Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If you are a TRUE TRIPLE S, read this!!!!!!!!

A lot of news are spreading right now with regards to the signing of contract to KeyEast by Kim Hyun Joong. Honestly, I was one of the first person who post this news yesterday. And if you have read it, you can tell that I was a little upset about that matter. I was really out of control and even earlier at work, I acted like a crazy person, crying every time I'll be having my break... thinking what will happen next. But I have come to my senses, and realized that I just have to believe in them. They told us that we need to believe, so why doubt their statements? And I was right! Apparently, around some months ago, Jung Min and Hyung Jun signed to DSP to renew their contract. When it was Hyun Joong's turn, he told DSP he won't renew his contract UNLESS Kim Kyu Jong signed up first. But DSP refused Hyun Joong's condition.  This led to Hyun Joong signing up for a different agency. He also referred Kyu Jong to YG entertainment. So, with what others are thinking about him, leaving the 4 boys behind is definitely NOT TRUE!!!! How can he do that, when he was trying to save the group? He even took the blame of all those people who were judging him about his actions. How good a leader can be?! Actually, good is not the exact word. BEST LEADER is the appropriate one! It was so touching to know his motives towards all of these incidents! An angel in disguise! If you can re-watch the X-concert fanmeeting, you would see that Kyu Jong gave a message to leader, stating that leader shouldn't carry all the burden JUST because he is the leader of SS501, and then he started tearing... Even Mal cried a lot because at that time, they knew already about leader's move. Imagine, Kim Hyun Joong sacrificing his name and career for his brother Kyu. That's how he love his brothers and the whole group. He stood up as a Leader until the end! We should treasure and appreciate all of his efforts, we should not judge him by what we hear from others. We must trust him, the way he trusted us Triple S.With all the things that he has done for us fans, might as well return the favor to him. Now, he needs us Triple S to believe in everything that Double S told us during the fanmeet. It is still not yet the end, it is still not goodbye, it's just see you later, wait for them, and they will definitely come back. We support you and we love you Double S oh gong il!!!! Hwaiting!!!! Mansae!!!!!  

credits: Minuat + 00lanse@baidu

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

News about Kim Hyun Joong!!!!

OMG!!! I really don't know what to say!!! I was about to sleep when I read from one of the prestigious blogs that leader was absorbed by Key East Agency, which is the agency of Bae Yong Joon! Remember, there were a lot of meetings that happened between the two of them? Well, here is the answer to all of our questions. It's confirmed!!! Actually, with this news, I was feeling sad and somehow disappointed. Why? Basically because I was hoping that it would still be the five of them. They told us to wait for their next album! They told us that they still have to release until the 5th official album! They told us not to believe in rumors! They promised! He promised! I still want to hold on to that promise until the time when he himself admits that he will be leaving the 4 boys! I'm keeping my fingers crossed real hard that all of this is just a part of the drama and not to disband SS501! I still believe that they will stick together till the end!!! I am literally crying right now, thinking what will happen next.... with him, with the four boys renewing their contract with DSP! I really don't know how to react on this matter!!!!!! As a Triple S, my heart is aching.... T________T

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Hyun Joong-ah in my dreams

For those who will be visiting or reading this blog entry, I suggest you skip this part since this was only one of my many dreams with Kim Hyun Joong and I do believe that you will be bored reading this one. kekekeke
         Well actually, I really don't recall the whole scenario. But what I can only remember is I am at the hotel where he was staying. Probably, it was during his stay here in the Philippines. And what I am surprised about that dream was I was in the same room with Hyun Joong! ( Definitely a dream! ) Then, I heard someone talking, as I tried to look to whom the voice belongs, whoalla! It's him sitting at the couch, talking to someone on the phone! His hair was like from the time when he left Philippines and he was wearing a gray shirt. If I can remember correctly, I felt very lucky to be staying at the same room with him, happy, excited... then curiosity sets in. To whom is he speaking with? Looks like someone special with the tone of voice that he was using. And mind you, he was talking in Korean in my dream and I was listening carefully. ( As if I would understand a thing what he was saying ) I was about to approach him, suddenly I woke up! ( nice! grrrrrr ) It was just a short encounter but I found myself smiling as I open my eyes. Who wouldn't be happy to see Hyun Joong in her dreams? What a great way to start my day and my week!

credits: Yes + 第一个喜欢你@BAIDU

Destination Luxury Edition

Taiwan fans are very lucky! Last June 26, Taiwan released 2 sets of Luxury Edition of Destination Album. Set A includes a file and a signed autograph of 5 boys. Set B includes a file, a signed autograph of 5 boys and a Love Ya MV. I wonder how much is the price for both sets? Hmmmm... I'm sure its worth it! I only have the normal one and the special edition which I got from the raffle during the meet-and-greet, but I can truly say that it's worth every penny. What more if it was a signed album? Definitely a must buy! Go grab your copies now! Before they ran out of stock! ^_^

credits: wang771608 @ 金贤重中文网 + 00lanse@baidu + 501wangja.multiply.com

Leader Kim Hyun Joong and his passion for skulls

Ever since we are aware of leader being into skulls. He really loves wearing wardrobes and accessories with this kind of designs. And indeed, he proves it once again during his concert last week here in the Philippines. Honestly, I didn't notice the design since I was only focusing on his performance and on his face. Of course, during that time I did not look at anything else except for him! With that angelic face...arrrggghhhh...! kekekeke Okay enough of fantasizing again. Here are the pictures during the concert.

And here is a more clear image of the skull design ^^

Don't you just love it? ^___________^

credits: 알리아@http://blog.daum.net/a-hlia + universal@0606

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thank you Taiwan Triple S for the effort!

