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Kim Hyung Jun wrote his song 'Heaven' for his late friend Park Yong Ha

'Heaven' is a ballad song that would really touch your heart while listening to it. I was thinking who was his inspiration when he wrote it, and now he reveals the answer. Try listening to the song and you'll figure it out why.


Source: Korean Official Website
Korean to Chinese Trans: 豆子 @ www.hyungjun.com.cn
Chinese to English Trans: slam10@SGTripleS
Pls repost with credits

From the maknae of SS501 to a solo singer as a new start. Used to be a 5 members stage to a solo stage now, but Kim Hyung Jun is full of confidence. Kim Hyung Jun has released his 1st solo mini album “MY GIRL”, using his hit song “OH! AH!” to start his solo activities.

In his solo album, Kim Hyung Jun has composed and was involved in the production of the songs “YOU ARE NOT LIKE OTHER WOMAN” and “HEAVEN”. Especially “HEAVEN” is a song which holds a totally different meaning to Kim Hyung Jun. He wrote the lyrics of “HEAVEN” was due to his deep friendship with the late artiste Park Yong Ha.

“Park Yong Ha is a brother whom I truly like and respect, “HEAVEN” contains the feelings of how I miss Yong Ha hyung, to those who have listened to this song was said that they can feel for it, which gave them a decisive role when it come to love. Because of missing Yong Ha hyung so I can get more of my inspirations, which is why the lyrics were written in that way.”

After knowing the news that Park Yong Ha has passed away, Kim Hyung Jun’s crying scene during the funeral, making people around him sigh non-stop. And during the opening speech of his radio show SBS FM “KIM HYUNG JUN Music High” he said “Today is a very painful day, a hyung who is very closed to me suddenly passed away, it is really hard to believe”, continue saying “I feel apologetic to my hyung who treated me very well but whom I did not really treat him that well” really want to cry and shed tears again.

With the same Japanese management company, the two quickly became closer after their Japanese activities. The reserved Kim Hyung Jun said that he approached Park Yong Ha to befriend him, told him if they are going to Japan, to meet up together for some activties or go to each other house to play, thus established a deep friendship.

Kim Hyung Jun said, “Whenever I face any problems, Yong Ha hyung is a brother who always willing to share my problems. Thus I am really very thankful to hyung.” “Moreover our family stories and other areas which are totally similiar, this makes us closer as we have many things in common and often can reach to a consensus.” He also said, “As long as we can be together he is really good brother”. “HEAVEN” is the only ballad song in his solo mini album that contains his memories of the late artiste Park Yong Ha and also how he feels. The story of warm friendship of Park Yong Ha and Kim Hyung Jun as of the lyrics “You the only one for me, standing behind you today I’m always met with a smile, cannot express my heartfelt gratitude, No matter where I can still feel you, I’m always with you in my heart” can sense their deep friendship.

“Although can’t sing that as a memorial song but to Yong Ha Hyung, it contains my thinking. Often thinking of taking care and not to forget but to increasingly keep it as a memory, so with that frame of mind to write the lyrics.”

Kim Hyun Joong new photos from his Official Website

These were the set of photos included in his 2011 calendar. Handsome as ever!

credits: hyun-joong.com

Kim Hyun Joong's message from his Official Mobile Site

His activities will start in June? Hmmm... I thought it was supposed to be May? Well, anyway at least soon we will hear his songs and see him perform. ^^

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Credits: elley @daumblog
Japanese~English Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Hello, this is Hyun Joong
2011/03/30  Hyun Joong

Hello, this is Hyun Joong.

Recently I’m working hard for the album activities in June.

I will return to everyone with wonderful music.

Please wait a little while more^^

Cheer up and Fighting!

Confirmation from Heo Young Saeng's Official Website: I'm in! ^_^

Happiness!!!!! ^___________^ Actually, I was kinda feeling depressed this morning due to some personal news received. But when I decided to check my mail, I was surprised to see a mail from Young Saeng's Official Website! And I seem to forgot my depression, the moment I read the message! ^^ Now, I can really be updated to his schedules! We may never know, he might visit the TOK to chat with us fans. ^^ Hopefully Kyu Jong's Website will also soon has option for foreign fans. ^^ 


SS501 Maknae Kim Hyung Jun feels sadness...

