Friday, October 31, 2014

Kim Hyung Jun's Instagram Update: Photo and Video with Kim Kyu Jong 10.30.14

Can somebody just kill me now?? Waaahhh I missed this last night since I was too busy with some other things. Why oh why did I miss this special moment??? 미안해 김형준~ 미안해 김규종~ 미안해 여러분 ~ T_T Still, I am grateful and ecstatic and happy seeing this short clip of KyuMak. ^^ I miss them! A lot!! 고마워 쭌이. ^^ Really thank you Hyung jun for sharing this to all of us. ^^ You made Triple S happy once again. ^^  사랑해요 규막!! ♥♥♥

A video posted by 김형준  Kim Hyung Jun . SS501 (@kimhyungjun87) on

A photo posted by 김형준  Kim Hyung Jun . SS501 (@kimhyungjun87) on

credits: kimhyungjun87

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