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Kim Hyun Joong performs 'Break Down' in M!Countdown 06.30.11

Although he did not win this time, but I must say, the fanchant was really loud! ^^

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[Eng Subs] Park Jung Min on Channel V Thailand

This was during his stay in Thailand. ^^ Mal is now learning to ride horses? kekekeke ^^

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Kim Hyun Joong Opening Speech for Fansign Event in Daejun

His comments were really funny! ^^ 

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[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong cuts in Strong Heart's 'King of Kings'

Waaahhh!!! Finally! I get to see this part with subs! ^^ It was so funny to watch every bit of it! ^^ Totally! ^^

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Park Jung Min Interview in Shanghai Magazine

The witty Park Jung Min! ^^ His last wish is to get 3 more wishes! ^^ kekekeke


Jung Min – 上海电视 (Shanghai Magazine) 2011 Issue 6D

Source: HMstar賢珉守護星
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English Translations: Josie @ RoyalPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)
Scanned by: No. 43 Park 

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 Cheeky Boy Full of Mischief

Korean artiste are usually very well protected by their agency, when the crews are preparing the lightings at the hotel ballroom, Park JungMin was resting in the hotel room beside the ballroom.

Suddenly, one of the door was opened, a head appeared, smilingly said:” Hello, it’s been hard on you.” This is the person whom we will be interviewing later, SS501′s member going solo Park JungMin. Really such a mischievous person, even before the interview start, already leave such an impression.

There are still more mischief towards the end. During the interview, the reporter’s handphone rang, Park JungMin just grabbed the phone and took it over, started blabbering into the phone. Luckily the line was cut before he picked up the call, otherwise I cannot imagine what would have happen. The staff who are close to him also shake their head upon seeing what just happened, like seeing a naughty little brother, and said to the reporter:” don’t be scared, he loves to help other people answer phone calls…” Ah! what a weird habit is this!

Park JungMin admits that he himself is a Optimistic, Happy, Carefree person.” I am a little more lively then other people.” He says that this has to do with his childhood. When he was young, he lives in Seoul, but both his parents live in his hometown in the countryside, during the holidays he will follow his parents back to the countryside and live for a period of time. A harmonious family, close relationship between the siblings, carefree childhood all leading him to a world full of love, all the things he sees are filled with pretty colors.

Narcissist Pretty Boy Knows How To Enjoy

Park Jung Min has a elder sister, as his sister lived with their grandmother for a long period of time so she was very matured, takes good care of her brother, Park JungMin has always been well protected, being doted on, and also knows how to enjoy.

Whenever Park JungMin travels, like this time to Shanghai, will always bring along eyeshade and ear plug, like a little kid. He needs to be in a enclosed/quiet environment to be able to sleep soundly. He used to have more stuff in the past:” As an artiste we have very little time to rest, no time forus to waste, have to make sure that we fall asleep fast.”

He retained many memories when he was young, many childish factors. Not matured enough, but this is him, the unique one that fans loved.

Looking at his profile, the person he like most is himself, the movie that he like most is the one that he acted in, himself, himself, himself….” there is no word in Korean to describe Narcissism, but I still like myself.” Park JungMin is willing to continue to be a Narcissist, ” I feel if a person dosent love himself, how can he/she love other people properly?”

Like Shanghai Prefer Folk Rhyme

If you judge Park JungMin only on the surface as a Narcissist who only loved himself then you are terribly wrong. He who is always being taken care of, is also very good at taking care of other people. Previously when SS501 are still having group activies, he always have a big packet of medication in his bag, not prepared for himself, but for all the members. As members will tend to fall sick from time to time, but nobody will prepare that,so he “acts” as a little doctor.

Regarding his work, career, Park JungMin is very ambitious and willing to commit. Otherwise he will not risk to go solo.

He is the first amoung the SS501 members to go solo. Regarding his goingsolo, SS501 and his current agency, and SonyMusic all does not have an actual statement, but, he is already starting on his individual activities.

“Spent alot of effort to get used to working alone, but everyone please be assured, I am adjusting fine.” Park JungMin said. And the thing that touched him is, in the past was SS501 as a group visited Shanghai, and this time when he came alone, the amount of love he felt was no less then before. All the more he must thank the fans.

” I really like Shanghai.” He specially said. ” I like Shanghai even before I came here, because it is Shanghai.” Any reasons? Park JungMin uses song and dance to explain. “In Korea there is a folk rhyme call <>, I listened to it since young. Shanghai Shanghai….” Park JungMin started dancing.

Language Prodigy Not Afraid of Chinese

This trip to Shanghai is for his FanMeeting, thereafter will be releasing his solo album in Japan. Also anticipating is, his debut idol drama in Taiwan! Due to Chai Zhi Ping, this is imaginable.

Any problems with language? This is the one of the first and foremost test.

But actually for this problem, the reporter interviewing Park JungMin can also give you an answer. At the start of the Interview he said “Hello” in Chinese. At that time the reporter asked him a few questions, he basically can understand the questions, he also managed to answer them. The more complicated ones, speak slowly, he can also understand. After learning Chinese for just two months, with this results, it is really something. And, during the interview, although there is an interpreter, but whenever the reporter speaks in Chinese, he will still listen intently. Usually after the reporter finishes his/her question, before the interpreter can even translate to him, he already understand the question and answered. Awesome!

” Will be acting as a Korean who can speak both Korean and Chinese.” The staff said.

Previously Park JungMin once sang a Chinese song in China <<甜蜜蜜>>, accurate pronunciation, received good feedbacks. His language ability is inborn as well as putting in lots of efforts, in Korea he has a nickname of “Park Language”

“At that time I memorized all the lyrics.” Park JungMin confessed. But, he has been listening to his mother singing to <<甜蜜蜜>> since young, Korean version, so he is not unfamiliar to this song at all, he even sang a small part of the Korean version to the reporters.

Besides that, Park JungMin revealed many Chinese songs which he can sing: ” Zhang Guo Rong’s <<追>>, Guang Liang’s <<童话>>, Wei Li An’s <<有没有>>…”  What? Wei Li An’s a newbie and his songs, he already can sing? Actually is due to the recommendation by the Taiwan staff around him, he liked it, so he learned it.

