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Calling Triple S and Hyun Joong fans! We need your help!

Today is the last day for voting in Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards and as you can see in the pictures, Hyun Joong is already at the second spot and we are way way behind from the number 1. In just a matter of 2 days, they were able to get ahead of us. So we should work hard, make sure to use all the browsers that you have on your computer to be able to make a vote. This is very critical since ever since the voting started, we were able to manage to stay on the top spot. However, for whatever reason, we were left behind. So please please make all the necessary moves to get back what we had. We can all do it Triple S!

*Please help spread the word. We only got a couple of hours left.

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Kim Hyung Jun sings Forever More by James Ingram in Music High

I was listening to music high last night and I was able to hear him sing this song. Actually, when I heard him, it's as if he was not a Korean singer since he was very fluent in English. Hope he sings more English songs in the future. ^^

credits: Babyjunnie501@yt

Park Jung Min confirms his visit to Hyung Jun's Musical Performance

The proof that he really went to watch Maknae. And that's not all, he even gave him a gift. Tom and Jerry supporting each other, I find it so sweet. ^^


SS501 Park JungMin, Confirmation Shot at Kim HyungJun Musical ‘Café in’...Gift is Humidifier

Credits : leeuh@newsen.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


SS501 Park JungMin went to support Kim HyungJun who is acting in a musical play.

On 28-Nov, Park JungMin went to BaekAm Art Hall at SamSung-dong and watched Kim HyungJun’s musical ‘Café in’. Park JungMin already pre-empt his visit through twitter on 27-Nov. After Park JungMin left a notice about his visit, he went to the theatre, Kim HyungJun and fans were surprised at this.

Park JungMin who is very senior-like since he debuted before Kim HyungJun in musical plays, and gave a humidifier to Kim HyungJun in order to protect his throat. Earlier on, Kim HyungJun went to find Park JungMin at his new album music video filming site to support him, displaying their warm friendship.

SS501 celebrates their 2000 days

Despite rumors and having solo activities, our boys did not forget it's their 2000 days of being SS501. It's so sweet since thy tweeted about it which makes a lot of fans touched with their messages. I hope thy would stay together not only for 2000 days but 20 more years. ^^ SS501 mansae!


SS501 Greets “Debut 2000 days, We Are Still One” [10.11.29]

Credits : star.mt.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

On 28-Nov, 5-member male group SS501 had their 2000 days of debut and expressed their thankfulness to their fans.

SS501’s magnae HyungJun wished for the best for 5 members through his own twitter account “It's 2000 days already~ I pray for all 5 of us to work hard and be filled only with even happier things”.

In addition he said “And Green Peas who have always walked beside us , thank you ^^ Mansae Mansae Mansae” conveying his thankful message to the fans.

Lead vocal YoungSaeng said in a cute manner congratulating their 2000 days “Today is already 2000days?? Time flies~~~” and “You and I, we are all (growing) old together~keke”
KyuJong also expressed his thankfulness with the flood of fans’ congratulatory messages “Thank you!! Let’s congratulate each other!!!^^”

With an upcoming album release, JungMin expressed ”It's 2000 days! I am with this guy HyungJunnie while he posted (tweet?) himself keke Thank you to those who have given us love beyond that in these 2000 days !!^^”

In addition, JungMin watched HyungJun’s musical play ‘Café-in’ and left a supportive message “Will be looking forward to it! Strive on!^^ Please give lots of love to Café-in!”
Meanwhile, SS501 ended their contract with their initial agency DSP Media in June and members signed with different agencies.

With this, it is a happy mood with fans congratulating them for their 2000 days and members leaving thanks messages. Despite concerns on their disbandment, they kept their 2000 days and showed their friendship, fans supported by sending ‘Happy 2000 days!’ messages.

They congratulated 2000 days with messages such as “I am very grateful that all 5 members were being mentioned” “We will be together not only for 2000 days but even for 20 years” “Please show us all 5 of you standing on the stage”

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Park Jung Min tweets he watched Hyung Jun's performance in Musical 'Cafe In'

It's good to see how they show their support to each other. And how ironic, the name of role Maknae portrays in the musical is Jung Min!. ^^ Mal must be very happy. kekeke. Hope Young Saeng and Hyun Joong would have a spare time to watch Maknae since Kyu was able to attend already. ^^ And by the way, the boys tweeted also that today is their 2000th day! Whoa! I never noticed time really passed by so fast! They have been together for 2000 days?! Well, I'm looking forward to their 10000 days of being together. ^^

Here are the said tweets. ^^

I watched Cafe In Today! At first Could see that Jjunie is a little shy but as the story plot proceeds, Hyung Jun disappeared, saw Ji Min, Jung Min! How much did he go through? Could even know just by thinking! Makes me anticipate more now that I saw the grown up Hyung Jun! Keep going!^^ Please give Cafe In much love! (Really! Why are you called Jung Min! This name must have make it more lively!)

2000th day! Stay with Hyung Jun this rascal but I’m here (Twitter) alone ke ke Everyone who have showed us love in these 2000 or more days, thank you very much!! ^^

2000th day already~ 5 of us all have to work hard to have more happy days ahead. And also green peas who are always together beside us, thank you ^^ mansae mansae mansae

Time really passed by fast

Having problems in voting for SS501 and Hyun Joong in Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2010?

The link was provided by one of my visitors. ^^ Thanks for the tip. ^^

credits: ayi@hyunniespexers.wordpress.com


For Those Who Cannot Vote/Access in Yahoo Buzz Awards Voting Site – UPDATED

We are all aware that we have been having difficulties in accessing this site http://kr.promotion.yahoo.com/asiabuzz2010/ to vote for Hyun Joong in Yahoo Buzz Awards  since yesterday, November 27, 2010.  At the same time, there is a SIGNIFICANT increase in the VOTES for the number 2 contender.  We have been voting diligently for the past three weeks and we were not able to amassed almost 2 million votes, which in the case for the other contender, they’ve accomplished it overnight.  For me, this seems highly irregular, and we should call the attention of the organizer of this event/awards show.
For related inquiries /  suggestions / complaints,  you may send your message to this address posted in www.hyun-joong.com
Please be aware that we do not want to pinpoint anything or anyone,  nor create any false accusations, we should just report this irregular event (for the lack of better terms to use)  to those in charge.
Also, use google translate to view the page in english :  http://translate.google.com.ph/#ko|en|

On a sidenote : Use Internet explorer to access this site http://kr.promotion.yahoo.com/asiabuzz2010/,  refresh that page whenever you want to cast your vote!
So now go ahead and let us show our support for Hyun-Joong.
Thank you.



Some chinese fan from hyun-joong.com free board called the office of Yahoo but received no reply.

A korean fan from the fanboard of  hyun-joong. com received a reply from Yahoo Korea,  they said they will look into the matter tomorrow since today is Sunday.

So let us keep on voting!  Use internet explorer to vote and refresh the page if it freeze again!

here is the link: http://www.hyun-joong.com/bbs/view.asp?idx=7848&code=freeboard&searchopt=&searchkey=&category=&page=1

Here is the original post by 내음0606:

안녕하세요? 고객님.

야후! 코리아 고객센터 임현 입니다.

고객님께서는 야후! 아시아 버즈 어워드 2010에 접속이 되지 않거나

투표가 되지 않는 증상 및 장근석 후보의 투표 수가 급증하고 있는 증상으로 인해

문의 주신 것으로 확인됩니다.

