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[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in Arirang features first Solo Showcase

Tom and Jerry moment. ^^ I was laughing when he answered the question 'What's the first thing you would like to do if you were born a girl?' 

credits: arirangworld@yt

A must-watch SS501 fanvid

I was browsing the internet when I came across this video, I highly recommend that you watch this. The compilation of their videos, and with the poems inserted in each clip was great. The maker was actually good! It made me miss the 5 of them again. Try watching it and you'll know. 

credits: rtinybeerosahermosa@yt

Park Jung Min bought a $10,000 worth of watch as birthday present

I know ever since, Mal would spend a lot if he thinks it's worth buying for. And since it is a birthday present for himself, why not buy it right? ^^ I remember during 'Thanks for Raising Me Up' days, there was a scene where he bought a pillow online and was delivered to his house. ^^ Anyways, here are the rest of the interview with our beloved Park Jung Min. I like his hair shorter, but I know he needs to keep it long for the drama he will be filming.


Park Jung Min refused to love Choi Ji-woo

Source: Oriental Daily
English translation: ss501chapter.wordpress.com

SS501′s member Park Jung Min came to Hong Kong recently to promote his first solo album. He revealed in the interview that he bought a watch worth HK $10,000 as his birthday present, and also laughed that he hopes that fans can help him to complete the goal of buying a property next year.

Park Jung Min who is about to film his Taiwan drama does not want to exposed himself in front of the camera, but will try his best to shoot intimate scenes. Park Jung Min will return to Korea to film Korean drama and movie at the second half of the year, he was asked which female idol he want to work with and he is willing to accept older woman-younger man love, when the reporter introduce Choi Ji-woo to him, Park Jung Min said ‘She already got a boyfriend!’ (Cannot work with those who has a boyfriend?) In addition, Park Jung Min will head back to Japan to promote, but he is not worried about the local radiation problem.

Park Jung Min depend on fans to buy property

Source: HK Apple Daily
English translation + Shared by: ss501chapter.wordpress.com

South Korea popular group SS501′s member Park Jung Min came to Hong Kong a few days ago, fans even wished him (a happy birthday). During his interview with the reporter, he revealed that he bought a HK $10,000 watch for himself as his birthday present. He was asked if he is intending to buy a property, he laughed and said ‘This is next year’s birthday present, i hope fans will help me!’

Filming of Taiwan Drama

Park Jung Min will be filming a Taiwan drama but he does not know the detail, he was told that he needed to keep his hair long and learn horse-riding. He already requested to his company that he does not want to exposed himself (body), but will cooperate if there is a kissing scene. Park Jung Min said ‘I hope fans will not get jealous, just imagine that the actress is you!’ He will be filming Korean drama and film at the second half of the year, he is okay even if the content (of the drama/film) is about older woman and younger man love. Park Jung Min was friendly throughout the interview session, he also spoke Chinese from time to time to engage in the atmosphere, a reporter accidentally hit the lampshade, he actually used Chinese to ask the lampshade ‘Are you okay?’

Park Jung Min wants to get married soon and have 20 kids

Whoa!!! 20 kids?? Mal, it's like more than one basketball team! ^^ 


Jung Min – YES Magazine Issue 1050

Scanned by: PJMIFC (http://www.park-jung-min.com)
English translation: Laura Nah로라 (& her mom’s help of reading Cantonese) @ ss501chapter.wordpress.com

Shopping in Hong Kong

Even though this was not the first time JungMin has arrived in Hong Kong, it was his first time coming alone (as himself – “Park JungMin” and not as “SS501’s Park JungMin”) to promote his first solo album . JungMin says, “My time in Hong Kong is short and the schedule is very tight. However, I am still able to feel all my fans’ support, and this makes me very happy. Just as before, Hong Kong fans are very passionate!” And despite the tight schedule and all, JungMin took time out to go shopping, buying things to the extent of needing to get a new luggage to pack all his new stuff.

Lyrics about Love

For JungMin’s first album, he showcased his lyrics-writing talent by penning the words for all three songs. Upon release of his album, the songs are well-received by fans. This increased JungMin’s confidence greatly! JungMin says, “After releasing my mini album, I feel a great boost in confidence as a person and as a singer. When I was filling in the words for the songs, I would incorporate some imagination as well as my personal thoughts, feelings and experiences about love.” JungMin revealed that his initial thoughts about the lyrics for were not the same as what fans finally saw as the end product. He explained that there was a change of thought flow as he was penning the words.

