Friday, February 28, 2014

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong on 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 14 02.27.14

I was able to stream this yesterday and once again I saw a scene where Ok Ryeon kising Jung Tae on the cheek. It seems that scene is the easiest to film that's why we have it almost every episode, eh? 맞지 김현중씨? ㅋㅋㅋ On this episode, Jung Tae fought with the police to help out the people but got caught because of Jae Hwa. However, Gaya helped him to get out of the prison. Shinichi also appeared and tried to fight with Jung Tae but Wang Baek San came to the rescue. As they fought, Jung Tae noticed that move of Wang Baek San against Shinichi is almost the same bruises he saw from his father. I guess he's having already the idea of who killed his father. Stay tuned to this drama as it gets more exciting! ^^

credits: Aldonza Ramirez@yt

Thursday, February 27, 2014

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong on 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 13 02.26.14

The episode when Jung TAe confessed to Ok Ryeon and had another yet kissing scene. >.< 알겠어 김현중. 키스 씬 너무 좋아. 맞지? I haven't watched this until now, probably this weekend. For those who would like to watch, here is the full subbed episode.

credits: viki.com

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 70 02.27.14

Deulim's dad is about to find out the truth and I am really curios what Hyeonu has to say about this? Will he reveal the truth or conceal it? I'll definitely watch tomorrow's episode!

credits: KBS World TV@yt

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong on 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 13 02.26.14

My connection was down earlier so I wasn't able to stream the drama. But I guess there was a reason for it. Because Ok Ryeon and Jung Tae had another kissing scene that I may not take. >.< 야야야!!! 신정태!! 아 진짜!! 키스신 완전 좋아?? 너 죽을래?? 머리 아퍼. >.< 김현중 너 또  키스신 완전 좋아?? 됐어!!

credits: Ayano Cage@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim HYung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 69 02.26.14

Oh no! Deulim's dad saw them hugging each other!!! Another revelation was shown!! Really this drama is getting me hooked up more and more!! 

credits: KBS World TV@yt

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Official Photos of Kim Hyun Joong from 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 11

Lifted these photos from the official website of Inspiring Generation. Our Leader still listening to some music while one break, but becomes a serious actor once they start filming the scene. A very passionate artist towards his work. That is our Leader Kim Hyun Joong! 잘한다 김현중!! ^^

credits: Inpsiring Generation Official Website

[Video] Preview of Kim Hyun Joong on 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 13

Oh no!!! This we got to watch tomorrow! Jung Tae trying to kill Gaya??? We really need to see this! I am so excited for tomorrow's episode!! 

credits: bosuhjvn@yt

[Video] Heo Young Saeng singing 'Because I'm Stupid' during welcoming of new trainees in Seoul Police Hongbodan 02.25.14

I can't help but laugh at the moment when a guy shouted 'Young Saeng Oppa!!!' ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I bet Young Saeng was about to laugh too when he heard him scream. ^^ They even did a fanchant!! ^^ Watch how our Prince sang in front of the crowd. 허영생 화이팅!!!!

credits: 정연길@yt

[Eng Translation] Kim Kyu Jong's handwritten letter to his fans 02.24.14

OMG~ I was teary eyed when I saw his letter, especially when I read the translation. T_T Ever since, Kyu was the sweetest! He even thought of writing this letter on the day of his birthday. T_T I am so touched by his words, and I still can't believe he's not on my timeline anymore. I wish he comes back to Twitterland so I can leave him a message or something. It is somehow a way to feel closer to him. And I miss that way he call us 'Pretties'. ^^ 이 편지를 감사합니다. 감동이에요~ ♥ 정말 감사해요 김규종씨~ ^^ Thanks to xiaochu for translating it. ^^ 

02/25 [trans] KyuJong’s Handwritten Letter Has Arrived

Credits : Kyu-Jong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com & sgnoonas.wordpress.com


It was KyuJong’s birthday on 24-February! For all the fans who has wished him happy birthday, KyuJong has sent over a handwritten letter~

Hello! Hello!~ Kkyak! It has been a long time right?!~^^
Are you Pretties doing well~ 2014.02.24 has already passed and March is approaching!^^
Are you sticking to your new year’s resolution~ are you doing well, I’m missing you and curious (about that).. sob..sob.. I believe (you are) doing well~^^♡ Ah..! I sincerely thank everyone who wished me happy birthday.. I am really touched as I received many well-wishes from lots of countries and including Korea! I really spent (my day) happy/blessed~^^ From pretty dong-saengs~ Sister! And even Aunts! Really thank you each and everyone. A person like me, I am really a person who receives lots of fortune.. Made me feel this once again! I will return this much happiness like this back (to you) as soon as possible! It’s a must!^^ Until the day we meet again, stay healthy! Be happy! Always think positive! And smiling^^ Hope that you will stay well~♡ Pretties~ Bye bye~^^♡