The reason? Well, he feels that he's not receiving the same amount of huge love compared to SS501 days. Don't worry too much Maknae. We are still all here for you, araso? 


Solo transformist Kim Hyungjun, “Having lesser fans than SS501 days, kinda sad”

Source: http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1301033151143417003
English translation: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Kim Hyungjun who’s returned as a solo singer and not the maknae of group SS501 – we saw the more matured side of his this time. Has he broken out of the guardian shell by his brothers? In his eyes we saw eagerness. Whilst we listen to his gag-filled talks, we also see his beautiful smiles spread across his face – as usual. The moment he talks about music and his business, he turns into an ecstatic mode almost immediately. He may still be at a tender age, but having started social life early, his thoughts were as equally deep, and dreams equally big.

In releasing this first album under the name Kim Hyungjun, he has had put in alot of concern throughout the process. As soon as he talks about the album, his eyes shone and becomes playful like a child as if he discovered a new-found toy. Though he is naive and innocent like a child, that didn’t seem to be bothersome at all.

“I like sophisticated kind of music, and I pursue after the pop genre of music, and I wanted to do that kind of music. At first, I actually didn’t like a song like ‘oH! aH!’, but as I was recording for it, I began to grow really fond of it. It’s really true that you gotta undergo the recording of a song first before the true feel of a song is felt. Even the sound of it is unique – the mystique and dreamy feel. The entire concept in this time’s album is about sophistication and simplicity, and at the same time, pop-oriented and neat on the whole. It should only be filled with music that I fancy isn’t it (laughs)”.

As he described each song inclusive in the album, passion and seriousness was very evident in his eyes. His pride for each song that was produced meticulously by top craftsmen was stinging.

It used to be five members standing together on stage, but now, he needs to stand on the stage alone and fill the presence. Standing on that huge stage alone, filling the presence in front of many fans and adapting to fans’ anticipation could bring huge burden for one, however, Kim Hyungjun dismissed that, “I’ve been thinking about whether or not this is the path that I should take, and after thinking, I realize that I actually like doing it alone”, as he laughed it off simply.

“This is the first album under the name Kim Hyungjun so it’s very much meaningful, and was produced with alot of effort and concerns. It used to be five of us doing these, but now that I’m doing it alone, I do feel a little empty. I know it’d be tough and hard but right now, more than fear, I actually am getting anticipated about what I should do in the road ahead”.

“This burden was huge in a way it can’t be expressed in words. There were also many worries. But hmm could it be because I’ve been doing alot of personal activities already that, as I’m carrying out solo activities now, the burden was washed away very immediately. That’s because I’m able to do the things I want to do in a little more relaxing manner. Now, even if I may think about whether this will be my path to walk or not, it actually seems good in doing it alone. It’s really blissful right now. Our members are always watching over me and also rooted on for me by asking me not to tremble too much nor get nervous and strive for No.1″.

Could it be because of his bright and positive personality that even with this burden caused, it seemed to have been dumped aside as though insignificant. To Kim Hyungjun, doing solo activities is more about feeling any possible tinge of sorriness and disappointment for his fans, rather than burden that he will feel.

“If I do activities alone, obviously there would be good sides to it too, right. When you sit in vans, there is enough space for yourself; and when I’m in the waiting lounge, I have plenty of time to do thinking on myself. I get to realize what is it that I need to show to people, and this could seemingly allow me to appeal to people. However, I don’t personally feel the same amount of huge love received like last time. There were people who have liked me since last time, and also some other people who likes the other members, too. To be honest, my heart feels less full as compared to when the five of us were together back then. I feel a little sadness for that”.

Kim Hyungjun did not just talk about how he feels sad and disappointed that he does not feel the same, equal amount of love received as before. Instead, he’s a very caring and concerning man who knows how to first tend to fans’ feelings wherein they feel sad about not being able to see SS501 on a same stage together for the moment.

It’d be great for us to keep anticipating on what this bright, cheerful and extremely positive man with deep consideration for others would have in store for us on the road ahead of him.