Just like when the Chinese Media asked him which chinese movie director he liked, he kept saying ” Wang Jia Wei, Chen Ke Xing”, actually, it’s the agency’s wish for him to act in the movie of these two directors, therefore taught him how to say it.

He is still young, didnt managed to catch onto the early 90s trend of HongKong and Taiwan entertainment wave, didnt have much idols when he was young. He didnt have much concept of the entertainment industry before he joined. Among the China artiste, he have the deepest impression  on Tang Wei who won the Korean 百想艺术大奖 recently:”  Looks cute, but, there is depth to her acting.” Park JungMin said.

“Which other china director’s movie do you think I can act in?” Park JungMin asked the reporter.

“Chen Kai Ge? He is more familiar with the Korean Culture, the promotion video for Seoul was filmed by him.” The reporter answered.

But another answer surfaced, its from the interaction with Park JungMin – such a sunshine and mischievous character, but at the same time also serious and workable ideas, Park JungMin should act in Steven Chow’s movies.

Park JungMin
More Mischievous cases

Describe yourself with an animal: Horse

Something you must do before you sleep: Put on eyeshades & earplugs and pray

Your forte that you will never lose to others: Having self-confidence without any reason

Stress Relieve Meathods: Laugh

Necessities in your bag: Eyeshade, Earplug, Handcream, many accessories, Medication and diary

Ideal type of girl: Smart, filial, able to accept my Coquetry (Ageyo)

Example of Ideal girl:  Go So Young

The most handsome guy in your mind:  Someone like my father

A habit you wanted to change:  Thought of becoming less sensitive

Most Passionate/Interested thing:  find wallet, online shopping, learn Japanese, learn chinese

3 wishes I hope can be fulfilled:  1) Be happy 2) Thankful heart 3) give me 3 more wishes

[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Radio Guesting in Young Street FM Radio with Kim HeeChul

I haven't read this yet since I'm at work right now. >_< But for those who are at home, here's the whole translation. ^^


It has been a year since KHJ last visited KHC’s radio program and KHC remembers falling down laughing due to KHJ but unfortunately all the parts involving the laughter was edited out. KHJ greets listeners and hopes the people love his solo comeback with BD. KHC talks about BD winning number 1 spot in many music shows. KHJ admits feeling dazed and unreal about the number 1 spot the first time. He did not acknowledge that he has hit number 1 until the second time he received the number 1.

KCH asks if KHJ forgot to thank anyone when he won the number 1 spot as he was dazed and unprepared for the glory. KHJ says that he forgot to mention his parents. KHC provided soft music for KHJ to say few words. KHJ says that he is very sorry that he forgot to mention his parents. The next time, he will remember his parents if there is next time. KHC says that there certainly will be next time.

KHC asks if there is someone who first called to congratulate him when he first won the number 1 spot. KHJ says that he is raising a puppy/small dog at his house. KHC asks if it was his dog who called him first. Kekekekeke KHJ says it was the person who was watching his puppy who called the very first time. That person was the very first person to call him to congratulate KHJ when he came down from the stage. KHC cannot stop laughing about it—that a dog was watching a TV so that KHJ can receive doggy congratulations.

KHC asks who was the first celebrity person to call KHJ to congratulate him. KHJ says that YongJoon hyung texted him. KHC initially thought KHJ was talking about another celebrity then clicked that KHJ was talking about BaeYongJoong. KHJ responds that when BYJ calls KHJ, he asks what he is doing. KHJ responds that Bae laughs a lot. KHC says that many women waits for Bae’s smiles. KHC says that Bae occupies the admiration of women in their 30~50 age group and KHJ the age group of 10~20. KHJ says that he also has many nuna fans. He says that about 50% of his fans are in their 30’s 20% are in their 40’s and 50’s and only about 10% are teen fans. That is why he is used to writing ~~nuna when goes on fan signing events. One time, he attached nuna to someone who asked for his autograph wearing a uniform. That person said she is not a nuna.

They also talked about KHJ’s manly look with the comeback, esp his stage outfit for BD. KHJ says that when he first got the outfit, he was a bit embarrassed due to the deep ‘bust point’. Female fans have said that he looks sexy and he and KHC agree that slight exposure is sexier than total or much greater exposure. They also talk about preferring women with slight sign of exposure than total exposure –like women wearing short, flattering skirts which shows some mystery.

KHJ’s part of the feature that he does not feel confident—they are talking about”chi-chi” and KHJ feeling not so confident about his “chi-chi”—(sorry but I do not know what they are talking about.) This is Kim HeeChul’s last radio program and KHJ is his last guest.

KHJ imitates Cha SeungWon of Greatest Love…esp where Cha says” GeukBok”—Overcoming a difficulty/success. KHC says that he rarely watch dramas as he is too much into games and drinking after working. But he plans to watch Greatest Love and he says that Siwon of SUJU is close to Cha Seung Won and has seen that imitation before as well.

Now to the questions posted by the listenes; they have to come up with questions starting with “b” sounds. KHJ says he can think of “brazil”=which is Korean for bra.

KHJ says that he monitors his work by himself as he cannot concentrate if watches with others. KHC says that the President of SM or Kim SooMan monitors his work for him. He says that he does not get embarrassed by monitoring with other people but he just cannot concentrate as he wants to watch it one time to monitor himself. Sometimes BaeYongJoon would also give him some pointers as well.

What does KHJ like to eat esp when it is raining outside. KHJ says that he likes to drink “joongyosoo or soju. He says that he is not good at cooking. He can drink a lot as he likes to hang out with people. KHC says that he also likes to drink with Sam-D and HOngi and he feels that it requires good control and management.

Someone asks if KHJ is envious of any female singers. KHJ says that he is not putting any female singers down but he has not felt envious of female singers. Actually he at times feels sorry to female singers as they have to wear high hills, must expose themselves more than male singers and their hair is longer so they could hinder their performance more.

About being called 4-D: KHJ says that 4-D does not exist. He says that he and his friends are all alike and he is just being blunt and honest. KHJ drew the uzushin by himself. When he came out with solo album, he thought about the items for the showcase. So he came up with alien head shaker for his fans to shake at his showcase. (KHJ has a good business sense!)