우선 야후! 아시아 버즈 어워드 2010 에 참여해주신 점 대단히 감사드리며,

투표 진행 어려움으로 인해 불편을 드려 정말 죄송합니다.

말씀하신 증상은 담당부서에 전달하였습니다.

다만, 금일은 담당 부서팀의 주말 휴무로 월요일 오전에

해당 증상에 대해 빠르게 원인 파악을 하여 문제를 확인할 수 있도록

최대한 노력할 예정입니다. 이에 다소 시간이 걸릴 수 있는 점

고객님의 너그러운 마음으로 양해 부탁 드립니다.

고객님께서 투표를 진행하지 못해 많이 답답하시겠지만

빠른 시간 안에 정상적 이용이 가능하도록 최선을 다할 예정이오니

고객님께서도 너무 조급해하지 마시고 조금만 기다려주셨으면 합니다.

문제의 진행상황에 대해서는 늦어도 3일 이내에 다시 한번 안내 드리겠습니다.

저희 야후! 아시아 버즈 어워드 2010에 참여해 주시고,

오류에 대해서 알려주신 점 고개 숙여 깊이 감사 드립니다.

문제해결에 최선의 노력을 다할 것을 다시 한번 약속 드립니다.

고객님의 문의사항이 신속하게 해결될 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.
혹시라도 다른 문의사항이나 궁금한 부분이 있으시면
언제든지 다시한번 저희 야후! 코리아 고객센터로 메일 부탁 드립니다.
항상 성심 성의껏 답변 드리겠습니다.

오늘도 행복한 하루 보내십시오.

[Eng Translation] Baek Seung Jo's Diary - Epilogue

Honestly, I haven't read the whole article. But I bet it would be a good one.  ^^ Oh by the way, just one trivia. Have you noticed? Hyun Joong has been always associated with roles of a doctor. Remember Yoon Ji hoo studied also in being a doctor? This time, it's Seung Jo. I guess he looks best in white. ^^


Credit jina_bing_bang@Soompi for translation.
Original Entry at MBC Playful Kiss Homepage

SeungJo’s Diary Epilogue 1
Author: Lim Young Joo (Same person who wrote the YouTube diaries)

Authors Note:
I am surprised that there are people still reading SeungJo’s diary although 장키 (Playful Kiss) has been over for a while ㅠㅠ
So I intend to give a present.
This is just a scribble of the after story for Playful Kiss, I wonder if people will read it…
Perhaps I will wish to make this one or two pieces
Because surprises are always pleasant.

<1 Year Later>
Kkong Dang Kkong Dang I can hear Hani coming up the stairs.
The sound of Hani coming back to my arms, my lips secretly make a smile.
“I’m Back”, Hani says in a cheerless voice (low energy, weak).
With the final stages of Hani studying for her test it takes lots of strength even protecting her from the side is pitiful.
Whoo~ She comes to my side as she exhales a sigh.
From my back hearing Hani’s heart makes me feel good.
Stealthily I lifted her arm and slightly gave the back of her a kiss.
A warm kiss was returned to my earlobe.
The short act of skinship that come and go is like the fatigue of one spring day’s snow melting away.

“Is it really hard?”
It must really be hard she is not saying it is not.
“Wash up and quickly rest!”
“No, I have to study a little bit more. Tomorrow is the last mock test.”
“Do you want help?” “No, I will just do it on my own”
“What’s up with that? You didn’t ask for my help.”
“It must be hard for you too? I heard you have a test on the nervous system tomorrow”

I am moved by tears (It is a form of expression- He felt touched).
These days I see this fellow think deeply and see an effort in trying to stand on her own.
For a genius like me the terrible studies of medical school are taking little tolls on me as I am fatigued.
The material to study for medical school is massive so no one should study alone.
Either form a study group and share information with each other or receive the Sunbae’s records and study from that.
There are too many things to memorize.
I am thankful for the name of love to recognize and consider this.

“Hani, continue after you eat these late night snacks. My goodness! How can it be so hard?
Just have a child living comfortably and sweetly instead.”

As soon as I fell asleep mother silently came in.
These days mother is busy preparing late night snacks for Hani. At any rate my Hani will become a pig.

“Yes, Thank you. You do not have to do this, you cannot even sleep, If I am hungry I will figure it out.”
“No, you! This is how I live. I lived so much without having fun as I raised those two stiff siblings”
Of course it is something mother would say.

Ook! Suddenly Hani threw up. Why is this?

“Why is something wrong with the taste? Did it go bad? I just prepared it”
“No, Just I do not feel well. It must be because I am a bit tired”
“You…By chance do you have good news”

Mother’s assumptions are rising. I better stop her at this point.

“Mother! Please stop chatting and go downstairs to sleep. I have to go out early tomorrow morning. You do not have to brag about your mother in law/daughter in law relationship everyone already knows.”
“Oh? Did you wake up because of me? Sorry! Hani! If you don’t really feel well make sure to take some medicine!”
Mother who lowered her voice begged Hani and barely left to go downstairs.
After hearing several alarm clocks ringing Hani did not wake up.

“Isn’t it time for you to go to school? You have to get up!”

Okay, Hani says but as she tosses and turns she has no strength in her voice. As I place my hand on her forehead she has a slight fever.
Thoroughly examining her I see that she dark circles under her eyes have formed and her face doesn’t look good these days.
It looks like she is sick somewhere.

“It seems that you have a fever so going to the hospital seems good.”
“Okay, after going to school I will stop by the hospital and come home”

“What do I do? Pregnant already, I haven’t become a nurse yet and haven’t fulfilled anything.
First becoming a mother. I feel like a fool.
SeungJo is also studying busily and suddenly if he knows about having a baby then it would be harder, right?
If mother finds out she will certainly say to give up on studying
Am I supposed to give up my dreams like this? What should I do?

I have a heavy heart thinking that I may not be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse compared to having a pretty baby.
As soon as she came, mother poured questions at me.
It was apparent that she was anticipating something.
I just said that I had an upset stomach and went upstairs.
‘SeungJo, Hurry and come. What will I do?’

Even though I eagerly waited for SeungJo of course he was late today too.
Other students form study groups as if they were living together but since SeungJo is married he comes home even if it is late.
Will he be happy that suddenly we have a child in the midst of both studying and being busy?
While waiting for SeungJo a number of thoughts shook my feelings.
‘I should wait a little and tell him once both of our tests are over. Besides if I tell him concentrating on studying will be uneasy. Baby, I am sorry! It’s not that I am not joyous; it’s just that mom and dad are a bit busy. Sorry baby…’

“What did they say at the hospital? Are you okay?” “Yeah”
“Now next week is the test, are you confident?”
“Yeah, I am going to surely pass! For me, for you and for our bab, HMPH!”
Hani was talking but suddenly covered her mouth with her hand and stopped talking.
“What?” “Ah, it’s nothing.”
“Dull, You’re working hard, Pretty, My Hani! Just endure the hardship for a few more days.”

Drawing silent Hani by her hair into my arms I held her.
Soft breathes from Hani are felt above my chest.
I feel peace everyday in the arms of Hani.
Like lighting a firework slowly once on the forehead, second time on her earlobe I kiss her.
Slowly it is getting warmer. Like she was melting or soaking Hani was snuggling into my arms.
The faster her breathes got the deeper I wanted to snuggle with Hani but she slightly pushed me away.

