Friday, January 29, 2016

Double S 301's 'PAIN' MV Teaser is out! 01.29.16

OMG!!! It's the first teaser only but I'm already hyper and excited at the same time when I saw it. ^^ It was released 12AM KST. ^^ From their comeback album 'ETERNAL 5', the single is entitled 'Pain'. A 0:41 second clip that shows the 3 of them dancing together and also a clip where Kyu Jong was crying.  His acting is really good, and his side profile is 대박!!! I wonder what Leader Hyun Joong and Sexy Charisma Jung Min has to say on this teaser.^^ They must be happy and proud too! ^^ We must look forward to the other 3 teasers they will release in succeeding days! ^^ 축하해 허영생 김규종 김형준! ^^

credits: CI ENT@yt

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