KHJ believes in aliens or life elsewhere. He very much likes movies about the space like transformers, amagetton?,,, He looked into space travel already…he thinks it is possible in 2018 for 2-uck (money) for 30 minute travel. As a requirement, he cannot have had any history of surgery to travel. So he plans to keep healthy and not get any surgery until he is able to travel to space. They talk silly about whether KHJ may be able to go out into the space to view the scene and whether there may be space gift store to buy souvenirs. KHC asks for souvenirs from space at that time.

KHC points about KHJ receiving consultation at the Knee POP master show because sometimes he feels that his popularity is like bubbles. KHJ at times feels as if he cannot comprehend this amazing popularity. He realizes that all this popularity is not forever and will end soon or later. KHJ believes in short yet deep /thick life—a life that equivalent to blazing fire. KHC says that KHJ’s life so far has been burning brightly for a very long time and wishes for it to burn long and forever.

Fans have written in whether certain things are more 4-D:

A seemingly silly person wrote in about wearing suit to his new job for first week, then president told him to be comfortable so he wore slipper and short pants then the president told him to at least have some sense and then he started to wear everyday Korean garb to work and his nickname is 4D at work. KHJ feels that is not 4D but some kind of planned rebellion. KHC kind of agrees.

Another person eats only the crispy skin part of the chicken, the hard chocolate part of the ice cream and the inside of the mandoo only. KHJ says this person also is not 4D but a person with very poor eating habit. KHC says similar things. They think that person has no consideration for other people the way he eats and needs to starve to know that is not way to eat.

Another person says that her classmate sleeps in class and does not go to any tutoring program after school and yet is ranked the top of class. KHJ says that person also is not 4D but a genius. KHJ provides more consoling advice to the poster saying that she can find her own gifts and good qualities. IT does not have to be in academics but it could be drinking the beer faster than anybody,,,He says that it is not always true that there are academic areas where one succeeds just by studying—it is not always like that.

Another person says she does not resemble anything about her parents. Her father is A type her mother is Btype and she is Otype. She feels miserable about it. She considers her father a superman . KHC says that Otype can be born out of AB parents. KHC wondersif she is 4D or if she is adopted. KHJ says that the poster would feel too sad to hear that. KHJ says very nicely that she has a diverse family. He thinks that would be very nice and harmonious family. KHJ says if the mother yells to eat, the father would try to calm the mother down to bring peace and the Otype child can tell the mother to stop yelling…he thinks it would be an interesting family.

Straightforward questions from the fans:

KHJ is well known for his loyalty to friends,,does he still operate chicken store with friends? KHj says he does. KHC encourages him to say anything he wants as this is KHC’s last radio prog. KHJ says that he and his friends started the chicken store because they always talked about having a place to get together to socialize and to stay in touch when they get older. Since it did not cost that much, the idea of chicken store came up. They started the business as something to do as fun and to perpetuate friendship and then it became a big hit. In the beginning, they would keep it open and then close it up so that the friends can grill some pork skins and drink and enjoy company. Then, suddenly, one by one, customers started to come in. The business is really good at this time. I basically invested but I do not do any type of serving over there. I sometimes wait around till the closing time and then spend some tiem with the friends afterwards. This is a kind of business that you have to do with true friends with whom you have trust. Partnership is not easy. But currently, two friends manage the place and keep it going. They get along fine and they do not resent that I am more a distant partner. Money can be sensitive issue and that is why it is so important to have trust. KHJ also says that there is no monetary greed at all and that is also very important. KHC says that Shindong of SUJU also set up PC room with some of his closest friends from childhood and it is doing really well. But KHC finds that there is lots of similarity bet Shin Dong and KHJ’s business because there is hardly any monetary greed and there is lots of trust and belief in each other. KHJ agrees that that is really the best way to go. KHJ says that his friend cooks all the chicken by himself instead of hiring someone to cook as different cooks can change the taste as well as methods of cooking.

KHC asks KHJ what kind of business would fit KHC if he decides to go out and open shop. KHJ asks if KHC usually go out at night. KHC says that he rarely is out when the sun is up. KHJ thinks Potato-tang or Korean style Potato soup might be good and call it Kim HeeChul’s KangWondo Potato-tang. KHC thinks that is something new. KHC really likes that idea. KHJ says he can put lots of cabbage with deep broth. He thinks that potato soup will bring much profit. He heard about it. KHC wants the production team to cut this part of the interview so that this news does not go out to any other potential rivals who also is looking for type of business. KHC says if he does open such a place, would it be oK for him to use the store name as KHJ gave him. KHJ says fine and he will send flower bouquet with potato in it. (I think there was a brief scene about potato soup restaurant in Greatest Love and about the pretty potato flowers . I did not think KHJ likes romantic comedies but he has watched Greatest Love and Secret Garden…maybe he is studying for his next acting job…hahahaha)

KHJ says goodbye and hope that the listeners remember forever KHC’s rado program. They joke that they start with “chi-chi” and ends with potato soup.

credits: TheHyunjoongnara@yt + cheerkoo@soompi.com

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong Fansign Event in DaeJun

So cute! ^^ Hyun Joong has a father fan. ^^

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News about Kim Hyun Joong wearing specs

This was during he was a guest in 'Running Man'. ^^


‘Running Man’ Kim Hyun Joong in framed glasses gives off an appeal of a “movie star investigator”

The appearance of Kim Hyun Joong on SBS ‘Running Man’ showing off his smart style has become a topic of discussion.

With his handsome appearance and unique whimsical appeal, as well as his hidden talents, Kim Hyun Joong in his hunting cap, sporty black hoodie shirt matched the vintage feel and fashion sense that he gives off.

Especially so in order to disguise himself by putting on his black glasses, he gives off a different feel and appeal as compared to the other guests. The large frame of the glasses matches and evokes an atmosphere of an investigator at work, his intelligent and bright image became even more obvious on his smooth features.

This product is from Trussardi Eyewear, designed to make small face shapes look even smaller, and it’s good for giving off the feel of a luxurious yet casual feel.

