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Kim Kyu Jong performs 'Yesterday' for his comeback stage in Music Bank

Yey!! I was able to watch this through our television and I was so happy when it was Kyu Jong's turn already!!!! Although I'm not at the studio, but I was joining the screaming of the fans!!! Can't help it, sorry. kekeke ^^ He was really handsome and him staring at the camera just killed me!!!!! ^^ For those who missed his performance, here it is! ^^

credits: UnKnownCarrot180@yt

Kim Kyu Jong's Schedule on October 4 & 16

I guess he will be more busy during these dates. ^^ 

4th Oct (Tues) - [RECORD] Food Expedition S2

4th Oct (Tues) - [RADIO] Younha's Starry Night

16th Oct (Sun) - Anyang Movie Festival, Pre-open Ceremony (Y-STAR Public event)  
 credits: kyu-jong.com + ss501ode.blogspot.com

Kim Kyu Jong talks about his comeback and fellow SS501 members

Although each SS501 members have their own ways of saying such kind and sweet words towards fans and to fellow members, but since then, Kyu Jong was the one who was very vocal and would always include in his interviews about how grateful he is to his hyungs and dongsaengs. Indeed, he is the balancer of the group. It really fits him. ^^ I hope Kyu Jong's wish would come true soon. ^^


Only the Golden Words, because the rest of content is about repeated before.

Kim Kyu Jong, Concludes SS501 Solo Acts
Link: http://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/music/201109/sp2011093006014195510.htm
Date of interview: 21st Sept (Wed)
Date interview published: 30th Sept (Fri)

"In the end I had become the final relayer. As each of the members started their solo activities and up till now that it has managed to finish turning one round and ending off with a full stop, the feeling is marvellous. This period of time has become a turning point where it came to dawn on me just how precious group activities are."

"Hyungjun and Hyunjoong-hyung have monitored over my songs stringently. While Youngsaeng-hyung who's in the same agency as I am, helped in the rap featuring in one of my song [My Love]. As for Jungmin, I couldn't let him hear my song because he's in Taiwan, but I believe he'll show his support (silently/by actions). All of them may say it's difficult to work and do this alone, but how would I not know that is worries and concern they have for me.."...

"I hope all our members come to give support and congregate together in the waiting room"...that is Kim Kyu Jong's wish.

He said, after all the members finish each of their planned solo activities, he sincerely hopes to re-unite forces and start group activities next year. And most importantly, it's for fans who have never changed throughout despite each doing each's activities now. "Fans are the friends you have who spins all the precious memories with you during the most shining period of time. When we look back and reminisce, I hope to weave really proud memories together as that way. So for that to happen, we would do that (re-unite) latest next year. And, all our members think the same way, too.".

SS501 Tweets: Kim Hyung Jun tweets for Kyu Jong

Besides the fact that he visited Kyu Jong yesterday in M!Countdown, Maknae even tweeted today about Kyu Jong's performance in Music Bank. The brotherly love that we all adore. ^^

Please re-post with full credits! 

credits: HyungJun87 + KaHye95@twitter (English Translation)

Kim Hyun Joong's Lotte Duty Free Shop New Wallpapers for Octover 2011

New month, new set of wallpapers. ^^

credits: enlottedfs.com

Kim Hyung Jun's Summer Festival Behind the Story Part 6

Aww... looking at the last two photos shows Maknae is really exhausted. Hope he gets enough rest now.

Today is an extra page~! Not Hyung Jun on the stage. Sorry I can’t protect you. Please understand (me for posting)those pictures ^^;;

“Today I’m cool right?!” If I put my hand on my chin, it would not pale in comparison to the advertisement for shavers right ^^??!!!!!