“Why is something wrong? Do you not like it? It’s been a long time?”
“It’s because I am a bit tired, sorry, maybe because of the test I am tense.”

I felt restless and hurt but seeing Hani really tired made these feelings release.

“Then, let me just hold you and sleep.”

Why is she likes this, is it really because of the test? It seems like she has a worry these days, it seems that she has been under lots of stress from the test, I must console her somehow.

Even though I was in SeungJo’s warm arms and getting kissed I couldn’t deal with the worries that were like tides coming in.

What to do? Can someone like me be a good mother? I’m not the brightest, a scatterbrain, and accident prone and what if I also can’t be with my child like my mother?
I do not even want to think about this but this keeps piling up and is giving me strength.

‘SeungJo, What do I do. I wanted to become a mother after I fulfilled my dream and became a great person. Since it became like this-what do we do? Oh HaNi! Let’s stop worrying and diligently study!’

I thought she was asleep but Hani silently removing herself from my arms and sitting in front of the desk looks pitiful.
Noah’s snail showing great diligence to fulfill her dream, I am proud of Oh HaNi but seeing her suffer a part of my heart stings like a knife constantly cutting it.
I watched the back of her study without saying anything. Fighting my snail, Oh HaNi!
In a little bit she slid to the side of the desk and though time passed she did not get up.

‘She must have fallen asleep although she can’t even stay up late’

The wind blew by.
Thinking she would wake up I silently carried her and laid her on the bed, after picking out expected exam questions, explaining the problems gotten wrong and checked the problems you will need to know. This is my small present to your tired self.

Finally today is the test.
For now the baby and I have been overcoming this.
Because we were both studying the baby must be suffering as well when I pull my stomach a bit it hurts at times.
I am sorry I was surprised baby, sorry baby and once I stroke my stomach everything will be okay.
You must be very sincere since you will be like me. You would be very cold if you were to be like SeungJo.
Wait, what if you are like me so you’re not smart?
No. Baby please have SeungJo’s brain and my personality.
Please…I earnestly requested to the baby.

Do well on the test, said blunt brother in law EunJo
Hani! At least take a pill to clear your heart, said always very worried Mother
Warmly passing my lunch-my father, patting my back, one’s other father
Everyone gathered their cheers and gallantly came to the testing site.
But why do I feel dizzy? This can’t happen, Let me find more strength.
Baby! Let us both give it our all. Fighting to you too. SeungJo! Give us strength.

I was waiting for her in the front of the testing site thinking that I better take her out to eat some good things.
Fortunately the weather was not cold. You must have seen me from afar as you brightly smiled and ran my way.
Do you feel that good?
A smile that fills my heart like a full spring scenery and blossoming flowers you come running.
For a moment my heart flutters and feels content, suddenly Hani collapses in front of me.
Suddenly my heart plunges to the bottom.
“Because much stress received the mother is suffering a lot. The baby is also suffering so as the husband, please do well so stress will not be received”

Mother? I feel as if someone hit the back of my head with a hammer.

“Did you know?”
“Fool, why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because you were suffering as well from studying, I am also not prepared”

An awkward and hesitant voice came out.

“Then were you trying to have a miscarriage?”

Hani must have been very surprised at my angry voice as she opened her eyes big, nodded her head and said this while crying.

“I…thought this would be a distraction while you were studying, after we were done with our tests...”

“Why don’t you trust me? You are suffering all by yourself and I do not even know you were laughing around like a fool? Why are you making me into the bad person~!”

Looking at the tears that were about to fall from Hani’s eyes I stopped to say the sharp remarks.
Saying these remarks although I know the baby is roughly hearing them and while disregarding Hani’s eyes.
Baek Seung Jo. You have a long way to go…

While nodding her head, tear fallings, with an alarmed face and shaking voice…
“No tha...that is not it but if mother knew…give up studying…give it up…she could say that. I really wanted to be a nurse and be a good wife to you. ..(Sobs).”

Hani’s half crying half whining words and the duty to the baby has been weighing down my heart.
If she met a normal man then the baby would not suffer this much and would be content by what she has…
If I sought out more care for her…
A person who is becoming a doctor not knowing that his own wife is pregnant and leaving her suffering like that…
At once like a tide is rising liability is taking a strangle hold on me.
By myself what could I do to handle this fear and comfort the baby?
The words I’m sorry did not come out, I indefinitely felt small and was shabby, and all I could do was hold Hani.
And the times where I had to swallow my sorrows all came out at once, sadly crying for a while.
How long could that small body be in pain?
As a foolish husband the scolded tears that make bones hurt come out.
The tears from a man who let the wife he loves suffer all by herself formed in my eyes.

“Truthfully I was struck with fear. I feared that I would not be able to protect my child like my mother.”

I see. You were hurting more from something that I didn’t even think of.

“It’s okay. You have me. I will undoubtedly protect you. No matter what I will not let you leave me first so do no worry. Okay?”

A promise and a kiss.
The tears on top of her cheek absorbed and the tears on top of her eyelashes.
The tears on top of her suffering red forehead too…
From now on do not cry by yourself.
By swallowing all your bittersweet tears I am swallowing all of your pain…
The times of loneliness inside your tears I asked for them to all be erased.
Slowly Hani’s crying began to die down.

With a tearful face she tells me, “We still have to tell the parents?”

“No, with mothers aggressiveness we do not know how she will react and we should wait until out tests are revealed. Once we pass because it is a waste she can’t say that we have to stop studying. By the way! When you are pregnant I hear you want to try new things are you craving anything?”

“Are you really going to directly buy what I want?”

“Of course!”

“Thus far there hasn’t been a day where you have done so.”

Asking as if she doesn’t believe and with shiny eyes.
Was I really like this? It isn’t something I have thought about before.
Possibly even though I say that I love you I neglect the little things you do for me.
Again I am sorry. Why does love mean saying sorry?
When do you think a day will come where love is efficient enough not to say sorry?

“I want to eat strawberries. Will there be strawberries in November?”

“These days there should be house strawberries. I will buy them!”

For the times of carelessness I want to try and compensate for that so like the wind I am running in the November wind.

“Mom, Look at Hyung! Why is he hiding the strawberries he bought and running up so fast? How shameful, is he going so fast because he thinks someone is going to steal them?”

“What? Strawberries?”

From the back I hear EunJo expressing his doubt and mothers voice starting to come up.
I should have hid them and then come in.

“Here, I bought the strawberries.” “It took longer than I thought. Are there not any nearby?”
“Yeah, there weren’t any in the neighborhood so I went all the way to a big super market. I think I was caught by EunJo so eat them fast.”

“Really? Then we should both eat it.”

“Don’t share it. You eat them all by yourself. Is there anything else you want to eat?”

Suddenly spilling my heart like this Hani’s eyes look like the moon lighting up.
Within that moonlight my heart is spreading throughout my body.

“Hani! SeungJo!”
Mothers quick sense and voice that hit the back of my head.

“You guys have something that you are hiding? Answer truthfully~ Hani is pregnant, right?”

Followed by curiosity of going crazy one word stuck out.


“Right? My premonition was right~! HA HA HA Why did you hide such a joyous fact? I feel hurt.”

“Truthfully…I…thought you would tell is to give up studying”

How much she felt sorry was told by Hani not being able to look at mother and respond with her head down.