According to a Trussardi Eyewear representative, “By putting it on the right person in the right situation, the glasses will match him easily and it is a good tool in giving off the right image.”  “The face shape as well as the overall style is an important consideration. "

Meanwhile, SBS ‘Running Man’ is a mission and survivor variety show where the cast will visit many landmarks that represents the Republic of Korea, which also allows many people to feel the intensity and showdown as the cast goes about to complete their missions
credits: bntnews + Wonderrrgirl (eng translation)

Heo Young Saeng in waiting room

Cute Young Saeng and his handphone! ^^ Who wants his face on their phone? *raises hand*


Heo Young Saeng’s “cute girl image”, handphone tuning sticker in the waiting room

Singer Heo Young Saeng’s candid photo taken in the waiting room was revealed.
On the 28th in the morning, the photo entitled ‘Heo Young Saeng’s waiting room photo’ was published in the online community.

The words “Photo of Heo Young Saeng in the waiting room taken by chance” also came up together with the photo of Heo Young Saeng in black stage costume and his smile.
Holding his handphone in his hand, the tuning sticker of his own face at the back of the handphone has captured the attention of everyone.

Fans who have seen the photo left enthusiastic responses such as ‘Always so bright and innocent”, “Cute girl image in the waiting room”, “I want that handphone tuning (sticker)”
Meanwhile Heo Young Saeng just recently finished his goodbye stage with solo album title song ‘Let It Go’ on the 17th.
The fans are calling Young Saeng a “귀요미” (Kwi-yo-mi) which means a girl with a cute image, because of how he actually uses his own photo for his handphone tuning sticker. ^^
credits: Star News + Wonderrrgirl

[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Radio Guesting on Ock Ju Hyun's Radio Show

Hyun Joong was very witty in answering all of the questions. ^^ It is really entertaining to be able to hear him do the interview. ^^


KHJ is her surprise guest.

KHJ greets and says that he has returned as a man. KHJ used to worry that his solo comeback won’t be as good as the group. But now his way of thinking has changed; he will do as well as he has practiced. OJH agrees with him. She cannot believe that once a baby-like Hyunjoong has now indeed become a very cool man. KHJ says that because it has been a long time since he last saw Ok, he feels like he has become a baby again in front of her. Laughter OJH also feels that it has been so long ago. She jokingly refers to him as a baby animal that must have now lost all his baby fuzz. KHJ says that now he shaves two times a day.

OJH asks the listeners to send in their thoughts or judgments about what KHJ might be like, such as KHJ would never get drunk no matter how much he drinks or that KHJ would fiercely chase after woman he likes. Among them 4 would be picked for signed KHJ solo CD and a Polaroid pix of KHJ from the studio. KHJ says that he already took pix and signed it. He thinks he looks a bit awkward in the pix but Ok says that that is OK and that is his charm.

KHJ introduces his new solo album Break Down. He wanted to show that he has become a man through the cd and he feels good that people are agreeing with him as well as he has hoped. OK says that after one week of comeback, he ranked number 1 on a music program and, since the official sale started, his cd sold 100,000 in two weeks. OK asks If he analyzed the secret to such a result. He says there is nothing to analyze. Purely, his fans have bought lots of CD to make him number 1 and he has seen his fans working together to posts sales. She says he must feel so good and KHJ says he is very fortunate. She feels like she wants to work with him.

For those who are finding out for the first time about his new solo CD, OK asks him to promote it on air in any way he likes. He says, to say a word to those who do not yet have his CD, he wants to say that it is a good album. All 5 songs are great to the point that he feels that all songs can actually be title songs. He says that he really worked hard for a year to prepare for the album. He does not want to push people to buy the CD. OK chimes in to say they can also download? KHJ says that if people have 660 won to spare, he would appreciate it they would download the song.

OK laughs and says that such a way of talking: “buy album or download for 660won” is KHJ’s charm. She says that he has the guts/shamelessness to come up with statements that no one would expect. She thinks that is one of his great charms that draw people to him. KHJ says that his agency becomes alarmed by his statements and made a request for him to better monitor and control his talks. But he says that he does not curse on air. In the beginning he tried to be careful but then he ended up not talking as much. So he decided to just do what he does. OK agrees with him and encourages him to continue what he has been doing.

@ 2:25 they listen to Break Down. OK praises BD, saying that she could feel the temperature burning up. KHJ thanks her and says that a person can get its real taste by not only listening but also seeing the performance at the same time.

People have sent in their thoughts:

1 You were seen once buying a hand phone that you were advertising. This time, did you also buy your own solo CD as well? KHJ says that he did not yet buy the album. However, he bought the very first 100 limited edition of the album which comes out numbered from 1 to 10,000. He bought it with his own money. Ok asks him to whom he will give those limited editions? KHJ says that he also bought the edition with the number 8666 which indicates his birthday. He wants to keep the number 1 edition and he plans to give out the rest to his friends and supporters. (I wonder if he will give the number 8666 to his parents.??) OK says that there might have been people who may have really wanted the first edition. KHJ says that may be so, but he wanted it more. OK thought the way he spoke is very cute.

2 Joohyun noona and KHJ used to be from the same talent agency. What was the first impression and was JH good to you? KHJ says that when he was a trainee, Joohyun noona was coming out with a solo song called “Catch”. He says that he and other trainees use to practice dance moves with her song. Ok is very surprised. OK asks if his first impression of her was that he was scared. KHJ says that he could not even talk with her. He says, rather than being afraid, it was more the feeble feeling being next to a great sunbae. Ok says that she often started conversation with him. He agrees but, as a trainee, he only felt the burden and the fear. OK says that she understands that feeling which is normal. She says that she would initiate lots of talks with him and he would respond with maybe half of that. If she would praise him and that she thinks he would succeed, he would only stutter a simple Thank You to her. OK asks if he is OK with her now. He says yes and it just feels like the feeling of seeing somebody after a long time. Ok says yes I am a noona.

