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SS501 Tweets: Heo Young Saeng tweeted fans Part 5 01.30.12

Another batch of Young Saeng answering fans via twitter. ^^ Every time he does this, unfortunately I'm always at work. >.< Lucky for the fans who gets to tweet him and also for those who got his reply. ^^ Anyways, here are the translations for his tweets. ^^ I also added the last tweet he did, being bored who ends up removing his troublesome make up. ㅋㅋㅋ

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credits: mystyle1103 + xiaochu@Quainte501.com (English Translation)

Heo Young Saeng Calendar Wallpaper for February 2012

Even though it's in black and white, Young Saeng very handsome. ^^ This was shared by the Official Y.E.S. Japan. ^^ Young Saeng-ah, so serious... are you tweeting? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

credits: Y.E.S Japan (http://heoyoungsaeng.jp) 

Kim Kyu Jong's drama 'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil' increased ratings

I'm happy to hear this news. ^^ I bet Kyuie is also happy about it. ^^


Kim Kyu Jong’s “Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” achieved a viewership rating of 1.055%!
Original title: Viewerships of weekend dramas show strong momentum “Queen Insoo – Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” 1%↑
Chinese translation: redcat111 @ 金圭钟中文网 (kimkyujong.com.cn)
English translation: tzeyin28 @ facebook.com/DS501fanpage
Lifted from 501wangja.multiply.com
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[OSEN=Kang Seo Jang reporter] The weekend dramas of General Service Channels are showing strong momentum.

According to the research report carried out by the viewership rating agency “AGB Nielsen” on January 30th, episode 18 of jTBC weekend drama “Queen Insoo” (Sreenwriter: Jung Ha Yeon, Director: Lee Tae Kon) that was broadcast on January 29th achieved a viewership rating of 1.183% which is a nationwide standard while episode 14 of TV Chosun weekend drama “Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” that was broadcast on the same day achieved a viewership rating of 1.055%.

---“Queen Insoo” paragraph omitted---

The (low-key) viewership of “Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” has recently been hovering around zero-point-something percent, but episode 14 achieved a viewership rating above 1%. In episode 14, the ‘Love Line’ of In Young (Luna) and Niki (Kyu Jong) formalized and caused good viewership at the same time.

(In this episode) In Young and Niki have met each other twice before they were brought to the police station together. The two of them who argue with each other at every encounter used a hamburger date as the starting point to depict a real ‘Love Line’ with their feelings for each other.


Promotional Video of Park Jung Min's Event in Manila

Still not convinced on being a part of Jung Min's visit in Manila this coming February? Well, to help you decide, here is a promotional video and I know it will make you feel more excited! ^^ So what are you waiting for? Head on to the nearest SM ticketnet or call the number indicated and grab your tickets now! Before it's too late. You don't want to miss the chance to have a date with our SS501's Sexy Charisma and experience how great his fan service. ^^

credits: GEPP Inc@twitter / @GreenlightProds

[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong in Mezamashi Fuji TV

Huge thanks for the translator. ^6 Will watch and read this once I get home. ^^


Kim Hyun Joong @ Mezamashi Fuji TV [12.01.30]

MC: This person is KHJ, who debuted as a solo (artist) in Japan.

He made a couple of surprise visits to CD shops in Tokyo, yet so many fans came to see him. His visits were a secret, and only Mezamashi TV followed him.

We will show you our exclusive video about him later.

MC: There’re big surprise events in Shibuya and Ginza yesterday.

A Hanryu (Hallyu) star, KHJ debuted as a solo the other day in Japan and made a surprise appearance in front of fans.

Girl: I saw him. He was handsome. Fufufufufu ~chego (good!)~

VO: The person whom the fans came to see was KHJ, who debuted as a solo the other day in Japan. He visited Shibuya and Ginza to promote his debut CD.

VO: His debut CD won 2nd spot on the Oricon daily ranking.

His visit was planned secretly but about 200 fans got the information from Twitter or etc (and gathered) in Shibuya.

VO: He was welcomed with great cheers by fans and left his autograph on his panel.

These fans who could shake hands with him were very lucky, as his stay was just only 1 min and 21 secs. He left like a storm and headed to Ginza.

KHJ: I feel that Japanese fans are very enthusiastic and their feelings (zeal/enthusiasm) to cheer me is big.

In fact KHJ has lived in Japan some years ago.

His favorite dishes since then…?

KHJ: The dishes I often eat are gyu-don, ramen, soba, and curry rice.

I especially like the curry and rice at CoCo Ichi (it’s the name of the shop).

He seems to like Japanese fast-food.

Then what is his favorite Japanese word?

KHJ: “Agepoyo”

Since I’ve debuted in Japan, everyday is “agepoyo” for me.

VO: His next visit with such an “agepoyo” feeling was a CD shop in Ginza.

There were double the number of fans compared with at Shibuya; about 500 agepoyo fans welcomed him.

VO: He’s called “rida” because he’s been a leader of SS501, which debuted in Korea, in 2005. After the event, so many fans were waiting for him to come out.

Fan1: “He is so handsome and cute and I’m really moved (that I could) meet him.

Fan2: “I really love him. He is the aunt’s (middle-aged women’s) longing (adoration).”

KHJ: I think I have to work harder (to meet the expectations from fans) in the future.
I also want to thank all the fans for coming to see me.

VO: KHJ had a stage on Mezamashi Live last summer and he had been very popular since then. There weren’t any announcement, but about 700 fans had gathered to see him.

