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[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in Midnight Idol Episode 4

I love the way Hyung Jun answered back when he was told that he already stopped from being SS501. ^^ He immediately replied "just resting". ^^ And also when he got the correct answer to the question, he replied "You guys really think that I don't know anything? I'm 501 ya~" Love it ♥

Please do not reupload in You tube!

credits: OnlyJun kimhyungjun.net

Mischievous Kiss Behind the Scenes Part 6

Although this clip doesn't have English subs yet, but still looking at those clips make you laugh. One moment that I liked was when Hyun Joong was sitting on a bench and it seems he was relaxing his mouth. kekeke ^^ November is fast approaching. Special Edition of the drama will soon be shown! *excited*

credits: ytkiss@ youtube

Mischievous Kiss Behind the Scenes Part 5

This includes behind the scenes footage and has 'One More Time' song as background music. 

credits: ytkiss@ youtube

Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun interviewed by Ken in Channel V Part 2

Hyung Jun-ah... you miss your brothers, right? I can see it here while you were answering the questions asked by Ken. I can tell that you missed them a lot because of the words.. "..honestly, I feel quite lonely", and when asked what song should we listen on a fine autumn day, he answered "SS501's Love Ya". Kwenchana Hyung Jun, you are not the only one who feel that way. 

Other stories mentioned from this interview was Hyung Jun's number 1 dog Choco, him being a DJ for Music High, Twitter. All through out the video you can see his wackiness. ^^ Yo my brother! ^^ Thanks for OnlyJun87 for uploading it in you tube.  


[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong's 'The First Love Story'

A lot of blogs might have posted about this already, but I never want to miss the opportunity to share it with you again since every second of this clip is worth watching. First few minutes, you will see the sweetness of the story, but after a while, the real Hyun Joong will soon be revealed. ^^ The best line ever through out the whole clip? 
[HyunJoong asked by the reporter]
Reporter: What will you say when handing the engagement ring to her?
KimHyunJoong: Well, I will say.."Take this!"
That's the Kim Hyun Joong I know! Love it!♥ 

credits: MurdererQ@yt

Hyung Jun dancing to 'Love Ya' in Midnight Idol Episode

I kept watching the clip over and over. First is because it was funny to see maknae doing his gags, and the other reason is because he was dancing 'Love Ya' which I really really miss. The last time they danced to that song was way back June, which is 4 months ago. So while I'm reminiscing the days when they were performing in Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo and other variety shows, here is a short clip of him doing the dance. ^^ 'Baby let me love ya love ya love ya.... ♥

credits: poohlhl@yt

Friday, October 29, 2010

[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong fan signing at 'The Face Shop'

Lucky fans who were able to get his signature. Want one too!!!! Come here in the Philippines Hyun Joong-ah!


photos credits as tagged



Source: Blog.naver.com/Eppeun22
Kor – chi: Yaoyao & candy @ hyunbarcn66.com
Chi-eng Blanca @hyunbarcn66.com

FanAccount 1

I can’t concentrate at work recently, being preoccupied all the time.
Everyone under the big boss was praying.

Remember last year’s Tony Moly signing event, I’d better sneak out now to queue.
Think about the crowds flooding in once the event begins.
How many of them? 20, 30, 40, 50, …. Totally got lost.

TT Made up some excuse, and walked out of the office with a seriously looking face.
OMG, so nervous
With the tips I got earlier today, arrived at the coffee shop next to the Faceshop store.
Sited down, took out my laptop, and kept waiting and waiting.
Someone asked whether I’m here for the autograph event?
Then I got the number, 83.

After that, started wondering around restaurants nearby.
Each of them was full. TT
Though the weather was not as cold as expected,
it is said that it would be pretty cold after 12pm. (*bb: me thinks she meant 12am)
Worrying. Oh, my poor memory, got lost again though I just visited this place two three hours ago…TT
whatever, I finally found it before 9pm after several try. I began to memorize the number I got.

