Monday, April 30, 2012

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun's drama 'Glowing She' Episode 10

Waahh poor me... I'm still not being able to watch this episode since I am so very tired right now. T_T And tomorrow I need to be up early to do more errands. TT_TT Guess I'll have to wait for another weekend for me to watch this. Mianhe Hyung Jun, I'll try to watch your drama next week, I promise. ^^


credits: sunshinejunnie@yt +
Translated from the chinese sub based on : WithJun (kimhyungjoon.com) and 517ww.com 's production
English Translation : Angel @ flywithSS501.com
Timing+ Encoding : HJ_fan @ kimhyungjunThailand.com

Sunday, April 29, 2012

[Eng Subs] Park Jung Min's drama 'Fondant Garden' Episode 10

 The episode where Mi En accepted to help Ail Lin and Han Xiang in designing cakes. Of course, our very own Han Ji played by Jung Min won't let Mi En suffered to see the two together, so he's ready to help. ^^ Really excited for next part. ^^

*Update: Sharing a working link. Enjoy! ^^

credits: SNmN87@yt

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

credits: Cake Team@Viki.com

SS501 Tweets: Kyu Jong shows his cute turtle

I was wondering when he said 부기부기. And then translations were out, little did I know he meant turtle/tortoise on his shirt. ㅋㅋㅋ I thought it was about something on his face since it's a selca. ^^ Guess he's really into animals, right? before he had fish, now it's turtle/tortoise. ^^

credits: 2kjdream + xiaochu1004@twitter

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Teaser for Kim Hyun Joong's 'キム・ヒョンジュン - 「FIRST IMPACT」'

For the very fortunate and lucky Japanese fans, you will finally get to have this DVD soon. It will be out in the market, don't miss the chance to reminisce the moment \s you had with Hyun Joong. ^^ And for those who wasn't there, you can also buy it so you'll be able to see his fantastic performances. ^^

credits: universalmusicjapan@yt

Heo Young Saeng's cut in KBS 'Sent from Heaven' Episode 44

Young Saeng notices the locket she gave to Nara. ^^ He must be happy seeing it on her. ^^

Here is the Youtube version. ^^

credits: 아이돌생태계@vimeo + colorfullshine@yt

Young Saeng and Kyu Jong played basketball together 04.26.12

Wow~! I guess Young Saeng is influencing Kyu Jong to get into sports. ^^ Remember before, Young Saeng participated in baseball, after a few days, we saw Kyu Jong playing baseball too. Now it's basketball. ^^ It's actually good seeing them play together. In fact ,why don't they all play soccer so Hyun Joong can participate too. ^^ And did you notice? Seems like Young Saeng's got a new haircut, isn't it? ^^

credits: as tagged + 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501) + attibasket

Friday, April 27, 2012

[Eng] Kim Hyung Jun in 'I Love You' Press Conference featured in Arirang's 'Showbiz Korea'

I believe the International title is 'Late Blossom' but the 'I Love You' is the title literally in English. ^^ So Hyung Jun is a genius. ^^ I'd love to watch the drama with subs! ^^

credits: PRETTYBOYJUN2@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong invites you to his Fanmeeting in Singapore on May 4, 2012

Thanks to Running Into the Sun at Facebook for sharing the video! ^^ Waaaahh I really want to go!!!!! >.<

credits: Running Into The Sun@facebook

Kim Hyun Joong's answer where to go if given a chance to use a time machine

What's unique about Leader? He would answer a question that you won't actually thought about. ^^ To look for JFK's assassin? Hmmm... if that was a girl just in case, then I assume she would be probably be happy to be caught by such a handsome man. ㅋㅋㅋ ^^


Kim Hyun Joong Wants to Catch JFK's Assassin 

On April 26, Kim Hyun Joong had a special interview with fans from Korea and Hong Kong through "Yahoo! Celeb Mission Interview." More than 24,000 fans from Korea and 26,000 from other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan signed up online to be one of the lucky five fan interviewers. 

Comedian Cho Se Ho hosted the event and five fans from Korea and Hong Kong had an opportunity to freely ask questions to Kim Hyun Joong for about an hour. Kim Hyun Joong said, "I am happy to be the first interviewee of 'Yahoo! Mission Interview.' I would like to have more chances to communicate with my fans overseas through this event." 