The End

credits: onlykhjtimes.blogspot.com

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Kim Kyu Jong totally immersed himself in the filming of Dream Team with another mindset

Kyu Jong being funny once again. ^^ I hope someone can upload the episode with English subs. ^^


Kim KyuJong Insanity at ‘Snow Race'? Where is his usual calm self~

Credits : news@wstarnews.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Kim KyuJong makes a hot topic when he was totally immersed in the filming with another mindset instead of his usual image which is gentle and friendly.

Kim KyuJong participated in the filming of KBS 2TV ‘Go Dream Team 2’, showed signs of insanity (?) when faced with the competition in the mid of the ski mountain slope.

On that day in the ‘Snow Race’ special, the race was made up of getting down the slope using a running tube which was regularly used in Dream Team races.

Kim KyuJong said “This is probably the fastest ride I have in my whole life. My view was just like a merry-go-round.” Seeing his distracted image, which is a total opposite of his usual calm self, evokes laughter.

Despite his own fear, he went for the competition and earnestly participated in it more than anyone else, showing yet another different charm of his.

Ricky Kim, Mighty Mouth (Sangchu, Shorry), Lee JuHyun, Yeo HongChul, Jung BumKyun, Lee SangHo, Kim DongJun (Z:EA), Tim, Song YoungGil, Kim KyuJong, Norazo (JoBin, LeeHyuk), MyName (SaeYong, GunWoo), Sung DaeHyun, HoIk (DoubleA), ShiHo, Choi SungJo, Park JaeMin, etc, 20 hot male stars forgot about the cold and participated in the thrilling speed competition in Dream Team.

SS501 Tweets: Young Saeng tweets a picture of him and JiBin during younger days

JiBin was so young back then, and so is Young Saeng. ^^ How cute, hyung offering a food to dongsaeng. ^^ How can we possibly call him a bad boy if he's a kind hyung? 말해 봐.. ^^

credits: mystyle1103 + xiaochu@Quainte501.com (English Translation)

SS501 Tweets: Hyung Jun greets with a picture of Choco

귀엽다, 그렇죠? Hyung Jun must have been very proud to have a cute Choco with him. ^^ 

credits: HyungJun87

Join Triple S Philippines' project for Park Jung Min

As we get nearer the set date for Jung Min's visit to the Philippines, I feel excited and anxious at the same time. I still haven't gotten any dress for the dinner. >.< I'll try to look again next week, I never thought that searching for a cocktail dress which would suit me could be this hard. T.T Anyways, Triple S Philippines came up with a project  for Jung Min, and this does not only includes Triple S located here, but is also open for international fans. So for those who would like to join, here's how. ^^ 

click image to enlarge

credits: Triple S Philippines@fb

Kim Hyung Jun: "...recently really have this urge to fall in love"

So I guess our Maknae is a certified grown up. ^^ He wants to fall in love without the need of hiding their relationship if ever. So gals, as early as now, we need to prepare ourselves when they all get into a relationship. ^^ Are you ready for it? ^^


photo credits as tagged

Kim Hyung Jun "Recently Wish To Fall In Love" Interview

Chinese Trans:未央@初心-金亨俊中文网
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Singer and actor Kim Hyung Jun (25yrs old) on 7th 1st broadcast of KBS drama 'Glowing She' acting as Top Star Kang Min character. In 'Glowing She', Top Star Kang Min and TV PD No Young-Woo (acted by Park Kwang Hyun) together with TV writer Jeon Ji Hyeon (acted by So I-hyeon) will launch in a romantic love triangle.

Top Star and TV writer love line will be of notice with concern to many although naive and childish. During the year 2005 who was from the idol group and gained a lot of popularity Kim Hyung Jun and So I-hyeon will become what kind of couple which is of curiousity to many.

'Glowing She' is a romantic love comedy which also touched those singles out there who really wanted to fall in love from their inner hearts. Being influence by those singles who aspire being in love, what will Kim Hyung Jun do? He secretly admitted that 'Would like to fall in love'.

"Would like to fall into that kind of love as the drama. Seeing in the drama Top Star and writer love line, have the kind 'if I can fall in love like this' thinking. Although maybe due to that I am so into the character of Kang Min, but recently really have this urge to fall in love. Maybe I will go into a relationship after the drama is wrapped up."
"Are the potential love cells wake up?" Kim Hyung Jun expressed the wish of wanting to be out of the single idea. Curious of him wanting to have the kind of love that happen in the dramas. In reality, like in the drama if there is someone like the writer or anyone similar for him to pursue, what will he do? 

"I will accept if I have feelings for her. Doing the same thing is not a bad idea. If we want to see each other we dont need to differeniate between an artiste or just a normal person. However, compared to artistes, I would wish to meet people from other fields. And also, if we were to get into relationship, there wouldnt be a need to sneak around to meet each other. Cos I wanna each other easily and without fear."

Wishing to fall in love Kim Hyung Jun bed scene with Seong Hyo Bin during the 1st broadcast of the drama also shocked the fans. Bed scene is usually the kind where you will not get to see the romantic unconventional nature on TV. For 1st timer, Kim Hyung Jun also suffered terribly for this high level acting of bed scene.

"I was very shy while shooting for the bed scene. I was very concerned about the people reactions around me. My mum, family and also those who know me have said that the scene is not bad. Initially was very worried what will the fans think, but was surprised that they all accepted coolly. Dont know whether is it due the the growing age of the fans thus their reactions are not as drastic as before."