Feeling Sad when his Feelings are not Reciprocated

This month, JungMin will release his repackaged album, which includes two new songs titled, “Like tears are Falling” and “Go, go”. These two songs reflect JungMin’s feelings, especially the album’s hit song, “Like tears are falling”. Speaking of tears, JungMin does have his fair share of sad moments! Though this may seem to be in contrast to the image he portrays – a cheery man whose signature look is his dazzling smile, JungMin explains, “There will be times when I am sad, because I value feelings a lot. If I am nice to someone, I will feel sad when that person do not reciprocate the same feeling(s).”

Celebrated His Birthday on top of a Mountain

Everyone has happy and sad moments. For JungMin, because he has the love and support of so many fans, we are quite sure that the number of happy times he experiences far exceeds the number of sad times! Just earlier this month, JungMin had his 24th birthday. He wanted to spend his birthday with his fans and thus he was not able to celebrate it with his friends. He recalled, “There was once when my friends and I went to hike a mountain, and we ended up celebrating my birthday on the mountain peak. It was really unforgettable. I really wish to celebrate with my friends again.” It must have been such a sight to try to compete with the wind to blow out the candles on top of the mountain!

Wants to Have Twenty Children

As his birthday wish, JungMin made a simple request: a healthy body to allow him to fulfill his scheduled work. AH, but how could we just let him off with such a simple wish! After some probing, we found out an exclusive piece of news for readers. JungMin says, “I hope to get married soon. Even though I have no expectations as to when I get married, I hope it will be as soon as possible! This is because I wish to have many children. Hopefully, I can achieve my wish of having twenty girls and boys.” Oh my! What a wish! Even if he has triplets, he would need seven years to achieve his goal! Hmmm… all the best, JungMin!

Filming Taiwanese Drama in May

It will be difficult for JungMin to find time to accomplish his wish this year. Haha! His work schedule for this year has been set and it is so packed! JungMin says, “I plan to record a Chinese song and have it released by the end of this year. At the same time, in May, I would be going to Taiwan to film a drama. Though I do not know the plot or storyline of the drama as yet, I am very excited about it! Also, I would be filming a Korean movie during the second half of 2011.” JungMin is really developing in three big areas – the world of singing, small screens (TV) and the big screens (movie)! It is known that his character for the Taiwanese drama have been specially tailored to fit him. We wonder if he will be acting as a witty singer in that drama!?

 Best at Counting Money

JungMin’s work ethic has been cultivated since he was a little boy. JungMin says, “Since young, I have been a high-energy person. Also, when I was much younger, my family was relatively not so well-to-do, and we do not have much money. It was a more difficult life, and it was also a lonelier one. Thus, I appreciate everything I have. And I will do my best for everything, always giving my all in order to complete them.” Indeed, JungMin remains as lively and appreciative as when he was young. JungMin says, “When I was studying, the subjects I am most confident was physical education (sports and games), the arts and music. Mathematics was my worst subject. However, I am best at counting money! Haha!”

Witty Girl-friend

Music is easily mastered by the talented JungMin. Given his great improvements, learning Mandarin also seems so easy to him. Not only is he able to answer interview questions in Mandarin, he is also able to write Chinese characters! JungMin says, “The people working with me are able to converse in Mandarin, thus, I was able to enquire them for help when learning to speak the language.” With his Mandarin, we are sure he will have no problems getting even a Mandarin-speaking girl as his girl-friend! JungMin says, “I like girls who are confident and knows how to dress appropriately for occasions. And I really like a girl who is always joyful, full of smiles, and has a witty sense of humor.” If ever such a cheery girl is with such a cheery JungMin, it would really be a match made in heaven!

