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[Eng Translation] Heo Young Saeng featured in Trendy Magazine Issue No. 38

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【Various expansion and challenges of Young Saeng's talent】
- From challenge to the stage, he was able to show a further possibility of YS to many people -

"Hello to readers of "Trendy".
I think that you are in the middle of the summer vacation now.
Let's play a lot at outside precisely because summer!
If the weather is too hot, please be caution to beverages and foods. Summer is likely to be food poisoning, please attention to health aspects.
I wish that everyone is always be happy. Thank you. "

Young Saeng after a long time.
As usual his image is the shy prince of SS501, but we can feel more confident as a man somewhere further.
He gave a talk about the recent situation.
Promotional of CD has finally settled down recently, and also reached the end of the shooting of the drama.
"I am planning a concert in Japan now, and because there are plans to put out an album in Japan, I am advancing the current recording."
【Album that is full of self-confidence】
When the comes talk about album "SOLO" which was released in the while ago, YS is shining so full of self-confidence.
He spoke with smile.
"This album feature all songs that I wanted to tried.
All songs have different characteristic and gives a different impression just like season's change.
So, everyone! Please cheer for me! "

The main song of this album "CRYING" is the song that he wrote the lyrics by himself.
We asked the thoughts of wrote the lyrics.
"In the beginning, when I heard the melody of this song, I felt very sad feeling. Therefore, I tried to wrote the lyrics with the image of sad feeling.
I wrote the lyrics while imagining the painful feelings when the man broke up with girlfriend."

【The rookie actor's first play】
In addition to the fields of music, he tried drama appearances.
During the filming, the most memorable scene for him was the first day of the shooting scene, he said.
The setting of the script is the scene of he met her for the first time and they are walking while talking. And After while, they come back.
The assistant was supposed to show the timing they return.
However, when actually begin shooting and even walking for a while, but without any movement.
"I had to only walk earnestly. Because I am a rookie if I looked back according my selfish determine, there was a possibility of NG.
I thought that maybe I'm not wrong, because a actress who was in next to mine had been crying.
But also I wonder correct to continue walking? I wonder If I am wrong? And so on, I kept walking while suffering in my mind."
"Although I knew it from after, director seems suddenly changed the angle and shooting method. But I didn't notice it at all. Because it was the first shot for me anyway. I was very nervous because the road was very long.It was the most impressive scene until now. "

【Towards diversification development goals】
In addition to the album and drama, we must ask to the story of that famous musical "The Three Musketeers" that he attended before.
He told us about the role played by him.
"I played the role of young adolescents named D'Artagnan. He left from hometown to become Musketeers. And he met the Three Musketeers.
Then, in order to protect the Empress, he made a variety activity. In this musical was drawn about love and friendship between men."
"Until now, I was challenged song, drama, musical. Experience of acting was very fresh and interesting for me.There is a lot of things to learn, and there is a sense of fulfillment.I want to challenge the many stage and musicals from now on."
Of course, his the first hope is to make a CD album continuously. Because he loves music so much.
And he told us while smile.
"Since I have not yet appeared, I want to challenge movie appearances if there is a chance."
Which the field of his activity do you expecting? In any field of activity, you would be doing the best support and cheer for him.

【SS501 I want to sing together again someday】
Kyu Jong is for military service, held a fan meeting in Korea before.SS501 members were able to meet again on this occasion.For fans in attendance on the day was very, it was a big surprise. Fans of Taiwan and fans of other regions were envious.
We heard the story of that day. So that he was moved and said.
"I was especially glad that day. In usually, we are very busy each. Therefore, it's too difficult even though we want to meet together. On this occasion after a long time to be able to meet together, I was feeling nostalgic."
Kyu jong appeared as a regular of the entertainment program "Meal God ROAD" before. When last recording was carried out because he got military service, Young Saeng and Hyung Jun was called by a program as a special guest.
"Really after a long time we appeared on the show together by three people.
We had not meet together for a long time, recording was very favorable. Because we remembered the previous. I want to appear together again soon!"

【I want to sing the Chinese song along with the people in Taiwan】
In an interview, Young Saeng told to feelings of to all the fans in Taiwan. And he told us the "secret" of the Japanese album that will release near future.
In fact, the song that was made by Taiwanese composer has been recorded in the album.
"When I heard this song for the first time, it was the Chinese lyrics.
I found soon that this song is the popular music of Taiwan. I thought because it was a very good feeling, and I also want to sing well. This song has become the Japanese now, but I want to tell this story to you all in Taiwan.
If I have a chance this time, I want you to make a song by composer of Taiwan. Because I try study of Chinese hard, on the next time, I want to sing a song of Chinese with a Taiwanese fan."

And Young Saeng announced a plan of the work previously from now on.
Other than Japanese album release, I am going to hold a concert in Japan.
Afterwards, I will release a new album in Korea and push forward the preparations for stage work also.
"Please support me from now on because I challenge various things!"
We wish you to support him by all means.Let's expect with TRENDY that a day will come to sing a Chinese song with him !

【Words of blessing to Kyu Jong that is in military service】
"While there is no special words, but to avoid injury, please spend on health.
Then, please the beneficial use of the military life of two years, learned a lot of knowledge, and want to come back grew more.And I want to hear the story of military life when Kyu Jong came back safely, because I also will be a soldiers in future."

Against Kyu Jong to his military service, Young Saeng did not say a special word, but he could not hide how worried.

credits: mofnyan.blog.fc2.com

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