While active in the actor activities Kim Hyung Jun is actually a singer. Seeing him immerse so deeply into acting, cant help but think that is he changing another route, will he forget that he is singer Kim Hyung Jun. "Recently I am really fascinated with acting indeed. But I will never ever give up music and being a singer. Even though I have released an album last year, but there are still alot of parts which I did not do enough. There are plans to release a new album during the 1st half year. Hope to get No.1 in all the music charts or during the music shows. To become solo singer Kim Hyung Jun."
Debuted during the late 10's singer Kim Hyung Jun has unwittingly become the youth of the mid 20s. Asking him what are the things that he really want to do at this age, he even has thought stuff beyond his 30 years of age. Thought that he is still a child but he has already exudes a masculine charm.

"Will be enlisting into the army before 30 years old. Prior enlisting hope to get the awards which I wanna get, do the stuff which I wanna do. When mentioned Kim Hyung Jun, would like to hear 'Kim Hyung Jun no matter actor or singer he is totally perfect' this kind of words. So now I am really taking this chance to strengthen my basis." So what will Kim Hyung Jun be after he is 30 years old and what are the difference, we anticipate.

Kim Hyung Jun who wish to get his Best New Actor awards in 2012 thru this drama expressed, "This is only the beginning of 2012, I will never forget the beginning of this unconditional learning heart", and looks like he is gearing up. Looking forward to end of the year 2012 where he hold his dreams and determination in his hands thru this year.

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Kim Hyun Joong performs 'Kiss Kiss' Japanese Version in Music Station

OMG.... He really looks sooooooo handsome here!♥ I know I'm late in posting this since it was shown last January 27, but still I couldn't help but share this with you. ^^ Re-watching the clip over and over again... ♥ *deep sigh*

credits: mst120120a@yt

[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong left a message on KeyEast Official Website: 'I am a germ'

Let me laugh first. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha ^^ Hyun Joong is seriously a 4D guy!!! ^^ Who else can come up with such line? Only Hyun Joong can surprise us with such statement. ^^ I'm so happy he is doing well in Japan. He'll probably gonna eat gyudon again for dinner. ^^ Huge thanks for wonderrrgirl for sharing the translation and to cheezeemelt for the link. ^^

Kim Hyun Joong's 17th Message

credits: hyun-joong.com + Wonderrrgirl@wonderrrland.wordpress.com (English Translation)

[Fancam] Kim Hyung Jun sings 'Nobody but you girl (다른 여자 말고 너)' at K-Music Concert in Macau

More and more fancams are surfacing the net about Hyung Jun's performance in  Macau. And I love watching every bit of it, because I really love all the songs. ^^ Hyung Jun even did the rap part here. Nice! ^^

credits: inspirit1901@yt

[Fancam] Kim Hyung Jun sings SS501's 'Love Like This' at K-Music Concert in Macau

I guess every Triple S was very happy when Hyung Jun sang SS501's 'Love Like This'. I got excited when I heard the rhythm of the song. Only proves how I miss SS501 so much! T.T And as you can see, seems like Hyung Jun was enjoying the song, even though he sings all the parts. He must be missing his hyungs also. 괜찮아 형준씨... 나도 더블에스 오공일 보고싶어요 ~ T.T 난 기다려 SS501 컴백~!!! SS501 만세!!!!!

credits: trihyungjun@yt

[Fancam] Kim Hyung Jun sings 'Girl' SpaceCowboy Version at K-Music Concert in Macau

I really love this version of Girl. ^^ And the fact that I'm seeing it live makes me love it more! Lucky fans who were there to watch this performance. I also love the way Hyung Jun sings with some adlibs on other parts. ^^ Way to go Hyung Jun! 

credits: trihyungjun@yt

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[Eng Translation] Staff Report Vol. 3 on Kim Hyun Joong

I think I'm a bit behind when it comes to posting news about our boys. I was so tired earlier running some errands after work and fell asleep as soon as I got home. 미안해 여러분... >.< Anyways, here is an update from staff report on Hyun Joong's curent activities in Japan. It was said he'll be staying in Japan until February 8. ^^


Staff Report Vol.3 – “Kim Hyun Joong’s interview with Universal Music Japan”

Source: Henecia Japan official site (henecia.jp)
Chinese translation: wing @ Magic賢 (magic0606.com)
English translation: tzeyin28 @ facebook.com/DS501fanpage
Please re-post with full credits!

We went for an interview with Universal Music Japan today.
The staff of Universal Music Japan gave us a warm welcome.

(Hyun Joong is) Going to make a guest appearance on “Music Station” that will be broadcast live tomorrow!
Please stay in front of your televisions tomorrow night at 7:59p.m. and don’t walk away from them (TV)!
Everyone in front of the TV please cheer for Hyun Joong~

To be continued…

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kim Kyu Jong turns into a handsome waiter

May I know what restaurant is he working for? So I can visit and eat there everyday!!!!! ^^ I'd probably losing all my money to eat in that restaurant, and I'll keep ordering just to see him and to witness his precious smile. ^^ 잘생긴 남자!!!!! ♥


‘Go BongShil’ Kim KyuJong, Transformed into Totally-Precious Waiter ‘Mother's smile automatically'

Credits : OSEN (reporter : kangsj@osen.co.kr) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


*Totally-precious is a slang that is used to show affection for people/things, it's a combination of 2 words, perfectly/totally & precious/prized/valuable

From group SS501, singer Kim KyuJong transformed into a cute restaurant waiter.

Kim KyuJong gives off his warm attraction in the role of Nicky, a reserved, good looking, totally-precious cute guy, in TV Chosun’s weekend drama ‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’.

