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Kim Hyun Joong's 'Lucky' Album launch freebies on December 3, 2011

Are you ready to have his 'Lucky' Album in your hands? I am! ^^ I hope to see you all there! ^^

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[Eng Subs] Kim Kyu Jong in TV Asahi Hanryu Fondue

I loved it when he introduced himself as 'SS501 Kim Kyu Jong'. ^^

credits: sharonhuang83@yt

Article about Kim Hyun Joong's Press Conference in 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards

Witty Hyun Joong! ^^ Indeed, he is our 4D Leader. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm glad he won the award that he wanted to take home. Happy for you Hyun Joong. ^^


Kim Hyunjoong says, "When I think of German people, I think of delicious beer and sausages."

Singer-actor Kim Hyunjoong was one of the many stars to attend the pre-event press conference on November 29th, ahead of the evening's live broadcast of the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

He gave a short self-introduction, then stated as a follow-up, "It feels good to be here. I'm both nervous and excited, but will definitely give a good performance today. The set-up of the stage looks incredible."

Widely acknowledged as one of the players leading the Hallyu Wave, he was asked to give a message to his global fans. Kim Hyunjoong said, "Thank you to all those who supported me. I had originally planned a world tour for April 2012, but due to the filming of a drama series then, it has been postponed to the end of the year. Nonetheless I will continue to put on great performances in between."

He refused to elaborate on the above mentioned drama project, saying that he is not allowed to talk about it just yet.

The next question put forth asked what he thought of his chances of bringing home the awards in the categories he has been nominated in. Quite modestly, he answered, "I think it will be difficult. Just one would already be good, I don't want to think about getting two. I will definitely work harder to ensure I can win more next time."

When asked to name the one award he would really like to win, however, he stated, "I don't know what categories I'm nominated for, but I would really like the 'Best Male Solo Artist' award."

He continued, "I think I'm still lacking as a solo artist, but I will work harder in future to overcome that. It's more demanding, both mentally and physically, to be active as a solo artist instead of promoting in a group."

Whilst on that tangent, a reporter remarked that Kim Hyunjoong seemed perfect in every aspect. Kim Hyunjoong answered, "I don't think I deserve the label 'perfect' yet. I wish to become a better singer and actor."

Finally, the interview session took an upbeat turn as a German reporter asked for his opinion on German girls. Kim Hyunjoong replied, smiling half in awkwardness and half in jest, "I have not met any German people before, but based on what I see on television, I have the impression that they have beer during lunch. I always think of delicious beer and sausages when I think of Germany."

credits: koreaboo.com

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong Press Conference in 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards

Here is the subbed version of his press conference for the said event. He was very funny when he mentioned about what is the first thing that comes to his mind about Germany. ^^ And let me quote this statement from Hyun Joong . I am so happy when I watched this! ^^ SS501 Mansae! ^^

"It is definitely more physically & mentally demanding acting as a solo singer rather than a group singer. However I will develop myself furthermore so that I can contribute back to my group in the near future"

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SS501 Tweets: Kyu Jong tweets SS501 animated picture to pretties ^^

Who wouldn't be happy if one of the SS501 members is paying attention to what we do for them. ^^ Lucky for the fan who made this animated picture, which I can really say is a work of art! ^^ Kyu Jong tweeted to his pretties 20 minutes ago which includes this picture. Cute, right? ^^ Kyu Jong-ah, you are so sweet. ♥

credits: 2kjdream + @superstarsubs (english translation)

Kim Hyun Joong to start new drama on April 2012

My birth month! ^^ So happy! ^^


Kim Hyun Joong comes back to drama!

Kim Hyun Joong is coming back to drama.

On November 29th at 10am, there was an artist welcome meeting for the stars attending the ’2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (2011 MAMA) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Many Korean and international press members were present for comments from the artists.

