reason why you chose as your first musical?
First is that is a interesting story, and also the fact that the performance is in Japan. When will there be another chance to be able to stand on the stage in Japan as a Prince from Korea? (laughs) What attracted me the most is the honor of going up on the stage as a representative from Korea in Kyoto.

Playdb : It is a musical which Uknow Yoonho acted in before.
After being confirmed casted as Lee Shin, I sent a text message to Yoonho hyung ‘I think it is really difficult’. Hyung replied back ‘You will do well. You are now Lee Shin’. So I thought, ah, it will be fine if I am determined like that. Yoonho hyung is strong and charismatic, but I am the opposite. You will see a different Lee Shin in the opening performance.

“I had one dream, 5-member idol singer”

 Musical to Me
I had one dream since young. 5-member idol singer.
Because that dream was fulfilled, I was troubled by the thought of ‘What should I do now?’
When I was troubled and even decided that I have to quit everything,
I met this musical, and felt once again the fun of singing, dancing and acting.
It is none other than musical that made me find the interests of life.

Playdb : During your school days, heard your nickname as ‘Prince’, so you played the role of prince.
Since elementary school days, my dream was to be an ‘idol singer’. I will definitely not take any funny photos with my friends. I can’t let those photos get around when I become an idol singer later. Because I have such a foolish side of me, my friends tease me like “Are you a prince?, Prince! You are not eating today too?”. It is definitely not that I’m a handsome prince. In , ‘Lee Shin’ is handsome even by just keeping still, a truly prince role. Really a prince. (laughs)

Playdb : First musical performance in Korea is right ahead.
Burden is heavier compared to the first performance. Everyone’s expectation is higher because of the news that the musical has done well in Japan. Jokingly “Ah, I guess I shouldn’t sign the contract for performance in Korea” we joked about it like this. (laughs) The best thing is that almost all the actors/actresses who have done the performance in Japan will also perform in Korea. That is a great strength to me.

Playdb : Seems like your friendship with actors/actresses is extraordinary.
We got attached to each other since the long hours of practices, and performances in Japan. When with SS501 members, we practically don’t talk much. Because we have been always together since young, we just know everything about each other. Not feeling good, or what happened. But over here, because we have to get closer with each other so that we will be able to be in tune with each other on stage, we had to quickly get to know a lot about each other, so we talked a lot. It feels like entering a new school and meeting new friends. This is the first time I talked so much with people and not singers, and knowing new friends.

“When I gave up on everything, it was musical that made me stand up”

Playdb : There must be a good point about musical.
I was pondering ‘What should I do in the future’ because I’ve fulfilled my dream of being an ‘idol singer’. I thought in even more details when our members were dispersed around, and having different agencies. Should I start on other studies, should I rest for a few years, should I paint drawings, should I dream a new dream.... I have a lot of ideas but I’m at a loss and couldn’t do anything. I was afraid and fearful. At that time, people around me and my members gave me good advices that I can do musical, thus I was able to start. Last time when I receive drama proposals, I would be afraid and said “I will do it a little later, I am preparing to perfection.” But now I say “I will do it, I will try it out”. It is none other than musical which made me find the interest again in the things I am able to do.

Playdb : What is the response of SS501?
Big trouble than advices, what they told me most is ‘difficult/tough’. It seems like it will be fun to act in a play with (Kim) HyungJun. Like , a cute while fun musical. While watching HyungJun’s performance, I was surprised “Why is he doing so well?”.

Playdb : SS501 is famous for being ‘GaeNyeom-dol*’. (*Idol with upright ideas, i.e thinking of the interests of fans)
Everyone is simple and honest without any bad points. Even during our promotional period, we were always being scolded, “You guys must have ambitions, when others do well, do you only clap? Have some ambitions” (laughs) There was a popularity voting via phone ARS, we told our fans not to vote as it will affect their telephone bills. That was 100 won or 200 won per call, which is a huge money for young people. And because they will not just once or twice but vote continuously. Thus we told them never to do that, and that representative (from the company who organizes the voting) was angry why we said that.
(xiaochu : Can you girls remember?! TT_TT That was during the MKMF 2006 mobile voting! They had an interview for the voting and they were leading, and JungMin told the fans not to spend such money, they’re okay not to win this award~~ And HyunJoong also wrote in one of his diary entry asking fans not to use money to vote. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww that’s my boys!)