In the recently filmed episode 14, Kim KyuJong transformed into a handsomely tall restaurant waiter wearing a blue dress shirt and putting around a black apron that fits his body nicely. With a dotted bow tie and a bright smile, his cute attractiveness is gaining attention as it is a complete opposite of the prickly Nicky seen so far.

In the drama, Nicky started working as a flower boy part-time staff in SeokCheon (Hong SeokCheon)’s shop. Over here, Go BongShil (Kim HaeSook) accidentally met Park WonSook (Kim HyeOck) again after many years. Go BongShil and her Itaewon family’s exciting relationship will begin from here.

Drama representative said “When Kim KyuJong came out with the changed clothes, his handsomely tall image made the female staffs broke into all smiles. In addition, Kim KyuJong is usually very polite and shows that he is always working hard, so the big seniors as well as the staffs are all mesmerized by him. In the future, Nicky will be involved with the Itaewon family and InYoung (Luna), and will be showing even more charismatic image, so I think it will be worth to look forward to it.”

Kim Hyun Joong's Lotte Duty Free Shop New Wallpapers for February 2012

Another month, another wallpaper from Hyun Joong. ^^

credits: kr.lottedfs.com

Kim Hyun Joong's 'Lucky Guy' Japanese Version Teaser is out!

Feel like dancing once again. ^^ ♫ Shake it shake it shake shake shake it ♫ Enjoy! ^^

credits: universalmusicjapan@yt

Kim Hyung Jun: "This is not my real character at all"

Don't worry Hyung Jun, we all know that is all part of the drama. We know very your personality, and we support you all the way! ^^


Kim HyungJun “Debut drama first filming is bed scene rated 19 & above..” (interview)

Credits : Newsen (reporter : ppbn@) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


“I wish I get some scolding”

We asked Kim HyungJun, who made a debut in acting, if he worries about bad comments that his acting were bad, and that was his reply. No matter what we asked, the cheerful Kim HyungJun will reply us straightforwardly and kept using the tone ‘~Yoo’ which child actor Kim YuBin uses in MBC ‘Love Hurray’ because he find it fun. 


Kim HyungJun made his debut in acting through KBS drama ‘She’s completely insane’ which started its filming in early November last year. In the drama, he acts as top star KangMin, and fortunately the character is quite similar with the reality thus he was able to manage the nerve-wreaking debut acting easily.

Kim HyungJun, who felt the same feelings of when he was standing in the backstage in 2005 when SS501 debut with ‘Warning’ during his first filming said, “It is not difficult to come out from the van.” He revealed that KangMin is quite similar to him in reality so it is a great help in minor scenes.

Looking at the explanation of KangMin’s character, the word ‘brat’ comes to mind. We asked Kim HyungJun if there is such a side of him in reality, “I wanted to act like that but I couldn’t really do that because my own character comes out to it. My character is more to the mild side but the role’s character is more soft-hearted than I thought. The role’s character is both prickly and soft-hearted at the same time.”

“I hope that you don’t think of me as such a brat in reality. I wish I get some scolding in the message boards. I wish I can get lots of objective comments like I’m really a prick or a haggard.” He added, showing that he didn’t mind the criticism. However, he said that “This is not my real character at all”, reminding us that the snobbish KangMin is different from himself in reality.

Distinctively, 1st episode of ‘She’s completely insane’ is marked on the screen as viewable by age 19 and above. It is because of Kim HyungJun and Seung HyoBin’s bed scene in the drama. The scene was much more than expected, and because of that scene, the 1st episode of the drama was labeled as 19 & above and became a hot topic of discussion.

“I had the bed scene for my first filming. It was the first time I’ve seen Seung HyoBin and we had to film the bed scene. I was wondering what I should do and then just did it instinctively. We had one rehearsal, and because of angle problems, we finished filming upon the 3rd take.” Kim HyungJun said, explaining the situation at that time and that it was done easier than he thought.

Fans’ responses went wild. We told him that “Fans were angry” and Kim HyungJun responded, “It was not an easy decision to take up the bed scene. It is my first drama and because of the bed scene, it was rated 19 & above. It is a whole new experience to me.” And he also cunningly added “I am always prepared for it.”

Kim HyungJun didn’t forget to talk about his brother Kim KiBum. Kim HyungJun said “My brother is the MC for a regular program in cable TV channel BS in Japan. He is also preparing for his album and fan meeting, as well as continue to do the cartoon character business. He is broadening his field of activities.” He is such a brother who will try to talk about his brother.

News article about Kim Hyun Joong entering the Oricon Charts featured in Manila Bulletin

Huge thanks to Jonathan Hicap for writing this article. ^^ 


K-pop stars enter Japan's Oricon chart anew

MANILA, Philippines – Singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong successfully debuted in Japan, ranking second on Japan’s Oricon chart.

Other K-pop singers also entered various charts.

Kim Hyun Joong released the Japanese version of his CD “KISS KISS/Lucky Guy” last Jan. 25 and it landed at second place on Oricon’s daily chart with 71,821 copies sold on the first day. Oricon said this is the first time that a foreign artist reached the spot since March 2009.

Girl group After School ranked 7th with “Rambling Girls/Because of You.”

Kim Hyun Joong will be performing along with Deep and Daichi Miura on Feb. 4 at the MTV Presents “Valentine Live 2012” at Yokohama Arena.

The next day, he will hold his Japan Major Premium Debut Live 2012 also at Yokohama Arena.

On Oricon’s CD album rankings for the period Jan. 16-22, The Boss ranked 7th with their album “Love Letters” while KARA’s “Super Girl,” released in November last year, ranked 8th. Girls Generation’s “Girls Generation” album ranked 12th.

