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[Eng Translation] KeyEast Offficial Statement regarding allegations against Kim Hyun Joong 08.23.14

They have finally released an Official Statement regarding the allegations against our Leader. Well, at first I thought I must not comment anything about it because my fear is that the more I say something, the more others might misunderstood. I was half-hearted to post this thinking it might contribute to the endless bashing of others. But then, as a blogger, I guess I have the right to say the things in my head right now.

 I wanted to say that I will continue to support him, all the way. No matter what happens. Even if others decided to abandon him because of these accusations, I still believe that Leader is a good man. Yes, we are all human, but one accusation, whether it is true or not, doesn't necessarily mean that it is one's personality for a lifetime. One mistake out of all the good deeds a person has commit should not be a reason to judge him. I hope other people should think twice before saying bad comments about him. Think of what inspiration or happiness he has given to you until now. Think of all the moments you've encountered with him, the chances you've seen him in person, interacted with him, experienced his kindness and all, those times when he made you laugh during your boring or lonely days, those words of encouragement you hear from him during your difficult times. Remember everything he has given to you from the time you came to know him until now, then maybe, just maybe, you will realize what is the right thing to say or do. That's my opinion. I cannot speak for others, because everyone has their own mind and decisions to make. But still, I will continue to support and love him no matter what happens. 난 믿어요.약속해 김현중.

*Update: I inserted another version of translation provided by drunken_luv.

BREAKING: Kim HyunJoong releases official statement regarding alleged assault

Through his agency, KeyEast, Kim Hyunjoong has finally broken his silence regarding the alleged assault of his girlfriend.

His company, KeyEast, revealed in a statement,

    Firstly, we would like to apologise for releasing this statement later than expected as there were many details regarding the situation that we had to clarify. More than anything, we would first like to bow our heads in apology to the people who care about Kim Hyunjoong. We have caused you anxiety and concern.

    After confirming the details with him, it is true that the two people have known each other 2012, but have only been dating for the past couple of months. During this period, they have been involved in serious arguments, and it is true that some of these arguments transpired into physical fights. However, the story about him inflicting repeated assault for the span of 2 months is false.

   Even though they have been involved in physical fights, the rib fracture the victim suffered was not a result of these fights, but of an earlier incident where they were playing around. She was able to go out with her friends the next day normally, and did not even realise that she had had an injury.

KeyEast have also expressed regret that the stories released in articles have been exaggerated. They also added that they believed that the truth would be revealed soon and are assisting whole-heartedly in the ongoing investigations.

In other news, Kim Hyunjoong left today for Bangkok for his world tour, “2014 Kim Hyunjoong World Tour - Fantasy in Bangkok”.

Sources: The Fact, Sports Seoul, and Top Star News

credits: http://blog.koreaboo.com/post/95537313538/breaking-kim-hyunjoong-releases-official-statement


 Chi trans frm 搜狐娱乐
Eng trans by drunken_luv

Kim Hyun Joong’s lawsuit, the official statement of the company.

Regarding the case which Kim Hyun Joong was sued, the company releases its statement to make clear its stand.Firstly, regarding yesterday’s reports, the company was unable to release an official statement as soon as possible as we were trying to verify the facts. We sincerely apologise to the fans who care about Kim Hyun Joong.

The truth is, the pair have known each other since 2012 but during the few months that they actually started dating, there were severe verbal arguments. There was also physical collision when it became too heated. But the reports that there was habitual and repeated instances of physical abuses over 2 months are extremely untrue.

There was only one instance of physical argument and the broken ribcages were also not caused during that argument. It happened when the two were fooling around. The next day, the pair attended an activity together and nothing seemed to be wrong so he did not know of the injuries sustained.

The earlier reports were all one sided accounts of the plaintiff and do not match with the truth. The company expresses our regrets regarding this.

The company and Kim Hyun Joong will personally reveal the truth through the investigations and will cooperate with future investigations. As there are already agreements on his schedules, he will fulfill them. So that this case can be closed, he will put down his rights to work and cooperate fully.

Because this incident has caused the fans who love and care about Kim Hyun Joong to worry, the company apologises sincerely.

credits: http://drunkenluv.tumblr.com/post/95537326780/chi-trans-frm-eng-trans-by-drunken-luv


  1. but of an earlier incident where they were playing around.
    ..... i dont understand this part

    1. i inserted another version of translation provided by one of the fans ^^

  2. Through his personality, I believe that he cannot does such a thing. Because, he is very gentle, calms n braves. Anyway, I would like to say, I still support him no matter what. Kim Hyun Joong Fighting...... you can do it. :)

  3. were they dating very recent..in this year 2014 few months back???


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