When Jung Min and Hyung Jun arrived Taiwan airport, a lot of reporters were there to take pictures and coverage of them. But what shocked me was the way Triple S Taiwan welcomes Mal and Baby! Have you seen their effort? It was really touching to see how they show their support and love not just for the two, but for the whole group. Kudos to you guys!!! Here are some pictures of our very hardworking and creative Triple S.

             And here are the pictures that really cracked me up!!!

                            Mal with his carrot

                                         Cutie Kyu jong
           And the classic Young Saeng with Hyun Joong and his seaweed teeth! kekekekeke

Mal and Baby must be really happy and overwhelmed of what they've seen. So proud to be a Triple S!!!!

credits: uploader@baidu + 朴政玟台湾首站 and 501wangja.multiply.com

SS501 Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun on Taiwan UBN News

Here is the latest video of Jung Min and Hyung Jun in Taiwan in the news with English Subs. Mal was fond of playing with the flower display beside them and even played with the rose with his mouth! Baby just let Mal play around while he was doing the interview. kekekeke Those two don't really have pretensions in them and doesn't even mind even the camera is rolling. So adorable ^_^

credits: reena29shadow@yt.com

Kim Hyun Joong as date in watching soccer

Another survey was conducted about World cup soccer. The question was who do you want to be your date while watching soccer. Leader won the second place in the said survey! Well, if I were to choose, of course my answer would be him!!! I know that I would definitely have a great time watching the soccer match and also watching him cheer for Korea! Dae haminguk!!!!

[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong won 2nd place as Male Idol whom you wants to view World Cup together

Credit: 당근당근 @SS601+www.maxmovie.com
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English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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The largest movie site Max Movie (www.maxmovie.com) has conducted a survey “As for the man and woman idol singer, who so you want to view World Cup together?” on June 22-23.
In man idol singer where in blind poll had question total 3,127 netizen is confirmed participated.  In the survey results, 2PM Nichkhun receive overwhelming support from netizens of 44.7% (1,399 people), was voted top male idol #1 on the World Cup who you want to watch together.
SS501 Kim Hyun Joong is no. 2 with 21.7% (680 people), CN Blue Jung Yonghwa with 2.1% (378 people) was ranked as the third place.  After is 2AM 임슬옹 with 10.8% (337 people), fifth place is Big Bang G-Dragon with 6.1% (191 people), SHINee Taemin is the 6th with 4.5% (142 people), respectively.
(Female idol part omitted)

Xconcert Fanmeeting - Kim Hyun Joong focus

I found this interesting fancams of leader during the Xconcert fanmeeting. He was so cute when he did the ng for " Until Forever ". I believe he said " sorry " a couple of times. I also see several moments of him sticking out his tongue. He was probably nervous during that time since it was his first time singing that song live. And while he was singing " Everything " , I noticed that there was a second when he was thinking if its already his part to sing. He was even stunned when he sang his part. kekekeke  Aaawwwww kwenchana leader-shi... We still love you.

                                                    Until Forever


                                     credits: leenongkan1@yt.com

Undisclosed pictures of Kim Hyun Joong from Destination Album

Here are just some pictures of leader that was not included in the official album. I wonder why? They seemed to be a good set of poses. ( Or am I biased since it's him that we are talking about? kekekeke )

How can you take your eyes off on that smile and stare? ^^

credits: liezle.blogspot.com, daumblog.netl jadeka

SS501 on Shim Shim Ta Pa radio

I was about to sleep when I saw that these videos were uploaded already. I can't help but laugh on Hyung Jun when he was singing Kara's song and when he was hinting U-kiss to Youngsaeng! And Mal was laughing at baby's reaction!!! Totally hilarious!!! A must watch guesting! 




credits: kelemama501@yt.com

The real Kim Hyun Joong

Whenever you see him on shows, interviews and dramas, some would say he seemed to be a quiet person or a snob. But if you will be given a chance to know him, you'll figure out that there is something more than meets the eye. He is way too funny and has an out-of-this-world personality! ( In short, 4d! kekekeke ) Every time he would say something, most probably you will end up laughing. His answers to different questions are all totally unexpected. I really don't know how did he come up with those ideas. But for that reason, a lot of people adores him and finds him interesting. That's what makes him unique! Who wouldn't? With his looks along with that personality...? Definitely you would be curious on him! Here are just some proofs on how he really acts. Enjoy watching! ^^


                              credits: reena29shadow@yt.com

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My package has arrived!

Waaahhh!!! Finally my package from Korea has arrived! I was really waiting for it! I was so excited to open the box the moment I saw it on our table! Well, honestly, I already saw the one I like to purchase in the internet about two months ago but since I need someone who is willing to order as well to minimize the shipping fee. And luckily, my sister and my cousin bought some beauty products last week, and I get to order mine! I was so happy and immediately took a picture of the package and one of the things that I bought. I might as well share this to you. ^^

And here is one of my precious treasures ^^

Necklace of Kim Hyun Joong

Remember when Kim Hyun Joong was here in the Philippines, he was wearing a necklace? It was a silver one and has two rings that attached to each other as pendant. Apparently, it was a love necklace! Okay guys don't panic. It wasn't because he is in a relationship right now, (well that's what I am aware of) but because he was the endorser of Love Cartier right? Here are just some of the pictures when he attended the "Love Cartier Charity Exhibition" 

And here are the pics during the concert and the meet-and-greet when he was wearing the love necklace.

Due to my curiosity, (and others as well), I was able to find out the website of Love Cartier. And would you know how much the necklace is???? A whooping P 91,000!!!! Whew! That's really an expensive necklace! Hyun Joong ah, you better tie that to your neck! kekekeke I won't be able to afford that kind of necklace! So lucky of you to be having one. ^^

credits: triple s philippines, www.khj0606.com
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