In addition, boy band BEAST’s DVD “BEAST The 1st Concert: Welcome to Beast Airlines” is at No. 3 on Oricon’s weekly DVD chart covering the period Jan. 16-22. Girls Generation’s “Japan First Tour Girls Generation” DVD ranked 7th.

credits: mb.com.ph

Kim Hyung Jun's drama 'She's Completely Insane' will be broadcasted in Japan

Our Maknae must be really excited about this. ^^ I hope Japanese fans will support and watch his drama. ^^


SS501 Kim HyungJun’s ‘She’s Completely Insane’ First Broadcast Through Japan’s KNTV on 10-March

Credits : TVreport.co.kr (reporter : jarrje@tvreport.co.kr) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


With the upcoming broadcast of KBS Drama ‘She’s Completely Insane’ on 10-March through KNTV, it has gathered enthusiastic responses from Japanese fans.

Even though ‘She’s Completely Insane’ has yet to be broadcasted, the program homepage reached the number 1 most visited page (based on 25-Jan) within KNTV website, and became the ‘Drama that I wanted to watch most’.

‘She’s Completely Insane’ will be broadcasted in the golden timeslot in Japan, on Saturdays at 11.15pm, thus KNTV side are also pinning high hopes for it.

In addition, the production company said “One of the main cast in ’She’s Completely Insane’, Kim HyungJun, has high popularity in Japan and because this is his first drama after he transformed from a singer to an actor, it results in huge expectations for it.” He explained, “We informed the Japanese fans that this is a modernized romantic comedy story, and received a lot of attention from them.”

‘She’s Completely Insane’ is a drama that revolves around 3 main characters, star PD Noh YongWoo (Park KwangHyun) and top star KangMin (Kim HyungJun) in rivalry for the love of Jeon JiHyun (So YiHyun), and the appearance of other attractive actors/actress such as Go NaEun and ChaeYoung, gains attention.

Joint production between StoryTV and SHCreativeWorks, ‘She’s Completely Insane’ has a total of 12 episodes, and is broadcasted in Korea every Saturdays at 12midnight.

Kim Kyu Jong and Luna went to police station?

Easy gals, it's only for their drama 'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil'. ^^ Did I scare you? Well, I hope not. ^^


'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil' Luna Kim Kyu Jong, Prior Starting Romance Went To Police Station?

Source: Chosun TV REPORT
Chinese Trans: redcat111@www.kimkyujong.com.
Eng Trans: http://cllslam1l.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

The pictures of F(x) Luna and SS501 Kim Kyu Jong both appear in the police station aroused the curiosity of netizens.

On 25th Chosun TV weekend drama 'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil' production company disclosed Luna and Kim Kyu Jong pictures where they were being brought to the police station for investigation.

Production staff said, "Go Bong Shil (acted by Kim Hae Sook) maknae daughter Seo In Young (acted by Luna) working in a convenience store, and practicing singing & dancing in the night but working as a delivery man in the day musical actor Nicky (acted by Kim Kyu Jong), due to a serious matter that happened which is not humorous was being brought to the police station together.

These two from their hostile 1st meeting to loggerheads, being brought to the police station together, starting the growth of their feelings towards each other.

Production staff stated, "Although the two always bicker with each other, but after the police station incident they started to grow fond of each other", "Luna and Kim Kyu Jong both will show their fondness to each other, please anticipate.

On the other hand on 28th 7.50pm KST 'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil' will tell the reason why Luna and Kim Kyu Jong were being brought to the police station.

Kim Hyun Joong won Best Male Solo Artist in the 2011 ALLKPOP Awards

Another award that our hardworking Leader received. I'm so happy for him! He deserves it! ^^

*Kim Hyun Joong's part starts at 5:23

credits: allkpop@yt

[Eng Translation] Staff Report Vol. 1 on Kim Hyun Joong

Huge thanks to the translators of this report. ^^ Now we can get uodated on Hyun Joong's activities on Japan. ^^


 Staff Report Vol.1 – “Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan debut!!!”

Source: Henecia Japan official site (henecia.jp)
Chinese translation: wing @ Magic賢 (magic0606.com)
English translation: tzeyin28 @ facebook.com/DS501fanpage
Please re-post with full credits!

The day has come!
Just like everybody else did (expecting), we (staff) have been waiting so long…
Kim Hyun Joong is finally going to make his debut in Japan!!!
His debut album is “Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy”~
Everyone must have heard about it right?
What do you think of it?
Furthermore, we’ve already made preparations for Kim Hyun Joong (his activities) who arrived in Japan last Sunday.
Yesterday, Kim Hyun Joong made a guest appearance on “Hiru Nan Desu!” that was broadcast live. Has everyone watched it?
Snowflakes were all over the roads yesterday because it snowed heavily in Tokyo on Monday night and the ground was slippery.
I braved the cold weather and walked in the snow…
Looking at the people on the street, Kim Hyun Joong in the van looked like he was taken aback~

After that
Many reporters showed up at his debut commemorative event that made it seem like it’s his debut day
Kim Hyun Joong who’s being interviewed

Please look forward to his future activities!
Also, please make his Japan debut successful with your warm yet strong support and your love for Kim Hyun Joong
We’ll post updates on Kim Hyun Joong’s activities in Japan here anytime
Please keep an eye on them!

[Eng Translation] Staff Report Vol. 2 on Kim Hyun Joong

Looking at Hyun Joong's picture here, he must be really happy to have those flowers. ^^ Congratulations again Hyun Joong! Well done! ^^

Staff Report Vol.2 – “Kim Hyun Joong, well done!”

