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[Fanpic] Photos of Heo Young Saeng before enlisting 10.31.13

I got to share whatever information I have for Young Saeng. Because I really could not tell when would be the next news about him. T_T These pictures are lovely to look at simple because of the smiles of Young Saeng. Those dimples... surely I will miss it everyday. 허영생 미소를 너무 좋아해요. ^^

credits: http://myorange0224.blog.me/150178625311

[Fancam] Heo Young Saeng shows up in front of fans before enlisting 10.31.13

Finally a fancam of his arrival and showing up in front of fans. I'm starting to tear once again. T_T Seeing this fancam makes me feel I was there too. He's kinda shy with his haircut. Don't be, Young Saeng. You are still our Prince no matter what. 힘내세요 허영생!

credits: pink2ume@yt

SS501 Tweets: Hyung Jun's Message to Young Saeng 10.31.13

Our Maknae tweeted earlier to give some support to his hyung Young Saeng. ^^ It feels different without our Prince but I know that during their absence, the other boys would be working hard so that when that one day comes, that day of comeback, we will all feel proud how they have become. ^^ 고마워 김형준!! 힘내요 허영생!!

credits: HyungJun87 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

SS501 Tweets: Heo Young Saeng's Message before enlisting 10.31.13

I was at the office today. I decided to go to work rather than take a leave just like what I did when Kyu Jong made his enlistment. I told myself that since I'm not good at goodbyes, I'd rather distract myself to work. Unfortunately, my boss was absent so I was tempted to check my phone for updates. And then suddenly, Young Saeng tweeted with this message. Believe it or not, tears start rolling in my eyes. T_T I tried to hide it from my officemates so I hurriedly go to our washroom just to cry. It hurts a lot. Call me pathetic or even crazy. I just can't help it. It's really hard to see someone go especially if they become a part of your daily lives. Yes, he doesn't know me personally nor he didn't know I even existed. But me knowing him for more than 4 years is enough for me to feel sad. I will miss seeing his name on my timeline. T_T I guess, I'll just leave my message here for Young Saeng. 

Young Saeng-ah, I'm sorry I wasn't there to send you off. I know it's gonna be strange entering the army. Different lifestyle, different daily routine, different way of living. My heart hurts just by thinking you will be away for 2 long years. I know it's a call of duty for your country and that there is nothing you can do about it. I'll try to let myself understand that that's the way it's gonna be. Allow me to say also my thank you. Thank you for making an album before you leave, thank you for having a concert in Korea prior to enlistment, thank you for making an effort in reuniting SS501. Thank you..... I am forever grateful. I hope you stay healthy and don't forget that your Triple S family and SS501 members are gonna be waiting for your comeback. I will definitely miss your smile....  안녕~ 잘가~~ 바이 바이~ 프린스 허영생~~ T_T

credits: mystyle1103 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

Article about Heo Young Saeng and his thoughts about enlisting

As you read this post, by this time he is already enlisted and I am feeling sad about it. As much as we wanted to keep him and to see him everyday, this is the moment where we need to exercise our patience once again in waiting. 2015 seems to be a very long time, however we can also use that time to become a better person. Take care Young Saeng,.... and we will wait for you. 우리는  기다리고있을 것. 약속해 허영생. T_T


[Interview]Heo Young Saeng Plans to Return After He Grows and Matures in the Army

Ahead of his military enlistment, Heo Young Saeng promised to work hard to grow and return as a confident man.

Heo Young Saeng enlisted on October 31 at 2PM (KST) at the Nonstop* Training Center. After basic training, he will be transferred to become a government-drafted police officer. He is the second SS501 member to go to the army after Kim Kyu Jong.

On his way to the base, Heo Young Saeng had a phone interview, revealing his honest thoughts ahead of his enlistment.

“Since it’s a call from the country, I will be devoted to my time there,” said Heo Young Saeng. “More than anything, when I’m discharged, I’ll be 30. I think it will be a time to look back on everything I’ve done in my life so far.”

“I still have a lot of think about for my future. I believe this will be a time to grow and mature,” said Heo Young Saeng. “Please be waiting for me when I return as a stronger man.”

Heon Young Saeng held his first solo concert, 2013 Heo Young Saeng Seoul Concert 0513 My Story on October 26 at AX Hall, where he interacted with fans for the last time.

“My hearts thinking that I won’t be able to see you for a really long time, but there’s nothing really that we can do, right?” said Heo Young Saeng. “I believe that this concert was a time to comfort all of you.”

At the concert, all five members of SS501 gathered together in a really long time.

“The members all asked why I was going so early. After I thought about it, there are a lot of people older than me who haven’t gone to the army yet. But I still wanted to go at 28,” explained Heo Young Saeng. “I’ll hurry and complete the nation’s duties and work hard to return and show a better side of myself to you.”

