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Updates on Kim Hyun Joong's 'Inspiring Generation' Fanmeet in Japan 05.31.14

Huge thanks to everyone who shared the updates about the fanmeet. I can say, once again Hyun Joong made me laugh with his 4D actions and 4D answers! ㅋㅋㅋ It was so funny to read all his answers to the questions and even having his mind wandering around during Q&A part. ^^ But then, I beg to disagree when the diviner said that Leader's popularity will end this year. I mean, that's pretty impossible, don't you think? With so many fans to support him, why would it end? We will all continue to support him no matter what, even when he enlists to the army, we will still wait for his comeback, right gals? So make sure to prove the diviner wrong by continuing to support him all the way! ^^ We love you  Leader! 김현중 화이팅!!!!!

- Highlight was a fortune-telling. HJ's basic character is, self-reliance, perfectionist, and artistic.

- Very capable in memory, very smart which suits to a scholar, but he tends to forget what he said.

- HJ's mentality age is 60 years old since he was born. Very cool, listening to others very well.

- HJ's mentality age is 60 years old since he was born. Very cool, listening to others very well.

- HJ tends to love a girl , brilliant, respectable . But he checks girl's every detail

- HJ does not like a girl who does not say Hellow nor say " thank you". He also like a girl with white skin, well-educated lady.

- For date with a girl, he has nothing special to do. Rather than giving a gift to a girl, he prefers to eat 떡볶. (tteokbokki)

- Re HJ's viewpoint, a guy who has a good scenes, gives an egge to her while eating 떡볶. If he gives an egg yolk to her, it means a proposal.

- HJ sang I'm your man and Your Story

- He forgot part of I'm your man lyrics :p

- HJ sang 3 songs altogether. Opened with IG OST and later I'm your Man and Your Story

- [FA] Inspiring Generation Premium Event first session: Gift selection. Gifts are 3 types of posters and script. For the poster selection, mostly came from fans at Level 2. HJ made a mistake went he was picking the tickets, he read out the price of the ticket (normally you read out the seat number).

- [FA] HJ at IG FM: Yesterday spent 10K Yen playing One Piece doll catching machine.

- [FA] HJ at IG FM: A diviner said: HJ is a person who turns shy easily, but is very thoughtful/detailed to the opposite (not sure the 'opposite' here means gf or any person?). HJ has been very popular since 2011. It will come to an end by this year end, his popularity... Don't get married next year... earliest to get marry is 3 years later.

- [FA] HJ at IG FM: For the drama, didn't drink for 3-4 months, diet control, only ate 2 meals a day.

- [FA] HJ at IG FM: HJ said: If the outfit is dirty, make it even dirtier, the PD will be very happy.

- [FA] HJ in IG FM: Q: How's HJ's lips? Gaya: Wet n very soft.

- [FA] HJ in IG FM: Diviner said HJ's popularity will end this year. HJ: Hope everyone will give more attention to/watch out for me now.

- [FA] HJ in IG FM session2: Becos I'm artiste, can't date at places with many people. I dun like single date, like to be in big groups. Alone with girlfriend, duno should do what.

- [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: MC: How does HJ feel abt female lead wearing kimono? HJ: Em em sorry, I was thinking about something else, was thinking of something that's unrelated to the question. HJ was also very shocked at himself thinking about unrelated thing.

- [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: Had a scar during the filming that will stay on him for life, will treat it as an honorary scar

- [FA] HJ at IG FM session 2: Diviner: HJ character is one who will get to the bottom of something to find out about it. Actually the things that people don't get to see, his character is a little pervert...

- [FA] HJ at IG FM session 2: HJ: I'm very sensitive to the body scent of people. This person is of this scent, that person is of that scent, will have these kind of thought.

- [FA] HJ at IG FM session 2: HJ said his weak point is when someone lick his ears, he's very sensitive to it.

- [FA] MC: Believe in fortune telling? HJ: I believe in own fate is created by ownself. 

- [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: when arrived at Haneda airport, not sure why but felt not used to it. Seem like been a long time haven't come to Japan. So this time went out to the streets, went to arcade, ate ramen. Played fishing n doll catching games at arcade. Wanted a One Piece doll but spent 10k Yen yet couldn't catch one. Such a pity.

- HJ at IG FM session2: Ear licking is weak point. To this HJ also LOL. HJ: Indeed licked by his dogs at home, feeling weird about it.