During the interview, Kim Hyun Joong was asked "If you get a chance to take the time machine and visit a different era, when would that be?" by a fan from Hong Kong. He answered, "I want to check out Mayan or Incan civilization with my own eyes. I've always been really interested in them. Also, I'm a big fan of conspiracy theories. It'd be really nice to go back to the time when JFK was assassinated and catch the assassin myself." 

The full interview of Kim Hyun Joong's "Yahoo! Celeb Mission Interview" will be revealed online through "Yahoo! Celeb" in early May. This interview will also be featured on other Asian countries' Yahoo! websites, too. Also in May, Kim Hyun Joong will hold "Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012" in several Asian countries. Currently, he is looking at several scripts and scenarios for his next on-screen project.  

credits: lww23j@soompi.com

Young Saeng dates with Nara

An article about how Young Saeng made his fans want him to be their first love. ^^ I'd probably wishing for it also, if that's how cute my first love is! ^^


"I Need A Fairy : Heo Young Saeng Hold A Red Umbrella Romantic transfiguration "First Love Oppa's Recall"

Source : newsen
Chinese Trans : HYS Bar
Eng Trans : @Venice_YS

Lifted from: xiaochu@Quainte501.com

Pls repost with full credits

SS501's Heo Young Saeng play the role as a top star KAKI who is the first love oppa of Na Ra (WooRi) . He gives people feeling like a naughty neighbor oppa , so he easily caught Na Ra's heart together with the audience's heart . During this period , WooRi's red umbrella first love oppa dating distributed infinite charm .

In a sunny day , under the red umbrella , Young Saeng wearing a dot ribbon hair band scarf , from a 'Young little Cute' change to 'Cool guy pose' , this caught the sight of those who are present . Young Saeng (Young Saeng - Na Ra) couple red umbrella dating , indicates that Young Saeng suddenly confess to Na Ra .

(The scene became) especially, since Young Saeng also hold a red umbrella at Immortal Song 2 .

Then , netizens have demonstrated "Young Saeng little cute charm totally outbreak ! I also wanna have a First Love oppa like Young Saeng"


Official Photos of Heo Young Saeng from KBS 'Sent from Heaven' Episode 38 and 42

Huge thanks to Jamie for sharing these pics from the official website of 'Sent from Heaven'. Young Saeng is such a cutie, isn't he? ^^ I bet a lot of Young Saeng biased fans would be all over these photos. ^^

Episode 38

Episode 42

credits: kbs.co.kr + mystyle1103.com

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heo Young Saeng's cut in KBS 'Sent from Heaven' Episode 42

This is just too cute~! ^^ Young Saeng getting jealous already????? ^^ And that pink umbrella fits Young Saeng's cuteness~!!!!! ^______________^ He's eating again on these cuts. 다시 먹고있다. 또~ 또~ 또~!!! ^^

credits: rmdkdl1103@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong invites you to attend his fanmeet in HongKong on May 2012

I was planning to fly all the way to Hongkong.... but my money tree is not enough for the airfare ticket and hotel accommodation. >.< So for those who can attend his unforgettable fanmeet, I am certain you will have an enjoyable night with him. Just imagine, he's gonna sing a total of 14 songs! ^^ That's like a whopping concert!!!!! ^^ A truly memorable experience for his fans! Grab your tickets now!

credits: MYSHERLINDA501@yt + FlwriderTV @ http://vimeo.com/41015114

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Eng Subs] Kim Kyu Jong interview on Asian Countdown

Our Triple S president introducing himself as 'SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong'. ^^ He's so cute when he raise his hand with a v sign ^^If I were to describe Kyu Jong, he is indeed a romantic person. ♥ If he keeps on doing that, a lot of girls would find it very hard to look for a boyfriend since all of them would like to meet and end up with the same standards of Kyu Jong. ^^ Funny when he said because of his shyness, he didn't tell his friends to order his favorite dish nor the movie he would like to watch. ^^ But I guess he already overcome it nowadays, don't you think? ^^ The way he interacts with his fans is already a proof that's he's no longer a shy guy. ^^

credits: eednaka@yt

Kim Hyun Joong's Lotte Duty Free Shop New Wallpapers for May 2012

어머~!!!!! I don't know which one to use since I love both of them!!!!! Maybe I could just alternate it everyday, eh? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

credits: kr.lottedfs.com + @muggleprincess + @anpan0512

SS501 Tweets: Young Saeng shows off ticket to Kaki's concert

When I saw him tweet last night, I was happy to see the ticket to Kaki's concert. ^^ The date is on May 4, 2012. I wonder what songs he will sing. If he'll sing 'Love Song' or if he could have any special guests on that concert. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Although it's not a real concert, but still it made me think about these things. ^^ And did you notice the website on Kaki's ticket? www.greenmusic.com. Green is the color of SS501 right? ^^

credits: mystye1103 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

A surprise gift from a friend: SS501 items

Once again, my friend surprised me with a gift! ^^ And this time I was totally clueless. ^^