Source: Henecia Japan official site (henecia.jp)
Chinese translation: wing @ Magic賢 (magic0606.com)
English translation: tzeyin28 @ facebook.com/DS501fanpage
Please re-post with full credits!

Hello everyone.
As previously reported by the media, Kim Hyun Joong showed us his impressive achievement!
“The first overseas singer whose debut single sales ranked No.1 (highest) and broke through 72,000 copies on the first day of its release!”
It’s really a piece of exciting news.
Thanks to his fans~ Very grateful to all of you!
After the interview ended

To celebrate the impressive achievement of Kim Hyun Joong who made his solo debut in Japan and became the first overseas singer to rank No.1 on Oricon Chart
We (staff) are busy with preparations for it…
To be continued…

[Gif] Kim Hyun Joong CF for 'The Face Shop'

It's been awhile since I last posted a gif here. ^^ Cute smile from Hyun Joong ^^

credits: as tagged

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong's U:zoosin Jacket Hoodie now available in YesAsia!

Now, this would be a great jacket to wear. ^^ For those who would like to have it, you can visit YesAsia to pre-order the hoodie. ^^ As for me, I'd still need to save money to buy it. >.< Thanks to Jamie for the link ^^

credits: yesasia.com

Kim Hyun Joong's new CF for 'The Face Shop'

Although it's short, but his killer smile at the end is really to die for! ♥

credits: sphj0606b@yt

Park Jung Min's 'Not Alone' MV on MYX!

I was watching MYX earlier, and the show was POP MYX: KPOP edition. The first music video shown was LEader Hyun Joong's 'Lucky Guy'! ^^ I was so happy I turned the volume up! ^^ After 2 more videos, it was Jung Min's 'Not Alone' and so I decided to record it since it was my first time seeing the video shown on MYX. And now that his video was officially previewed on MYX, we have to start voting thru online. We can all do it girls! Although his song debuted last year, but it's the first time it entered the MYX show. We have to help him make it to the charts! We can all do it! Fighting! ^^

Vote for Park Jung Min's 'Not Alone' on MYX!

After so much waiting, Jung Min finally made it's way on MYX! ^^ Although it's been so long before his MV was shown in MYX, but the good thing is now we can vote for his song, for free! ^^ So for those who wants to see Jung Min's MV on MYX, start voting now! ^^ It will be a great gift for him if he comes this Feb, then his song is at MYX Hit Charts, right? ^^

 Here's How You Can Vote ONLINE!

Follow the step by step instructions of the new MYX Online Voting!

Register on MYXph.com
After registering, log on to the site
Go to the Online Voting box on the right hand corner of the MYXph.com Frontdoor
Type your vote by following the format:

Title of the Video - Artist Name

example: Not Alone - Park Jung Min
Press VOTE
One vote per user per day only.

credits: myxph.com

MOGEF on Kim Hyun Joong's 'Lucky Guy' MV

They're at it again..... and again..... and again..... and again.... and again. When are they going to stop? Seriously, aren't they tired of looking for a reason to ban a music video?  *shakes head* Why don't they come up with a reason of having such a beautiful face? Sheeesshhhhh! >.<


Kim Hyun Joong’s “Lucky Guy” MV Ruled “Hazardous for Children”

The infamous Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MGEF) has done it again by ruling Kim Hyun Joong’s casino-inspired “Lucky Guy” music video “hazardous for children.” The reason for their ruling? Apparantly, the ministry believes the casino scene could stir up the children’s gambling spirit and encourage them to “try for a quick and easy profit.”

When Kim Hyun Joong filmed the “Lucky Guy” MV, he already had some concerns of the MGEF interfering. So he made the gambling table out of “Blue Marble,” a Korean board game similar to “Monopoly,” and used his “Uzu Shin” anime character for the chips and cards to create a more comic setting. Since the overall concept of the MV was supposed to be based on the U.S. film, “Ocean’s Eleven,” he couldn’t take out the entire casino scene, so that’s why he went with the comic concept instead. But with today’s ruling, the “Lucky Guy” MV will not be allowed to air during the early morning hours of 7AM to 9AM and during the day from 1PM to 10PM.

In fact, this is not the first time Kim Hyun Joong had problems with the MGEF. “Please” from his debut solo album, “Break Down,” was also classified as “hazardous for children” by the ministry last August, mainly because of some of the lyrics that contained “drunk” and “smoke” in it. Key East Entertainment later filed a complaint disputing the ruling. In December, the court ruled in favor of Key East reasoning, “Pop music must be given freedom of expression. It’s hard to justify that the lyrics are encouraging smoking or drinking.”

credits: thunderstix@soompi.com

Kim Hyun Joong had the highest debut sales for Overseas Singers

Another history made by our on and only SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong! ^^ That's our Leader! ^^ So proud of him! ♥


Kim Hyun Joong Makes History as the Highest Debut Sales for Overseas Singers

Chinese Translation: 天使2002 @ Magic0606
English Translation: khjgalaxy.blogspot.com

The leader of the Korean 5 members boyband SS501 Kim Hyun Joong's Japanese debut single (Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy) sold 72 000 copies of its first day of sale ranking 2nd on Oricon Chart on the 24th of January. The first day of sales is the highest debut sales in history for overseas singers (including groups) after March of 2009 when Oricon Chart started its daily single chart. The previous highest debut sales holder was Jang Geun Suk whose first day of album sales achieved 52 000 copies.