“Hey, Why would I not let you study? You studies so hard that would be wasteful, when your cravings start it will be break so it is alright and by the time the baby is to be born in August it will be break again so it is perfect! SeungJo, as expected you’re a genius for perfectly timing!”

In an instant mother scheduled and balance everything. She is always busy.
Although she is so fast that it does become a problem.

“Do not worry and just give birth to a healthy baby. I will take care of everything”

“Do not have the baby wear girl clothes again.”

“No! I will never do that. Hani will give birth to a pretty girl? Right Hani~!
What are you doing? Hurry and contact your fathers. EunJo! You also think of some baby names~! Ah, we have to take a commemoration picture!”

The rapid buzz pouring out from Mother’s voice followed by joy that fills the whole house.
The suffering that has been released comes now the sunlight that makes all of you shine.

And to our baby too.

Park Jung Min will be watching Hyung Jun's performance in the Musical 'Cafe in'

I love how these two show their support with one another. I miss their tandem, the times when they both love to tease each other. ^^


SS501 Kim Hyung Jun – Park Jung Min, bickering on their own Twitter accounts to show their friendship, “Cute!” [27.11.10]

News: TV Daily
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)
credits: rainaftershine@wordpress

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min’s friendly mention caught the eye of many.

Park Jung Min on the 27th said to Kim Hyung Jun on his Twitter, “Ya~ You are doing well right? Want to go and watch your performance but scared you would be nervous! So don’t know when I’ll go watch~! ke ke Maybe would not even go..ke ke Sent you only a 6inch pizza!

Kim Hyung Jun immediately replied “Come come come!” Jung Min then mention replied Hyung Jun, “Look like you are confident! It’s a relief! Don’t know when will go~! Do not be distracted!”, showing that he had not forgotten to show concern.

Lately Kim Hyung Jun one person is acting out 2 roles in the musical “Café In” as the sommelier Ji Min and the gentleman Jung Min. Park Jung Min has also released his solo debut album with the song “not alone” on the 25th.

SS501 members have each signed on to different management companies to start their solo activities, but maintained their stand that the group has not dissolved.

[Eng Subs] Baek Seung Jo's Diary 14

This was his diary when he finally announced his marriage proposal. ^^

credits: reenatriple@yt

Friday, November 26, 2010

What's keeping Hyun Joong busy these days?

Since the drama has ended already, some of us might wonder what is he doing right now. If he was on a vacation or having some activities. Fortunately, one of his staff made a blog entry on his latest doings. I guess he is excited to sing a new song right? Fighting Hyun Joong-ah. ^^


The short staff blog entry from Kim Hyun Joong Japan Mail Magazine

Source: KHJ Japan FC Mail Magazine
Japanese Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

<Staff Blog>
Recently Kim Hyun Joong is practicing with enthusiasms on the Japanese song that he will be performing at Message! to Asia. He was serious preparing for the recording, by checking repeatedly a number of times his Japanese pronounciation, spending a number of hours practicing the song at the studio etc.

He said, "I'm excited when I think of being able to sing the Japanese song to all fans. Looking forward to it"

To everyone, please attend the event and look forward to hear Kim Hyun Joong singing the Japanese song live.

Bae Yong Jun is a great senior for Kim Hyun Joong

I smiled at the last statement that Hyun Joong said ^^


Extracted News from Kim Hyun Joong [10.11.24]

English trans : Suehan @Suehan's BYJ Blog

Kim Hyung Joong returned to MBC's "Mischievous Kiss", one year after "Boys over Flowers", but he received a poor review with disappointing one digit viewing rates. Expectations were high because it was the first work since he moved to Bae Yong Joon's management company, Keyeast.

"When the viewing rate was low after the first episode aired, Yong Joon hyung sent me a text message saying, "it hit rock bottom, so I think it'll go up. Don't think about the viewing rates too much." I think it was a good experience because the rate continues to fluctuate. I learned how to cope with difficulties and I experienced that "When God closes one door, He opens another.". I hoped that it would be recognized in foreign countries some day, if not in Korea. I don't want to regret it."

Bae Yong Joon is a great senior for him, like a role model, and they have very good chemistry between them.

"There were plenty of rumors after my contract with DSP Entertainment ended. Actually, I wanted to go to Yong Joon hyung's management company, but I couldn't speak to him frankly. One day, I talked to him about my problem with the management company. He said that He wanted to meet me to introduce me to the owner of his management company. And the CEO came with the contract. (laugh) So, I was glad."

Source : http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype2.htm?id=201011250100250180015213&ServiceDate=20101124

[Eng Subs] Baek Seung Jo's Diary 13

Only 3 more diaries to go and reena's work is almost done.^^

credits: reenatriple@yt

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whose numbers are stored in Kim Hyun Joong's mobile phone?

Well of course he would not specifically mention the name on his contacts because that will invade his privacy. However, I cannot believe that he only has 40 numbers stored when in fact he is very popular so I was thinking it would be hundreds of contact numbers. I guess he just happened to have a good memory eh? ^^


Kim Hyun Joong “Only Stored 40 Numbers in Mobile Phone” [10.11.24]

Credits : deer@sportschosun.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

When asked Kim HyunJoong about his close entertainer friends, he said “Really just a few of them. Those whom I contact and meet up with are mostly normal (non-entertainer) people.” He stored about 40 numbers in his mobile phone, he likes to memorise numbers so he deliberately doesn’t store them into his mobile phone. His close friends are the SongPa-gu ShinCheonPa neighbourhood friends whom he knew since young and brothers from dancer team, also his health/gym trainer and soccer team members. “My health/gym trainer’s name is Sander. Do you know what is his real name? It’s Kim SangDeuk. It is the exactly the same as the Kim SangDeuk in Alaska in the episode of ‘Infinity Challenge’.” Kim HyunJoong said laughing his head off.

1. Xiah Junsu – Became close with him and Hero JaeJoong because of our similar activity period during initial period of debut. Lee Wan, Kim Bum, Micky YooChun, Hero JaeJoong are the members of celebrity soccer team ‘Men’. Lee Wan hyung went for military service thus rarely joins for soccer. Everyone likes soccer so much so that we can come out to play soccer at our neighbourhood stadium even at 2am. We don’t have specific positions or numbers. Neighbourhood soccer is that everyone is mixed up together and swarm after the ball. There was once Xiah Junru suggested making uniforms with numbers on it and said ‘I want to have route 3’ and then we ‘gave up’ the idea.

2. Micky YooChun – Although didn’t get to meet frequently, he is a drinking (alcohol) companion who will come whenever you call even if it’s in the wee hours of morning. It’s good because we can meet without any pretence. Our nickname for each other is vulgar (?) words. When filming ‘Mischievous Kiss’, Micky YooChun is filming ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, thus we couldn’t monitor each other (drama work). Later when my drama ended, I watched ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, and just as it was getting interesting, it ended, it was quite a pity.

3. Gummy – A close sister who even my mother knows. Not long ago, I went to Gummy noona’s mother and elder brother’s oyster specialty store at BoonDang, and drank by myself.

4. SS501 – Will release an album together next year. They are my brothers whom I must go together for my whole life. Recently, HyungJun said at the press conference for his musical that I didn’t reply the text message sent to me when I was at China Guangzhou Asian Games, it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t see the message because my mobile phone battery went dead. I didn’t bring my charger so I couldn’t send any reply. Charger will be the first thing I will pack in whenever I go overseas in the future.

[Eng Subs] Entertainment Wide (What can make Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun angry?)