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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's Message at Official Mobile Site

This video was last March 28, 2011. I believe Hyun Joong was worried for his fans, and it was nice of him to think of them and leave a message for them. 

credits: onlykhj@yt

Japanese to English translation: Miyo @ lovekimhyunjoong.com
Please repost with full credit

This is Kim Hyun Joong

When I heard the news of the earthquake

First, I was worried for all the fans in Japan

I pray for the safety of all the fans and everyone in Japan

Although what I could do is little
But I will work hard to be of help to everyone

I pray that everyone be able to quickly settle in again.

That’s all for my greeting here

Thank you

[Eng] Pops in Seoul features SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong and other celebrities: Leaders in the relief efforts!

It's good to see celebrities making donations and making an effort to participate in projects to which proceeds will be given to Japanese victims. 

credits: arirangworld@yt

Kim Hyung Jun tweets: Imitates a statue

I don't know where exactly this picture was taken, but it sure is funny. ^^

credits: HyungJun87

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong talks about Bae Yong Jun: His wish is...?

This is the subbed version of what I have just recently posted. Seems like Triple S are really fast in subbing and uploading. ^^

credits: TheAlienPrince@yt

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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong talks about Bae Yong Jun: His wish is....?

The translations are finally out. ^^ Even though some would not like his wish ( as he said ), but then I hope that someday it would come true. ^^

English Translations: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

The Yonsama that I met *words in bold*

*Female Narration*
Participating in the 24 Hour Television last year
Also making an appearance in the drama 「Dream High」produced by Bae Yong Joon
Even Bae Yong Joon has expectations for this next generation Hallyu star, Kim Hyun Joong
What kind of person is the Yonsama that you have met?

Hello, this is Kim Hyun Joong *in Japanese*

Bae Yong Joon Sunbae gives everyone the impression that he is a very perfect, secretive person right?

But he is actually a very humanely and humorous person.

Saying interesting things that makes one slipped… *laughs*

Anyway he is very sincere
Taking care of me like I’m his younger brother

As what everyone has feel about
him as someone who do not reveal his mysterious, personal side,

When you meet him you will understand about him full of humaneness

And feel his friendliness

The most surprising is his radical self management part
And I also feel that he is an impressive person for his passion towards his work

My wish is…
Though fans probably would not want it but

I wish to marry a wonderful woman. *laughs*

Park Jung Min to release a new song on his birthday

Is this some kind of a birthday gift that you would like to share with your fans, Jung Min-sshi? Of course we would like to get our hands on this 40-page photobook. ^^ Hopefully it also includes the picture where you pose for AnAn Magazine. ^^


Park Jung Min is releasing a new song in celebration of his birthday! The star wanted to share the special occasion with his beloved fans, and what better way to do it then by unveiling a musical treat?

The new song is called “Like Tears Are Falling“, and is scheduled for release on April 1st through a digital music channel. It’s a great prelude to his new mini-album, “THE, PARK JUNG MIN“, which will drop on the 7th. The singer has also created a 40-page photobook to be included with his new album.

credits: ramham424@allkpop

[Eng Subs] More videos of Park Jung Min during FanSign Event at Singapore

Thank you so much kelemama and josie for providing us the subs on these videos. We wouldn't be able to understand it without your help. ^^ Komawo chingu ^^

credits: 501wangja2@yt

Kim Hyun Joong is afraid of losing love from fans

How in the world that would happen??? I mean, even in his wildest dreams, it would be impossible not to love such a handsome and loving guy such as him!!!! Fear no more, Hyun Joong-sshi, for we will stay here forever no matter what! 


View the rest of the scans HERE.

Kim Hyun Joong “I am always afraid of losing love from fans” (Aera March 21 Issue)


Scanned by: blog.daum.net/elley0606
English translation: lafone @ liezle.blogspot.com (Summary trans)

Kim Hyun Joong, Leader of K pop idol group, who already had a dream of becoming a singer inspired by Seo-Taiji at the second year of a prime school, talked about acting and emotions towards his fans.

He did not see neither Taiwan version nor Japanese one of Playful Kiss as he did not want to be influenced by them. The point of Playful Kiss is to see how cold BaekSeunJo will change. According to him, he tried to become SeunJo at EP 1 and 2, perfectly getting into the character from EP 3 and 4.

