Saturday, February 28, 2015

[Eng Translation] Message of Kim Hyun Joong's Manager 02.28.15

Amidst all controversy surrounding Leader Kim Hyun Joong for the past few days, his Manager Seo Seung Gyo shows his unwavering support to his talent. I'm glad that there are people like him that continues to give words of encouragement and comfort to Hyun Joong. ^^ 고마워요 매니저 서승교. ^^  화이팅 김현중!

"I've been (working with him) for 4 years but this is the only photo with him..
Always feeling great and proud that I've been working with you..!
It does! and it will continue to do so!"

credits: 서승교 (https://www.facebook.com/seungkyo.seo.9) + @howlovelylala (English Translation)

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