Meanwhile, Heo Young Saeng debuted in SS501 in 2005 as the main vocal. After the members all signed onto different agencies, he worked as a soloist.

credits: http://m.enewsworld.interest.me/news/news_view.asp?nsID=49454

*I think the writer meant Nongsan Training Center

Media Photos of Heo Young Saeng before enlisting 10.31.13

It's always hard to deliver a sad news. No matter how sugar-coating I put into the words, still it will end up as a sad news. Another member of SS501 was enlisted to today in the military service. It's none other that SS501's Prince Heo Young Saeng. The dreaded day for all Triple S and Y.E.S. fans. I was feeling depressed all day. Though I have known about this since the day they have announced it, but still I'm not prepared for it. I think I will never be when it comes to our boys. They have been my inspiration since 2009. So just imagine investing your emotions from that day on until now... what would you feel? I hope he's okay now. If you could see on the pictures he's a bit shy with his short hair cut. 괜찮아 허영생. 멋지다. 예쁘다.보고싶다. T_T

credits: naver.com

Article about Kim Hyun Joong leaving 'Barefoot Friends'

Yes, it was confirmed by his agency that Hyun Joong will be leaving the variety show 'Barefoot Friends' to start filming for his drama 'Age of Feelings'. Sad he will be leaving, but like what other people say, when one door closes another one opens. Let's just support him until the last show and then we will start supporting him in his new project. ^^ 김현중 화이팅!!


Kim Hyun Joong to Drop Out of “Barefoot Friends” Due to Upcoming Drama Filming Schedule

Kim Hyun Joong has announced his departure from the variety program “Barefoot Friends.”

On October 31, Key East reps spoke with TV Report and said, “Due to scheduling conflicts with Kim Hyun Joong’s drama, he will need to step down from SBS’ ‘Barefoot Friends.’ He recently finished his last filming for the show.”

In order to film for the upcoming KBS drama, “Age of Feeling” (or “Inspiring Generation“), Kim Hyun Joong will be leaving for China in November so it would be hard for him to film “Barefoot Friends” at the same time. After discussing it with the variety show’s production team, it was decided that he would drop out.

Key East also added, “The filming for ‘Barefoot Friends’ that took place on October 27 was Kim Hyun Joong’s last one,” and “He is preparing to show better sides of himself through the upcoming drama.”

Meanwhile, it is reported that Kim Hyun Joong’s successor for “Barefoot Friends” has not yet been decided. Other than Kim Hyun Joong, Yoon Shi Yoon and Uee are also about to start new dramas, which has created talk about them leaving the show as well.

credits: http://www.soompi.com/2013/10/31/kim-hyun-joong-to-drop-out-of-barefoot-friends-due-to-upcoming-drama-filming-schedule/

[Eng Subs] 'Barefoot Friends' Episode 28 10.27.13

Here is the episode where Hyun Joong tried to eat a pepper dipped in chili paste.ㅋㅋㅋ Surprised how hot it can be, Hyun Joong-ah? 푸하하하하하하하!! 김현중 완전 웃겨!!^^

Click the picture to watch with English Subs!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Photos of Heo Young Saeng at a resto

Again, don't know the exact date these photos were taken but was shared today. I wish I knew so I could tell you too. But since these pictures are too cute to be ignored, I'm gonna post it here on my blog. Missing you, Young Saeng. I hope you are well today. I may not be in Korea tomorrow to send you off, but I do hope that you will take care of yourself so us not to worry. 사랑해요 허영생...

credits: @RiCeLyN + @youngchan501

Article about Heo Young Saeng's plan before enlisting

I'm thinking this is what he's currently doing right now. He's spending time with his family. To be honest, I feel sad today. Just thinking about how it will turn out tomorrow. Seeing him having a short hair, and will be in hiatus for 2 years. It hurts... alot. It's same thing happening all over again. With Kyu Jong... now with him. We hear from Kyu Jong every now and then because he's serving as a military public servant. Compared to Young Saeng who will be assigned as a soldier. T_T 허영생 보고싶어. T_T 오늘은 괜찮아?


Heo Young Saeng reveals how he'll spend his final day prior to his enlistment

Heo Young Saeng will spend some quality time with his family on the final day before his enlistment on October 31.

His agency B2M Entertainment stated on the 30th, "Heo Young Saeng will spend his final day before his enlistment on the 31st with his family and also have some time for himself."

Heo Young Saeng is the second SS501 member after Kim Kyu Jong to enlist. He will enter the Nonsan Training Canter on the 31st at 2 PM KST and serve 21 months as an active-duty soldier.

Tip: waitingforSaeng

credits: starsung@allkpop

Media Photos of Kim Hyung Jun during Press Conference for 'Melody of Love' 10.30.13

There are so many pictures shared in the media today for the said presscon. I only chose those pictures to share here on my blog. ^^ Hyung Jun looks very handsome, doesn't he? 김형준 멋지다!! I see a lot of girls envious with that girl beside Hyung Jun. ㅋㅋㅋ

credits: naver.com
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