KHJ: Being a genius, he is always lonesome boy. He is so clumsy in love that he does not know how to express his emotion, and that is the key point of SeunJo. However, he gradually tries to express his feeling, and I hope that the audience can see this process. In order to act as genius, it was hard for me to understand and learn difficult words and expressions.

Q: It is important for him in acting is to completely become a character himself. What kind of efforts, does he do for that ?

KHJ: First of all, I analyze the characteristics of my role. In case of Beak SeunJo, I have to look smart and confident enough to be IQ200 genius. To the contrary, he knows that he feels awkward in front of the girl he loves. He tries to control his emotion within himself. With all these points in mind, I have to become SeunJo.
At the same time, thinking of an entire storyline of the drama, I decided how to act by each episode. While reading of the script, I thought about expressing SeunJo’s changes, “ Shall I express to this extent in this episode ? then further to this extent in the next episode ? “ and so on.

Q: In Korean drama, there is almost no drama that the script is ready before shooting …..

KHJ: That is right! You may not believe me, but sometimes, we received a script five or 10 minutes before the shooting. Still in the later part of the drama, I already got into the role, it was much easier to act. So, even I received the scenario at the last minutes, the phrases quickly entered in my memory.

Q: I had this interview in December. After continuously working without any rest, it was a pitty that he looked so tired. So, I asked him what he would like to do if he had free time.

KHJ: Well I would like to go to somewhere people does not recognize me , going to a hot spring, having a glass of beer, and so on. Also it will be nice for me to enjoy soccer.
Even this seems to be difficult for him. He would like to start this year from music activities, balancing actor/singer activities on half-half basis.

KHJ: The current challenge for me is to make a success in the first solo album. I would like to make it the best so that I can expect good reaction and reputation. During the production process, I decided the entire image of music video by myself, challenging in selection of the songs. In the next album, many of my own ideas are included.
Not only in Korea nor Japan, one of the most though things that we are afraid of is “ fear of losing love from all of you “. I know that if the popularity goes up once, then it will go down. However, I believe that if I try hard, the fans will not leave me, continuously giving their support to me. Therefore, I think that I will be able to keep my own positioning , if I continue to work hard.

Interviewer: Yes, you are right. No matter how much suffering you may have, you have to continue to run, that is the star !

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[Eng Subs] Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng's 'Summer and Love' DVD

Okay, I just saw this now, and unfortunately I'm about to go to work so I'm not able to watch this today. Bear in mind that this is for entertainment purposes only and we are still encouraging you to buy the original one. Wouldn't you want to get their photobook included on this DVD? 

Part 1

Part 2

credits: cllslam10@yt

Heo Young Saeng tweets his score

Kekekeke ^^ Are you proud of your score Young Saeng-sshi? I included also his conversation with Steven Lee.

credits: mystyle1103 + Steven_Lee_ + chobeess501 (english translation)

Heo Young Saeng's Official Website now open to Overseas fans

Finally! They were able to accept Overseas fans to join his website! ^^ I immediately signed up as soon as I got the news. How about you? By the way, if you do want to sign up, make sure you are using Internet Explorer because it would not work if you are using Firefox. 

credits: young-saeng.com

SS501 Maknae Kim Hyung Jun's eyes lit when he talks about fellow SS501 members

Aaawww... our Hyung Jun becomes a child when he talks about his members, but becomes an adult when he talks about his family.


Re-post with full credit
Credit: KoreaStarDaily.com 宣美炅记者
English translation: reena29shadow@twitter
source: rainaftershine@wordpress.com

Kim Hyung Jun: “The essential existence of SS501″

Kim Hyung Jun is no longer the baby of SS501, he who have debut for 7 years will be standing on stage alone will show only the domineering side and not nervousness because of all his hardwork offscreen and a strong sense of pride. You can call Kim Hyung Jun a bright person, during the interview, he replied every question with smile. Although he still behave like a child some times, but he clearly knows what is the thing he wants. Not that he’s not nervous for his solo stage, but Kim Hyung Jun’s curiosity and confidence conquers his nervousness. Even though he’s standing on stage alone, you wouldn’t feel that other members is missing.