The one disappeared in the middle and the man bearing a girlie name were separated.
(not sure what does it mean?).
I waited in the coffee shop and chatted with someone about Hyun Joong to kill time.
Around 11pm, some argument broke out from the other folks.
That’s the Japanese fan.
Around 11:30pm, I got the ticket and could go home to have a good rest.
Just need to come back before 10:40am tomorrow. HAhaha.
Why it had to be done in this way? Because of the new company?
I actually didn’t feel well yesterday with my stomach, a little headache too.
It would have killed me, If i don’t know where to go and had to queue at midnight.
It was freezing and I had a big headache.

Everything turned out to be ok after I got home.
Still have a little headache, but snugging into the cozy bed made me so comfortable.
Oh, I don’t need flu…
Thanks to HJ treating me so well ( in my imagination).

After a deep and nice sleep, wear skirts and leather shoes,…
Queued to shop at 11am, and then took a break for lunch,
start queueing again at 2pm.
I’d no idea where I was up to.

I saw Hyun Joong walked into the faceshop store.
I did, maybe coz I kept watching over all the time.
Even The one standing behind me didn’t catch a sight on him.
There were two bodyguards and two managers in the 1st floor autograph venue.
It is almost impossible to see Hyun Joong from outside.

Being about 10people inside,
the view was completely blocked, and I can’t see anything.
After 3 left, Hyun Joong is clearly visible now.
My first impression was that,… he looked exhausted…T.T looked obviously tired,
even though his eyes were still big and bright.
The skin tone is not that good even under makeup.

The person ahead of me was so exciting that she even forgot to shake Hyun Joong’s hand.
I told myself (PS. Even though it sounds like begging),
after I saw the mistake, I can’t made that mistake, absolutely not!
I had a lot of words to say, but I was too tired, so I turned out to be saying nothing.
Actually, when Hyun Joong saw my name, EPPEUN22,
he seemed to looked a little nervous in his eyes.KKKKK.
the fine hair on the ring finger of his left hand suddenly caught my eyes ..KKK

It was so cute even it was just the fine hair.

Slow down, please slow down, so that I could stair at you a little longer.

Miane, that’s why I don’t wanna say anything to you.

Maybe, he knew EPPEUN22 already.
Watching him writing down EPPEUN22 closely had made my day perfect already..KKK

How cute you are!

The moment he gave out his right hand, … Me… My hand… So nervous..

Smiled and raised both of my hands…KKKK, shacked hands firmly.
It must be painful to sign for such a long time.
Don’t forget to do some massage on your hands.

His temperature still left on my left hand.
I like the way his holding pens with the right hand.

Caught his eyes twice with smile

He looked tired and my heart was aching I’m exhausted also.

This is the fan account before I forget.


Source: Blog.naver.com/harukhj
Kor – chi: YOYO @ hyunbarcn66.com
Chi-eng Blanca @hyunbarcn66.com

FanAccount 2

Finally I was done with my part time job…

Arrived the autograph venue at 1pm yesterday in the afternoon…

Why everyone came so early?… I had thought that I arrived early enough.

But I only got NO 35 … hehe

Anyway, as long as it is within 100,

It was OK to get a bigger number…

Everytime when I have to queue, it was freezing.

The passangers always stared at us

asking what happened, and then …


Some overseas fans arrived late and were not clear about the rules agreed among local fans.
They almost picked up a quarrel.
Luckily, it was resoled… (they) queued behind…

what’s more, the bodyguard showed up.
Did they plan to distribute tickets at 12am?

Anyway, this is such a long line, I would like to give you a brief…

Let’s talk about today’s autograph event… kkkkkkkkkkk

Hyun Joong obba showed up at 2pm on time.

It startled me!

Walked all along.

Because there are too many people, the car can’t drive in.
It is the center of MinDong… Great!! (*bb: i think she meant MyeongDong)

There were so many bodyguagards, 15 in total–????

