Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[Official Video] Kim Hyun Joong's New Year Message 12.31.13

Yay! What a way to welcome 2014 with no less than from our Leader Kim Hyun Joong! ^^ So I bet many will be in good mood because of this. ^^ 새 해 복 많이 받으세요 리더 김현중!! ♥

credits: kimhyunjoong606@yt

[Full Video] Park Jung Min featured in tvN 12.30.13

Last night, him doing this show in Taiwan was finally broadcasted. At least you get to see what he did. ^^ Missing this cheerful Jung Min. ^^ Among the 5 members, he was the picky one so watch and what food suits his taste. ^^  어때요 박정민? 맛있어요? ^^

credits: mnflnz43@yt

[Official Video] Kim Hyung Jun's New Year Message 12.31.13

Maknae Hyung Jun so cute!!!! Even saying 돌아와 at the end. ^^ I hope he have a great time celebrating the new year and I wish him all the best for 2014. ^^ It's been a wonderful 2013 for our Jjunie and I bet 2014 will also be a good, one. ^^ 새 해 복 많이 받으세요 김형준!! ^^

credits: junusofficialtv@yt

Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang's New Year Message 12.31.13

Huge thanks to howlovelylala for the translation. ^^ Even he's far away busy filming for 'Inspiring Generation', Hyun Joong still left a message to everyone for the coming New Year. ^^ I hope 2014 would be yet another great year for our Leader. ^^ 새 해 복 많이 받으세요 김현중!! ^^

Kim Hyun Joong "Gabo, the blue horse's year! Wishing you all wealth. Be a happy New Year... .. ."

Im Soo Hyang "Gabo, the blue horse's year is here ^-^. Wishing you all full a New Year filled with happiness"

credits: @howlovelylala 

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun in 'Melody of Love' Episode 28 12.30.13

i thought I miss out one episode since I wasn't able to watch last Friday. Good thing they aired Episode 28 only today. So I'm still up to date in watching this drama. ^^ Brought tears in my eyes once again, but also felt pity towards TaeKyung knowing that Suim has a guy she liked at the time Taekyung was having a hard time. Poor Jjunie. >.< 울지마 김형준.

credits: KBS World TV@yt

Photo of Kim Kyu Jong at Jeonju Culture Exchange Center 12.30.13

TT_TT The guy I miss so much on my timeline. It's been a while since I last saw a picture of him. Glad that someone shared this phot, eases the longingness of his pretties. 잘 지내세요 김규종?

credits: http://ameblo.jp/myjeonju/entry-11738599255.html + @SakuraDream501

Monday, December 30, 2013

Photos of Kim Hyun Joong in 'Inspiring Generation' Official Website

Finally! They have opened to the public the official website for 'Inspiring Generation'. ^^ We get to see photos and infos from the said drama. ^^ Also, thanks to TheAlienPrince for translating the character introduction of Hyun Joong. ^^ Get ready, gals! It's gonna air on the 15th of January 2014, every Wednesday and Thursday 10:00pm - 11:10pm KST on KBS2TV. (thanks to @Inspiring_Age for the info. ^^) I am really looking forward to this drama! ^^ Good luck Hyun Joong!! 김현중 화이팅!!

credits: @TheAlienPrince + @Inspiring_Age + http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/tusin/index.html

[Video] Kim Hyung Jun with Kibum celebrating his birthday 12.29.13

Thanks to wengvann for the link. ^^ Supportive birthday singing 'Happy birthday' sincerely. I was impressed on how fluent Kibum is speaking in Japanese. ^^ But I can't help and imagine that while Kibum was talking in Japanese, Hyung Jun must be thinking 'What the hell is he saying? I cannot understand.' ㅋㅋㅋ Lols. 미안해 김형준씨. ^^ 농담이야. ^^

credits: Hanan Kim@yt

HD Scan of Kim Hyun Joong featured in 'The Star' Magazine

Huge thanks to MurdererQ for sharing these wonderful scans! Love them all! ^^ I have a few favorites.^^ But my top favorite would be...... picture no. 8!♥ He's just so handsome on that shot! 핸섬 가이 김현중! ♥

*Please abide by MurdererQ's request:
※ 圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。包括在WEIBO!!!
※ 재업로드,2차 변형 금지!!!
※ 画像二次加工禁止です!!!
※ No edite mis fotos!!!

credits: http://s865.photobucket.com/user/MURDERER_Q/library/2013%20-%20KHJ/12DEC?sort=4&page=1

SS501 Tweets: Hyung Jun greets his brother Kibum on his birthday 12.29.13

Jjunie greeted his younger brother Kibum on twitter and even posted a picture of them together celebrating his birthday. ^^ Such a caring hyung to his dongsaeng. ^^ 잘했어 김형준. ^^

credits: HyungJun87 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translations)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

SS501 Tweets: Jung Min shares photo of JeomReah and with Hyung Jun 12.27-28.13

I'm late in sharing these tweets of Jung Min. But it's hard to ignore such tweets especially the hint he has given about their meeting of Hyung Jun. I wonder what's that gonna be? A fanmeeting? Hmmmm... let's soon find out. ^^

credits: JungMin0403 + xiaochu1004@twitter (English Translation)

Article about Kim Hyung Jun making a donation to low-income children

What I like about our boys is their generosity for less fortunate people. Desite being popular, they still have the time to make charity works and I am so proud to be their fan. ^^ This time it's Maknae Hyung Jun who have donated and he even left a message to them. ^^ Such a kind-hearted guy. Love ya Jjunie! ^^ 김형준 짱!!


