Friday, February 20, 2015

Media Photos of Kim Hyun Joong during 'GEMINI' Japan Tour in Makuhari, Chiba - Day 3 02.20.15

TT_TT I am feeling sad right now upon hearing on the updates on today's concert that he cried a lot feeling touched with his fans. I think today is the last day of his 'GEMINI' Tour and I know many fans were feeling emotional as I am. I feel that soon he will be enlisting, and it's a fact. But still, you cannot prevent me from feeling this way, it's gonna be 2 long years that we won't be hearing anything from him. T_T I promise that I will wait for him and will be looking forward for his comeback. 기다릴께~ ... TT_TT 사랑해요 김현중 ♥♥♥ 

*Update: Added more photos

credits: http://korepo.com/archives/88704 + asian-hana.com

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