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong interview in MBC Sports

When I watched this interview, I thought the whole video would be serious, but I was wrong again. ^^ Hyun Joong was asked about the yellow card he received, and he answered 'Even professional soccer team will also have yellow card *laughs*' ^^ You and your unexpected answers Hyun Joong-sshi. ^^ Loving his hair! ♥

credits: video Courtesy MBC Sports + (chi trans) HJC + (eng trans) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com 

Kim Hyun Joong with Elmo for HangTen

Can't get enough of Kim Hyun Joong's update? Here's more! ^^ Look how cute they are. ^^ Elmo and Leader. ^^ Remember before he had a video saying Elmo was crazy when the elmo stuffed doll was laughing? kekekeke ^^ Can't seem to forget his smile during that time. ^^ Also added additional pictures from HangTen. ^^

credits: HangTen Korea

Kim Hyun Joong's Lotte Duty Free Shop New Wallpapers for May 2011

Time to change your wallpapers. ^^

credits: kr.lottedfs.com/magazine/wallpaper/wallpaper.jsp

Kim Hyun Joong already finished his album

At exactly 6:06pm (which we all know is a very memorable numbers since it stands for his birthday. ^^ if you don't know that info, well... oh well ^^) 

credits: hyun-joong.com + ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com (english translation)

Kim Hyun Joong will visit Osaka soon and wants to eat Takoyaki and Gyudon

I have eaten the Takoyaki and Gyudon before. And between the two, I love Gyudon! ^^ After so long, Hyun Joong decides to leave a message regarding his visit in Osaka soon and discussed about his upcoming album. ^^ I want to see his short hair and his manly look. ^^ 


Hello, this is Hyun Joong
2011/04/29  Hyun Joong

I will go to Osaka on 2nd May.
I’m going for the Playful Kiss promotion event, it’s been while since I’ve been to Osaka and I’m feeling excited.
In Osaka, I want to eat Takoyaki(ball-shaped dumpling filled with baby octopus) and of course I also want to eat Gyu-don (Beef bowl) too.
Japanese fans will be seeing me in my short hair. Do not be surprised at the style that you are not used to see.
Recently I’m into sports and my body has become bigger… From now onwards, I would be showing everyone the manly feeling.
In June (at Korea), we are planning a showcase for the sales of the album, please look forward to it.
The choreography, jacket etc for the album…. all parts have been taken with care one by one so please take your time to look at it.
After May has passed and when June comes, let’s fly up together once more.
At that time, I will bring the album to visit Japan so please look forward to it.
Please be live well and smile happily. Thank you.

Kim Hyun Joong had a photoshoot with kitten

I am looking forward to the pictures he have taken since I am a pet lover myself. And I know for a fact that Hyun Joong loves animals as well. Remember Jaksalee? His pet dog? I wonder how Jaksalee is doing. ^^ By the way, you might see a spam of Hyun Joong's news so better get ready. ^^

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Staff secretly tells about at backstage!
True self of KHJ!

Photoshoot on a day in Spring
2011/04/26 Keyeast SY

I’m Keyeast staff, SY.

Yesterday, Hyun Joong had a short photoshoot and so I have made a trip down too~
It takes 2 hours to travel by car from Seoul.
As the high rise buildings and cars slowly lessen, a beautiful house stood in the middle of the quiet moutains.
This is where the photoshoot will be taken at.

Could it be due to his hair which was a bit shorter, the Hyun Joong I met looked more mature and manly than usual~(laughs)
Looking more like spring with the sun shining on the beautiful house which stood between the mountains made it a perfect day for photoshooting yesterday.

Hyun Joong, looking like a professional in the midst of the photoshooting around the house! Looks promising!!!
Only a professional could do that. I think everyone would feel the same too that every time looking at the photos and videos etc, don’t you feel that Hyun Joong looks as if he had slowly grown up to become a man.

While filming at the mountains under spring like pleasant blue sky, suddenly the sky became gloomy and the wind was strong.
By afternoon, even the tree built house shook.
I’m certain that I have grown up yesterday! Feels like I have~changed.
Even with everyone running around, Hyun Joong was really professional and did not move at all while facing the camera. While looking at him, a sigh came out from my mouth naturally ..
During the indoor photo shoot, there was a shoot with a 4 month old kitten.
Photo shooting together with Hyun Joong is a kitten know as the next “Geum Soon”

Very easy to get aquainted with and a very cute kitten.