On the day of the performance, always eating from bento!! I will eat the delicious bento thankfully! Will also pray ^^

Today is a day with 2 performances.. Hyung Jun collapsing from exhaustion as soon as he returned to the waiting room ^^

Just like this taking a short nap on the sofa before going to meet everyone again!!! ‘Who took this (photo)!!!!!!!!!!! kekekeke’

credits: JUNUS (source) + ONLY JUN (kimhyungjun.net) [English Translation]

Heo Young Saeng - Rainy Heart PV Full Version (First Solo Story)

Hmmm.. is this their first idea for 'Rainy Heart' MV? What do you think, which one is better? This one or the one that was released? For me,... both! ^^ Because In both MV's I could see Young Saeng's smile. ^^

credits: BlackHoshiko009@yt + 疯靡501@v.youku.com

Heo Young Saeng First Solo Story NG Cut

I was seriously laughing on these NG Parts. ^^ Who could tell that our former quiet Prince is this funny? ^^ I really need to save money so I can buy this DVD!!!!! 

credits: nejeelicious@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Ki Bum on Pops in Seoul: Brothers with Superior Genes

Glad they are included on the list! ^^ They are both talented, totally agree! ^^

credits: arirangworld@yt

SS501 Tweets: Kim Kyu Jong tweets to his Pea Princess

Look who finally decided to tweet us? It's no other than our ever sweet Kyu Jong-ssi. ^^ I really missed him in the twitter world! ^^ Before, he usually updates us of his daily quotes and activities he had during the day. But since he is kinda busy right now, we hardly see his tweets. But last night, was totally perfect. ^^ He never forget us, and that why we all love him more. A very thoughtful and humble person. ^^ Who will ever hate this guy? 

credits: 2kjdream + SGlove501@twitter (English Translation)

Video of Kim Kyu Jong 'Turn Me On' Album Jacket Making

I am at the lobby of my office right now when I decided to watch the video. Without any music, I decided to click the 'play' button. And when the video reached the part 1:15, I seriously laughed, not even caring if other people are looking at me right now. Coz it is REALLY funny for me. Just looking at the clip where the water was splashed at his face and he could not control his laughter, I also laughed with him. kekekeke ^^ Try watching it for yourself. ^^

credits: sujeong501@yt

Clips from Heo Young Saeng's First Solo Story DVD

Can I just say this...... I really wanted to have this!!!!! If only my money would permit me to do so. T.T It's worth it having this as one of your collections. T.T Come to think of it, I haven't added any collectible DVD's or CD's lately. The last one was Hyun Joong's album (which is I have like... 3 albums? 1 korean version and 2 Philippine version kekeke) But I really really wanted to have this! If Santa is here in front of me, I bet he would get tired listing all my christmas wish. ^^ It would definitely be ALL of SS501 CD and DVD! ^^

Okay, enough of my complaints. ^^ This video by shared to us because it will definitely encourage you to buy his DVD. First video was a lip sync version of 'Rainy Heart' and the second one is from 'Let it Go' rehearsal. I think I just died at the second video, not only because he frequentlyshows his smiles and dimples, but also at 0:57. ^^ I keep pressing the replay button and die in an instant. ^^ 

credits: mitha7778@yt


Kim Kyu Jong Media Pictures from M!Countdown

This was during his performance earlier. ^^

credits: as tagged

Kim Hyun Joong PhotoBook Limited

Once again, I'm envying Japanese fans. T.T They truly are very lucky.

Kim Hyun Joong 1st Live Photo Book Limited ~ Showcase in seoul

Product Code: DATV0661

Price (s): ¥ 3,360

Booking start date: 2011/09/30

Release Date: 2011/12/02

Product specification
■ Size: 190 mm ​​× 240 mm
■ Number of pages: approximately 180 pages
■ Marerial: PVC Case, Paper

credits: datv.jp

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong: The Recent Me

The photo where he was with the dog looks really cute. And I laughed with his statement that he laughed while looking at the pictures he took. ^^ I could just imagine the way he laughed. kekekeke ^^


Staff Blog of Kim Hyun Joong Official Mobile Site ~ The Recent Me 1& 2

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Credits: ritsuko05801 @yahoo blog
Japanese~English Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com
■ The Recent Me 1。
2011/09/29 Hyun Joong

Working hard practicing till night time for the release of the album in October.
Will become busy once the activities starts…

This is what I do when I have the time, if I could will be playing together with it~
Those who suspect that I keep playing with the dog and not practicing!
Because I can't show pictures of myself practicing...I took this instead!!

