Saturday, January 23, 2010

mixed emotions

Just got home from a girl's night out. Actually, you won't consider that as a night out because me and my college friends ate dinner together. It wasn't planned, but when one of my friend texted me and asked me if I'm available, I told her that I have some free time since we didn't have any class in my mba. Although we spent about 2 hours only together but it was fun. We talked about a lot of things. About love, concerts, friends, food, almost everything.
Then, as I enter my room, I opened my computer. I read a news that my favorite korean group must be voted for the Ellen Degeneres Show. Wow! That would be a huge exposure for them. It would be great if they will be chosen. Maybe after this, I would start writing about them.(keeping my fingers crossed!)

*listening to when i see you smile by bad english


Today is the time for many firsts in my life. First time to create a blog, first time to share my words to the public, first entry for 2010,... well I guess there is always the first time. Currently now I'm watching "boys over flowers". Ji hoo is the first korean whom I have liked for so long. His group to which he belongs is the first group I have ever been addicted to.

Anyway, I know there is only a very small possibility that someone might read this blog, that's why I chose this way to reveal my feelings. Let me tell you something about myself, I am an ordinary person who recently resigned from her work and have broken up with my four year long time boyfriend. About last week, I enrolled myself in a driving school. I have one sister & I am the youngest. Hmmm, what am i missing? Oh well, i still have lots of time to share everything to you. This is just the beginning.
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