Wednesday, September 2, 2015

News about SS501 sub unit to make a comeback soon

Raise your hand if your as excited as I am! ^^ Gosh I was so thrilled with this news knowing that I could see the three of them together performing in one stage! ^^ This is just one step gals. Soon enough we wouldn't realize, all 5 of them will comeback as one too. ^^ Will definitely support this comeback! ^^ 화이팅 SS501! ^^


Three SS501 members to return as sub-unit!

Exciting news for fans of SS501!  Although it's sad that not all five members will be reuniting for fans, three will at least be gathering for sub-unit promotions!

A rep stated recently, "SS501's Heo Young Saeng, Kimg Hyung Jun, and Kim Kyu Jong have formed a unit.  We have not yet decided on the exact album release date or the group name.  For now, we are thinking of releasing the music early next year, but we are in discussion over details.

"With the formation of a unit with the three members, CI ENT (Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyung Jun's agency) and B2M Entertainment (Kim Kyu Jong's agency) plan to cooperate affirmatively."

How excited are you right now?

Tip: jeannie kha

credits: allkpop

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