■ The Recent Me 2。
2011/09/29 Hyun Joong

Don't you think that it's amazing?
But when I look at these photos and see the interesting expression of them makes me laughed.
When everyone of you is feeling tired (especially when tired of waiting for my album ^^;;) Please look at these photos and laughed.

In October, let's run together again!!!!
Ah! Not running but let's try jumping up like in this photo!!!!!!

Kim Kyu Jong pictures from Inkigayo Comeback Recording

Such clear pictures, you could really see Kyu Jong's eyes sparkling. ^^

credits: as tagged

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong hate temptations

Well actually, he talked about a lot, and I mean a lot! ^^ About his worries in his comeback, reason behind not having a car, and resisting temptations. ^^ Read the whole article and you'll find it very interesting. ^^


Kim KyuJong “I’m afraid to make mistake, didn’t even buy a car”

Credits : oing @ NEWEN + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Talking to ‘Young man who leads a upright life’ Kim KyuJong, what we felt is his brightness, healthiness and deepness in thoughts. Even when talking excitedly on incidents with his fans, he rounded up saying “So I have to work even harder and become a greater person.” It is not a pretentious talk, because his body is already holding to his honest heart.

Kim KyuJong, who doesn’t have a car on his own said “I didn’t buy a car because I am uneasy about it. If I have one, I think I will unknowingly drink and drive and get into trouble. I thought that I shouldn’t buy a car ever since I was twenty years old.” He added and laughed “Even though I feel sorry for my future girlfriend, but I can’t say (if I’d buy a car) after marriage, but now I have no intention of buying a car.”

“I always take the subway when I go and meet my friends. If I am really busy, then I will take a taxi. Subway is fast and good.” He said praising the subway. We told him “You used to always pull down your hat and put your head down when you go. What did I say?” Kim KyuJong laughed and said “At that time I thought that was what I must do, but now I go at ease. It’s good if someone recognizes me. I will give autograph if being asked. But a while back, I was being photographed by someone and I heard that I looked shabby in it.” And he laughed again.

Kim KyuJong’s reason for wanting to get married early is “Because I hate temptation”. He explained “Living in the society, I see the many temptations in my friends and hyungs. I really hate those temptations. Even though it becomes an excuse while working, if I have a special someone, I think I will not have such suggestions anymore.”

He added “I want to quickly get married and enjoy the marriage and have babies. I want my father to have an enjoyable time with my kid before he turns too old. If I have kid early, won’t my kid have the chance to have a cup of alcohol with my father when he gets old enough? I think it will be a great gift for my father too.”

With his busy schedule and new challenges coming up, he might be very anxious but he said “As compared to the worries of friends my age, I think I am enjoying it.” He continued “I used to be envious of the friends who solely went to school, but now when we meet, they are all sighing. While preparing for the album, I had some worries and thought ‘I should ask my friends’, but everyone is seriously worried about their own future. They were having a very hard time. As compared to them, I think my worries are enjoyable worries.”

As the last runner of SS501 solo debut, the aim for Kim KyuJong’s album is also as per that nature. “I felt the stress as members who released their albums before me were doing better and better. It will be great if I do well with my album but my role is to finish everything well under our group image. More than the desire to have a big hit success, I hope to finish with an image ‘Kim KyuJong seems like a good person’.”

Composer Han SangWon who produced SS501’s hit song ‘U R Man’, once again produced ‘YESTERDAY’ for Kim KyuJong, “It may sound tacky at first but please listen to it just 3 times. And you will find that it is really good.” He laughed and said.