This video has just been recently subbed bu superstarsubs and I immediately watched it. It was funny on the part when they need to find out what words can make the boys angry. I know Hyun Joong hardly gets angry. I thought Jung Min would be the first one. However, in th nd, it was Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun who got angry. ^^ Watch for yourself what the other 3 did to make them angry. kekeke ^^

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
credits: superstarsubs@yt

[Eng Subs] Kyu Jong and Young Saeng

Awwww... I wanted to see them in person. The sweet guy and the prince. So lucky of the fans who will get the chance to see them live. As for me... I guess I'll just have to wait for the fancams to be uploaded. Kyu Jong-shii and Young Sang-shii Fighting! ^^


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SS501 members Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng invades Asia

Lucky for those fans who belongs to the countries that they will be visiting. I wish Philippines can be included in their agenda. ^^


SS501′s Korean Wave sweep through Asia, KyuJong YongSaeng meet fans in HongKong next January [24.11.10]
Source: http://www.hkheadline.com/ent/ent_content.asp?track=news&contid=91360&srctype=g
English Translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credits

Korea popular male group SS501 members Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng, will start their Asia fan meeting tour starting from Seoul Korea, they will also meet their fans in Taiwan, Thailand, HongKong, Indonesia and Japan. HongKong will be their 3rd stops for this trip, which is scheduled to hold on 8 January.

After KyuJong and YoungSaeng signed on to join Korea top female singer Lee Hyori’s agency B2M Entertainment, this is their 1st fan meeting in HongKong. 2 top idol singers will specially come to HongKong to meet with fans, mainly to thank their fans’ continuous support for all these time, after this they will start their solo activity.

Definitely intimate personal daily life clips to be exposed

The HongKong fanmeeting of KyuJong and YoungSaeng early next year, is definitely a big good news to Greater China, HongKong and Macau’s TripleS (SS501 fans). Other than live singing performance, KyuJong and YoungSaeng will also have direct conversation with fans, playing games and also will reveal their oversea tour and personal daily life video clips. Fans will be able to see a completely new image for both of them.

KyuJong is SS501 member, in year 2006, he acted in a ‘b-boy’ role in Music Channel Mnet’s Hip-Hop Musical ‘Break’, with his exceptional acting and dancing skill, he became famous overnight in South Korea , his popularity increased even tremendously after SS501 recorded ‘Boys over Flowers’ OST ‘Because I am stupid’. As for YoungSaeng, he is SS501 lead singer, with his beautiful and pleasant voice and unique ‘Prince’ qualities, mesmerized and attracted lots of fans* in Asia. (*万人迷 has a literal meaning of means a person who is incredibly attractive, trendy, cool and loved by millions of people).
Extra session in Seoul similarly full house

Although SS501 members belong to different agencies, however the 5 members are still deeply and madly loved by South Korea and Area region fans. For KyuJong and YoungSaeng’s Seoul fan meeting, the ticket for their first session on 4 December was sold out within 10mins, under the pleas of the fans, they immediately added another session, the tickets were sold out in 5mins also. Their ticket sales this time has top in many charts including No. 1 in ‘Auction Ticket Sales Chart’.

Thereafter, the pre-sale for 11 December tickets in Thailand and 22 January first session ticket in Japan were also sold out almost immediately on the same day, they have even added a 2nd session in Japan immediately to fulfil the needs of fans. From this could see the vast fans anticipation and support for these 2 idols and SS501.

KyuJong and YoungSaeng will be the first to visit HongKong after their group members sign on with different management agencies, it is believed that they will cause a stir in HongKong and fans will also rush to admire these 2 idol.

[Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong's video message for Sports Khan readers

credits: kelemama501@yt

How sweet our forever center Kim Kyu Jong?

He may be named as 'gorilla' of his fellow SS501 members, he may be the best in doing gag dance creating laughs to his brothers, but I know all of you would agree that he is also the sweetest! ^^  I've actually known this ever since I got the chance to see their personalities, and once again he has proven how sweet he can be. He went to Lotte World a couple of days ago. So many pictures of him were taken, but there is just one more picture that really touched me.^^

Can you find the missing Kyu? He is just behind those kids, look closely ^^

This is what really touched me the most. ♥ Signing it off as 'SS501 Kim Kyu Jong'

 credits: OKLBY@naver + kyu_一咿@baidu + 501wangja

[Eng Subs] Baek Seung Jo's Diary 12

credits: reenatriple@yt

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong moved house, still running chicken eatery, and more...

More of Hyun Joong's interview. Are you already tired of reading all of his interviews? There's just too many of them. If you asked me, I never get tired reading since I know it is definitely interesting. ^^


Kim Hyun Joong “Those kisses & Almost-kisses…In Reality, were…” [10.11.22]

Source: Nikkan Sports | 2010.11.22 17:15
Reposted from HYUNBAR
Translated into English: BB @ LoveKimHyunJoong.com

To Kim Hyun Joong (24) who is taking the leading role of a TV drama for the first time as “the fussy guy” Baek Seung Jo in MBC’s Playful Kiss, although the 3% rating was far from the initial expectation, to him personally, he still felt that he had gained much (from it).

- What are your thoughts after the drama’s ended?
“Feel that I’ve good wrap-up for this year. As this is the first TV drama whereby I’m the main lead, so it’s particularly meaningful. I felt a great sense of responsibility during the filming, because the drama evolved from and developed around me, so my condition could affect the entire team’s mood and ambience. Only when I relaxed myself and worked, then the crew could carry on with the filming in a more relaxed manner.”
- There’re unusually many kissing scenes in the drama!

“It just looks that way, but actually there’re not many. There’re many scenes that involved lips nearly or barely touching; in terms of real kissing scenes, there are only three.”
- You’ve been labelled as the second Bae Yong Joon, do you feel any pressure or burden with the label?

“As opposed to pressure, what I feel more is joy. I suppose it’s because sunbae is the first generation of Hallyu star, and I’m also carrying out Hallyu activities, that’s why the label of the second Bae Yong Joon.

We (SS501) were also referred to as the second SechsKies when we first started out, but later, people gradually remembered our name. I suppose it’s the same this time.”

 - Amongst the presents that Bae Yong Joon gave you, which left you with the deepest impression?

“Pu-erh tea. Said that’s something good.”

 - You’ve even sung the theme song at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. What does that feel?

“As that’s a big stage (platform), and I was representing Korea on-stage, so the pressure was tremendous. I really heaved a great big sigh of relief after the song that day. One whole month of listening to the same song and practising everyday, that was really tiring.”
- Are you still running the chicken eatery now?

“My friends are still running it. As for how much money it’s made, I’ve absolutely no idea. I would go look for them there once in awhile. Times like this, I’d stay in the kitchen to wash the tomatoes or fry the chicken pieces and stuff. But since I always just stay in the kitchen, the patrons wouldn’t know that I’m in the shop.”
- Heard that you’ve moved to Seongsu-Dong in Seoul recently, is this true?

“Yes, I’ve moved, but no, it’s not to Seongsu-Dong. Because many fans used to always hung around my home, so it’s brought a lot of inconvenience to the neighbours at the old place, and there’re also many complaints, so I had to move. This time, it’s a rented place.”
- Why rent instead of buying a house?

