Monday, March 8, 2010

i am so full

Just got home from malling and having dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. We ate at Johnny Ricketts, a store recommended by my sister. She said that burgers there are fabulous! I've tried it and she's right! The burger's size is already good for two people, the fries and drinks are refillable, not to mention the crews are dancing in the jukebox song every 30 mins! So the price is definitely worth it. You'll feel that you are in U.S. because of the ambiance. The restaurant's concept was somewhat like a diner, the kind of place that you see in American movies! Here are some pictures I've taken while I'm at the middle of eating ^^

I ordered bacon cheese single! yum yum

By the way, earlier I saw a site where a certain genie can guess who are you thinking. I was curious if he will be able to get it right. And the result is?...... (dan dan dan daaaaannn...)  Kim Hyun Joong! Wow! He's definitely right! kekeke There was never a day that i didn't think of him! How could I? If he is the reason for me to be happy!!! ♥♥♥

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