After the photo shoot has ended here, Hyun Joong went together with the staff to a nearby Baeksuk (chicken stew, similar to samgyetang) restaurant, eating delicious Baeksuk and happily finishing the photoshoot.
By the way, what is this photoshoot?
Everyone, please anticipate it~

One more thing on the Korea Official Fanclub, it has been decided that Henecia to be the fanclub name.
Henecia is from the word blessed Kim Hyun Joong where Hyun Joong’s name “H” and the latin word Bencia (blessed) was put together. It means people who are blessed because of Kim Hyun Joong.
From now onwards, the fanclub might have recruiting announcements so please look forward to it~

Friday, April 29, 2011

[Video] Kim Kyu Jong in Musical 'Goong' practice

*Screams* Waaahhhh!!!!!!!!! Group8 jsut shared Kyu Jong's practice for Musical 'Goong'! Remember yesterday I was wondering where he is since I could not tell among the pictures who is Kyu Jong. And finally I know it already!!! Based on the video, the guy wearing green ( which of course green stands for Triple S! ^^) who introduced himself 'Kim Kyu Jong-imnida'. ^^ And I love the song, really!!!! I am really really excited with this musical!!!!!!!!

credits: musicalgoong@yt

Tweet Treats: Young Saeng tweets picture of him, Kyu Jong misses Steven Lee and Hyung Jun thankful to his mother

Guess who's back!!! It's our prince Heo Young Saeng! He's back on twitter, and even showed his picture with a celebrity. ^^ Sorry I don't know who the girl is, since I only know SS501. ^^ But it looks like he slimmed down. Well at least we got a picture of him, only shows he's doing well and we don't have to worry about his injury anymore. ^^ 
Young Saeng Fighting!!!

credits: Steven_Lee_ + HyungJun87 + mystyle1103 + 2kjdream + chobeess501 (english translation) + xiaochu@Quainte501.com (english translation)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heo Young Saeng scheduled comeback in May

And so it is final! Young Saeng will be having his comeback in May 12. *Whew* That's a relief! I thought it will be on the week where Lerder Hyun Joong will be having his comeback. Now Triple S, we don't have to worry. Because they truly don't want to be promoting at the same time. ^^ I am so excited on his comeback! I wanted to see a dance performance from him. ^^

credits: Korean Music Copyright Association (source) + nejeelicious (youngsaengfacts.blogspot.com) [image]

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong plays the role that is different from his personality

I think he was referring to Prince Shin's character which is smug, indifferent, insensitive young man. Well, Kyu Jong really is not insensitive. In fact, he is a very kind, thoughtful and caring person which makes all the girls fall for him. I'm so excited to see him play this role. ^^ 

Interview with Kyu Jong

Kim Kyu Jong appeared in a beige suit costume for the Musical 'Goong'

This time, Kyu Jong plays the role of Crown Prince Lee Shin .

Musical Palace [Korean Version] Juno of TVXQ played the same role.

Question: What would be the character of Prince Lee Shin in Kyoto performances?

KyuJong:  "Prince Lee Shin is the character played by senior Juno, if there is that type of manly charisma, I think I want to show you a soft form of relaxation"

Question: What is the difference in the character of Lee Shin in the drama with the usual Kyu Jong?

KyuJong: "I better not say a lot, so clearly the type of things other people say, I'm Lee Shin opposite character. On stage, I'll try to get out of your usual (laughs)"

credits: Musical Goong Official Blog

Group8 shares gathering pictures of the cast for Musical 'Goong'

To be honest, I really can't tell if Kyu Jong was included in any of the pictures. Or probably he is not there. Can you see him? o_0

credits: Group8@fb

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[Eng Subs] SS501 wins the 'Choice Asian Pop Band of the Year'

Sorry if it was only now that I was able to share this. ^^ This was aired last April 18, 2011. I was so happy when I watched this since it has been months when I last saw Kyu Jong and Young Saeng here in the Philippines! 축하해 SS501!! You deserve it!

SS501 Park Jung Min to participate in UN Charity Concert in Japan

Another charity project that will be participated by SS501's Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min. I know for sure Japanese fans would be very happy to see him. ^^


SS501's Park Jung-min to Perform in UN Charity Concert in Japan

SS501 member Park Jung-min will join in a benefit concert in Yokohama, Japan on Friday to aid the victims of the earthquake and tsunami there.