[To Kim Hyung Jun, what does SS501?]

[SS501 is the motivation behind Kim Hyung Jun now, is also the essential existence in my life. Members gave me lots of support and encouragement, they also say I must get Number 1. They have been following closely on my performance and asking me not to be nervous.] When he talked about himself, he was very calm, but when he mentioned other members, he suddenly turns into a child who’s much loved by members.

[Normally when we meet up, we will go for a drink. I can’t really hold my liqour, but others member are very good drinkers. Hyun Joong-hyung drink fast and he gets drunk very fast, he will definitely not wake up]. His embarrass expression when saying this is like Kim Hyun Joong Is now drunk beside him. [Young Saeng-hyung will become talkative, behaves like a child. Sometimes he will also imitate others, saying why Hyung Jun is so handsome. Jung Min will start running around, KyuJong will just stare with his eyes wide open.] His eyes lit with trust and affections with he talked about his members, it’s just like there’s an invisible lines that connects all members, maybe we will still get to see the day when all SS501 members stands on the same stage.

[Although now that our management company is different, but we promise each another that we will work together, if we can’t even keep this promise, then we really have no sense of obligation. Even if the period will be short, but we still hope to gathers together. Of course there’s bound to be inconvenience when our agency is different, but when all our individual activities have completed, till then, SS501 will release an album, either end of this year or beginning of next year.]

Things that hold SS501 together is not only music, Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min and Kim KyuJong are all experienced in acting, [If I were to act with Hyun Joong-hyung, have to be that kind that will never meet each other kind of relationship. Wants to film something like [Movie is Movie], a character that’s so cool like So Ji Sub].

[Humanity Kim Hyung Jun VS Singer Kim Hyung Jun]

Kim Hyung Jun in variety shows also gives us an impression of outgoing and friendly impression, even when he’s standing on stage alone, there’s no sign of fright, able to speak him mind fluently, but in fact, Kim Hyung Jun is someone who enjoys to be alone. [The humanity Kim Hyung Jun is much petty, have many thoughts but don’t really voice out, also full of worries for own future. Likes to stroll alone along Hangang River and also likes driving around alone. As an entertainer Kim Hyung Jun, I’m flamboyance. Am very cheerful and positive. When people saw me, they will say that I’m very cheerful and hardworking].

Kim Hyung Jun who is very strict to himself, tones down when he talked about his family. He revealed that till now, other than his parents, he have not found any role model. He also said that he looks exactly like his mother and at the same time, he showed his love and care for this brother, Ki Bum who’s also a singer. [Ki Bum can do many things, because he like figurine, he once started a business for figurines. He’s also good at composing, if there’s a chance, I would like to release an album with my brother. Although it’s a pity that he left the group, but that is already the past and it’s better to be forgotten, I told him that I wish he could give a thought about what he really wants to do and wants him to face the reality].

Not only to his brother, Kim Hyung Jun also gave lots of support to Kara who was once their junior, [Have to keep in mind the thought that everything could be settle, have to learn to give in to each another. Compared to who’s standing by with who, it’s better to learn how to compromise].

[24 years old, age when you crave for love]

24 years old young blooded, this is the age that you crave for love. But 24 years old Kim Hyung Jun says work is his priority. [I hope that I can get a girlfriend 3 years later when I have more money, I like woman who are feminine, maybe people will find my thinking conservative, but I like girls who will listen to me and one who will be a good wife. Appearance, compared to gorgeous looking, I prefer girls who are not materialistic. I really like Son TaeYoung and Son YeJin, it seems like people with Son as surname is very beautiful], a rather picky standard, as if he is picking his bride.

Kim HyungJun who wants to focus on work has been working with female artiste recently, in his latest album, MV for and , there’s also pretty ladies, [Previously if were to work with female, I will be very shy and wouldn’t know what to say, but now I have open up. Sometimes I will think that by doing that, everyone will like it more, so I will try to find topic, and become more close others. Feels more power at work with female co-workers around than when I’m working alone].

[Hope that I could get Number 1 for this album], this is Kim Hyung Jun recent target. We also hope that he who faces everything with sincerity and positive attitude could achieve what he wished for.

