Friday, July 30, 2010

Another sponsor photo by Kim Hyun Joong

This photo has been taken during the MV of Gummy's " As a Man ". Still remember the scenes were he was knocked down by the door. kekeke. This clothes were sponsored by Banana Republic. Nice! ^^

Another serious pose from him. kekeke. but still good looking
photo credits :  http://blog.naver.com/nice8686/60112058288 + Baidu

DATV interview of Kim Hyun Joong

You have probably watched already his interview that was broadcasted just few days ago. And I was loving his smile all through out the show. I was like " Oh my.. how can a person can be so handsome? Can be so dashing? Can have a face that is more beautiful than a woman? "
Every time I look at him, I fall all over again. Makes me miss him even more. *Sigh* Here are just a few gifs from him. Hope you like it. ^^

Oh my love his smile ♥

OMO...that shy smile is what I love the most ♥♥♥

cute cute ^^ blowing air in mouth while thinking real hard ^^

so kind of you to arrange the chairs..

leaving already Hyun Joong? awww.. anneyong *waves*

happy to receive a gift Hyun Joong-ah?

excited to open your gift eh? ^^

what are you playing with your hands?

kai bai bo! no one will ever win over you ^^

curious about the toy? (4d strikes again ^^)

whoah!! shocked with the tumbling toy kekeke

i dont play sports but i wanna get a hold of this ball just because it has a signature of Kim Hyun Joong on it ♥

and this too ^^

here he comes ^_^

Hope you stay happy as always ^^
credit: Investigation KHJ + 00lanse@baidu

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Introduction of “SS501 Sugoroku” special Benefit

Just found this article and I want those figures of the boys! I believe it was from their rebirth images that they have adapted. Omo such cute collectibles! Wanna get a hold of them! 

Credit: http://www.ss501.jp/top.asp?c=staff
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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Introduction of “SS501 Sugoroku” special Benefit

The package box of the SS501 figure was completed!
You can probably design the Package ?
The figures are even more cool mended in the package box.
Later, which is appeared at the side of the box is “SS501 Sugoroku”
Produces as a benefit to you when you purchase both the Figure set and travel set.  It is super rare!!
The squares are the SS501 Quiz… The goal is probably simple if you are only the SS501 fan !?
By all means, the fan with everyone please enjoy together ☆
Figure set, is currently in production, will be able to delivery to your hand in late August.
Hot day continues everyday, when spending the day, please take care of yourself.

Vote for SS501 Love Ya on MYX

photo credits as tagged

Calling all Triple S and those who adore SS501. Whether you are residing in the Philippines or located in other countries, we need your help to increase the vote of our boys. Currently, they are in the top 10 spot of MYX hit chart. MYX, for the knowledge of other people, is a music channel here in the Philippines. We have to vote using text message or through an online voting to help them make it to the top spot. We are consistently voting for them everyday but it seems we need more help from other fans, especially from overseas fans. I know overseas fans cannot vote through texting, but I can provide you the link for the online voting. Please help us to make SS5501 reach the top spot. This is my only way of letting others know about this voting to increase their votes. Please please Triple S especially from overseas, help us through the online voting. We would appreciate every vote you make. You can vote every hour for their song " Love Ya ". Just click Vote beside the song Love Ya. Thank You in advance for those who will be participating. 

Click on the link to vote

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong sponsor photo

I believe this photo was taken during the promotion of " Love Ya ". Even though Hyun Joong is expressionless during this shot, he still looks gorgeous! Don't you agree? By the way, it's Converse shoes that he is wearing. Any product or brand that he wears will definitely increase the sales. ^^

Credit: http://cafe.naver.com/starrantv + KHJ Baidu
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To my first ever pet... T_T

This post will be dedicated to my first ever pet.. shaznei. We've had her for almost 10 years, almost half of my life. When she first came, I thought she will just be an ordinary dog that would keep bugging and playing with our things. I remember those times when you would look for some attention to have some quality time with us. I even remember the times when we had experienced a calamity, you were behave and didn't gave us any burden. She has been a very dependable and loyal pet. Whenever I feel sad, I feel happy, I feel excited, I feel worried, she was always there. Even though we had several pets after having her, she will still and always will be our first pet. I know shaznei, wherever you are, you will be safe, happy, and will able to run as fast as you can. Thank you for all the happy memories you have shared with us, thank you for sharing your lifetime with us, thank you for being the bestfriend that we could ever had. You have served us really well, I hope you've had a wonderful time with us. Thank you for all the laughter you have brought into this family. We will definitely miss you. We won't ever forget you. I hope you and my mommy will be together there in heaven...watching us... I love you shaznei..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Additional pictures of Kim Hyun Joong filming

Gyaaahhh!!!! He really is so handsome!!!! A lot of pictures are surfacing. So excited!!!

