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Updates on Heo Young Saeng's Concert in Japan 09.22.12

First of all, I would like to give my huge thanks to RenriSak0830 for sharing thses updates to all of us. I surely envy her so much since she was present in Young Saeng's first solo concert in Japan. If only I could be there too. T_T But for those who were like me who didn't get the chance to be with him tonight, here are some important happenings in this special night. I was laughing while reading the parts where Young Saeng was very funny, but was also sad when he mentioned about the memories with SS501. I hope to see some fancams of his concert. Will share it here once I do see one. ^^

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[Live Update] Heo Young Saeng - 2012 Over Joyed Japan Concert [12.09.22]

He sang SS501 songs a lot! Omg Omg! I cried so much cz he cried too TT

We watched a movie from YS.. About SS501. The message was "Do you remember? Thanks.. We you are here so we are in here. We will be always in your side.

YS : Next is..final song.. Fans: No~~~!!
YS: Don't say no~~~!! xD xD

He sang SS501 song Kokoro, Distance, Lucky Days, LIVE, All my love and Love ya, FIND rock ver.

YS: Did you buy my new album?
Fans: YES!!
YS: Really?
Fans: Yeah!!
YS: Then Did u listen it?
Fans: Yeahhhh!!
YS: Really? kkk

YS cried some times I Think .. When he was singing "Is it love?", new song "Connects the night was interrupted","True Tears"

YS: I will speak all Japanese!! So..I'll have a headache ... (too difficult Japanese for him) xD xD

YS: We debuted at 2007 in Japan... Then lets remember our the memories!! .. YS danced Love Ya with 4 dancers! ←T.T

One Lucky girl.. Stood on the stage.. He sang to Lucky girl "Love Song"

We watched a movie about SS501 songs are Warning, Snow Prince, You are my heaven and so on.. and X-concert

The encore last song was Hello Mello!! He was too cute! He threw his towel to fans!! and the last he gave THROW KISS!!

credits: RenriSak0830@twitter + Colinkristianti@twitter + photo credits as tagged + b2ment

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