Saturday, April 10, 2010

tired and missing him♥

                     Its a long week for me. I have started already my night shift at work,and had a lot of assessment and drills. But after 5 days,.. here comes rest day! Yahoooo! Finally, the day that I was waiting for. I haven't slept yet since yesterday (since my shift ended at 6 am, and its already 7 pm!). But eventhough that is the case, I enjoy watching the videos of the boys and fancams of leader in Barcelona. Yes, he is there for a photo shoot. That's why I'm missing him already.  T_T When he is coming back? I hope soon...
                      By the way, I received the package from Korea just this Monday! And it's the one that Kim Hyun Joong was endorsing! I was so excited and thrilled when I was opening it. I even took a picture of it! hahaha. And, may I say, the product does really work! I've only used it for 3 times and the results are already seen. I recommend you to buy this Dual Effect Sleeping Pack from Tony Moly. It's also cheap so you won't have to worry about the price. I bought it online through Gmarket. It's my first time ordering online and I was not disappointed. Try it out for yourself.
                            Dual Effect Sleeping Pack from Tony Moly              

                      And another thing, I have finished doing my fanvid for Kim Kyu Jong. Hope those people who don't know them should be familiar with their talents and attitudes towards the fans.

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