OK says that she just remembered a situation when KHJ once made Ok react very suddenly and very strongly. She says that KHJ has a talent for saying something with calm coolness as if it is no big deal. One time, Ok was a DJ at another radio station and KHJ asked her if her younger brother still ride the motorcycle. The issue was that at that time, nobody in her family including herself knew that her younger brother even owned a motorcycle. She says that KHJ’s statement at that time created a havoc in her house. KHJ asked if he was still riding the motorcycle. OK confirms and says that two days before she mentioned to her family, her mother already knew and the roof was being flown out when she found out. KHJ says he is sorry. She says that her younger brother is listening to her now from the army and he has no idea that HJ told her that story at the time. KHJ says that he met Ok SeungJae at the YoungDong High School before he dropped out. He says that he met him often as Ok Seung Jae was a classmate of KHJ’s friend. He was very curious about him as his sister is a celebrity. He also saw that he was riding around in a motorcycle. Ok laughs out loud and says that he was really crazy. KHJ thought that perhaps OkJooHyun bought him the motorcycle. OK says never. She says that her brother was nearly kicked out of the house naked.

3 KHJ looks like he would prefer a girlfriend who is nice rather than pretty. KHJ says no. He likes pretty woman who also is very nice.

4. If he likes someone, I think KHJ would relate to her in an even more chic and uncaring way on purpose. KHJ says the he does not do it on purpose. Because he is very uncomfortable with unfamiliar people in general and very shy that, if he likes an opposite sex, he may appear mooshim=absentminded or disinterested. Ok says that then the other person would not know whether he likes her or not. He says that is why he likes the person by himself silently and that is where it ends. Ok comments that it feels so empty and futile. KHJ smiles. (This statement by KHJ is different from what he said in Night After Night Show where he said that he used to keep his feelings to himself but now he does not do that. He said that he now has the courage to ‘carpe diem’ and do what he feels inside—-maybe this is one of the things that his agency told him to tone down??? Kekeke—just a thought…ke)

5. Another person wrote in that she thinks that KHJ would take an hour-long shower not because he is obsessive about cleanliness but because he is thinking about other things. KHJ says that it is not an hour but he thinks he may take a shower about 30 minutes long. Since he cut his hair he uses lots of hair products to keep it neat. But one time, he was losing hair and found out it is because he did not wash off the spray well. So, now he washes twice and rinses twice so that he can thoroughly take out all the residue of hair products. He was told to use hot water so that the spray material can melt out of his scalp. Ok says, so such cleaning method keeps him at shower long. Yes.

6.Then, OK asks KHJ to read the listeners’ posts himself and select the ones he is interested in. He reads the one that says: KHJ seems like he plans to have about 5 kids when he marries. KHJ says it cannot be. KHJ says that he only wants to have 4. Ok that that is a lot too. He says that his dream is to have 2 girls and 2 boys. OK says that that does not happen as one wishes. KHJ says really? Is it because of me? Ok says it is not an automatic ?? (I am not perfect at deciphering certain Korean words..sorry…but I think you get the point.) KHJ says that “the person in the future would be suffering at least for 5 years. That it is a long time.” OK says that he has to earn a lot of money. KHJ says that is why he is trying hard to earn. He also says that if he does not have the sufficient ability to earn to support at least 4 kids, he will not even marry. OK says really? Ok says that when she attends his wedding later she will make sure to bring lots of money. KHJ says Thank you. She asks if he is thanking her in advance and he says yes. Laughter

7. OK reads: KHJ seems like a type to be easily fooled when it comes to money. That he would not even know that he is cheated and even come out thanking the other person. KHJ kind of agrees. He says that he would give 5000won if taxi fee came out to be 4200 and tell the driver to keep it. He takes the other person’s word for what something costs and he does not really question it.

8. Another person wrote in that KHJ seems the type to dream about exploring the space and conquering it one day. OK asks if he dreams about things that are unrealistic. KHJ says it is very real to him. He says that soon space travel is a possibility and he has heard that it will cost about 2-uk. for a 30minute tour. He feels that it will be a big pity to die without seeing the space. He says that one of his reasons for diligently saving money is that he wants to see the space and the “deep sea”—(maybe he is talking about the deep space and not the deep sea??) OK says that she hopes that his dream comes true and shehopes that she can hop along if there is a space next to KHJ. KHJ says yes let us go together. He asks if she ever had any surgery because then space travel is not possible. Ok says then she cannot do it. KHJ says that if she had stomach surgery or something, it is not possible. She thought he meant any surgery like eye-lift cosmetic surgery. Since she has no stomach surgery, she can still go to space. So they say let us go together.

9. KHJ seems like a type of person who cannot say no. He agrees. He especially cannot say no if people ask to borrow money. So he has many loans out. When he is driving, he sometimes sees ad about services that get back loans. Sometimes he would call them to find out about the service. He would ask them if they use force or threats to try to get the money back. They assure him that they work within the law. But they take 20 to 30 percent of the money. Ok is amazed that he really did call those services and she is laughing and calling him really funny. However, KHJ is currently deferring the option as he really does not want to lose that 20 to 30 percent either. So, KHJ requests on the radio, while cracking up, to all those who borrowed money from him and did not yet return, that they should not make the matter worse than it is and to just return the money as soon as possible.