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 68 02.25.14

I am seriously into this drama. I felt bad for Hyeonu and Deulim too. Hyeonu is very confused why Deulim is acting that way,, while Deulim is suffering all by herself because of the truth she knows. >.< I want to see what's gonna happen next! 

credits: KBS World TV@yt

Monday, February 24, 2014

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 67 02.24.14

Made it home early so I was able to watch it on our local cable tv. ^^ Things are going out of hand between their family and Deulim acting like that to Hyeonu. She lools like she's being rude to Hyeonu but deep inside she's falling apart. Poor her. And Jjunie still staying beside to Suim to lend a helping hand. ^^ Can't wait to see for tomorrow's episode since Deulim is now asking Hyeonu to break up! >.<

credits: KBS World TV@yt 

Happy 28th Birthday to Triple S President and SS501's Forever Center Kim Kyu Jong! 02.24.14

I'm about to go to work, but I cannot let this day pass without greeting our Triple S President Kim Kyu Jong! ^^ Today is his special day, and of course we have missed him for almost 2 years already. A lot of things have happened since he entered the military. A ouple of concerts of his members took place. But he did make time for them. Even it means risking his status in the military service. He went up on stage for Young Saeng's concert. ^^ We were all thrilled to see him singing 'Green Peas' and because of that we get to see a reunion that we have been all longing for. ^^ He was tearful while leaving his message to Young Saeng, only means how sweet and how close he is with the prince. Before, we were update on the happenings in his life, but unfortunatley, mid December when he decided to delete his Twitter account. T_T I guess he has his reasons for doing so. Still, we have not lost hope in hearing news about Kyu. Then, he also appeared in Hyung Jun's Anniversary concert with Jung Min and once again we are all happy to see him on stage and singing happily. ^^ Only proves how he treasure his brothers. ^^

To one of the sweetest and kindest guy I have ever met, I wish you all the happiness and blessings you deserve. I know that you will be having a great birthday with friends and family. ^^   김규종 생일축하합니다!! ^^ 사랑해요!!!!! ♥

Last night, we were able to made the hashtag #Happy28thKyuJong a trend Worldwide! ^^ I hope he sees that. ^^

Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong on 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 12 02.20.14

Sorry for the late post. Here's the episode in full English subs! Still haven't watched it yet T_T Hopefully I can by tomorrow. ^^ For those who have time, enjoy watching! ^^

credits: viki.com

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Article about Park Jung Min regarding what he is proud of and his thoguhts in buying estate in Taiwan

Thanks for kelemama for translating the article. ^^ It used to be Hyun Joong before that they tease back then for having a big butt ^^ But now, since they are all adults, Jung Min is very happy to say that he is proud of his butt. ^^ So I guess from this time, you'll try to see and notice that from him, eh? ^^ 근데 내가 할 말이있어.... 박정민 머리 잘라!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

[News] Park Jung Min proud of his beautiful butt, flew to Taiwan for beef noodles and wishes to buy estate

Korean group SS501's member Park Jung Min is having fanmeeting at 2pm and 7.30pm at Taipei Da-Tong Sports Stadium tomorrow, he used to film drama in Taiwan. He arrived the night before the fanmeeting and immediately head over to Ba-De Road to eat beef noodle, drank green tea yakult to satisfy his craving. He confidently said in Mandarin:"I can place order on my own." and revealed, Taiwan is a place where he can relax, consider buying property in Taiwan, and welcome everybody to give him recommendations on the location (to buy property).

Park Jung Min came with SS501 to Taiwan for 3 times, 3 years back long stay for 7 months, filmed idol drama [Fondant Garden], and fell in love with Taiwanese food. The moment he arrived (in Taiwan) day before yesterday, he headed straight to Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodle, he said in Mandarin:"I like half tendon half meat." and said:"I like to come back to film again if there's chance, and also considering to buy property in Taiwan, but is not familiar about the region and location.

He is most satisfied with his buttock and skin, laughingly said:"I feel the shape of my buttock is very nice, but no one has seen before!" He hasn't had any activities (in Taiwan) for about 3 years, lastly he used Mandarin to solicit:"Everybody must come, please!" His fanmeeting sales has sold 70%, for ticket purchase please contact 7-11 ibon.

News courtesy: http://m.ent.appledaily.com.tw/section/article/international/20140221/35654719 + (eng trans) @Josi3 / kelemama
Repost with full credits.

