Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[Eng Translation] Uzoosin and his new friends 01.01.14

Huge thanks to @5StarsAs1 for translating it for us. ^^ Now, we get to see his new friends.... and a girlfriend? ㅋㅋ An interesting story from our one and only Uzoosin. ^^ 기다려~ ^^

[TRANS] UZOOSIN's Love Love Planet Season 2: Friends' Introduction:

U:ZOOSIN's friends
Season 2 #1
Introducing U:ZOOSIN's friends!~

I'm going to introduce my friends~


''Byul Dali!''

who loves the stars and moon ^^~

Byul Dali's special-looking eyes~

are not a fashion glasses (-.-)/~
It's really just his eyes.~

My best friend among all
is 'Byul Dali' ^^~

Unimaginable!~ Pink aura~

I'm going to introduce my girlfriend now!~

UZOOgirl! Please come out!~


Lovely UZOOGIRL greets everyone~

*before makeup!~*
Well..although there's a slight difference before and after makeup~

I love to fly in the sky freely!~

Nice to meet you^^~
There will be lot of interesting stories with new UZOOGIRL and Byul Dali^^~


credits: hyun-joong.com

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