The concert is being co-hosted by Yamaha and the UN-OHRLLS, an agency of the UN that helps disaster-stricken countries.

The event, which will also feature Korean boy band Supernova and many Japanese groups, will help to provide households in the affected areas with CD players, MP3 players and musical instruments.

Park will appear on stage with Japanese duo Mihimaru GT. He is slated to leave for Japan on Wednesday.

credits: englishnews@chosun.com

Kim Hyun Joong schedule for May

Our Leader seems like will be very busy starting May. Not only he will be starting to prepare for his comeback, but also the line up of activities he will be having. It only means we will be seeing more of him apart from his soccer games. ^^ 

1st May Coupang & Kim Hyun Joong, the marathon to help children for cancer.

credits: hyun-joong.com

Heo Young Saeng attends recording of show despite injury

What is one of the common personalities that SS501 members possess? It's not letting the fans get disappointed. No matter how tired, how sleepy or how much pain they are experiencing, they would still continue and will try to show their best just not to let the fans down. One factor why they have so many fans that adore them. Here's an article that proves this statement. Remember Young Saeng just got injured a few says ago? Well, even though he wears a cast, he still went out to fulfill the scheduled recording for 'Running Man'.


SS501 Heo Young Saeng “Fighting Spirit in Cast” Stick To Promise 

Source: Nate
Korean ~ Chinese Trans: 唯爱HS@HSC
Chinese ~ English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Even though he is injured and is on cast, he still stick to his promise record “RUNNING MAN”.

On 25 Apr, Heo Young Saeng participated in <> “RUNNING MAN” recording at Seoul SBS Lobby. On 19 Apr, he accidentally injured the back of his hand while practicing for his dance which caused the release of his album to be delayed, insisted to keep his recording appointment for “RUNNING MAN”.

His company B2M stated “The doctor did warn him to wait for his hand to be fully recovered and to restraint from outside activities.” But because he want to keep to his promise for the agreed schedule as before thus he proceeded with the recording. Thus the production team and the artistes gave Young Saeng very high evaluation for coming to record with his bandaged cast on.

Heo Young Saeng’s raid gave a reversal effect. Him in a bandaged cast making all the artistes panic. Even though injured, he still do not bother to hide himself and still struggled alone making Young Saeng shone brightly.

Heo Young Saeng initially is going to start his solo activities on the 28 Apr. But due to the state of his injuries, there is no choice but to delay his activities. Fortunately, his recovery is fast thus they have schedule him to do his comeback at around mid May, and to re-adjust his schedule.

Heo Young Saeng solo album songs will be produced by Han Jae Ho & Kim Sung Su who have produced Kara’s Lupin, Honey & Mister, and also the strong friendship which was forged during SS501 days with Steven Lee who has produced the dance song “LET IT GO” which will be the main hit song for the album.

Heo Young Saeng’s “RUNNING MAN” will be broadcast on 8 May.

Musical 'Goong' Official You Tube Website

Does this mean they are gonna upload it via you tube? Oh please please we are dying to see Kyu Jong's musical, so if you could upload it, (much better if it has translations ^^) than all of us would be very glad to see his performance! ^^ What are you waiting for? Subscribe to their Channel, and you may never know, they'll be showing his first ever debut performance as a musical actor. ^^

credits: musicalgoong@yt

Tweet Treats: Kim Kyu Jong visiting B2M Entertainment's office

Our Prince Shin decided to visit B2M's office, and his manager took the time to get a few shots from him. ^^ I'm excited to his upcoming musical ^^

credits: b2ment + hyeongjin2 + 2kjdream + chobeess501 (english translation)

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Kim Hyun Joong in Japanese Magazine SIA Vol. 3

Hello my fellow blog readers! ^^ You might be wondering why my background song is a Happy Birthday song. ^^ Well, today is my birthday, and as a gift for myself I decided to post some pictures of my beloved Kim Hyun Joong! ♥ All these pictures are worth sharing! Once again, I fell in love with him even more! ♥

Please don’t repost on any JAPANESE web sites for a while.

credit: http://blog.daum.net/elley0606/543
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