Kim Kyu Jong performs 'Yesterday' for his comeback stage in MNET M!Countdown

The long wait is over!!! Now it's here!!!!! The much awaited performance from Kim Kyu Jong is definitely great!!!!! A lot of Triple S, ThanKYU and Kyupika went crazy and screamed (I think) when they finally saw this performance! For those who missed the chance to see it, here it is! 

credits: CrazyCarrotExtra2@yt

Kim Kyu Jong explains the reason behind the concept photos for his album 'Turn Me On'

Now we get to understand why he took such photos. It made me smile when said about something that instead of him looking a girl, he turned out to be a transvestite. Don't get me wrong, I smiled in a positive way. ^^


Kim KyuJong “Extraordinary Female Make-Up Photo, Hoping to be Pretty but Simply Transvestite”

Credits : oing@ NEWSEN + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Last of SS501 to make a solo debut, Kim KyuJong’s teaser photo had various ‘extraordinary’ points. Heavy make-ups, pearl necklace, female clothing with white hairstyle… immediately after it was being released, there was a heated attention among music fans as well as in various online communities. There are different types of reactions, from curiosity regarding his new attempt, to negative responses.

Kim KyuJong said honestly, “Even though it would be great to hear many nice words about it but getting away from that, I thought that I should do something that I have never done before. And it attracted many people’s attention on it.” He added “Because I won’t be showing that in my performance, so I just wanted to be showing this image.”

He said he is thankful even for those negative responses. He said, “Even then, I think they will say ‘What’s this?’ when they see the photo. Besides cursing over the photo, I am thankful simply that they found and saw the photo. Because it would seem like the traits in my performance, so it is good since it will create attention for it.”

Kim KyuJong’s dressing as woman hides 2 meanings. First is, the wholly white make-up signifies that even though there are diverse colors on the inside, he will break off from all of them and will show his own set of color in his performance.

Kim KyuJong explained, “The 2nd meaning is that while putting on make-up and filming, I thought that the title song is just too sad. It is not that I like a person similar to me. You will become similar with any person you like. Breaking up with the girlfriend, you will think that you can find the image of your girlfriend in your own face. So I put the make-up just like how the girlfriend would. If you look at the album jacket photo, you can also see photos of removing the make-up.”

Kim KyuJong said after explaining the hidden meaning, “I thought that it is really difficult being a female.” He continued “It is difficult to put on fake eyelashes. ‘How can you go out wearing this? It is tough to look beautiful’, these thoughts came to me. For guys, we just wear whatever will do. Females create beauty from small little things, which is tough. It’s just so difficult be it by just not moving, or putting on the fake eye lashes.”

He added “Frankly speaking, I was embarrassed initially but finds it fresh and original while taking the photos. I felt ‘There’s also such a side of me’, ‘When should I try this’. But I wasn’t pretty. I took the photo hoping that I will come out like a pretty lady but I came out just like a transvestite.” And laughed. He continued “Well that’s too bad. I was thinking if I should have put on a wig, but I don’t think it will work.”

Throughout the interview, we can feel Kim KyuJong enjoying the preparations for his solo album and various new challenges he has. “I have not gone into active promotion activities yet so I am not sure, but it was fun but tiring to be making it alone. I have tried various things and also talked a lot about my personal stuffs, it is making me excited. In the past, members share their opinions and fine-tuned it, but now there was too much because there is no one who gives control over it, however the song came out which I am personally satisfied with.”

Meanwhile, Kim KyuJong will start his active promotion activities in music shows broadcasts starting from Mnet ‘M Countdown’ on 29-Sep. Title song ‘YESTERDAY’ comprises of unique raging deep sensitivity in its second half of the song, attracting anticipation by showing the colors of Kim KyuJong.

Kim Kyu Jong thought of retiring, received too much wounds from people

Oh my,... I think I should give huge thanks to the staffs and Young Saeng also who gave him strength and encouraged him to stay as a singer. How can they say those kind of words to our very humble Kyu Jongie? He never said anything bad to other people, but still critics are coming in from left to right. He deserve a chance to prove himself as a singer, don't be too harsh on him. If you could just listen to his songs, especially his current album now, you'll know that he is fitted to be a singer. And that is a FACT! ^^ Let's all support him! ^^


Kim KyuJong “Decided To Retire When People Makes Me Feel Too Difficult”

Credits : www.enews24.net/news/03/1714401_1164.html + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

The heart that got hurt by people can only be healed through people. Coming back to the music scene after 1 year and 7 months is idol group SS501’s Kim KyuJong, who had thought of retiring due to getting hurt deeply by people. He also considered seriously to quietly going back to his hometown and live on listening to his favorite music.

