Saturday, May 3, 2014

Newly added SS501 Collection: Kim Hyun Joong's 'Ready, Action! in Spain', Kim Kyu Jong's 'The First Step Yesterday Special DVD' and Kim Hyung Jun's Mini Album 'Escape'

Remember I told you last time I went on vacation? Well, I was able to buy some old albums of the boys as an addition to my collection. ^^ This time I have gathered the 3 Kim. ^^ Maknae Hyung Jun, Leader Hyun Joong and Center Kyu Jong's items. ^^ I know probably most of you have already these items, but let me just give my own feedback on each album/dvd. Starting of with Kim Hyung Jun's 'Escape' Album, I was surprised to see a DVD included since at first I thought it was only the CD. Good thing it includes the M/V for 'Sorry, I'm Sorry' and the drama version where Kang JiHwan and Lee Ki Woo also participated. For Kim Kyu Jong's 'The First Step DVD', it includes a photobook that I seriously love because of the pictures included. My favorite would be the shot which I have scanned below. ^^ Casual but he looks very very hansome!♥ And the DVD includes making of the MV, Interview with Kyu Jong plus different angles of the song 'Yesterday'. Heo Young Saeng even appeared for a few seconds showing his support to Kyu. ^^ Lastly, for Kim Hyun Joong's 'Ready, Action! in Spain' DVD, you can see in some parts his being funny guy and being the 4D Leader! The songs in the background are all SS501 songs so I started missing them again. All in all, I love those 3 items I have purchased. ^^ Hopefully I can buy more in the future. ^^


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