- [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: Q: How does HJ feel abt ISH who changed another outfit? HJ: Thought will come on stage in a white outfit so was quite shocked! (ISH) Outfit's color is skin color...looks like she wasn't wearing anything (laughs) I really thought she just wore a necklace out?

- [FA] HJ at IG FM: HJ likes to drill down to the bottom of a question. Will keep saying same thing repeatedly. Privately, got a pervert side of him. Special hobby of scent smelling. Unknowingly will smell women's scent. Ear licking is weak point. HJ said he got strange feeling when his dogs licked his ears.

- [FA] HJ at IG FM session2: Script giving to select 4 fans, MC told HJ to draw one at a time, HJ said pick 4 at once will be good (laughs). Fans: Ehh?! MC told HJ to be more serious (paused/laughs) and told HJ to draw one at a time.

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[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 136 05.30.14

The episode where Seoktae was officially arrested by the authorites. Thanks to Hyeonu who pose as a mysterious source of files who then Suim received. ^^ However, some things might happen next week to Suim. Can't wait what's gonna happen next. Really curious about it. 

credits; KBS World TV@yt

Media Photos of Kim Hyun Joong's Arrival in Japan 05.30.14

Yes, he did landed safely and I'm happy to report that so many fans welcomed him at the airport. ^^ As a matter of fact, there were roughly a thousand fans waited for him. Maybe that's the reason why he cannot hide the smile on his face. ^^ 김현중 스마일 ♥♥♥ And did you see that U:zoosin stuffed toy he got from a fan? ^^ That's cute. ^^

credits: ranran-entame.com/news/29689.html + http://korepo.com/archives/37503

HD Photos of Kim Hyun Joong at Gimpo Airport heading to Japan 05.30.14

Someone has finally come out in the open with his new hairstyle! ^^ Our Leader surprised us with his new look but still looking very handsome as ever! At first, it reminded me of Jjunie's hairstyle way back 'Sorry I'm Sorry' days.  ^^ He was able to pull it off! Looking good Hyun Joong! Hope you have a great time in Japan! ^^ 김현중 진짜 멋있다!! ♥

 credits: http://ourkdream.blogspot.tw/2014/05/140530.html?m=1

Thursday, May 29, 2014

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 135 05.29.14

This episode features Seoktae getting away from the investigation and was planning to get back at Suim. However, Hyeonu receives a call from a mystery guy who hands him over the files of Seoktae's company which Hyeonu decided to leave it to Taekyung's desk so he can hand it over to Suim. I'm thinking that the mystery guy is Seoktae's secretary, Mr. Lee. Really such a complicated situation. I hope the truth is now about to be told.

credits: KBS World TV@yt

Latest Jacket Photos of Kim Hyun Joong for his new album 'HotSun'

Yes, they did release today some pictures of Hyun Joong for his upcoming Japan album 'Hotsun'. I must say, it's quite a bit shocking to see his hair colored gray, but then again, he's one of the few guys who can pull off this type of hair color and still looks very handsome. ^^ My favorite picture so far is the first one. ♥ Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! Please support his new album. ^^ 김현중 핫선 화이팅!!^^

credits: Yesasia

Photos of Heo Young Saeng during Crime Prevention Puppet Show 05.28.14

Sorry for the delay in sharing this update. >.< But I cannot miss posting it now since he's so cute in these pictures. ^^ That kid Young Saeng whom I miss so much! ^^ 보고싶어 허영생!! 

credits: http://blog.daum.net/jygilll/

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 134 05.28.14

ㅋㅋㅋ It was kinda funny when Taehui caught Taekyung and Suim hugging. ^^ The reaction of Jjunie was kinda epic. ^^ I guess the bad guy gets away with the authorities. I wonder how he did that. And now he's after those who told the police about him. >.< Find out what's gonna happen tomorrow.

credits: KBS World TV@yt

SS501 Tweets: Hyung Jun shares a picture with cast and Jung Min shares pictures of himself 05.28.14

Sorry, once again I cannot think of a better title for this post. >.< Random tweets form our boys today. First was Hyung Jun who tweeted late at night to share a picture of him with the other cast of Melody of Love during their final filming. 수고했어 김형준! ^^ While Jung Min shares a picture with JeomReah during album jacket shooting and also an old picture of him while he still had his long hair. Our Tom and Jerry are visiting Twitterland frequently eh. ^^ 야 박정민!! 너 진짜  긴 머리를 좋아하니까? 헐~

*Note: I inserted xiaochu's explanation to the translation

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