On this day, Kim Hyun Joong expressed his feelings as a leading Hallyu star, revealing some of the plans for his future activities. Especially the foreign press members from Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and China were pouring out many questions regarding his performance plans overseas. Kim Hyun Joong addressed the question stating, “Recently I have been cast for a drama, so the World Tour Concert in planning has been postponed to the end of next year. Please look forward to the activities next year”.

Kim Hyun Joong followed, “By April, I should be able to show you my acting. I have not been able to make an official announcement but those of you overseas should be able to see it to. I am also planning for album promotions and activities. Please keep your interests up”.

According to Kim Hyun Joong’s statement, this would be a return to TV after a year and 6 months since SBS’s ‘Playful Kiss’. There is no detailed information on the drama. Kim Hyun Joong’s management company is not making any mentions on the drama either.

The ’2011 MAMA’ will be opening the curtains on November 29th at Singapore Indoor Stadium. This year at MAMA, there will be many stars including 2NE1, SNSD, Black Eyed Peas’ member Will. I. Am and many other Asian stars.

Source: Newsen via Nate

credits: hyunjoongkajeablover@blogspot.com + soompi.com

Kim Hyun Joong's Lotte Duty Free Shop New Wallpapers for November 2011

December is fast approaching... time to change wallpapers. ^^

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong's another Dance Performance in 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards

I forgot to include this performance. Silly me. >_< Anyways, he did very well in his two performances. Congratulations again Hyun Joong! ^^

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Kim Hyun Joong performs 'Lucky Guy' on 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards

Here is his performance. ^^ He untied his bow tie to have a dandy look. ^^

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Kim Hyun Joong is trending Worldwide in Twitter 11.29.11

Gotta post this real quick! ^^ See how he is trending today? Love it! ^^

credits: Twitter

Kim Hyun Joong won 'Best Male Solo Artist' in 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards

I am really really late for work, but still I'm so happy to share the good news that Kim Hyun Joong won as the Best Male Solo Artist! Here are just some screencaps of him accepting the award. ^^ Congrats Hyun Joong! ^^ Also included the video of him accepting the award. ^^

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Monday, November 28, 2011

SS501 Tweets: Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun tweets for 11.27.11

I've been wanting to know what are the translations or their tweets since they all tweeted on the same day. Jung Min was the only one missing, but still I was happy since all 3 of them were active on twitter yesterday. ^^ Hyung Jun even tweeted a picture of his choco and his own selca, Young Saeng thanking fans who watched his musical, and of course, our kind-hearted Kyu Jong who is always concerned about his pretties. ^^

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And although this is not a tweet from our boys, I wanted to include the translation here since it concerned our Kyu Jong. ^^ The tweet was from a co-star from Goong musical.

credits: mystyle1103 + 2kjdream + HyungJun87 + Bong_Actress + xiaochu@Quainte501.com (English Translation)

[Fancam] Kim Kyu Jong great fan service while filming for Dream Team

Another fancam that is worth keeping and worth watching! ^^ I'm a Hyun Joong-biased (you can tell just by looking at my name here namjachingu_khj ^^), but this one made me feel 'kilig' a lot! (those who knows Philippine language can understand what kilig is ^^) All through out the video, Kyu Jong did not forget to look into his fans, wave to them and show his warm smile despite the cold weather. I'd say... only cold-hearted people would not appreciate this video. How can you not fall for someone like him, who is very gentle and very kind? ^^ Also, how cute when Kyu Jong respond to the girl who called him, and he said "Oppa?" Can't help not to smile while watching the whole video. And did I mention that I've watched it for so many times? ^^ Huge thanks to ivannah501@twitter for providing the link. ^^ 

You might fall for Kyu Jong even more after watching this video! ^____^

credits: wangjanim0224@yt

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong in DATV Calendar Making Video

Another subbed project done by kelemama. Wow! 2 videos of Hyun Joong subbed and shared in the same day. ^^ Thanks so much for her hard work, we''ll enjoy even more since we can understand what he is saying. ^^ 

Please repost with full credits!


credits: Video Courtesy DATV + (eng trans/sub) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com

And I really like this part ^^ So cute ^^

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong in SNSD Star Life Theater