“Because I’ve no money. (laughs) There’s someone who’s helping me to manage my finances; other than my monthly allowance, everything else goes into the bank account. Of course, I may earn a bit more than people my age. But when it comes to money, once it exceeds a certain amount, it becomes quite meaningless. I don’t have hobbies like drinking expensive red wine, so that really is the difference between having more money or a little less money? I don’t even have a car. I use the company’s car every time even if I’m doing my personal things.”

 - Rumours have it that you’ve a close relationship with Hero Jae Joong, T.O.P from Big Bang, how about you guys forming a group?
“That should be not bad. When we were drinking together, we too joked about this, and talked about holding a joint concert. Although it’s gonna be quite tough (to pull off), but if people really wish to see us together, and if the companies agree too, perhaps it can be done.”
- What are the future plans of SS501?

“Truth is, many people have questioned if we’ve already disbanded. Since we’ve already concluded our discussion about the future activities of SS501, so all of us have joined different agencies. During the time when our contract with the previous agency expired, no agency was able to accept all (five) members. So we plan to have solo activities, and then come together as a group to present to everyone through performance.”
- Amongst the gifts from fans, which one left the deepest impression?

“A 10,000-won bill. That bill’s serial number is my date of birth. Initially I had thought that it was a fake bill, but when I took it for a closer look, I realised that it was real.”

- What do you do when you’re resting or on your off days?

“I play soccer. I’ll play soccer every week. Although I’m not a professional footballer, and I also don’t have a regular or fixed position, but i play attack generally.”

- What do you want or pursue in life?

“I wish to live happily with people. When with friends, we practically go Dutch every time. Regardless of who you are, everyone forks out 10,000 korean won, just like club fees. Friendship can collapse because of money. I feel that amongst friends, there should be no distinction about whose achievement is more, and who has done more, or less.”

Kim Hyun Joong's motorcycle accident

I have already found these news yesterday,however I was having a hard time translating it. Google translate was giving me a different story which I totally cannot understand.So I patiently waited until the translations were out. And here it is finally. While I was reading it, I can't help but felt sorry for Hyun Joong for the pain he had last May.To think he trie his best not to show his hurt, especially during the filming of their MV 'Love Ya'. Remember the bandage he had? That must have really hurt him. Be careful Hyun Joong, we don't want anything bad happen to you. 


Disclosure of Accident: Asia Top Star KHJ Innermost Thought [22.11.10]

Source: Metro Seoul
Reposted & Translated by: Baidu Hyunbar News Department
Chinese to English translation by June@LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Singer and Actor Kim Hyun Joong (24) had a motorcycle accident and cheated death,
before the commencement of his solo work apart from SS501.
The cruelty of such a happenstance right when he had to begin working solo on his own
led to a focused outlook in life.

Heartily enjoys the work he likes, while forgoing all distractions.
Harbouring an increasingly calm mentality, and gradually permeating through the whole of Asia.

Rebirth In May
In a recent interview, Kim Hyun Joong mentioned,
for the first time ever, the facts about his motorcycle accident.

On 28 May afternoon, on a road in Seoul’s Gangnam,
Kim Hyun Joong, driving with his friend on a motorcycle as a passenger,
was hit from behind by another vehicle.

Helmets and protective gears fell apart. It was a major accident.
His right arm and elbow suffered from 3 fractures.
His left knee cartilage was injured as well.

‘It could have been a fatal accident, but luck was on our side.
The motorcycle is not a good vehicle to carry passenger but I was travelling with a friend that day.
My over-100kg friend flew from the vehicle and I fell atop him.
Thus, I landed on the ground with less impact due to the buffer.’

After the release of the final mini-album at his former company,
the period before the end of his contract was a critical moment
when he worried about the repercussions of the accident.

He was also concerned that there may be discussions about his enlistment.
He can only bear his guilt during treatment till his discharge from the hospital.
With the end of the filming of the drama, he is currently undergoing a full body check-up.
‘I will definitely enlist. But I shall not receive any further more body check-up till then.
I would not want anything, no matter how small, to become a hindrance to my goal.’

Due to the accident, his will to carry out activities is even stronger.
Kim Hyun Joong said,
‘I do not like to rest.
Happily working, I’ve never had a moment when I feel like resting.
I would like to give it all… when I can still sing, dance and act.’

In the aftermath of his accident,
the process in which he signed with his new company also became a hot topic.
Even though several companies offered him billion-dollar contracts,
Kim Hyun Joong chose to sign with his current company which offered a much lower fee.

His pride as an artist led him to refuse the high pay but accept a domestic car,
which in turn led to further misunderstanding from some fans.
The gift of a car in replacement for higher pay was suggested by representatives from his new company.

‘I do not work with the aim to earn money.
If I do, I shall have to bear all the negative effects.
What I want to do is to display my stage and my work to all of you.’

Pre-Enlistment: 5-year Plan
On 12 November, he participated in the Asian Games Opening Ceremony
with a stage performance of the theme song ‘Sunshine Again’,
gaining the chance to show himself to 1 billion viewers.

‘It is the biggest stage in my life.
Besides the billion who viewed on TV,
there were one hundred thousand spectators on the spot
which created such a grand stage that I felt overjoyed and lost for words,
with the thought that my name would appear on such a stage.’

His drama ‘Playful Kiss’ was highly popular overseas,
but the low domestic rating was still a bitter pill to swallow.

‘Now I am more confident.
The next drama will bring about even more difficulties,
thus the main issue here is to become an actor with the right attitude and mentality.’

Now, he is preparing for his solo album to be released in May next year,
and planning to attend a 3-month music studies in the United State early next year.

‘I would like to learn more about stage performance, dancing and singing, while building up my physique.
I have already submitted a learning plan to a famous teacher from LA Millennium Dance School,
and shall present a music that is different from SS501.’

24 hours a day, he wonders about his future plans.
He said, ‘My future 5-year plan is already in place.
Each year, I shall participate in a drama and a movie, release 2 albums, hold a concert tour, and release a Japanese album.’

‘On the eve of my enlistment 5 years later,
I prepare to hold, for all my fans, a large-scale free performance.’

Park Jung Min's behind-the-scene shoot for 'Not Alone'

I love the second picture. Seeing him and baby makes me miss the times they were together..all 5 of them. Jung Min-sshi, goodluck on your album! Fighting!


credits: parkjungminofficial@fb

Hyun Joong still seeing... ghosts! ^^

Kekeke... I remember him telling this when he was in a show, I believe that was 'Happy Together' when he and Kyu Jong were guests. Actually, when he was telling this way back then, it gave me the creeps since it was really scary. But you know our Hyun Joong, he doesn't get scared that easy.If it was bugs that were after him, maybe he might be screaming. ^^


News by TVDaily + (eng trans) SS501ode.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credits

"Ghost? I think I still see about 2 in a year". Until now, Kim Hyunjoong will still say some sentences that gives rise to bursts of laughters. Though he isn't one who can totally open his heart in front of outsiders, so long content comes from him, it never fails to be frank and sincere and, real.

In showbiz, one could hear the many ghost stories of celebrities, but no one, ever told a ghost story as calmly as Kim Hyunjoong did. You know, even "meeting ghosts" is like a daily routine for him, he often protrudes this eerie and uncontrollable air about him. "Kyujong and I saw ghosts before, and we both asked each other, 'did you see it just now?', 'yeah I saw'". Goosebumps rose on the back skin of our journalist, but on Kim Hyunjoong's face, it was expressionless as though nothing was the case. Interview also came to an end then, but still, we couldn't quite grasp what kind of person Kim Hyunjoong is.