photo credits : A-hlia@InvestigationKHJ 

Leader Kim Hyun Joong while filming Mischievious Kiss

I was about to sleep when these photos were posted. Gyaaahhhh how handsome a student can be huh? If he was my classmate back in high school days, I'd be willing to go to school and would never miss or skip classes. Sheeessshhhh, how come he managed to be this handsome? Wearing  a uniform never looked good in anyone except for him of course!!!! I'm so excited to watch this drama. ^_^

photo credits : Pluto@Hyuniversal0606

SS501 Heo Young Saeng's message to staff of OSEO Eye clinic

So it was 4 out of 5 members has considering Lasik surgery. It must be really effective since they were all doing it. We haven't heard much from Young Saeng, but it seems he was busy getting pampered and taking a rest after their activities. That's okay, you 5 guys need to take care of yourselves. Health is very important okay? We didn't realize that he was with Kyu Jong when Kyu was having his Lasik surgery. Really a dependable hyung, always there to take care of his dongsaengs. When he visited the OSEO Eye clinic, he left a note to the staff, but I am not sure if he is thanking the staff for taking care of him or Kyu Jong. Anyways, here is the translation. (Please repost with full credits.)
We all miss you Young Saeng ^^

credits :  thewig@naver + kimkyujong.com.cn + 妈妈小花@baidu + Josie@501wangja.multiply.com

Below is extracted from OSEO Eye Clinic's blog:
SS501's Charismatic member Heo Young Saeng was at OSEO eye clinic giving support.
Heo Young Saeng who has given lots of strength to fellow member Kim Kyu Jong also follow closely to the result of his Lasik Surgery
Because of these 2 handsome boys, there are rumours that something major has occured along Gang Nam OSEO Eye Clinic's area ^ ^
Heo Young Saeng nim who visited Gang Nam OSEO Eye Clinic~
Stay happy always~~

The korean wordings below the signature:
Thankful for the serious and meticulous treatment!! ^ ^
Have a feeling of reborn? ke
Director nim of OSEO Eye Clinic
Thank you~~

Hyung Jun said something in Music High

I am listening to Kim Hyung Jun's Music high right now. Actually, Every weekend, I try to listen to his program since he usually plays SS501 songs. I have a little knowledge of understanding korean words but would somehow recognize familiar phrases. In the middle of his program, there was this part on his segment that he mentioned something for his co-members. 

                            "Jung Min-ah,... mianhe..bogoshipda.."

                           "Kyu Jong, don't cry... I pray for you.."

Aawww... how sweet maknae can be. Actually when he said this, he didn't sound sad. It was in a positive and cheerful way but he sound sincere. Miss the 5 boys so much ^^

credits in photo as tagged

SS501 on E!News part 2

Here is the continuation of SS501 on E!News. Just watched the first part but I was already laughing on the part where Jung Min is asking about his skin to leader. Jung Min was hoping he would get a good feedback from him. What does he expect from a 4d leader kekekekeke. Watch and see it for yourself ^^ Will update this post once other parts are uploaded.

Here is the next part.. Want to go to Korea to eat in Jaksal chicken shop. Want to taste his specialty tteokbokki.  So sweet of Leader requesting for the increase of the pay for the staff. ^^ 

Part 3 basically covers Kim Hyun Joong having a 4d personality! Now this part really cracks me up since I saw alot of his 4dness! Most of the clips, I have watched it already. But when I saw it again, as usual, I ended up laughing and watching it all over again. ^^ kekekeke Love to have a taste of his Samgyetang. Aaawww lucky lucky fan!!!! *envy*

 Part 4 was about Kim Hyung Jun's secret weapon and also who is SS501's multi-talented entertainer member? ( Answer: ALL OF THEM!!! ^^)


Part 5 is about Kim Hyun Joong as an actor, as well as the question "After Kim Hyun Joong, who will be the next SS501 idol star?" . Last question would be "The reason for SS501 to be crying". Well, actually this is the last part. I just don't know if there will be more in the future for this episode. 

credits : crazynoona501@yt.com

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Second batch of scanned pictures of SS501 Super Hits Deluxe Edition

Whew! Finally, I've finished scanning the pictures of the boys for the album I have just bought last week. Seriously, it wasn't easy to scan all of these but I really wanted to share their pictures to let other people know how handsome and gorgeous they are! I hope this will encourage others also to buy their albums. Hmmm,... now that I have mentioned it... I must save more money in order for me to be able to buy their other albums!!!! Will try to collect all of them! ^^ 

                                      Jung Min's favorite pose ^^

                  Baby, you are looking more handsome as time goes by ^^

                        Seductive pose Young Saeng ah?... ^^

                             Kyu Jong and his passion for hats ^^

                         Hyun Joong, stop staring at me like that... *melts*

                          Jung Min-ah, did you took Kyu's hat? ^^

           Hyung Jun's smile will make a lot of girls crazy over him ^^

                        "The Best SS501"... love it Kyu Jong ^^

                       Your sweet smile Young Saeng...^^

                     That stare again.... sigh... Hyun Joong ♥
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