Monday, April 7, 2014

Article about Kim Hyun Joong denying that he is dating UEE

Yes, it was true that rumors were spreading before about them being together because of the show 'Barefoot Friends'. Alot of 'he-said she-said' type of thingy was heard. But finally, our Leader have spoken the truth regarding the real deal between the two of them. They are not dating. So you can relax your heart now gals. ㅋㅋㅋ We all know how prankster he is that's why he joked like that to their staff, but there is really nothing going on between them. They are colleagues, but nothing goes beyond that. 난 믿어요 김현중씨.


Kim Hyun Joong denies that he is dating After School's UEE


Kim Hyun Joong talked about the rumors of him dating After School's UEE!

Back when both of them were starring on 'Barefoot Friends', a rumor had spread that the duo were actually dating. According to rumors, Kim Hyun Joong had introduced UEE to his friends as his girlfriend. Even though the rumors quieted after the show ended, it still pops up from time to time.

In an interview he had with Star Today, he was asked about the rumors. He answered, "It's not true at all. To be honest, I trusted these rumors out of instinct. But now that I became one of the subjects, I realized they're not believable. I heard through the rumors that I was dating UEE, and we laughed together when we saw it. After that, the staff kept teasing us, so I jokingly said 'she's my girlfriend', and that became the fuel for another round of rumors. It's a scary world."

He added, "We were all close during the filming, but I don't think I could ever be dating UEE like the rumors suggest."

credits: jennywill@allkpop

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