Kiss Kiss is heard @ 0:15 and which will be KHJ’s second performing song when he makes the music program circle again.
OK says that she would be very curious as to what kind of clothes he would be wearing to sing this song. He says that the concept has not come out yet. Codi noonas has suggested wearing Rugby outfit or Amercan college fellow/oppa style (yellow green yellow green patterns) but KHJ has said no to those ideas. So, Ok asks him what he wants. He says he has hard time coming up with the right concept for the song and he asks if they have any ideas to post them with pictures and colors on the company sites. Ok thinks that really good looking people do not need too much decoration on their clothes but a simple shirt would look really good—like a white shirt or a sky blue shirt. KHJ says that he will try to do with a white shirt. OK laughs and thanks him for listening to her with care.
10 Another fan wrote in that KHJ seems like the type who would stand up to sunbaes’ and not become timid in front of them. KHJ says that he was very timid in front of sunbaes. When he was attending high school and the sunbaes would line up the lower classmen, he would do what they asked him to do. Ok asked if he did what they asked him to do even when they would tell him to sprawl on the floor (usually for beatings), he would comply. If they were going to hit him 4 times, he would take it biting his tongue. Others would roll out crying in pain but he would not budge because, if he rolls out in pain, he knew he would get beaten all over again. (I heard about these types of punishments or initiations especially in Korean army but I did not know that it went on even in high school. That is scary!! ) Both KHJ and Ok are laughing about it Ok says you take it well. KHJ says that his style was to get hit and then just get up.
11 KHJ seems like the type to bring about positive change in a somewhat negative environment. (I tend to agree with this.) KHJ says that if the atmosphere is negative, he tends to stay out of it. One time, he and his friend were having soju at a place nearby the practicing studio. While he went to the bathroom, his friend started an argument with the next door table. He saw that it may become big and decided to just go home. Ok felt that it was the wise thing to do. KHJ felt that he is no longer 18 or 19 who would stand by and fight with a friend out of loyalty. He is now 26 and has many staff members who work hard for him. OK repeats how wise he is in his decisions and she also says that the firm is very happy with him too because she sees them smiling outside. He says he promise to be a good celebrity.
12 KHJ seems like the type to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. He says that in the past he was like that; he slept anywhere he fell down. But, since the solo album came out, he says he has not been able to sleep. Ok asks if it is stress. KHJ says that his schedule is full and so is stress. As soon as he is lying on the bed, his head is full of thoughts about the next song, next performance, next concept, etc. Then he would go to the computer room and search for any clips that would satisfy him. Then when he returns to bed, he would be thinking about the next song. OK says he seems to be worrying a great deal and he agrees.
13 Another person wrote in to ask for yes or no answers on his ideal type of woman. She asked if he likes white-skinned or dark-skinned woman. Ok tells him to say Yes if he prefers the first one as opposed to latter one. KHJ says Yes (white-skin). Do you like glamour or ?malakangi?=very skinny or thin. He said Yes (glamour). Do you like bikini or one-piece bathing suit? He asks if it is for his woman? Ok says for his woman and KHJ says No (one-piece for his woman). Do you like woman who can catch bugs well or not? He says Yes (one who can catch bugs well). KHJ says that he is scared of bugs (OMG, he sounds more like the real Goo JoonPyo!! Kekeke) and he is especially scared of moth. Ok says he sounds just like her. KHJ says that he is also scared of cicada. When he was doing drama near the wooded areas, he often made NG’s because he was scared of the bugs that may fly around or towards him.
Ok says that sadly their time is up. They did not even answer many of the questions yet and she abruptly asks him if he can come tomorrow. He is thinking hard and thinks that he cans come because he is doing Music Bank which is in the same vicinity. Ok laughs and says to him to just come another time. (she was teasing him or testing him. Keke) She really thinks it wonderful that he does not give light answers but he carefully thinks about things and treat people seriously. She says again that is his charm. He also says that he thought he could come but that his agency just told him that he cannot come tomorrow because he has to do a special edition.
Ok asks him to say goodbye to the listeners. He says that he promise to be a very hard working singer through Break Down. If you can spare 660won, please try to get a download of the song. (Behind, I could hear Ok giggling at his promotion. OJH really enjoyed his company on her show.) She asks him to come back soon. Both say Thank you very much. (KHJ seemed very comfortable and very open on this radio program.)

credits: bosuhjvn@yt + cheerkoo@soompi.com

Kim Kyu Jong left a message on his Official Website 06.29.11

We all missed him, do we? ^^ So sweet of him to leave a message to us! ^^


Kyu Jong: ‘let me be the one !!! ^^’

Hello hello~~ It has been a long time!!

I am, I am KyuJong who finished and returned from musical Goong in Minamiza Theatre, Kyoto, Japan!!! Heehee

Yoohoo!! Because of everyone who gave a lot of support, I completed it nicely and returned~

To the many fans who came to watch the musical and many of you who gave me supporting messages..

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart..^^

Hmm hmm!! Today is a rainy day~~

What is everyone doing on a rainy day?!~

For me, I was sleeping late which I haven’t done for a long time, rubbing my eyes and woke up, doing this and that and making up my room,

And sat in front of my computer like this!!~~

I am curious if everyone is doing well^^ I miss you too… I must get down to preparation in order to meet with pretties soon!!

Hmm hmm!! Now that I am back in Korea!! I will be preparing in order to take the wonderful step in the future^^

And so pretties too, do your best and work hard everyday till we meet again, when we meet~~

Let’s have great fun!! You understand?^^

Hehe~~ hmm hmm!! Somehow I feel (heart) fluttering yet nervous?~!! So exciting~~~

Time flies really fast isn’t it?! July is coming very soon..!!

Hmm there is such a saying!!!

You will delay but time will not. –Benjamin Franklin-

^^!! Time is money and like the money, we should spend each and every day, every minute every second with a smile~~

Rather than not doing anything ^^ Watch TV and laugh, read book and laugh, talk on phone with a friend and laugh!!

I think it is like really the best in times when you’re laughing, isn’t it>!?^^

Aja ajaaaa~~ Everyone, fighting today too with a smile!!^^

I will start my day today too for the other beginning that I am facing!!~~

For the sake of smiling together!! For that day~~ Goooooo~~~~~~~~


credits: kyu-jong.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Article on Kim Hyun Joong's 'Break Down' Album release on Philippines

Can't wait for Saturday! I'll definitely be there! ^^


Break Down

Kim Hyun Joong's solo mini-album due out July 2

MANILA, Philippines -- Former SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong is set to release on July 2, his first solo mini-album titled “Break Down,” in which he takes the most generic route out of all the SS501 member's solo activities - typical synthesizer instrumentals, heavy beats and catchy choruses as well as bubblegum pop.

Kim Hyun Joong completed his tour in the U.S. and South Korea before going back to the studio and recording the mini-album with producer Steven Lee.

Together with Japanese group, V6 and KAT-TUN’s producer Steven Lee, Kim Hyun Joong involved himself in the album-making just to reveal more of himself as solo artist. "Break Down" boasts of six songs, with one instrumental version of the title track.