Recently there are so many new words to describe Kim Hyunjoong, like what "Bae Yongjoon's successor", "2nd generation of Hanryu star", "representative icon of youth and fashion" etc etc, but him who lies within the core of discussion is ever so calm-minded, as if it does not concern him at all. Since he does everything according to plans, he's a more rational person than sentimental. He reveals that he often tries hard to change from a sensational person to a rational one, because this is a pavement where everybody has to walk past in order to turn mature.

Until now, Kim Hyunjoong has been living his life according to his plans, exactly because of that, he will take in people's suggestions and feedbacks while ignoring the harsh and bad talks abut him, not because he's doing it on purpose but rather it comes as a form of him - born by nature. "I've never bothered myself with those harsh talks, I'm very extremely satisfied with my fans who support me and my working environment. Why should I please the people who don't like me? Even if these kind of people humiliate my parents is fine as well, because I have absolutely no need to take these people who don't understand me into heart. Besides, they're not speaking truth". With such a reason, he does not mind at all how people rate him based on acting in [Playful Kiss] and its low ratings.

"My hanryu generation will be a brand new generation", as he says. Kim Hyunjoong with such confidence will surely turn to a glorious sight. This is no big talk as this has already formed into a concrete map presented right in front of us.

Typical Kim Hyun Joong

We may see him as a guy who is fond of eating expensive foods in high class restaurants, but the truth is he is just also a typical guy who gets drunk with friends and would ear street foods with no care at all on what other people would say. That's our Hyun Joong!


Kim Hyun Joong - Dislike being called Aloof, Like to plan his life and work as planned

News KoresStarDaily + (eng trans) SS501ode.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credits

Kim Hyunjoong is an actor whose stark personality shines as he differentiates clearly between love and hate, and also one who asks alot of himself. Even his value principle is like that of his personality, unsure if it's because of this reason, the moment people mention him, every one thinks of him as demarcative.

"I'm definitely not an aloof city lad who knows nothing about emotions", as Kim Hyunjoong expresses his dissatisfaction for an adjective "aloof city lad" amongst all adjectives being used to describe him. Previously when he was in Guangzhou for the 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony, his [airport fashion] was also described by people as "aloof city lad". To this, Kim Hyunjoong expressed utter detachment from his real personality, "Yeah don't tell me my style is an aloof and city-beat? Don't think so, I'm not aloof at all. I'm actually one who will go to drink spicy chicken soup and drink soju with my friends at roadside stalls in casual slippers and sports uniform, I'm definitely not one who knows nothing about emotions".

With that, it seems like we can't use the adjective "cold and icy" to describe Kim Hyunjoong, anymore. Even he does not feel such about himself, "I'm totally not terse, regarding fashion I'm totally dumb-bell. About things like smart phones, I'm also not interested, and is also not one who's very sensitive to fashion trends or anything". If that's the case like what he's said, then what is it he concentrates most effort on, besides work? "I'm not very same as other guys, I don't really like gaming nor billiards. I love playing soccer the most, and also to rent a housing car to go camping at the mountainous areas with friends, and definitely play soccer once every week".

After starring in one after another dramas, words like "2nd Hanryu star" also began to surface on him. However, Kim Hyunjoong actually possess a very matured side to him which does not suit in with his age at all. He may be a youthful idol but he already has a detailed plan for his entire life, "I've always been living with plans, and also enjoys planning for each and every thing. If I don't do according to such a way I'll feel uncomfortable, and will also in turn become more careful. I previously said I'll retire once I earn 2.2 billion, but to think back of it now, it's so childish. I used to think 0.1 billion can be so easily earned, but now I gradually learn that making money is so not easy".

When our journalist asked him if he still wants to get married early, he expressed his original plan to marry at 30 years, and then live on happily, but now there's a change of plans, "I've always thought 30 years old is so matured, but it's not like that at all. I presume I'll not be able to marry at 30, and in the end my plan to have kids will also change. Currently I don't have thoughts to get married, I'm enjoying alot in my career, working". Things that Kim Hyunjoong wants to do is still many many, though ratings for his drama is low, [Playful Kiss] will still seemingly continue to open the second door to his life.

"To me, every day is a new turning point. I like to plan my timetable for every single day, even meal times. Even promises I made at the slip of a mouth - I really keep to them. I hope to live my life in a scheduled and planned manner, because I have aplenty of matters to complete".

Cheesy Hyun Joong..... not! ^^

I've known from the start that he is not your typical 'romantic guy' who would buy you gifts and chocolates and flowers for your anniversary. He actually hates doing those kind of things. He even hates wearing couple shirts. He wouldn't even go far by saying 'Saranghae' to her girlfriend. In conclusion, he is just the guy who would do the things that you do not expect, but will definitely make you happy. ^^

Honestly, in some way, we are the same. I am not very vocal about what I feel. I hardly say, 'I love you' since I feel that is very awkward. I definitely hate wearing couple shirts, and would show my affection in my own way. I guess that is mostly the personality of people who has a B blood type. ^^ Well, enough of me, and here is the interview of our lovely Hyun Joong. Should I guess who he dated once? naaahhh.... ^^


News KoreaStarDaily + (eng trans) SS501ode.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credits

Kim Hyun-joong took on an interview with Korea Star Daily last week... "Why do people like me? Yeah that's right, why do they like a person like me?"
Can you actually believe Kim Hyunjoong doesn't know why people like him? In dramas, Kim Hyunjoong always appear as the soft guy, but in reality, he's actually quite stiffened in personality. Exactly because of that, Kim Hyunjoong has had many bitter-sour love experiences, "I'm rather stiffened, and though I treat my girlfriend nice, I don't tend to express myself during relationships, that's why I often get dumped in the end".

Who could have expected Kim Hyunjoong to be dumped? He continued to add that he "has many experiences of being rejected by girls after confessing. I always get dumped by my girlfriend after dating. Probably she finds no interest in dating me. As compared to opposite genders, I like to meet my friends more, so I guess I tend to neglect my girlfriend more. I can't choose between friends and lover, but I do seem to enjoy being with my friends more, and times spent together is long too. But, I still treat my girlfriend well when I'm with her".

Kim Hyunjoong is a man of few words, but is also honest and straight. As soon as he opens his mouth, he'll speak whatever's at the bottom of his heart - this, is Kim Hyunjoong's charm. He also answered frankly when asked about love, "If I'm in a relationship, I don't intend to be open about this, because this girl might be veiled with the title like 'oh she's who and who's girl'; this is very disrespectful towards the girl, I feel. This might be a torture for the girl, so I won't want to be public about it".
He expressed that he's dated showbiz people, and also non-showbiz people. He divulged his thoughts for destiny, "I believe in love at first sight, and also had such experiences. She just greeted me once only, and then I already fell deep in. I like frank people, I don't know how to deal with too womenly or meticulous people, so I enjoy dating straight and frank people. I also feel kinda awkward towards junior girls who call me oppa. The girls I dated before is quite different from my ideal type, so far, I had only dated my ideal kind of woman - once".