Hyun Joong looks very cute, looks awkward to be around those girls whom he is not very close with. You know our Leader, tends to get shy, especially with girls. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thanks to kelemama for subbing the video. ^^

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credits: Video Courtesy KBS + (eng trans/sub) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kim Hyung Jun gets a warm welcome from Japanese fans

I so wanted to watch the role that he is going to play. I wanted to see Hyung Jun playing a role as a superstar, although I know that he is before and is still now. ^^


Kim Hyung Jun draws a huge welcoming party at Japanese airport

Singer Kim Hyung Jun‘s popularity in Japan is becoming a hot topic back home.

Kim Hyung Jun was scheduled to perform at Yokohama Pacific Hall on November 26th at a OST concert for the drama, ‘Lie to Me‘.

When the singer stepped through the airport gates in Japan, he was greeted by a huge welcoming party, who screamed and cheered wildly for the SS501 star. Kim Hyung Jun’s Japanese fans had prepared signs that read,  ’Kang Min jjang!‘, ‘I love you‘, ‘Transformed into top star Kang Min! The best!‘, ‘I love you Kang Min!!‘

‘Kang Min’ is the character that Kim Hyung Jun is currently playing in his new KBS mini-series, ‘She’s Completely Insane‘.

Kim Hyung Jun bowed to his fans, who had been waiting since the early dawn. Like a true top star, he showed everyone a bright smile and waved to the crowd until he exited the airport.

Source & Photo: Naver

credits: ylee@allkpop

SS501 Tweets: Kim Hyung Jun finished his performance in Japan

Our Maknae Hyung Jun was diligently updating us through twitter what he was actually doing. ^^ And since he's performance is done, I guess he's ready to go back to Korea to continue his drama filming. Fighting Hyung Jun-ssi!! ^^

credits: HyungJun87 + KaHye95 (English Translation)

[Eng] SS501 Park Jung Min on Arirang's 'Showbiz Extra' 11.26.11

I was surprised when Showbiz Extra mentioned that they'll be featuring Park Jung Min so I hurried and grabbed my camera. Sorry for the quality. We all missed the funny Jung Min, right? ^^

SS501 Tweets: Kim Hyung Jun off to Japan

Yesterday, Hyung Jun went to Japan to attend the 'Lie to Me' OST Concert which is today, November 26, 2011. I love the face he tweeted his old picture, which reminded me of SS501 days. ^^ Hope you enjoy the concert Hyung Jun. ^^

credits: HyungJun87 + KaHye95(English Translation) + @superstarsubs(English Translation)

Friday, November 25, 2011

[Scan] Kim Hyun Joong featured in Style Weekend 11.25.11

I went to the newspaper stand as early as 7am to amke sure I can have a copy of this issue. And as soon as it reached my hands, I immediately looked for the section where he will be featured. And I was so happy because the pictures was huge! My scanner even had the hard time scanning the whole page. >_< Anyways, I would like to thank Cheezeemelt and nunna2010 (ate yols) for letting me know that he will be featured today in this newspaper. For those who haven't grabbed a copy yet, here is his interview. I added some comment on some sections. ^^

Please re-post with full credits! Thanks! ^^

Editor's Note

Say Hello to Hallyu.

Easly this month, I had the privilege of being one of the editors invited to travel all the way to Seoul, Korea to have an exclusive one-on-one interview with The Face Shop celebrity endorser, Kim Hyun Joong. For those of you not familiar with his name, then you don't understand the repercussions of this trip: I am now the envy of girls     aged eight to 80    everywhere. KHJ    as his fans like to refer him    is the biggest star this side of the Hallyu wave. Whatyu, say you? Find out all about this phenomenon, starting on page 18.

KHJ is part of a new generation of men who are just as conscious of their appearance as women are   and to them it's no big deal. In this issue, we offer gift ideas for these men, such as fragrances and accessories. For the guys reading, you might want to rip out the pages of stuff you like and leave them lying around as hints for Christmas wish list.

