Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A quick review of SS501 in 2013: Dramas, albums, military duty and reunion

Who would have thought that 2013 will be passing that fast? It's as if it was only just yesterday when I visited Seoul in the beginning of the year, and now it's already 2014. Time really flies so fast. So as to the careers and events that happened to our boys. As a ritual, let me give you a quick review of what took place in the life of these 5 amazing boys. Dramas, albums, military duty and the much awaited reunion in the year 2013.

Starting with our Leader Kim Hyun Joong, though it was unfortunate that his 'City Conquest' drama did not pushed through, still a lot of blessings came on his way. He was given a chance to be a part of the Sunday show 'Barefoot Friends' alongside with Kang Hodong and other celebrities. In addition, he was casted to portray the role of JungTae for the drama 'Inspiring Generation which will be shown January 2014.

This year also is the time when Hyun Joong released a series of albums and single. The album 'Tonight' which he released in Japan, the single 'The Reason that I live' which he released on the date of his birthday, and last but not the least, 'Round 3' which he did made a comeback in Korea and showed the manly side of him. ^^

Main vocal Heo Young Saeng did not had any drama series or sitcoms but he was part of the musical 'Summer Snow' which was shown in Japan.

He also had 3 albums released namely 'Life', 'Memories To You' and 'She'. 'Life' showed the cuteness and colorful side of him. 'Memories To You' composed of original songs and rearranged songs of SS501 while 'She' album was released as a gift to fans prior to his enlistment. He also did a collaboration with Lee Jung Bong in the song 'Goodbye My Love'.

Heo Young Saeng enlisted in October 31, 2013. He was assigned in Seoul to fulfill the duty of a police officer.

Forever Center Kim Kyu Jong is still serving the military duty as of today. Only in Twitter we do get some updates from him. Unfortunately, on December 13,2013 he deactivated his Twitter account.

Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min had a series of fanmeetings and concerts from different parts of the globe. Although he didn't release any albums this year, he was busy with the musical 'Summer Snow' and also participated in some shows in Taiwan.

Maknae Kim Hyung Jun in 2013 was full of drama that was both successful. First was 'Gold,Appear!' and this time it's 'Melody of Love'. Indeed, his acting skills are being recognized because of how frequent he was considered to be a part of a drama. ^^

This year, Hyung Jun also did a collaboration with Sunny Hill and came up with a digital single 'Always Love You' which is still a hit especially in Japan. ^^

As a group, almost twice that they had shown to the public together. First was during their 8th Anniversary. ^^ Though Leader Kim Hyun Joong was unable to be a part of the video message because of filming for 'Barefoot Friends', still Leader mentioned the anniversary at his concert and even sang SS501 songs. ^^ Just when we thought that this will be the reunion that would complete us, think again because come October 26, 2013, an unexpected incident happened. ^^

After so many years, we saw our 5 men together in one stage on the day of Young Saeng's last concert prior to his enlistment. It was such a memorable day for all Triple S around the globe. We all celebrated this special day. ^^ We definitely should believe in them that one day, they will come back as one. ^^

So there you have it. Just a quick review of events in the lives of our boys. Looking forward to the coming years... still with SS501. ^^ 

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!

더블에스오공일 만세! 
트리플에스 만세!

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