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Article about Kim Hyun Joong burdened about competing with Kim Soo Hyun

Well, what else can I say. In fairness to Kim Soo Hyun, it was a known fact that he is a good actor especially when he played king in the drama 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun'. We should give him that credit. However, Hyun Joong has improved a lot also when it comes to acting. And we can witness that by watching his drama this coming Wednesday. So gals, make sure you support it's first day of airing. ^^ Don't feel burdened or pressured about it, Leader. For we will always be there to support you no matter what. ^^ 김현중 화이팅!! ^^


Kim Hyun Joong Feels Burdened Competing Against Kim Soo Hyun

The battle of handsome actors and their dramas is about to begin! In a recent press conference, Kim Hyun Joong commented about his feelings on his KBS2TV drama, “Age of Feeling” competing against Kim Soo Hyun’s drama.

On January 9, KBS2TV’s “Age of Feeling” held a press conference, introducing the characters and plot. During the conference, Kim Hyun Joong was asked, “You are in the same agency as Kim Soo Hyun. Have you two discussed about your dramas?”

In response, the singer turned actor said, “Although I am in the same agency as Kim Soo Hyun, he is the popular icon. Also, Jun Ji Hyun is the original popular figure. Since my drama is competing against their drama, it is true that I feel burdened. I said to him to not be nervous, but I think both of us will be nervous while filming. However, our nervousness won’t change the dynamics. The viewers are the judge. I hope that both dramas will have a successful conclusion.”

Kim Hyun Joong will play a talented fighter in Shanghai who fights in order to earn money for his sister’s surgery fees. The drama, “Age of Feeling” takes place in 1930’s Shanghai, indicating that drama viewers can expect to see different cultural aspects.

KBS2TV’s “Age of Feeling” will compete with SBS’ “Man from the Stars” and MBC’s “Miss Korea.” The first episode of “Age of Feeling” will broadcast on January 15 at 10PM (KST).

credits: soompi.com

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