And as we wind down the month of November, we appreciate December with a little trepidation. Like most people, we will feverishly do our best to meet all deadlines while shopping for everyone on our list, not to mention attending parties, reunions, and events every day before Christmas Eve! Good luck to us   and to you!


Style Weekend flies to Seoul, Korea and gets an exclusive interview with The Face Shop's celebrity endorser and K-pop phenomenon, Kim Hyun Joong
by Liza Ilarde

First, a little listen on this Korean invasion known as the Hallyu wave: According to Wikipedia (and they're quite reliable on this), the term Hallyu was the first coined in 1999 by Beijing journalists when they recognized the fast-growing popularity of Korean culture and entertainment in China. From there, this fever for anything   Korean spread throughout the rest of Asia and eventually landed in the Philippines via Koreanovelas, which are followed daily by fiercely loyal fans.

The first Hallyu wave began with a TV series: Winter Sonata, starring Bae Yong Joon, who happens to be the original The Face Shop face. This Koreanovela sparked the overwhelming and steadily increasing interest in Korean culture, pop culture, music and fashion. Then there was a second "wave," which many attribute to another Koreanovela, Boys Over Flowers (which is based on the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, and is a remake of Taiwanese "Chinovela" Meteor Garden starring Jerry Yan   remember that craze?). This romantic, over-the-top, and super-styled series captured the attention of women all ages, and its second lead, Kim Hyun Joong, was catapulted to superstardom in K-Pop land. Girls soon discovered his (now-defunct) boy band SS501; at the same time, other groups were also gaining massive popularity, like Super Junior and MTV EMA awardee Big Bang, as well as girl bands Girls Generation, Kara, and 2NE1. With cute "idols", catchy songs, riveting dance moves, and fierce fashion, K-Pop gained a huge following in no time. Suddenly, K-Pop ruled the airwaves, YouTube, MTV, and even invaded the fashion and beauty realm (just look at the popularity of The Face Shop in the Philippines).

It doesn't end there. During a trip to Seoul, I noticed the amount of beauty stores all over the city. In the shopping district of Myeong Dong alone, I counted no less than five The Face Shop stores   it seemed like there was one each time I turned a corner! But what was even more amazing were the faces that fronted these stores: They were all male. It appears to be a mainly Korean phenomenon to have a male celebrity endorse a beauty brand, and as Kim Hyun Joong himself told me during the interview, it was not a big deal. For men of his generation, he says skin care is important and isn't just for women.

And he must be doing something right. Sitting across him at a suite on 21st floor of Koreana Hotel, I am amazed at how flawless his skin is.(I have witness this myself and I tell you, he REALLY IS FLWALESS ^^) Someone once joked to me that Koreans have no pores and right here could be the evidence.(Indeed! ^^) He looked smart and stylish in a dark blue double-breasted slim suit, a long-sleeved white shirt with the top two buttons undone(gasp! *fans myself*), a pair of brown antique-finish leather brogues, and an expensive -looking chronograph watch   all topped by a shock of strawberry blonde tousled hair and that famous killer smile (definitely a killer!!!!). Er, where was I?

The Kim Hyun Joong I've seen on TV and in music videos   animated, energetic, flirty, full of wicked dance moves   is very different from the one in front of me. In person, he was reserved, composed, and very polite, answering my questions with purpose through an interpreter. Excerpts from my interview with the 25-year-old K-pop phenomenon:

You actually started out as a singer, right?

And recently your latest album Lucky debuted at number 5 on the Billboard World Album chart. How do you feel about the success of your album?
I put a lot of effort into making this album, so for it to become very successful, I am, of course, very happy.



However, it also puts a lot of pressure on me to make an even better album net time. Next time, I want to rank even higher than just fifth place in the World Album Charts. (I actually think that it is not impossible to grab the number 1 spot. ^^)

Which one is your favorite song in the album?
I like all the songs on the album, of course, but my favoriteone is "Lucky Guy"   it's the title track of the album. I liked that song the most that's why it became the title of the album.