Playdb : There are many people who are waiting for SS501 album.
I think the important thing now is gain experience while doing our individual activities other than 501 album. Later when we come back together, we must return and possess the strength that nothing can break us. I am thinking that 501 album will be released some time next year.

Playdb : Is there a musical you want to play in?
I watched played by (Kwak) SeonYoung noona, I really enjoyed watching it. I would also like to play a slightly childish role like that of .

Playdb : What is your future target, wish?
I hope that musical performance in Korea will end in great results. It is fine even if you speak unfavorable of it, but please give it lots of attention. (laughs) Even though being a ‘idol singer’ used to be great, but it is not good forever. It seems like we practiced a little and showed you the same thing for the past 4~5 years. To the extent that we felt sorry to our fans. I think the moment has come to show what I have worked for. It is good that I am able to act and sing now, it is valuable and fun experience. And knowing very well how much determination and hard work was put in. The moment for me to show what I have work for is now, I want to spent ‘now’ well. 

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun on X-Files (Honest Interview)

Hyung Jun was really funny in this interview. ^^ And also, I love the part when he gave out his message to his fellow SS501 members. Our Maknae is really sweet. ^^

credits: OnlyJun87@yt

Kim Hyung Jun to take part in Hurray for Love OST

Time out from Kim Hyun Joong's news, articles and videos. I noticed I've been spamming a lot about him, of course I should not forget his other SS501 brothers. This time it's Maknae Hyung Jun who will be taking part in Hurray for Love OST. ^^ 


SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Hurray For Love OST “Indecisive” Music Released

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun have joined in the Part 3 OST album production for MBC Weekend Drama “Hurray for Love” starring Lee Bo Young, Lee Tae Seong.

Before it was released on the 26th as Part 3, Kim Hyung Jun’s “Indecisive” song was already long anticipated by fans with overwhelming interest. After the release of his first solo album in March, not in Korea, but  in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, he is much more active compared to other singers.

This OST announcement is a good piece of news for fans who have been waiting for Kim Hyung Jun who has lesser domestic activities lately.

Part 3 is the male version of Part 1 “Indecisive” sung by Kara and Rainbow (Park Gyuri, So Hyun Young) with a lively and pleasant atmosphere. The soft smooth and charming voice of Kim Hyung Jun brings about a new and refreshing feel.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun who achieved success with his solo album in March, carried out his promotional activities alone in Singapore, Hong Kong and other various countries in South-east Asia, and also had just released his first Japanese single “Long Night” in Japan in last July, and thereby enjoying much popularity.

News: TV Daily
English Translation: ONLY JUN
Repost with credits please

Video of Kim Hyun Joong's Press Conference in Manila, Philippines

I am so grateful for the uploader since I was not there to witness this interview. Hyun Joong really is very charming and handsome, even the host Bianca Roque became an instant fan! ^^ She couldn't help it but to say 'I love you' and even said she is willing to buy his album. ^^ I had fun watching this video clip, especially the part when Hyun Joong's $dness strikes again. Trying to dismantle the mic since it's not working. ^^ He even took out the square box that has Edsa Shangrila words on it. ^^ I miss him already, wish he stayed a couple of days more here in the Philippines. T.T

credits: OrangeMagazineTV@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong as guest in 'Night after Night'

I'll update this post once other parts are out! Triple S are very fast in subbing, aren't they?

*Update: All parts are up!
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 

Part 6 1/2

Part 6 2/2
credits: Hyunbar (for the raw vid + Chinese subs) + Stephiie4SS501@yt

Kim Hyun Joong's High Five Event in Manila by HelloKpop

Is this what you call 'withdrawal syndrome'? >_< Am I the only one experiencing this? How about you? Do you miss staying in a venue for 13 hours straight just to have a few minutes with him? >_< Yah! Hyun Joong-ah! 보고싶다!!!! T.T


Hello Kpop Covers Kim Hyun Joong's High-Five Event in the Philippines

“Short but sweet..”