He was surrounded by the bodyguard… what a grand appearance…kkkk

There were only 180 tickets. Have to be distributed so many people.

PS: A lot of people were not able to get one TTTTTTTTTTTTTT


And why the bodyguard were allowed to be written down their name, but mine was not allowed!!!!!!!!


When I was preparing, Hyun Joong Obba suddetly said… annyeong? Say hi to me….

Me? I don’t know………..

“Ne, annyeong???” Just said so… – -

I usually use polite speech toward obba… He looked at me strangely


“PS, can’t you write it down?” ——–hrukhj

“emh, No ~~~” ———-HJ

“Then please draw a heart after the name ~~!!!!” ———–harukhj

As a substitute for the name….

Hyun Joong Obba even colored the heart… kkkkkk

Didn’t write to Hyun Joong Obba for a while …

Guard him from the distance and then left peacefully,

It seems like the name will be forgotten.

At least the chasing journey won’t be forgotten.

“Any thing you want to tell me????” ———- harukhj

“Go home…………^^” ——-HJ

Kim Hyun Joong Obba,

There is nothing besides “go home” everytime you meet me?

This is the 6th year already

Everytime I go to the autograph event you will tell me go home……..


Well, Hyun Joong reminded me to shake hands, shaked hands with both hands……….

Then I came out.

There were so many bodyguards, watching us all the time.
It made the conversation difficult.
In fact, can’t talk that much.

I just went to the sighing event.
I didn’t left a word???

There was no chance to talk kkkkkkkk

Maybe because all the eyes staring at us?

About 3 years ago???

(There was a lot) to tell Hyun Joong Obba

Talk to him much less recently? Like this??

“Obba, use the informal speech” Even joking like this??? got failed, kkkkkkk

From the facial expression (I saw) today, it’s better to use polite speech.


[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in Midnight Idol Episode 3

Only Kim Hyung Jun's part are subbed.

Do not upload video in You Tube!

credits: kimhyungjun.net

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong at 'The Face Shop' fan signing event

He looks so good here. I really want to have those signed posters. ^^ I wish he would come here in the Philippines too to do some promotions. ^^ Anyone can dream, right?  Imagine him doing the fan signing event in front of you, wouldn't you be excited and thrilled and nervous all at the same time? ^^

credits: as tagged+ s2rene@twitpic

Fanvid during Fanmeeting of Kim Hyung Jun that made him cry

No wonder Hyung Jun cried after watching the video. This is so touching. Triple S made a great fanvid and I know that Hyung Jun loved it. It showed how many fans supports him and loved him. And when the 'Wings of the World' was played, I know he was thinking of his SS501 brothers. We will all be here for you Hyung Jun.

credits: NuoShin921@yt

Diary of Baek Seung Jo Part 16

I'm not sure if this will be the last diary that he will be writing. But I'm happy to know that every story has a happy ending.... that includes the life of the cold-hearted, but turned into a kind loving Baek Seung Jo. ^^

credits: as tagged + reena29shadow

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Eng Translation] Kim Hyung Jun crying during fanmeeting

When I watched this video, I was sondering why he was crying. Then I saw a brief translation of his message, and it was about him and other members of SS501. He probably misses performing with them. Aaawwww.... don't cry Maknae... we all support you and we all love you.

Brief translation by Reena29shadow on Twitter

HyungJun is saying he’s very thankful. When the 5 of them is together, they also did work on solo activities. So now, it’s just like during that time, all 5 of them working hard on their solo career. Must support them like how we support SS501 all five of them. All 5 of them is working hard now, so they will hope SS501 will go on forever.

credits: heoyoung1103@yt + reena29shadow + rainaftershine

[Eng Subs] Collection of kissing scenes from Mischievous Kiss

I know a lot of you are missing now the late night watching, and the excitement, and the waiting for english subs of the episodes of Mischievous Kiss to be uploaded.Well, I do experience that too, so don't blame yourself for feeling that way. We had a great two months of watching each episodes and we all felt very sad as the drama has come to an end. But since we are still waiting for the special edition to be uploaded in you tube, here are some scenes from the drama. If I am not mistaken, this is the only drama that Hyun Joong made a lot of kissing scenes. (actually, the title was 'Mischievous Kiss' so it is already expected ^^)  

Warning: For those people who have heart ailments, I don't suggest this video to be watched since you might end up heart broken ^^

credits: PlayFullKissFan@yt

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong preparing to enter College?