I'm sure you have more albums planned for the future. Is there any particular artist or musician that you would like to collaborate with for an album? 
Yes, I would like very much to do a collaboration, and I am actually in the planning stages of one   although I can't confirm yet with which artist. I want to surprise my fans with these future plans. It's still a secret (smiles). (why don't you do a collaboration with fellow SS501 members. ^^ That would really surprise us fans! ^^)

When will you come out with this collaboration?
If plans push through, by early next year.

And will these plans include an Asian concert tour?
Not just an Asian tour   I'm planning to go on a world tour by sometime in the middle of next year.

Sounds like we'll have to wait a while...
Right now, I'm preparing for a new drama series. I can't reveal the title yet because I'm still choosing from a lot of scripts. So nothing is concrete, but I start shooting early next year.

Well, you have a lot of fans in the Philippines, so we hope that Manila will be part of your world tour next year.
Yes, I promise! I definitely want the Philippines to be one of the destinations in the world tour, so I'm doing my best to make that happen. (we will wait for you here Hyun Joong! ^^)


A few waves of the face of The Face Shop

When in Seoul, you're never far from a The Face Shop store. It isn't hard to spot one, thanks to the giant photos and life-size cardboard cutouts of Kim Hyun Joong. He shares with Style Weekend his thoughts on the brand, skin care and BB Creams.

What are your favorite products from The Face Shop?
I prefer the BB Cream from The Face Shop. I also like the moisturizing line. As a celebrity, I always have to put on a lot of makeup; and at the same time I also have to do a lot of removing of the make up. It can be rough on the skin, so I need to apply the moisturizing creams and emulsions after.

What should every guy have in his grooming kit?
Guys have yo go to work and to school, so I think they should use sunblock regularly. When grooming themselves, I also recommend the BB Cream. I think these are the most important products they should own.

So men should also use BB Cream?
With our generation, we don't think of these products as "for women only". We men also use these products. And I really recommend that guys use the BB Cream regularly, as I do.

For store locations of The Face Shop in the Philippines, go to international.thefaceshop.com

credits: Manila Bulletin

Watch 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards Online! (Live Streaming)

Okay, for those who wouldn't be able to attend MAMA live on Singapore, here is your chance not to miss this event. You can now watch it via live streaming. ^^ And much more, they will broadcast it on December 9, 2011 with subtitles! Yipee!!! Although I will be at work during that time, but I think they will show a replay of it, so I don't need to worry, right? ^^ Triple S and Henecians, don't forget to keep voting for Hyun Joong in MAMA so we can show him accept the trophy and see him happy!^^


Guess Who's Coming To The 2011 MAMAs?

This year's MNet Asian Music Awards will bring not only your favorite K-Pop stars, but also your loved Korean actors and actresses!

By: Zsaris Mendioro

There will be a massive Korean wave in Singapore for the 2011 MNet Asian Music Awards! They have K-Pop acts AND Korean drama stars all in one venue!

For your K-Drama hunks, the likes of Lee Byung Hyun (Beautiful Days), Song Seung Heon (Autumn In My Heart), Song Joong Gi (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Park Shi Hoo (The Princess' Man), Ji Sung (Save The Last Dance For Me), Go Soo (Green Rose), and  Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High) will be there to join the festivities!

Your favorite K-Drama actresses will also be part of the 2011 MAMA like Kim Hee Sun (My Fair Lady), Han Chae Young (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang), Yoon Eun Hye (Princess Hours), Han Hyo Joo (Spring Waltz), and Kim Min Hee (My 19-Year Old Sister In Law) just to name a few.

If that's not enough, other stars coming to Singapore are Kang So Ra (We Got Married), Bae Soo Bin (Shining Inheritance), Nam Gyu Ri former member of the group SeeYa, Yoon Seung Ah (All My Love), Kim Sung Soo (Full House), and Oh Ji Ho (Couple or Trouble).

Confirmed performers to the 2011 MAMA are Super Junior, 2NE1, Girls' Generation and Miss A!