On August 25, 2011, Kim Hyun Joong returned to the Philippines for his Break Down album promotions through a Hi-five Touch Event. Because of his popularity in the country, the whole activity center was jam-packed with fans, some of which had queued up for the event as early as four in the morning!

As expected, the long wait was all worth it. The show started with some trivia games, performances from Filipino artists and Triple S Philippines‘ showcase of talent as they danced to Kim Hyun Joong’s Break Down.

Finally, Kim Hyun Joong was introduced to the whole crowd, or should I say, the “sea of green,” because most attendees wore green to show support to SS501‘s leader and to express unity!

About five hundred lucky fans were able to see him up close and do a hi-five with him. It was a fast interaction between Kim Hyun Joong and his fans, but the happiness and sincerity could be felt on both sides!

Before the event ended, Kim Hyun Joong thanked his fans and waved them goodbye. With the massive success of the event,  the Philippines might have a bigger chance of being included on his Asian tour.  Even Kim Hyun Joong expressed his hope for it to be included.

 A big thanks to PolyEast Records for allowing us to be a part of the event!

credits: hellokpop.com

[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong 'The Face Shop Fansign' Event Manila

August 26, 2011

Day 2 with Kim Hyun Joong - The Face Shop Event

His schedule for the days is visiting 'The Face Shop' store in Sm Mall of Asia and also photo op with the 5 lucky raffle winners on the same venue, then his next stop was Rockwell. Me and my other friends decided not to go on the said places since that was way way too far from Trinoma and from where we are located. So we just went straight ahead in Trinoma and arrived there around 1pm. Again, a huge number of fans were already standing in line. It was raining very hard that day ( I think it was because our rain calling idol is in our country ^^). We cannot figure out which line to follow since there are separate lines for admission pass and separate line for autograh signing raffle winners. So while waiting, we made some green balloons to be given out to other fans. (Green represents Triple S remember? ^^) I also took some pictures. ^^

At 4:15pm, they decided to let us in. My number was seat 51, I thought I'll be staying at the back, but luckily I sat in second row, middle section. ^^ I get to see a clear image of Hyun Joong! ^^

While the clock was ticking, I started to become nervous, I was thinking what to say to Hyun Joong while he was busy signing the album for me. A lot of things are going inside my head, till I decided to join my friends to wait for Hyun Joong 's visit in 'The Face Shop' store just a few steps away from the venue. But there were numerous fans at 'The Face Shop' so I just went back to my seat. A few more seconds came, then Ms. Grace Lee, the host is very fluent in Korean, English and Tagalog called out Hyun Joong's name. Then, he entered....

Wearing gray suit with blue inner clothing makes him more dashing! ^^ And the way he spoke in Tagalog saying 'Maraming Salamat Po' (thank you very much) and 'Mahal Kita' (i love you) was really cute! It made us more feel very happy!!! ^^ Then, they started the fansigning event.

As I approach near him, my hands were very cold and I was literally nervous. I still can't figure out what to say. >_< Then, when I was nearing the table, Mr. Jeong, his personal bodyguard, got the album from me, preparing it for Hyun Joong's sign. A few more seconds, it was laready my turn. He was looking down, gets the album from Mr. Jeong, and started to sign the album. I was telling to myself 'Say something, say something, tell him anything! This is your chance, it's now or never!' My mind went blank and I just uttered the first few words that came into my mind.

Surprisingly, I saw him smiling while writing his signature. And that made me happy, it only means he heard what I said. ^^ As soon as he was finished, he looked straight into my eyes, smiled and said 'Thank You'. ^^ I tried to compose myself until I reached my seat. By the time I did, I couldn't help but jumped for joy and screamed (even though my throat hurts from yesterday's event). I also notice that he was extremely sweet with kids. ^^

After the fansigning is the photo op for the additional 5 lucky winners who won the game. Such lucky fans.

