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Spring Vacation in Seoul, South Korea April 17-28, 2014 (Part 2)

So this is the 2nd part of my story regarding my vacation in Seoul. Where did I left off? Oh, during the Hanok Village visit. ^^ lright, let's continue. ^^

After the Hanok Village visit, we are about to go to our next destination when suddenly I craved for  Patbingsu. We went to the nearest to the nearest Tourist information to ask where we can eat Patbingsu. They told us the way to restaurant who offers Patbingsu. Name of the place is Jiyugaoka 8丁目. When we got there, we ordered Mango Bingsu instead. And I tell you, it's really a must-try! My favorite so far especially during warm weather.

After enjoying that delicious Mango Bingsu, we head off to Hongdae again to visit the Ice Museum. It's really really cold inside I tell you. We were rushing to take pictures and take turns as fast as we can so we can get out immediately. For me, it's like colder than winter. Reaaaallly cold but it was fun! ^^

After that cold experience, as we walk on our way out the building, we saw a shop where you can wear a hanbok and a professional photographer will take pictures of you or you can take pictures of yourself. I was so happy since I really wanted to have this type of experience. So we hurriedly sign up for it (Around 20,000 won wearing Hanbok, 1 picture from photographer, and you can take pictures of yourself using your own camera). This one is just a sample of what we did. This is using our own camera. ^^
If you want to know more about how you can do this too, you can click HERE

After the Hanbo wearing, we decided to have dinner at Jamsil. So... you already know what comes next.... we ate at Jaksal Chicken Restaurant in Jamsil! ^^ Of course, this place should definitely be part of our itinerary. We couldn't miss this chance to visit it again, not only because of Hyun Joong but also He is very very friendly and knows a bit of Enlgish. When he knew what country I am from, he started saying words in my native language. ^^ He said he stayed in our country for at least a month so he learned a few words. ^^ We took picture with him too! It was a nice night. ^^ 

I'll be skipping some parts not for sharing. ㅋㅋㅋ Our next destination is Nami Island. I was surprised to see they have their own Immigration before you can go to the Island itself.

Remember the 'Winter Sonata' Drama? Yes, this is where they shoot the scenes. ^^ I am just so happy to be here! ^^ So many beautiful flowers and seeing the path where they walked, it made me happy! 

We stayed there for around 2 hours taking pictures, then on to our next place which is Petite France. It is also located near Nami Island. You just have to take the bus but take note of what time you should be waiting for the bus to came. Because if you missed it and decided to ride a taxi, it might be a little expensive. Our taxi fare cost us around 20,000 won. This is where they shoot the famous drama 'You Who Came From The Stars' starring Kim Soo-Hyun.

It's a small place, but the structures of the houses are just amazing to look at. We were so tired that day we decided to go home to take some rest.

The following day, we transferred guesthouse... to our favorite Guesthouse, BoA's Guesthouse! ^^

It's a highly recommended guesthouse. You'll feel as if you're at your own house because that's how comfy the place is. You can inquire and book your reservation of room HERE.
We even ordered delivery foods and ate it here. The staff actually helped us out in ordering. All we did is to pay. ^^ Very accommodating staff!

Then we went to Mango Six.

Does the place looks familiar to you? Yes, it is where the hit drama 'The Heirs' was held. ^^ That scene where Eun Hye was working as a barista and a waitress... this was the place!

A cozy place where you can have drinks and just relax. I also love the drinks and the desserts they offer! 

Saturday feels like an ordinary day. We woke up early, ate breakfast and starting to get dressed. My friend suddenly said she needs to go down to get some hot water. After some time, she messaged me that I had to go down. So I decided to go to the dining area. When I saw her, this is what she prepared. ^^

Whoa! I am so surprised! She even sang 'Happy Birthday' for me! I am so touched and blessed to have a friend like her. ^^ I asked her how did she planned this when we are always together all the time. She said she asked a favor from one of the staff of the guesthouse to help her out. ^^ They are soooo nice! ^^ Really, I am grateful for them! I started my day with a smile! ^^

We celebrated my birthday at Lotte World Adventure! (Just like a kid, eh? Theme park it is!) 

Since I am already here, why not visit the place that I have been wanting to see. Remember this?

Yes, I did pose like this, where Kyu Jong has done this also. ^^ I insisted on having my picture taken at this area so that at least it would remind me the day when Kyu also went to Lotte World. ^^ 

I had fun re-visiting this place. Thanks to my good friend for spending it with me. ^^

During night time, we witness the Lotus Lantern Parade held at Jonggak Intersection.

 It was beautiful to see a parade of lanters. So many participated in the event. After the parade, my friend and I looked for some lanterns that we can bought home. 

As we walk along, we saw some writing on the road where it says '아픔을 함께'. It means 'Sharing the pain' pertaining to the families who lost their loved ones during the ferry incident.

And before the night ends, I could not forget to eat my seaweed soup since it's my birthday! ^^

 That sums up my travel to Seoul this Spring 2014. ^^ I must say, I still had so much fun despite my second time being there. Hopefully I can visit again soon. ^^ If you are planning to go to Korea, I wish you will also enjoy your time their just as I enjoyed mine. ^^ Till we meet again! ^^

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