The title track“Break Down” is a powerful synthesized song with an urban style, which features the stylish rapping of South Korea’s Double K; and Ken Lewis, as the single’s producer. Ken Lewis is the producer of Eminem, Kanye West, Usher and John Legend. The music video for "Break Down" was simultaneously released with the single’s digital release.

Marking his comeback to the music scene, the album also boasts the previously released single “Please” in which Kim Hyun Joong portrayed a different and mature image in his music video. Other album highlights include “Intro (Let Me Go)”where Kim Hyun Joong opens with a magnificent pipe organ melody. Also in the album is the song “Kiss Kiss”another pop/ dance song but accompanied with an acoustic guitar and dance-y beat “Yes I Will”

Aside from the Philippines, “Break Down” will also be released in South Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Kim Hyun Joong’s “Break Down” will be launched at Astrovision/Astroplus SM North Edsa The Block and Odyssey Music & Video at SM Megamall from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a Flash Mob. Early buyers will get freebies like a movie size poster and limited personalized BREAK DOWN eco bag.

The album will also be available in SM Music Box Record Bars and The Landmark Department Stores Record Bars as exclusively distributed by PolyEast Records in cooperation with KeyEast Entertainment and CJ E&M Korea.

credits: mb.com.ph

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong winning speech in his 2nd win for Music Bank

I saw the 'gorilla dance again'. ^^ Cute and funny Hyun Joong! ^^

credits: czakhareinanumerouno@yt

[Eng Subs] MNET Idol chart Show

The host said 'The best Wild Man Kim Hyun Joong'. kekekeke ^^

credits: Stephiie4SS501@yt

Kim Hyun Joong Special Thanks in his 'Break Down' Album

O_o Our 4D Leader strikes again! 'Wrote a lot of names but deleted them away'. 왜요??


Wrote a lot of names but deleted them away.
Thanks to all the fans. Hope that all of you can be happy for me. Thank you for being Kim Hyun Joong fans. I have been always grateful and thankful to all of you, loving you.

1st Solo Debut Album homework is done!

Chinese Translation: YOYO@百度金贤重吧
Photo + English Translation: @cll_slam10

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's 180-degree transformation

Who would expect that he would come up with this kind of concept? Totally surprised us all! ^^ I badly wanted that Limited Edition!! How can I have it?! 어떡하죠 ???!!!!


Kim HyunJoong, Releases Strong Masculine Beauty in Mini Album Photobook

Kim HyunJoong displays his strong masculine beauty.

Kim HyunJoong releases the photos that are included in his first mini album ‘Break Down’ limited edition on 28-June. You can feel his charisma from his muscled body from work-outs and chic expression. A model pose is felt in the photo where he wore an edgy black suit.

Kim HyunJoong recently released his first solo mini album and sold over 100,000 copies within 2 weeks, and in order to commemorate this, a limited mini album has been produced on 30-June. Included in this limited edition are the mini album CD and DVD which includes title song ‘Break Down’ music video, making film, etc, as well as a undisclosed photobook. It will be released on 30-June.

credits: yjkim@joongang.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Kim Hyun Joong is considered the Hottest Man in Korea

Well, I might have to disagree with this statement.... NOT ONLY IN KOREA!!!!! ^^ 


Kim Hyun Joong: Hottest Man in Korea?

Early this morning, KeyEast Entertainment teased fans by unveiling three new photos of SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong. The released photos will be part of Kim Hyun Joong’s limited edition version of his debut solo album “Break Down.” The photos gave fans a taste of all the new treats that will be part of the limited edition album. For his comeback, Kim Hyun Joong underwent a 180 degree transformation, shedding his soft flower boy image to a beastly and manly look. While he was limited to one image during his early promotions of “Break Down,” he displayed his ability to pull off a wide variety of looks – ranging from sexy to sophisticated.

The limited edition album is comprised of a CD, a DVD of music videos, and 48 pages of never-before-seen photos and will be available in offline stores on June 30th. On June 23rd, online reservations for the special album sold out within an hour of its release, and Kim Hyun Joong became the highest selling solo artist this year by selling over 110,000 albums within two weeks of its release. 

credits: soompi.com

Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong for BB Cream Endorsement

Anything he touches turns to gold. ^^ Of course, that's just one of my idiomatic expressions. ^^


By virtue of Hallyu ‘Kim Hyun Joong BB’ … 1,000,000 breakthrough sales

From March to May this year, Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong and Park Min Young stood out with ‘Face It Power Perfection BB Cream’TV commercial, which has received fervent response from the consumers locally as well as in Asia.

Especially so after the commercial, it gained the nickname of “Kim Hyun Joong BB” in central districts well known to foreigners such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Insa-dong, resulting as well in sharp growth in sales.

*some parts of the article regarding TFS sales omitted

credits: NewsTomato + wonderrrgirl (english translation) + ss501chapter.wordpress

Kim Kyu Jong created an application for a friend

That is so sweet of our Kyu Jong. Despite his busy schedules, he managed to create one for a friend's birthday. Isn't he the sweetest? ^^


SS501 Kim KyuJong, A Very Special Application Gift for Friend

Popular idol group SS501 member Kim KyuJong made a surprise application (TAEWAN BIRTHDAY) as a birthday gift to his friend.

The friend whom Kim KyuJong made this application gift for is none other than ex-singer composer Kim TaeWan (A.K.A C Luv). He is a popular composer who produced ‘Rainism’ for Rain’s 5th album, and composed ‘Fresh Woman’, ‘My lady’, ‘You’, etc, as well as produced and composed for MBLAQ, etc.

Meanwhile, Kim KyuJong who is currently engaged in musical ‘Goong’ activities in Japan, despite his busy schedules, planned and designed the overall application, even when he had to fly over to Japan for schedules during the development stage, he would make international call and email to participate in the production of the application.

Composer Kim TaeWan’s birthday gift application is planned by Kim KyuJong, designed by Jeon KyungJin (Jazzy) who was featured in the music video ‘I have done everything’ by ALi. Overall testing and PM are done by OTO service company Open Vex’s director Shin HoYeol.

Open Vex who is in charge of the overall testing and PM, is the company who produced the very popular free international call application ‘OTO’ which has over 10,000 downloads in Android market. They are currently preparing to launch a new business of OTO.

