Monday, September 24, 2012

[Fancam] Heo Young Saeng singing 'Love Song' in his Tokyo Concert 09.22.12

Honestly, the moment I saw this video being uploaded, I was literally hoping that my connection would be fast enough to quickly load the whole vid! I super duper love this song. Reminds me of Kaki confessing to Nara in 'Sent from Heaven'. Come to think of it, I miss watching that sitcom. I normally get less sleep just to watch and sub the episodes. I also love the lyrics of that song. ♥ 
Young Saeng smiled around 0:28 - 0:56. Can you tell why? I do. ^^ And when he came closer with the girl, I covered my mouth just to not scream in front of my computer since its already past midnight here. Neighbors might thought something is happening with me. ㅋㅋㅋ When the video clip reached 1:37, I already bit my lip and I was also trying to bite my finger just to control myself not to scream!! Did he just hold the girl's hand??? Did he?? Did he?????? Shocks if I were that girl, with Saengie in front of me, showing those dimples that is to die for and is about to hold my hand, I'd probably be trying to compose myself not to faint. Gyaaaaahhhh~!!!!!! I so envy that girl!!!!! 

*Sorry it's a long reaction that I've typed here. I just can't helped it, I need to let it out. ^^

credits: heoyoungsaeng.com + madeleine + yssilver1103@yt

Let me include this cute screencap of Young Saeng, trying to be shy and all in front of the girl. ^^

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