Notice from Young Saeng's Official Website: An album and a drama to start the year 2012

For all those who misses our Prince Young Saeng, a good news awaits us this coming February. Apparently, during the times when he was 'missing in action', he was busy with these projects. ^^ And who's not happy about it? I super want to see Young Saeng act on TV! ^^ Can't wait! Super excited! ^^


Source: http://www.young-saeng.com/
Chinese Trans: Baidu HYS Bar
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com/
Pls repost with credits!

Hello everyone. This is Y.E.S Staff.
Happy New Year with lots of blessings ~

We have sent out all the Y.E.S membership cards and season greetings (New Year card) after the first month.

Have received lots of emails. Next week will announced the contents regarding some of the emails received.

Below we wanna announce Young Saeng new year news.

What kind of image will Singer Heo Young Saeng appear on stage, looking forward by many, has been thinking about this issue.

Heo Young Saeng puts in a lot of time and effort preparing for his new album.

At the same time, thru end Feb he will be challenging in his 1st comedy drama "Must Be Fairy" which will be broadcast on KBS TV.

Everyone will be able to see Heo Young Saeng daily thru your TV screen.

Making everyone waiting for so long, is to show better image, the staff including Young Saeng is working hard preparing.

Heo Young Saeng who always surprising and moving us, everyone please look forward and give your utmost warmth support, at the same time give him lots of aid when you see him on your TV screen.

Thank you

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong to guest on an online radio show Ameba Studio

Very busy for schedule for our Leader Hyun Joong. ^^ Fighting Leader! ^^


photo credits: @Koyuki_KHJ66  

Source: KHJ Japan official site (kimhyunjoong.jp)
Original article: http://kimhyunjoong.jp/news/read.php?tcode=135
Chinese translation: 斗斗 @ HyunJoongChina.com
English translation: tzeyin28 @ facebook.com/DS501fanpage

Please re-post with full credits!

Kim Hyun Joong to be a guest on an online radio show that will be broadcast live! He’ll be answering Japan fans’ questions!

Kim Hyun Joong will make an appearance on an urgently prepared special radio show via online communication service “Ameba Studio”.

To implement Kim Hyun Joong’s idea “communicate more thoroughly with Japan fans”, not only will he answer the questions collected beforehand, but he’ll also communicate with the listeners.

We’re now collecting your questions on Ameba Pigg!

Will you be able to see a different side of Kim Hyun Joong that’s not usually seen during his first online live broadcast radio show?!

Please look forward to it!

Time: 28/01/2012 (Saturday) 8:00p.m. ~ 8:45p.m.

Guest: Kim Hyun Joong

MC: Kosaka Daimaou

Kim Hyun Joong tops Oricon Chart and Tower Records

Wow! And this is all happening so fast! ^^ That's how great our Leader is! ^^ Congratulations Hyun Joong! ^^

 Hyun Joong - Japan debut single sales on Oricon Chart: 71,821

Hyun Joong - "Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy" tops Tower Records daily sales chart

credits: @tzeyin28 + oricon.co.jp + http://tower.jp/chart/13 + 더블에스오공일@fb

Kim Kyu Jong Musical 'Goong' Photobook Japan Scans

Who misses our Kyuie? *raises hand* We haven't heard much from him these days. Is he busy with something? o_O Hope he visits twitterland soon, because some ThanKYU's and Triple S might fall sick due to so much longingness for him. ^^ 야~!! 규종아~!!! 어디야????? 빨리 빨리!!!!! ^^

credits: as tagged + http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1386352748

News article about Kim Hyung Jun: “I am rookie actor Kim HyungJun, please take care of me”

Another article featuring our hardworking Kang Min, I mean, Kim Hyung Jun. ^^ Fighting Hyung Jun-ssi! ^^ We will always support you! ^^


Kim HyungJun “Wants to get recognized as a rookie actor”

Credits : http://biz.heraldm.com/common/Detail.jsp?n...=20120124000217 + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


[Lunar New Year Interview] Kim HyungJun “Wants to be recognized as a rookie actor”

These days, we hear of a great number of idol singers turning into actors. It is nothing shocking anymore, nor is it anything new. The acting of singers, where they are more familiar on stage, with their unexpected image have gained good appraisals from the general public but also mixed with harsh criticism that they cannot blend into the drama. The singers have to bear huge risks and holding the tension of prejudice to start their challenge in acting.

Debuted in 2005 as male idol group SS501, member Kim HyungJun got out of the group and dashed into the picture tube (TV dramas). He, who is more familiar with keeping in step in the powerful dance with his members as well as the luxurious stage clothes, can be seen in drama now.

We met Kim HyungJun who returned with the name of ‘actor’, and asked about his resolutions and aspirations for 2012. He is still magnificent on stage like before, and in addition we felt his nervousness and freshness as a rookie actor. His confidence and nervousness was felt at the same time, and strangely adds on to his charm.

# “I am rookie actor Kim HyungJun, please take care of me”

Kim HyungJun started year 2012 with KBS drama channel’s romantic comedy ‘She’s completely insane’. He acts alongside with actress So YiHyun and actor Park KwangHyun, taking the title role for his first drama.

“It is true that it is a huge burden as it is my first challenge in drama. I really wanted to do well, but what if I bring trouble to the drama, what should I do? And because there are a lot of such characters (in other dramas) in the past, so I have lots of worries. However this is a character which anyone would love to try for, so I am working hard to express it with my own feelings.”

In this drama, he acts enthusiastically as a prickly and charismatic top star KangMin. “I studied the character through watching dramas and movies, and adopted their good points, and in addition, I was finding Kim HyungJun’s own style too.”