2011 MAMA is one of the biggest Asian music events of the year with over 1.9 billion viewers from 13 countries, including the Philippines, watching live via livestream -- six hours of pure K-Pop music, personality sightings, and performances!

MYX, one of the official broadcast partners of the 2011 MAMA, is giving you the access to be a part of this grand music event!

November 29, 2011, 4:00 PM (Philippine time)
Log on, chat and watch!

December 9, 2011, 7:00 PM

 Don't miss this!

credits: myxph.com

Thursday, November 24, 2011

[Eng Subs] SS501's Kim Kyu Jong on Dream Team Episode 2

I know a lot of you are waiting for this episode. I was able o watch this and I laughed crazily when Kyu Jong did the cultivator dance! ^__________^ Such a funny guy! I remember way back SS501 days he used to dance like that and will make the other members laugh really hard. ^^ Will update post once other parts are out.

credits: PikeYennyisthebest@yt

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vote for Kim Hyun Joong's 'Lucky Guy' on MYX!

Finally, Kim Hyun Joong's 'Lucky Guy' will be aired on MYX, so it's time get started in voting for the song. We want him to be number 1 right? Let's show 'em what we got! 

MYX is now airing KIM HYUN JOONG's mv "LUCKY GUY" on MYX!!

just text: MYX(space)REQUEST(space)LUCKY GUY
send to 2366

credits: PolyEast Records@fb 

Kim Kyu Jong sings 'Wuss Up' and 'No More Yes' Live on JJ's Mstudio

I'm actually happy this morning. I was eating breakfast in front of our tv. I was tuned in to MYX (music channel) and surprisingly I saw them playing SS501's 'U R Man'. I immediately turned up the volume and screamed like a fangirl seeing her idol for the first time!!!!! ^^ You can say I'm insane, but I'm just extremely happy! Brings a lot of good memories! ^^ Anyways, enough about me. What I am posting here is actually about Kyu Jong's performance in JJ's Studio. 'Wuss Up' reminded me of the time when they had their fanmeeting here in the Philippines. Gosh, I wish they come back here. I miss them a lot. T.T 

Wuss Up

No More Yes
credits: breeloveskyu@yt

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kim Hyung Jun films for his new drama 'Glowing She!'

We will support you Maknae Hyung Jun! Can't wait to watch it. Hopefully it will air here on our cable tv. ^^ 


Kim Hyung Jun ‘Glowing She!’ First shoot… “Do not want to be someone who doesn’t put in effort”

Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.com
Lifted from ss501chapter@wordpress.com

Singer Kim Hyung Jun begins first shooting for KBS Drama ‘Glowing She!” (Scripted by: Yu Yeong Eun, Son Mi Su, Directed by: Lee Jeong Pyo) and transforms into an actor.

In the drama, Kim Hyung Jun plays a haggard topstar, Kang Min, and have successfully completes his first shoot on the 19th in a hospital in Seoul. On this day, the shooting of the scene involves Kang Min seeking medical consultation in the hospital due to an unexpected discomfort in his body. Dressed in a black skinny leather jacket and overwhelmed with individuality, Kim Hyung Jun attracted all eyes on him with his serious and haughty expression despite looking haggard.

After the first shoot, Kim Hyung Jun said “I do not want to be someone who did not put in effort although i am not sure if i did well. Since this is my first challenge as an actor, i tend to be very careful when i am infront of the camera. Although I had a lot of difficulties, it was much more interesting than i thought.”

He also revealed that “Despite me lacking in a lot of areas, directors and senior actors were very considerate and kind, hence i was able to follow along. In future, I will do lots of preparation and work harder to show a better better work, do my best and greet everyone with an interesting drama.

‘Glowing She!’ reveals events behind the glamorous broadcasters in the entertainment department, unfolding interesting stories of newcomer scriptwriter (So Yi Hyeon) surrounding Star PD (Park Gwang Hyeon) and topstar, fighting for love and striving in work. It will be aired early next year.