New photo of Kim Hyun Joong

Is that a script that you are holding? Hmmmm.... o_o He looks good in white. ^^ But he looks so thin in this shot. Hyun Joong-sshi, take good care of yourself, araso? You don't want your fans to worry about you, right?

credits: cyworld.com/seungkyo9

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyung Jun Radio Interview at KBS Radio Arabic section

Finally, a subbed version of the video!!! Been waiting for this!!! ^^ It was actually interesting to watch, especially the Arab fans talking in Korean. The first caller seemed to be very fluent in speaking Korean language. ^^ And the second caller, seems like Hyung Jun was surprised when she said 'Oppa~'. ^^ And how lucky the third caller can be, getting an album from Hyung Jun? Waaahhhhh... these lucky girls are really envied by a lot of fans, they were able to speak with Hyung Jun! ^^  Wish we could have that chance too ^^

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

credits: Green501peas@yt

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[Gif] Kyu Jong and Young Saeng moment from 'Summer and Love' DVD

Love the second gif. ^^ Totally hilarious. ^^

Kyu Jong dragging his hyung ^^

I keep repeating this scene ^^

credits: Nica (Kim KyuJong's Land@FB)

[Gif] Kim Kyu Jong in 'Summer and Love' DVD

Set of gifs from 'Summer and Love' DVD. Kyu Jong's smile really will melt your heart. ^^ Hopefully Young Saeng will have his own set of gifs. ^^

first time seeing a sexy girl? ^^

can't stop giggling ^^

who's willing to come with him?  *raises hand* me!!!! ^^

getting ready for a date? ^^
Added two more gifs 

hot-looking stare

Kyu Jong and his magic trick that made Saengie laugh ^^

credits: Nica (Kim KyuJong's Land@FB)

[Eng Subs] News about Kim Hyun Joong on 'The Wrap'

I was supposed to upload and share to you guys this video last week, but I was kinda busy. Mianhe for just doing it now, but hopefully it's not yet that late. ^^ This news was featured on 'The Wrap' last March 17,2011. Again, I apologize for my english. ^^

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[03.26.11] Kim Hyun Joong at Soccer Game: Competitive streak with a kid?

I know a lot of fancams have been uploaded already regarding the soccer match game today of Hyun Joong's FC Men. But I have to share this certain fancam because of the scene him playing with the kid. ^^ Don't want to lose over a kid Hyun Joong-ah? kekekeke ^^ And look how cute he poses when he took a picture with him. ^^


Kim Hyun Joong recording for the song he sang in 'Message to Asia'

This was during the time he was about to sing for 'Message to Asia'. Even though he only wears simple hoodie shirt and shorts, he still looks handsome!!! ^^

credits: TheJoongjoong@yt

Kim Hyung Jun sings 'oH! aH!' and 'Girl' in ShimShimTapa Radio

He really is amazing! Such a talented singer, Kim Hyung Jun! ^^

credits: iZomZaa@yt + 501스런하루 @ ss601.com

Park Jung Min calls Kim Hyung Jun in ShimShimTapa Radio

Our Tom and Jerry moment. ^^ Gotta love thse two guys. They are really supporting each other no matter what! ^^ It's so funny when Hyung Jun says to Jung Min 'Stop it!' and 'Get out!' kekekeke ^^ And may I ask for those who have better hearing, can you check on 2:07, did Jung Min really said 'Philippine'? I tried to rewind it over and over and over, but I keep hearing the name of our country. ^^ Am I correct or am I hallucinating? ^^ 

credits: OdeDSS501@yt

Celebrities joining the soccer team where Kim Hyun Joong belongs

Wow!!! More celebrities are deciding to join the team. I bet fangirls would be dying to watch their every game. ^^


Beast’s Lee Kikwang and Yoon Dujun & comedian Park Sungkwang join FC Men soccer team

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110325n07202
English translation: withJYJ

New members joined the celebrity soccer team FC MEN, a team which Kim Junsu and Kim Hyunjoong is a part of.

The news that actor Park Gunhyung, comedian Park Sungkwang, and Beast’s Yoon Dujun and Lee Kikwang have joined FC MEN are grabbing people’s attention.