I don't know if this is accurate, but if it's true well that's good.^^ I guess Baek Seung Jo's character did really influence him eh? ^^ I hope Seung Jo's cold character would not adapted by Hyun Joong-ah. ^^


Kim Hyun Joong attending ChungWoon University Next Year? [10.10.24]

Credits : Fan cafe Kim HyunJoong Eternity (http://cafe.naver.com/khjeternity/4526) + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Kim HyunJoong will be attending ChungWoon University at HongSung next year..
He will be attending the college of Broadcasting & Arts..

Mischievous Kiss Comeback

Oh my, my heart started to raise when the article mentioned. Making a promotion overseas including the Philippines? I wish they would come here in our country. Really really wishing so hard about this. ^^


original in korean: Nate News
translated into chinese: YOYO@百度金贤重吧 HYUNBAR
translated into english: bb @LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min, male and female leads,
from the Wed/Thu MBC drama Playful Kiss which ended its run on 21st,
will be working together again.

The two will be filming for the spin-off story from Playful Kiss from 26th Oct to 10th Nov.
This spin-off will be an exclusive online special,
and will revolve around the lives of Baek Seung Jo (KHJ) and Oh Ha Ni (JSM)
after getting married.
It will be aired via YouTube from the mid November.

The person-in-charge of the TV production team said,
"The spin-off story is about the couple's lives.
Unfortunately, only Jung So Min was shooting on the first day of filming.
Kim Hyun Joong was absent due to a CF shooting
which was held back as he was busy with the drama filming.
They will reunite for filming in the afternoon of 27th."

Further, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min are expected to carry out promotional activities overseas
for the drama in the first half of next year.
Playful Kiss, which has been sold to 12 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Philippines and others,
will launch large-scale promotional activities overseas from December.

[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong always caring for his fans

Our very sweet Hyun Joong did another good deed towards his fans. Although it is not as much as what others think, but for us Triple S, a celebrity who is caring for his fans means a lot. Here is one fan account to testify my statement.


Kim Hyun Joong gave soymilk to fans in cold weather [10.10.26]

Source: caroline912 @Hyunbar
English Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Excited throughout the night, I really can't wait for a proper account, so I will write a simple account first!

Met Hyun Joong during the wee hours of 26th, the weather in Seoul suddenly changed, the wind was strong and it was very cold!

We bumped into him when he went to the supermarket to buy something! Knowing that we are his fans, he signed for CC, doudou and I and even signed to Hyun Joong Chinese Mother Fans.

As the weather was cold, after Hyun Joong bought his own stuff, he went to the take 3 bottles of hot soy milk from the heat box (miyo: sorry, can't find the exact word for it) outside the supermarket and gave each of us a bottle!

Really very nice and sweet of him!

I'm so excited that I couldn't sleep at all and I don't even know how to speak already! So I just came here and do a simple account!

Autographed and soy milk pictures will be put up later after we have watermark it with our Chinese Mother Fans logo and together with the proper fan account.
Too excited!!!!!!! Feeling too blissfully happy!!!!

Mischievous Kiss OST Album Photobook

Wow! Does this mean that someone had already bought the album? This photobook seems nice and for those who wanted to get a copy of this album, I suggest you order right away while stocks are still available. You may never know, tomorrow it might be gone already. So to help you decide if you would be buying this OST Album Photobook, here are just some pictures that will encourage you. Make up your mind. ^^

credits: YAOYAO@Hyunbar.cn + hyunniespexers@wordpress
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