Kim Kyu Jong sings 'Get 'Ya Luv' Live on JJ's Mstudio

An MV on rooftop? Nice! ^^ And look how Kyu Jong enjoys the moment, he smiles more. ^^ Looking more handsome every day! ^^

credits: breeloveskyu@yt

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kim Hyung Jun releases Special Edition: Re-packaged Digital Album

I was about to sleep when I saw this news on Twitter. So I need to post this to share the good news. Hope you can support Hyung Jun's Special Edition Re-packaged album ^^



Thank you for your a lot of attention and love on DVD that was released recently.

Many fan asked about the Repackage Album's digital release.

so, Thanks to the fans cheer, We have decided to release on November 21 00:00.

Alway cheer me up!!

Thank you


[MNET] http://www.mnet.com/album/240149
[MELON] http://bit.ly/sJnGJG
[BUGS] http://music.bugs.co.kr/album/313326
[OLLEHMUSIC] http://tinyurl.com/7p7j2w4

Track List

2. oH! aH! (REMIX VER.)
3. no body but you girl (SPACECOWBOY VER.)
4. Heven (Instrumental)
5. Long Night(feat. Gilmi)

credits: hyungjun.co.kr + JUNUSofficial@twitter

[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong behind the camera

An interesting fan account. We all know the very handsome Kim Hyun Joong with the killer smile and pleasing personality. But there are just some instances when we don't know who the real Kim Hyun Joong is behind the camera. Well, to give us an idea, here is a fan account that is a must-read. ^^


[Fan Account] Mama fan sharing 10 things about HyunJoong

Credit: 丸子没有樱桃 @ Hyunbar66.com + (Eng Trans) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Lifted from rainaftershine@wordpress.com

Please repost with full credit

Mama fan sharing 1: HyunJoong is really a little kid! Very playful! Like to tease fans! Past few days during the model competition venue, after HyunJoong go down from the stage he was very excited and played with fans; normally during TV station rehearsal, he is forever the first to reach the venue before any senior or junior singers! And arrived before 7am! Even earlier than fans! During the rehearsal, for fear of causing commotion, so during the process he would play with fans using his 4D style!

Mama fan account sharing 2: Everytime after TV program ended and while leaving, as long as he was waiting for the red traffic light, he would definitely wind down his window, and chat with fans, he would recognized those fans who looked more familiar to him, he would look and try to recognized them diligently. Shouted to him: Kim HyunJoong! Fighting! (In mandarin). He can’t understand mandarin, but would smile, nod and said thank you. Last time when he didn’t get No.1, korean fan told him: Sorry oppa, didn’t let you get No.1. HyunJoong answered calmly: It is alright.

Mama fan sharing 3: There’s once I told HyunJoong 5 times the same encouragement words, HyunJoong replied 3 times, he was trying very hard to listen, maybe was because mama fan’s korean pronunciation was not so accurate, but HyunJoong would try very hard to listen to your every sentence. As long as you talk to him, he would definitely listen and response to you diligently.

Mama fan sharing 4: HyunJoong himself is a little kid! Extremely like kids! and love to play with kids! Played until very happy and contented! During one fan sign event, mama fan asked to sign for her daughter’s name, telling HyunJoong it was a chinese name, sign slowly, it is alright. HyunJoong didn’t care much and signed extremely fast! When HyunJoong heard of the word daughter, he eyes suddenly stared widely and gave a shocking expression, making mama fan herself speechless! Guessed he can’t imagine that she already had a daughter.

Mama fan sharing 5: At the last fan sign event, that area was very rural and far, HyunJoong was late for 1.5 hour. Mama fan also had to take about 3 hours train to reach there! He told fans at the venue, as long as holding on Henecia card, can go to his Fried Chicken shop to order 2 sets and above of fried chicken and it is free! At that time, fans around were so touched.

Mama fan sharing 6: In viewable radio, person in the room can hear words and voice from outside. There’s once when HyunJoong was the DJ. During the one day DJ program, he played all of his younger brothers’ song, and didn’t played any of his own songs. He really loves his younger brothers, very diligently to see their performance and work hard to pull up his juniors, he really did his utmost in all these.