The reason for him to think of the word ‘retire’ is due to the wounds he received from people. Especially because of his character of trusting people easily and shy of strangers, Kim KyuJong fell into the deep into his agony. Thoughts like “My character doesn’t fit as a singer?” filled his head.

“I stopped doing what I was originally doing. Because I received too much wounds from people. I even think like ‘My character is not suitable?’ sigh~ I thought of leaving without any prior notice at the thought of living comfortably without any desires.”

This is not a joke, Kim KyuJong really intended to leave. But he made a long journey and returned once again on the stage. Kim KyuJong released his first solo mini album ‘TURN ME ON’ on 27-Sep. So what is the reason for Kim KyuJong to sing again?

“Because of people. I realized that there are still many people who cherishes me like before. All thanks to these people, I was determined to work hard. In the past when I have lots of work, I will grumble but now I will have fun and enjoy it. (smile)”

Kim KyuJong, whom we have not seen for a long time, looks even brighter than before. Though his difficulties during this period has not diminished yet, thanks to the precious affinity with his current agency and its staffs, he was able to gather strength to stand up again. SS501 member Heo YoungSaeng, who is with him in his current agency B2M Entertainment, becomes his biggest strength.

“Thinking of standing on the stage again after 2 over years, I feel happy and excited. Of course, though there are still many things I don’t know yet, but won’t these change accordingly when I becomes determined to do it? (Heo) YoungSaeng hyung also said I am suitable to sing and supported me. It became a big strength to me.”

While having activities as SS501, thanks to the few members who loves being in the limelight, the usually quiet him had a 180 degrees change and we can feel the change in this meeting with him. Don’t know if it’s a natural change as he will have the camera time all to himself which he had shared with 5 members in the past.

Of course, the first drink cannot fill you full, Kim KyuJong does not demand too much on his first solo album. He only hopes to walk quietly towards the fans who got wet under the drizzle.

“I like American singer Tommy Page’s music very much. Though it is not a very outstanding type of music, you will remember it for a very long time. Like for my song, even though it will not appear as very outstanding when fans listen to it, but it will quietly linger around, so even when time passes by, I hope I can hear people say ‘This song is really good’. It is my dream to become a singer with such charisma.”

Though he started off as idol group, Kim KyuJong came out standing alone now, he wants to be remembered as a singer who has a ‘deep scent’. In year 2011, he will step forward alone, not as a group but as solo, not as idol but as a singer.


[Eng Subs] Kim Kyu Jong on YeoYooManMan

Kyu Was funny when he was singing seriously then decided to cut it and mentioned to be able to hear his full song to watch the musical. kekekeke ^^

credits: sharonhuang83@yt

SS501 members Young Saeng and Hyung Jun visits Kyu Jong on M!Countdown

Look who decided to drop by and cheer for our Center Kyu Jong. It's none other than his fellow SS501 members Young Saeng and Hyung Jun! They are there to cheer him up and give support to his comeback stage performance! And boy, was I so happy upon seeing these 3 boys together! It's as if 'U R Man' days right? ^^Unfortunately Leader Hyun Joong is busy shooting for his CF today and I think Mal is also busy. But I am sure they gave him a call to wish him luck. ^^ Can't wait to see his first comeback performance! I am so nervous!!!!! ^^ Kyu Jong-ah! Fighting!!!!! ^^ (The second picture was during MNET Wide recording ^^)

credits: as tagged

More Photos of Kim Kyu Jong from 'Turn Me On' Album

More and more photos of him! Keep it coming! kekekeke ^^ Remember later at 6pm KST is Kyu Jong's comeback stage in M!Countdown. Please support him! ^^

credits: gellieSS501@Twitter + BlackRose50101
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