Even though there are stresses because it is the main character, the interest and fun were even much more.

“I found that it was fun and my interest grew while doing it. I can’t do anything about the nervousness but think of it as the correct choice. Especially more than worrying for it, I am thankful that many people are telling me that it is ‘unexpected’.”

Kim HyungJun repeatedly thanked the director of the drama. The filming setting is a total strange place to him as this is his first challenge in drama, however during the initial stage of filming, the director gave him lane lessons and advices, which become a source of great strength to him. Park KwangHyun who acts alongside with him is the same too.

“Director contributed a lot to it. He worked very hard to make the filming atmosphere comfortable for me and so I am able to concentrate a lot in acting. And Park KwangHyun hyung he takes care of me like his real brother instead of being just a senior to me, so I am so thankful. There is nothing than enjoyable when I am on my way to the filming set.”

Just a little earlier than him, SS501’s Kim KyuJong has also went into acting. A general service channel TV Chosun ‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’. He did not act as the title role unlike Kim HyungJun, but acting alongside with big cast seniors like Kim HaeSook, Dokgo YoungJae, Cheon HoJin, etc, it is no doubt very stressful for him. Both of them encouraged and supported each other, and became even closer. 

“I always in contact with Kim KyuJong, and he’s one of the members whom I always meet up with. We monitored each other’s debut broadcast and give advices on our shortcomings. It is the first drama for both of us, so we supported and encouraged each other because we were both stressed and nervous. It has really become a huge encouragement.”

SS501 members are each finding their own role and position while Kim HyungJun transformed into an actor.

“Singer, it is true that there are some disappointments about our stage. I keep thinking that how nice if we had produced more official full-length albums and promote more actively. But now, the members are each finding their own role and position so I feel proud and reassured. Everyone’s solo activities aren’t easy, thus I am proud and felt admirable to them. (laugh)”

# “The target for this year is to get recognition”

Started as an actor, Kim HyungJun’s year 2012. Will everything goes as per his plans which were stopped last year?

“In the new year, seems like everything went well as per planned so I felt good. I didn’t expect that there are more people knowing the acting Kim HyungJun too. Just by knowing it is already a happiness to me (laugh). The drama is setting off and I only want to put my best in it. I will show you my development as an actor, so I hope you can look forward to it.”

But he is still a rookie actor, so he feels shy and scared of being affixed with the word ‘actor’. “I am not used to be called an actor. But since I am determined to become an actor, my target is none other than getting recognition. I will learn a lot about acting and build up my experience till everyone can give their recognition by just hearing the name of ‘Kim HyungJun’, it is still a long way to go but I want to slowly achieve it.”

Actor, as much as Kim HyungJun is awkward with being called as an ‘actor’, viewers are not unfamiliar with him acting. “I hope the general public will not stereotype and enjoy watching comfortably. That is to say forget about singer Kim HyungJun, and welcome rookie actor Kim HyungJun.”

Different from being a singer, he has to learn new things one by one these days, returning his mindset to that of a rookie. Even though everything is unfamiliar, we felt the preciousness in him.

“Acting seems to be really difficult. You have to think of a lot of things from one till ten, so much that my head is about to explode, but I felt the preciousness of life. I really like it when I filmed and monitored (my performance/acting) in the bedroom. Even when I was pointed out (faults), there is a thrill feeling about learning, and I felt alive. Because everything to me is a whole new experience, nothing can be left out, everything is precious to me.”

A good start for the year of the dragon, what is Kim HyungJun’s target?

“If possible, my target for this year is to win a newcomer award as an actor. Of course before that, I want to gain recognition as an actor. Even though it is tough, I want show my progress little by little. In order to do that, I will be putting in my best.”

He didn’t forget his determined ambitions for performances in Japan. Kim HyungJun said “I had 20 performances in Japan last year.” Because in his heart, he is always thankful to the Japanese fans who have given him enthusiastic cheer and support, it is no surprise that in 2012, he is preparing to present a special performance for them.

“I’ve done a lot of performance there, so I think Japanese fans will like this a lot, and I will be proud and thrilled too. Whatever performance is, you must have the power, which is the charm that makes the audience come back again. That is why I want to plan even more for the next performance. I must start planning little by little from now.”

With that in mind, Jang GeunSuk is a friend whom he can learn a lot from, and a colleague walking on the same path as him. Before starting on the drama, he received a lot of advices, and also learned a lot from watching his Japan performances.

“When I started with the drama, (Jang) GeunSuk gave me a lot of advices. I am learning a lot from this friend. Even though he is a free mind and soul and does what he likes, he is a great friend who will accomplish what he has to do. Recently I asked him a lot about dramas. Because we have a lot of similarities, besides giving advices about acting, we also talk about other very personal matters.”

Kim HyungJun hold two big targets, acting and Japan tour. “In 2012, I wish to have a bright end just like how I started it splendidly.” His eyes show the excitement and anticipation about the new start, as well as full of confidence.

To Kim HyungJun, there are director, colleagues and friends who gave him great help when he is acting. Among them, the most strength came from none other than fans.

“I am always thankful to my fans. I am also sorry to them because they like SS501 and want to see us on stage, but I will work even harder and I want to repay them with another image of me. They are a huge strength to me while I filmed the drama and I am sincerely thankful, I think I can only repay fans by working hard in this way. I will never forget about fans’ mind, remembering them.”

At age of 26, Kim HyungJun made his new start as an ‘actor’. Like holding the black dragon’s pearl and soaring, we will be looking forward to him flying as high as his ambitions and determination.
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