Kim Hyun Joong wants tougher roles in the future

Our leader wants tougher roles, eh? Yeah well I think it would be a great challenge for him to accept these kind of roles as an actor. Probably he wants to get out of the 'romantic sweet' image since he already had that for 'Mischievous Kiss' and 'Boys Over Flowers'. Hmmm.. I think I also want to see him doing a 'bad boy' image. Imagine him being a villain in a movie. If that ever happens, that will only be the first time that I would like the villain instead of the lead main actor. ^^


Kim Hyun Joong said…Romantic acting makes my toes and fingers shrink... I want to do some tough guy roles"


"If I cared about the viewers rating, I would've done big dramss. I was really ok with my dramas".

'Naughty Kiss', which ended last October, was a total failure viewers rating-wise. Even though it recorded 8 million viewers for YouTube special version, TV version ended quietly.

Compare to the careful question, Kim Hyun-joong's answer was cool. “Everybody near me asked that I was okay, but I was really okay. I was because it wasn't the worst viewers rated drama. I told people that all I have to do is go up now.”

Kim Hyun-joong confessed that he also learned responsibility as an actor from this drama. “I learned how hard it was to lead a drama by oneself. I don't regret my work since I did my best. I love to have high viewers rating but I don't cling to it. I rather try to do a drama that I can proudly show to my son/daughter later in my life. 'Naughty Kiss' will be one of them.”

He also revealed his thoughts about classic mellow or action drama/movie. “Yoon Ji-ho from 'Boys over Flowers' or Baek Seung-jo from 'Naughty Kiss' are totally different character from me. Their lines are so cheesy. I think they were cheesy because those two dramas were school-based dramas. I want to do some other types of character for next drama. Someone who likes to yell and full of testosterone.”

Source : http://news.nate.com/view/20101122n03845?mid=e0101

Kim Hyun Joong decides to get married... after 10 years

Okay okay sorry if I made your heart stop beating for a second there. I know your initial reaction on the first few worlds of my title post was 'WTF?!' ^^ If I were on your shoes, I would feel the same way too, so again I apologize.^^ Well, I remember him about 5 years ago telling us that he would be getting married before he reach 30 yrs old. Actually, I was nervous since he's already 25 yrs old, and I am still not prepared to see him walking down the aisle, with another woman. Maybe in 2 years time, I'll definitely be ready, but not now. >_< So when I read this article, I let out a big sigh of relief. I know he also deserves to be happy. But I just really hope that the woman he will be choosing will ensure that she will do everything to make Hyun Joong happy and blessed, since it is our 'heaven' that she will be taking away from us. 


Kim Hyun Joong said… Marriage? I gotta wait for 10 years
Credit: http://www.hancinema.net/kim-hyun-joong-said-marriage-i-gotta-wait-for-10-years-26168.html

“Wedding plan has to be delayed about 10 years.”

Actor/Singer Kim Hyun-joong revealed his thought about marriage.

Many people think about themselves after 10 or 20 years. Kim Hyun-joong is not that different.

Kim Hyun-joong said, “Actually, I thought I could get married well before 30's. Right now I don't have any girlfriend nor time for any romance, so my plan would not be successful.”

Kim Hyun-joong will be 26 years old in 2011. He just finished the shooting of 'Naughty Kiss', but has another foreign promotion schedule as well as album recording in May.”

He added, “I also have to go to army and go back to drama/movie to establish a solid foothold as an actor. When those plans are all done, I will be about 35 years old so I may get married when I'm 40.”

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20101122n03719?mid=e0101

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong talks about fellow SS501 members, his plans for his career and others

I'll give my reaction later about his interview. Need to get ready becaus I'm going off to work. ^^


It isn’t a mere coincidence that Kim Hyun Joong has already played two animation character roles in a row.

The nickname ‘pretty boy’ has followed him since his debut five years ago with idol group SS501 and became only further engrained into fans’ minds after he made his acting debut through, “Boys Over Flowers.” Even with his casting for “Playful Kiss” this year, the nickname stuck by his side like glue.

A rich perfect man named Jihoo and the cranky prodigy Baek Seung Jo. Both characters were the ideal men of the female leads, but also prettier than them as well.

However, as an actor burning with desire to try other roles, such a strong one-sided image isn’t always positive, as Kim Hyun Joong states,“People look at me and just think that my image is a ‘pretty boy.’ Since I’m now a rookie actor, I think they just give me roles that fit that look. I’m sure I’ll be able to try other roles next time.”

Kim Hyun Joong is divided into two: an actor and SS501’s leader. He grew as an SS501 member and now stands as one of the greatest Hallyu stars, attending events such as the “2010 Guangzhou Asian Games” and others.

“It made me look back at myself since I attended the event representing Korea. It was an honorable experience. They told me that just one side of the stadium held 100,000 audience members. It was quite the experience.”

Another nickname that was recently added beside his name was, “The 2nd Bae Yong Joon.” The star was personally scouted by top Hallyu star ‘Yonsama’ into Kaist Entertainment and seems used to the nickname now.

“They say that I resemble him in my smiles and in the way I manage myself. I must resemble him in some ways for them to say that, I suppose. I honestly don’t know. Whenever I meet hyung, we talk comfortably about acting and living… We’re not able to meet often because he’s busy.”

When asked about his thoughts on being the first leading role for a drama, he didn’t seem too disappointed about the lag in viewer ratings and believed it to be a personal advancement for himself. “It was harder than ‘Boys Over Flowers’ since I had to lead the entire drama on my own. There is a bit of disappointment but I want to grow and work harder in my next project.”

When asked to choose his favorite actors, he chose Yoo Hae Jin and Oh Dal Su.  The two are famous for being the supporting actors in various films. “I’m definitely thankful in being able to play the lead roles twice in a row, but I think that supporting roles are great as well. If I like it enough, I won’t care about the importance of the role.”

But just because he began walking down the path of an actor doesn’t mean he’s giving up his dreams as a singer. He is actually preparing for his comeback with his first solo album due for release in the first half of next year.

“I can’t give up being a singer, which is why I’m preparing a solo album. I’ll be releasing one by the middle of next year and I’ve currently received about 200 different songs. Out of the 200, I chose about 5. You can check what kind of album it is when it comes out.”

Despite going through a rigorous schedule, he calmly states, “I’m happier than I am tired. I’m able to do the things I love. I’m no longer just following what others say, I’m actually planning my future and accomplishing things. I like planning, I’m always planning.”

When asked if he wasn’t granted the same freedom before, he replied, “It’s different from now. Back then, I had to do the things I was asked to since we were a group. Being in a group and being on your own is different.”

He continued, “I still keep in contact with SS501. They’re all busy so we’re not able to meet often but we haven’t disbanded. We can be together whenever we want. Actually, I’m not sure who started the rumor that SS501 will be releasing a group album next year. Even if we do, I want my solo album to be released first (laughter).”

When asked about his dreams, he hesitated before answering, “As a singer, my dream is to open a large-scale free concert and invite all of my fans. I have to do it some day.. As for my acting dreams, I want to be an actor that people anticipate the future of.”

What about his personal dreams? “I want to meet aliens and travel to outer space. If an alien came up to me right now and asked me to leave with him, I’d leave without any hesitations. Even if they wanted to do a live-body experiment on me, I will go with him.” He plans to travel into space one day no matter what. Having already traveled to the North Pole, he is hoping to visit the South Pole next as well.

The interview was concluded with one final question: If he had to choose between Baek Seung Jo and Jihoo, who would he choose?

“Definitely Jihoo. Seung Jo is smart, but he’s poor. If I was Jihoo, I’d be rich enough to travel to outer space.”

 credits: Star News + Allkpop
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