With this surprise birthday gift application which Kim KyuJong made, there will be more people making use of such special birthday gifts in the future.

credits : frontier@frontiertimes.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Pictures of Heo Young Saeng in Pops In Seoul Arirang Interview

Missing our Young Saeng already? Don't worry, he's just busy attending interviews from different shows. ^^ Just like this one. It is said that this interview is from Kpopulous Pops in Seoul which will be aired this Thursday at 6:30pm KST. I wonder what storied he wll be sharing on this program. Stay tuned!

credits: @Kpopulous + ss501chapter.wordpress

MYX Charts includes Kim Hyun Joong's 'Please'

Wow! Totally a huge improvement!!! From number 17 last week, climbs 11 spots to number 6 for MYX International Top 20! And for a new entry in MYX Hit Chart, he was at number 12!!! Good Job Triple S and Henecians! We are seeing that our effort are definitely working! If we keep on voting for his song, he'll definitely make it to number 1! And you may never know, he might just visit the country. ^^ So don't forget to vote! ^^ Text:

send it to 2366

credits: myxph.com

Kim Kyu Jong back in Korea!

Our Prince Shin has successfully ended his musical and is now back in Korea. ^^ We missed you Kyu Jong! ^^

credits: kameiery.blog.me + ss501chapter.wordpress

Kim Hyun Joong meets look-a-like in 'Happy Together'

Actually, this was been on the news before the debut of the group 'Boyfriend'. But it was just recently that Hyun Joong was able to meet them personally.


Kim Hyun Joong finally meets his look-alikes, Boyfriend’s Youngmin & Kwangmin

SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong finally met up with the twins of rookie group Boyfriend, Youngmin and Kwangmin, who have been headlining for some time now for their striking resemblance to him.

Youngmin said, “We recently recorded a show with senior Kim Hyun Joong.  He told us, ‘It’s as if I’m looking at a younger version of myself.’  It was really an honor.”

The twins have been known for being ‘little Kim Hyun Joongs’, especially after starring in SBS’s ‘Truth Game‘ as children.  Fans of both groups have been sharing comparison pictures of the three and remarking over the emergence of another doppelganger.

What do you think?

credits: allkpop

Monday, June 27, 2011

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong in Fan Sign Event

This fancam is truly remarkable! It captured moments where Hyun Joong was smiling brightly with fans. And you could tell that most of the time, he was thanking them. And also, another observation, he would shook the hands of the kids instead of the adults. kekeke He's more friendly with the kids right? ^^


Promotional Video of Kim Hyun Joong's 'Break Down' Album Launch in the Philippines

This video makes me more excited for July 2!!! I'd definitely be there before the mall opens! kekeke ^^ How about you? Have you pre-ordered the album? ^^

credits: 501skyevents@yt

Kim Hyun Joong as barista for 'Save the Earth' Campaign

Even though I don't dink coffee, I'd probably be visiting this cafe if Kim Hyun Joong will barista for a day. And I'd probably be spending my whole day just by merely staying and buying stuffs at this cafe just to spend some time with him. ^^  Pathetic right? kekekeke^^

Kim Hyun Joong becomes a one-day barista for “Save the Earth” campaign

On June 27th, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong paired up with clothing brand “Hang Ten Korea” for a special “Save the Earth” environmental awareness campaign at a café in Hannam-dong.

Kim Hyun Joong took over the café for a day and worked as a barista for visiting fans. Not only did he make the coffee for everyone, but also thanked the environmentally-friendly fans who brought in their coffee cups to turn them into mini plant pots.

The campaign itself will run for a full year this year in promotion of eco-conscious habits. Its main focus is to remind everyone not to throw away their coffee cups and to reuse them instead.

credits: allkpop.com


Kim Hyun Joong transformed into a Barista

Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong transformed into a one-day Barista.

On the 27th at Hangten Itaewon, Seoul, ‘Save The Earth’ natural cafe was opened, with Hangten’s model Kim Hyun Joong appearing as a one-day Barista.

With ‘Save The Earth’ Hangten’s model Kim Hyun Joong as a one-day Barista, personally making coffee and serving it, as well as time spent making a mini hub flowerpot with the fans, who brought them back in disposable coffee cups.

For this event, Hangten is organizing throughout the year as part of the natural environment campaign with the hope to promote that coffee cups be recycled rather than thrown away in order in order to care for the environment.

‘Save The Earth’ is conducted by Hangten every year as part of their natural environment campaign, with slogans such as saving the earth, and messages of love, as well as a variety of events such as selling of Hangten campaign T-shirts and planting of the mini flowerpot etc being carried out as part of the campaign.

Source: ebm news
Translation: Wonderrrgirl

Kim Hyun Joong curious about his drink

There are a lot of pictures surfacing the web regarding Hyun Joong's recent Fan Sign Event held in Seoul. I'm sorry, I'll not be sharing all of those here on my post since I know you already have them. kekekeke ^^ But what I would share is the pictures that I find it cute. Look how curious he is with his drink. He must probably wondering what's the flavor. Or probably something else. ^^ We'll never know what exactly he was thinking when he was looking at it, since our 4D Leader is really 4D. ^^

credits: as tagged

[Screencaps] Hyun Joong looks at Young Saeng

I was so addicted to their performance that I cannot help but watch it over and over again. ^^ And because of that, I noticed that Leader kept looking at Young Saeng. ^^ Probably he misses dancing with his member. ^^ I only did this for fun and do not have any intention to create something. I managed to do a screencap of 9 photos. But there are so many of them. Try watching the video and you'll figure out what I mean. ^^ Cute! ^^

credits: as tagged

Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng 'Twist King' Performance is on YouTube Charts!

Okay, I admit, I became addicted to their performance and was actually looking for some more fancams out there. ^^ But before I head off to bed, let me just share to this great news. As I was checking what's on the charts of You Tube, my eyes caught the performance of Hyun Joong and Young Saeng for Inkigayo included on thier charts! Wow! And I did check world wide and South Korea location, both are on the list. ^^ Guess it's not only me who is craving for our boys. ^^

Most Liked

World Wide

South Korea

Top Favorited

World Wide

South Korea

credits: youtube
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