Santa Kim Hyung Jun donates 2 tons of rice and gives presents to low-income children

Singer and actor Kim Hyung Jun transformed into a generous Santa for the Holidays.

According to his agency SPLUS Entertainment on December 27, Kim Hyung Jun donated over 2 tons of rice and gave out presents to low-income children at the 'Love's Santa Clause Festival,' which took place at the Seoul Youth Center on December 23.

This was the third year he participated in such generous acts.  Starting in 2011, he always donated rice and went with 100 other volunteers to call on families who received welfare to give them presents.

This year he was not able to personally show up because of his schedule for the KBS drama 'Love Through Song,' but he made sure to send a video message! Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun will go on an exclusive Latin America tour concert in January and have a concert in Korea in February.

credits: allkpop


Here is the video message he sent. ^^

credits: heuny99@yt

Photos of Heo Young Saeng during performance at Seoul Metropolitan Police

Sorry for the late updates once again. Been busy preparing for the coming holidays. Let me just post these cute photos of Young Saeng which is really worth saving. ^^ He is definitely once cute and handsome police I have ever seen. ♥ Can't help but smile looking at these photos! ^^ The 'V sign' pose really is his trademark. lols  허영생 귀엽다!! ♥ 

credits: as tagged + @RiCeLyN

Saturday, December 28, 2013

[Fanvid] @2kjdream... you will be missed

Indeed, missing a person led me to making a fanvid out of the blue. I've been wanting to see his name badly on my timeline... only to find out that it got permanently deleted since it has been deactivated for awhile. I wish I knew the answer as to why he deleted his account. Twitter was the only way I feel closer to them, and since now it's gone, I guess I'm back to the realization that they are too far away. 보고싶어 김규종~.... 내 마음 많이 아프겠다. T_T 어떡하죠?

credits: 2kjdream + @xiaochu1004 and @superstarsubs (tweet translations), sharonhuang83 and Blue Asia (video cuts)

[Eng Translation] Notice from S-Plus Entertainment regarding Kim Hyung Jun's Concert on February 8, 2014

Thanks ollee for the link! ^^ Here are the details regarding the concert happening on 8th of February next year. I really wish I could come. But, unfortunately I can't. I'd love to see him perform live. So for those who can, make sure to be part of this great event. ^^ 김형준 화이팅!! ^^

 [SPLUS Notice] Kim Hyung Jun 3rd anniversary debut solo concert information
Source:  http://hyungjun.spluscompany.co.kr/board/board.asp?id=notice&mode=view&no=127
English trans: @SakuraDream501

Lifted from: http://ss501-news.blogspot.sg/2013/12/splus-notice-kim-hyung-jun-3rd.html

Kim Hyung Jun 3rd anniversary debut solo concert
- He, his story -

[Concert Profile]

Hello. This is Splus entertainment.
Kim Hyung Jun 3rd anniversary debut solo concert - He, his story - ticket opening guide.

Many people who looking forward to wait for Kim Hyung Jun solo concert
will be held in Seoul on February 2014.

In 2014, he starting to
browse to you with "Kim Hyung Jun, He, his story'

We want to tell you is Kim Hyung Jun have a special present on February 2014

1. New song release
-Kim Hyung Jun,  the first line to emotional genre & sexy and this scenes never shows

2. Direct involvement in directing the stage
- Kim Hyung Jun is directing the Director Special decorate the stage

3. He, his story
- Talk about 'Love' emotionally unreeling 'Storytelling Concert '

[Concert summary]

Concert name: Kim Hyung Jun 3rd anniversary debut solo concert - He, his story
Cast: Kim Hyung Jun
Date: 2014.2.8 (Sat) PM 07:00
Venue: Yonsei University Auditorium
Tickets: VIP seats 77,000 won / R seat 66,000 won / S seat 55,000won
Viewer: Over 12 years old
Sponsored by: SPLUS Entertainment

[Booking Information]

Ticket opening: 2013.12.30 (Mon) PM 08:00
Advance tickets: Auction (www.auction.co.kr)
* Tickets and seating inquiries related please check through the auction.

[Eng Subs] Heo Young Saeng Final VCR #6

TT_TT I was about to go to sleep when I saw this on my timeline. And it broke my heart. T_T The lyrics are just very touching. This boy... making me cry at this time of the hour. T_T Now I'm missing him again... 보고싶다 허영생~ T_T Thanks to @RiCeLyN for the link.

credits: saengieluv@yt

Friday, December 27, 2013

Preview of Park Jung Min in Taiwan's tvN on December 30, 2013

This will be broadcasted on Monday, December 30, 2013 at 7pm so you better stay tuned to see where he went and what kind of food he ate. ^^ It's gonna be an interesting thing to watch knowing Jung Min who is very cheerful. ^^ By the way, I like his looks at the end. ^^ Don't know why though.ㅋㅋㅋ  예쁘다 박정민~!

credits: minima8743@yt

Kim Hyung Jun's Music High Official Photo Update: Massage to rejuvinate the eyes 12.26.13

This time, it's for tiring eyes that he recommended a massage. ^^ At least we get some few pointers to him on how to do it. ^^ 고마워 김형준! ^^ Cute Hyung Jun. ^^

 credits: Music High Official Website

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kim Hyung Jun in FC Avengers Christmas Party

There are so many pictures of Kim Hyung Jun shared in their Facebook Account during the event but I'm only gonna share some of my favorites. ^^ Jjunie really cannot leave his phone, even when it's picture time. ㅋㅋㅋ But still, he managed to show his V-sign pose for the camera even though he is not looking. ^^ 김형준 핸드폰 너무 좋아! ^^

credits: FC_Avengers@fb
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