[Video] Heo Young Saeng performs in a play for Seoul Hongbodan Police regarding 'Cyber bullying' 02.21.14

I am so tired today~~~ I just got home from work and is so very tired. >.< But then, I saw this video and was eager to see how Young Saeng acted. ^^ Indeed, that way he wears his necktie shows he's really into the character. ㅋㅋㅋ It's been a while since we last saw him acting so being in a play is really a nice way seeing that side of Young Saeng. ^^ I wonder what his members has to say about it. ^^ 잘했어 허영생!! Wish I could see you in a play too. ^^

credits: 정연길@yt

Friday, February 21, 2014

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong on 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 12 02.20.14

Last night's episode featured Hyun Joong attending the funeral of his dad and feeling sorry about everything. Another crying scene for him on Episode 12. 울지마 김현중.~ 

credits: Aldonza Ramirez@yt + koreanonair.com

[Video] Park Jung Min in Total Entertainment 02.20.14

The full cut of Jung Min in Total Entertainment. Our boys are very busy nowadays. ^^ Good to know that. I hope someday we see them also in one show. That would be awesome! ^^ 근데.... 박정민... 머리 잘라!! ㅋㅋㅋ 

credits: mnflnz@yt

[Eng Subs] Hyung Jun calling Kyu Jong inviting to his concert

This is just showing how close they are. ^^ Nice thing Jjunie shared their conversation with us. ^^ Love the bromance! ^^ Hyung Jun even jokes with Kyu that was bleeped during the video.ㅋㅋㅋ 김규종 김형준 규막 사랑해!! ^^

credits: Cali SS@yt

Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 65 02.20.14

I feel bad for Deulim for keeping it as a secret that he knows her sister is in love with Hyeonu. And I felt bad for Jjunie too for continuing to be a friend to Suim despite her loving someone else. This drama is really getting too complicated, I wanted to know what's gonna happen next! Friday night, please come quickly! ^^

credits: KBS World TV@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong on 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 11 01.19.14

Last night's episode has its full subs already out! I like the ending song in the credits. ^^ I think Hyun Joong likes that too. ^^ 맞지 김현중? ^^ Enjoy watching! ^^

credits: viki.com

Kim Hyung Jun's Music High Official Photo Update: Losing fat belly 02.19.14

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So that's how you lose it eh? Might wanna try this sometime. ^^ 김형준 귀엽다! ^^'

credits: Music High Official Website

Kim Hyung Jun's Music High Official Photo Update 02.15.14

Seriously, I don't know what Hyung Jun is doing now. ㅋㅋㅋ 지금 뭐하는거야 김형준? But still he looks adorable. ^^

credits: Music High Official Website

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong on 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 11 02.19.14

I've watched this last night and witness again another crying scene from Hyun Joong. It was during the time he was reading the letter he sent to his dad. The drama is getting more and more interesting each episode so make sure to stay tuned on tonight's episode. 김현중 화이팅!!

*Inserting the translation of his letter to his dad. Thanks to @501wangja for the trans. ^^

Father, the weather is very cold, are you getting on well? I am Jung Tae. The words that father said when you came the last time, I had listened well. During the times when father is not around, I said I will take good care of mother and Chung-Ah. I'll definitely keep the promise. So, father must come to see me. Mother and Chung-Ah also missed father a lot. I...I missed you too, (I am) father's son. Jung Tae.

credits: Lefty Morris@yt + @501wang (English Translation)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[Fanpic] Kim Hyun Joong filming for 'Inspiring Generation' 02.18.14

These fans sure is lucky to be able to be at the place where Hyun Joong was filming for his drama. If only I could also be there. Sigh~ T_T Anyhow, let's all enjoy looking at his photos. ^^ 김현중 멋있다!! ^^

credits: http://mijya0909.blog.me/80207727669

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 64 02.19.14

Slowly, Deulim is discovering the truth behind her sister and Hyeonu. I wonder what will happen in tomorrow's episode? Will she give up Hyeonu? Or will she fight with her sister? Stay tuned! ^^

credits: KBS World TV@yt

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Official Photos of Kim Hyun Joong from 'Inspiring Generation' Episode 10

These shots were during the fight scene at the club. Very manly and very skilled actor Kim Hyun Joong! ^^ 김현중 화이팅!!

credits: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/tusin/index.html

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 63 02.18.14

I've watched this earlier on our cable tv. Good thing I cam home early. ^^ Deulim and Suim's love story is getting more complicated now. I wonder what Suim is gonna tell Deulim after she visited their office. Will she already reveal the truth? Jjunie by the way looks good in here. ^^

credits: KBS World TV@yt

Monday, February 17, 2014

Official Photos of Kim Hyun Joong for 'Inspiring Generation 02.17.14

Shared through the official website of 'Inspiring Generation'. This was from Episode 10. ^^ Serious Jung Tae~

credits: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/tusin/index.html
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