The new members trained on March 24th in Suwon World Cup Stadium to prepare for the celebrity soccer league which starts in April.

FC MEN is a celebrity soccer team created last year by JYJ’s Kim Junsu and SS501′s Kim Hyunjoong. Park Yuchun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Bum, Song JoongKi, and Lim Juhwan are members of the team.

After hearing of the news, Netizens reacted by stating, “this really is a luxurious group of stars,” “it’s a celebrity soccer team that makes you happy just by looking at them.”

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Kim Hyung Jun performs 'oH! aH!' on Music Bank 03.25.11

Told you, Triple S are very fast in uploading our boys videos. ^^ Enjoy ^^

credits: UnknownCarrot170@yt

Kim Hyung Jun at ShimShimTapa Radio Broadcast

Damn, I just heard that Hyung Jun performed in Music Bank a few minutes ago. I totally forgot that it's Friday now! 바보!!!!! How can I miss this chance of seeing him on our television???? Oh well, what's done is done. Guess I'll just have to wait for someone to upload it in you tube. Anyways, here are two pictures of him during radio broadcast. ^^

credits: mbcsimsimtapa@twitter + onlyjun

SS501 Maknae Kim Hyung Jun feels the absence of SS501

Hyung Jun-ah, we also feel that way too. However, we know that all five of you must do your best first on your solo activities before we could see SS501 together again. Although it will take a long time before it would happen, we will still be patiently waiting and support your individual solo activities. I know it's worth the wait. ^^


Solo Transformation, Kim Hyung Jun “Do not know SS501, can still become new fans of mine”

Singer Kim Hyung Jun (25) has transformed from the title of being SS501 Magnae to a solo singer. He had a very serious expression in his eyes. As what was said ‘even if (they are) not aware of my existence, I will still hold on to my position”. Although has changed from 5 persons standing together on the same stage to Kim Hyung Jun alone, he can still stand on the stage. To this, Kim Hyung Jun has an unique emotional response.

“First broadcast?” Right before the cameraman during the rehearsal focused on me, I was very nervous. “Have to work hard!”, I kept on trying to self hypnotize myself. I am already someone who is cut out for the stage, so once on the stage, I will naturally transform into someone different (Laughs) (crazynoona’s note: please, before anyone throw criticisms on him again, if you haven’t realise, he is JOKING!) I thought that my heart is going to jump out.”

The first mini album title track ‘oH! aH!” has a stylish rhythm that would leave a deep impression. Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “it is most tough to find a style that is unique yet sophisticated.” “Took approximately 2 months before receiving the title track. The biggest worry was to decide which music style to adopt. Has thoughts that “have to do well now that I’m alone’ Before launching my solo, took a long time to make up my mind.”

2-3 weeks of solo activities will become very tiring. But I told myself, “No excuse not to do well because I’m alone.” “While performing solo activities will become very sensitive. Even little concerns can become a form of stress to me and make me place more determination in it. During SS501 time, even if I don’t do anything, nothing big will arise. But now if I still do not do anything, I will probably be cast aside.”

For his first solo album Kim Hyung Jun “will give about 80marks”. Because this is the music he has wanted to make, and it is the music he is satisfied with, as well as because the public’s response is still not bad. “Satisfied with the outcome. Been hearing things like ‘Kim Hyung Jun has changed a lot’, ‘is doing well even when alone’.  Having a solo album to this extent is considered as successful, isn’t it? (laughs)”

While everyone is preparing for group activities in the music show waiting rooms, I feel the absence of SS501. The fact that I feel alone even when it is crowded, it makes me feel even more empty and awkward.

“Doing Couple Dance with female dancers? Actually during SS501 activities I have already done it many times. Now that I have entered a mature age with my fans, we look like adults already. And now that I have received a lot of “stage recognition”, I will start carving a career like a man.”

Fans’ praises and encouragements are the main driving force behind Hyung Jun’s motivation. Since SS501 first debut stage, there is a portion of solid fans who have been always been staying by his side. Even for musical ‘Cafe-In’ which has enabled Hyung Jun to show a different type of charm, they were also there for him. Hyung Jun has “a huge majority of auntie fans.”

