Tuesday, October 14, 2014

KeyEast denies rumor about Kim Hyun Joong's enlisting in March 2015

Well I guess some media are so excited to share a news that has no basis yet that's why some fans get confused about it. Anyway, Kim Hyun Joong's agency, KeyEast, made a statement that Hyun Joong has not received any drafts yet from the military service so the news about his enlistment is not true.What ever that date may be, I guess Hyun Joong will be the one to tell us. 맞지 김현중?


News of Kim Hyun Joong Enlisting in March of Next Year Denied By KeyEast 

Previously, Korea Herald reported that Kim Hyun Joong was set to enlist active duty in March of 2015.

Regarding this report, KeyEast Entertainment head Yang Geun Hwan denied, saying to various Korean media outlets on October 14, “Kim Hyun Joong hasn’t even received a draft notice. How would one enlist without a draft notice? The rumors of his enlistment are not true.”

“Upon seeing the enlistment news reports, our agency representatives said that no one had contacted them about the matter; it’s strange. We don’t understand how those reports got out without confirming with us.”

According to a report by Newsen, who quoted a statement by a representative of the agency, “Kim Hyun Joong is currently resting after the wrap-up of his world tour. He has no plans for further activity as of right now.”

credits: jun2yng@soompi.com

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