Before the program ended, Hyun Joong said he will be back in the Philippines early next year for his concert and said 'Mahal kita Filipino fans. Mabuhay Philippines! See you again'.

It was such a memorable and special day! I never thought one of my friends would be recording my moment with Kim Hyun Joong! ^^ It was such a very memorable moment for me which I will treasure forever! ^^

I told him I really like him! (using korean language of course because I was afraid he might not understand it if I'll be speaking in English. ^^)

my signed album ♥ *kilig*

Saturday, August 27, 2011

[Eng Subs] Preview of Kim Hyun Joong's guesting in TVBS 'The Person'

I am still busy with so many updates right now >_< Hopefully I can catch up! >_<

credits: cllslam10@yt

[Eng] Kim Hyun Joong featured in MYX News 08.27.11

I was literally waiting for this program since I know they will feature Hyun Joong! And I was really happy when he confirmed that he will definitely have a concert here in the Philippines next year!!! So I need to save money as early as now!! ^^

Please do not re-upload and give proper credits. Thanks! ^^

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong featured in Saksi: Chika Minute 08.26.11

Thanks for Cheezeemelt for the tip. ^^ Subs were done by me. ^^ Really busy now with uploading my fancams + subbing videos + writing fan account = headache! >_<

[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong High Five Event in Manila

August 25, 2011

Day 1 with Kim Hyun Joong

My day started waking up at 2am getting ready for the high five event that will happen at 6pm. Wondering why so early? Besides the fact that I live too far from the venue (around 1 hour travel time), but also since the event is a 'first come first serve basis', and there are only 400 slots to be taken for the high five, so I chose to be there as early as possible. Got in Trinoma around 6 am and there were already fans lined up!

I was number 31 and my friend cheezeemelt was at number 30. We were both excited. We helped in numbering the fans to ensure that it will be organized. At 10am, we were able to get inside the mall and bought our cd (my 3rd copy by the way ^^).

My friends decided to eat our lunch for the meantime before standing in line again. By the time we finished eating, there are already people in line to get inside the venue, to think it was only 11am and the event will start at 6pm! Fans really were very eager to see him once again. While waiting, they were playing his music and MV's. Fans were shouting as if Kim Hyun Joong was in front of us! (including me and Cheezeemelt kekekeke). 

Then at 5:15pm they decided to let us in. We patiently waited. Around 6 pm some local artists performed, including Triple S Philippines flash mob dancers who danced in the song 'Break Down'.

Around 7pm Kim Hyun Joong came and we were all screaming our heads off the moment we saw him! ^^ 

The whole venue were filled with loud shouts from fans, it was so loud that you can feel the ground shaking. ^^ And when HYun Joong saw how many fans were there, he could not help but give his brightest smile. ^^ I think he was not expecting that many fans will be waiting and watching for him. 

He greeted and keeps waving to the fans from different sides. If you will notice on the pictures taken, huge number of fans were there! I was only disappointed with the translator because it seems to me he did not translated very well what Hyun Joong had said. >_<

The high five started and when we had our chance, I raised my two hands so I could do a 'high ten' with him! During that few seconds in front of him, I noticed a lot! His skin was really flawless and he really looks like a walking sculpture since every part of his face was perfect! The moment I did my 'high ten' he looked straight into my eyes... I can't help it so I said 'Hyun Joong saranghae' then he smiled and replied 'Thank you very much' in english!!! Feels like heaven!!!

The program ended in less than 30 minutes. We were all so happy!!! I could not forget his stare and his english!!! I totally loved it!

One comment I must say during the high five, there were fans who hugged and kissed him, in which you can see in some fancam videos that Hyun Joong was shocked but kept his posture. I just wish that those fans knew how to control themselves. It's as if he was being harrassed by them. There should be a boundary in being a fangirl, you should know your limits.

I'll continue my fan account for 'The Face Shop Event'. Please look forward to it since i'm gonna share an interesting story! ^^

other photo credits: astroplus
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