“Time is the most expensive thing. So I have thoughts of wanting to do better for those who have invested 6-7 years of their time paying attention to me and liking me. On the other hand, actually there are some people who do not know that I’m a member of SS501. Of course, I can only be here today because of SS501, but now I’m also a ‘solo singer Kim Hyung Jun yet also part of SS501.” I feel good when I hear such words.”
Kim Hyung Jun who has put in a lot of his own thoughts into lyrics composition and song writing expressed that, “wish to work alongside with Wheesung, Hwayobi, IU” and added, “have already been working with brother (Kim) Ki Bum on writing lyrics and songs” and literally can be called “brave brothers” but also wish to work on something with others.”

Kim Hyung Jun will be focusing on domestic activities until end March and initially had plans to invade into Japan in late April. However, due to the earthquake tradegy, has temprorarily put off the schedule. Domestic fans, therefore, can see more of Hyung Jun’s activities. Hyung Jun said that “Japanese earthquake is really startling” and that “comforting words alone are not even enough”, thereby expressing his concerns.

“I know it will not be easy to become producers like Park Jin Young, Lee Soo Man, Tony, but I only want to treat it as a challenge to myself. It will be good if only I can see little cute kids forming groups like SS501. Until now, I have many thoughts about the saying, “think this is all fated”. From now onwards, I will work hard and try to think and then achieve the goals of my life.”

credits: Newsen + Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net) [translation]

Kim Hyun Joong's additional photos for 'Coupang'

To ease the longingness and excitement for Hyun Joong's comeback album in May, here are just a few pictures of him for 'Coupang'.  ^^

credits: gall.dcinside + cyworld.com/seungkyo9/554578

SS501 Park Jung Min will comeback with his 'Sweet Chic'

Wow!!! Another upcoming album from Park Jung Min? That's definitely great! ^^ I wonder what songs or versions are included? And he's so fast to come up with another one. ^^ I hope his album and the 'rumored' release of Heo Young Saeng's album would not be released at the same time, which I believe will be in April also.


SS501’s Park Jung Min to return with “Sweet Chic” next month
After wrapping up his solo debut with “Not Alone” earlier this year, SS501’s Park Jung Min is back again with his next album, “Sweet Chic“!

Despite promoting all around Asia for his album tour, Park Jung Min was said to have taken time out of his schedule to produce a new album out of gratitude for the love his fans have shown for his solo debut.

The singer shared photos from his album jacket photoshoot with photographer Han Dong Won, and updated fans on his progress with the new album. He also expressed his determination in showing a bigger variety of his charms.

A representative of his agency commented, “Fans will definitely be captivated with Park Jung Min’s charms once more through his next album, ‘Sweet Chic.’”

The album is scheduled for release in the beginning of April.

credits: VITALSIGN@allkpop + OSEN via Naver

[Screencaps] Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng in 'Summer and Love' DVD

As promised, here are the rest of the screencaps I have just made! Whew! It's quite a few so enjoy all of it! ^^

look at their clean feet? ^^

this is just too funny ^^

Young Saeng can't control his laughter when Kyu Jong performed his magic trick ^^

Kim Kyu Jong
doesn't he look like Leader Kim Hyun Joong here? ^^

that stare again....

and again...

and again...

and again...

whew! I thought the stare would not end.. ^^

wet look ^^

I sometimes act like this when I think about the 5 boys ^^

Kyu...are you looking at us again?

his smile... ♥

another smile ^^

and yet another one ^^

jealous seeing Young Saeng with the girl?

a stare and a smile... *dies*

serious Kyu Jong
Kyu and his magic trick ^^

you're already handsome Kyu Jong-ah ^^

Heo Young Saeng
surprised by what you saw Young Saeng-sshi?

those dimples...

really melts anyone...

but these shot really made me laugh ^^ He's reading the wrong side of the book? ^^

staring blankly...

thinking what to do?
seriously looking at the little umbrella ^^

omo.. the dimples..

Young Saeng sang his song ^^

I might have to agree with Kyu Jong... Young Saeng becomes more handsome when singing ♥

Young Saeng, is that an aegyo? ^^

He is such a handsome boy!!!!

*screencaps were done using the video uploaded by KYULOVECHAU1@yt
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