Mama fan sharing 7: During that day, the viewable DJ day, HyunJoong continued to use his 4D style and played with fans! The weather was very cold, HyunJoong was in the room, through the glass window, asking fans outside: Are you cold? Fans answered: Not cold! So the 4D kid answered: Than all of you just continue to be cold. Fans don’t know to cry of laugh at his remark. Already got used to this famous 4D Kim Leader~

Mama fan sharing 8: Last time during the eating banana incident, once again proven this alien’s 4D-ness. Normal human behavior after accepting the banana is either not eating it or eating all of it. But he had once again shown his 4D-ness, after eating half of the banana, he gave it back to the fan! Needless to say, that fan was so excited and shocked! Turned around and immediately ate finished that banana! Haha! HyunJoong 4D-ness is famous outer-space and on earth! Human can’t stop his limitless 4D-ness!

Mama fan sharing 9: There’s once went to HyunJoong’s Jaksal shop, who knows HyunJoong and HyunJoong’s mum were also around! HyunJoong’s mum is very beautiful and elegant, and very friendly. Mama fan asked HyunJoong’s mum where is the washroom, his mum put his arm on mama fan’s shoulder friendlily and pointing diligently the way to go. A very friendly mum, don’t put on any airs. Just like her son, this is the model of ‘like mother like son’.

Mama fan sharing 10: HyunJoong is very modest and polite! Always can see him bowing 90 degrees! Whether to senior or to junior! HyunJoong is very fear of strangers, towards new fans, he will not smile! Because he is fear of strangers. But after meeting you a few more time, getting familiar with you, he will start to smile to you. And will talk and tease you. He is a very fun kid.

SS501 Tweets: Young Saeng's request to fans and Hyung Jun tweets his picture

Last night, Young Saeng performed in 'The Three Musical', and there was a fancam when Young Saeng was leaving the venue. According to some translations, he said to the fans if they can not take pictures while they were performing. The reason why he said that is because they can be distracted and may cause some mistakes during the performance, which I totally understand. We should grant our Prince's request, 알아지? Anyways, Hyung Jun also tweeted together with his picture. He seems a bit tired. Hopefully he gets enough sleep. 

credits: mystyle1103 + HyungJun87 + KaHye95@twitter (English Translation)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong sang SS501's song 'Gleaming Star' and 'I'm your man (나는 네 남자야)' in Tokyo, Japan

The video that I am very anxious to see. Why? Not only did he sang the songs live as the fans requested, but the fact that he sang a SS501 song in his solo concert makes me very very happy. This is the first time, and even though it was the fans who requested to sang the song, but it only proves that he still remember 'Gleaming Star' lyrics and do not forget he is STILL and ALWAYS will be a SS501 member. ^^ I'm really really happy! ^^ I'm not sure what was the first song he hummed. Mianhe. >_< I just found out that the first song was from 'Be With You' OST. If you would like to hear the original song for the 'Be With You' OST, click HERE.

credits: Thejoongjoong@yt

Saturday, November 19, 2011

[Eng Subs] Kim Kyu Jong on Made in BS Japan Interview

Finally!!! Someone subbed this video which I am looking forward in knowing what are the answers of Kyu Jong to that 20 questions, ^^ I'm so happy I found this subbed version. ^^ Cute and funny Kyu Jongie, blames the staff for being so slow that's why he got punished. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

credits: sharonhuang83@yt

SS501 Tweets: Jung Min gives encouragement to examiners, Hyung Jun tweets picture as patient, Kyu Jong replies to Hyung Jun

A day that Mal, Maknae and Center all tweeted. ^^ Will Young Saeng tweet today as well? Hmmm... we'll see. ^^ I guess Hyung Jun was shooting his drama that's why he was wearing a patient gown.

credits: HyungJun87 + JungMin0403 + 2kjdream + KaHye95@twitter (English Translation)
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