Okay, to start the story, I woke up hearing a knock on my door. I was told I have a package being delivered to me. After signing up the papers, I saw the name of the sender. ^^ 

I put a smile on my face and head off to bed since I'm still sleepy. ㅋㅋㅋ After a few minutes, I decided to get up and took a shower. Once I'm up in my room, I was staring at the package, and seriously talking to myself 'Should I open it now... or later?' ㅋㅋㅋ A couple of hours had passed when I decided to open it. 

The moment I opened the package, my reaction was like O_O. I really do not have any idea what could it be. It's as if there's a big question mark popping above my head. ^^ Suddenly, I opened it... and then... screamed.... like a crazy girl! ^^ Yes, it's an addition to my collection! ^^ My friend SERIOUSLY gave me a surprise gift, which is totally unexpected. She didn't mention to me she's gonna send me these items. ^^ I am so happy~! I don't have Kyu Jong's album yet, I didn't have enough money to buy Hyun Joong's Lucky Limited Edition, I didn't have any green peas stuffed toy, and my cellphone looks so bare since I don't have any cellphone strap on it. ^^ The gifts were just perfect! ^^ In fact, this would be considered as one of my happiest moment! ^^ Thanks thanks... lots of thanks to my good friend. You know who you are, thank you very much for making my day! ^^

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong to interact with every fan on his Taiwan Fanmeeting

Lucky fans who will be attending not only in Taiwan, but for every fanmeeting he will be having to other countries. It's not a normal fanmeeting, I would say it's a very special one since he will personally be interacting with fans by having a 'High Five' event with them. Gyaaaahhh I could still recall the high five he did when he was here in the Philippines! To tell you the truth, I could still remember his eyes looking straight at me while doing the high five! So for those fans who were having second doubts in attending his fanmeeting, I hope you choose to be there for you will experience something you cannot forget! ^^ Hey, it's not every day you meet in person the guy you've been dreaming of! ^^


Kim Hyun Joong Is Practicing Hard for Upcoming Taiwanese Fan Meeting

Kim Hyun Joong is practicing hard in order to prepare a fan meeting that is even greater than a mini concert! On May 18-19 he will hold his “2012 Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting in Taiwan.” The fan meeting that will span two days is a part of Kim Hyun Joong’s “Asian Tour” which began in Singapore.

Currently he is spending busy days in order to prepare for the fan meeting. He is directly taking part in the planning process of the fan meeting and giving different ideas for events. Kim Hyun Joong’s fan meeting will feature 14 songs.

A representative of Kim Hyun Joong’s agency stated, “Kim Hyun Joong has said that he will meet fans one-on-one through a ‘High-Five Event’ with fans who have come to the concert. He plans to connect with fans by making eye contact with each one. He is preparing hard so that he won’t disappoint his fans, please anticipate the concert.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s fan meetings will continue on in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

credits: jbarky@soompi.com


SS501 Tweets: Hyung Jun tweets about Devil Equus and his newly bought hat

Yesterday, Hyung Jun tweeted about some words like devil. Since I only know a few korean words so I waited until full translations were out. And just this morning, I saw the translation. I was curious what was he talking about. xiaochu was very kind enough to share a related article about Devil Equus. Click HERE to view the article. It really broke my heart when I read it. T_T Now I understood why Hyung Jun said it. That was so cruel! For a pet lover like me and also Hyung Jun, it is most likely we hate such person. I was touched when Hyung Jun said he's sorry he wasn't there to protect him (pertaining to the dog). T_T

On the lighter side, Hyung Jun also tweeted just today his picture wearing his newly bought hat. ^^ I find it funny seeing him wearing it. ^^ So early in the morning, and you are already making funny faces? Time check: it's 5:00am PH time or 6:00am KST when he posted this tweet. ^^ 귀엽다 막내~ ^^

credits: HyungJun87 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translations)
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