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[Eng Translation] Kim Hyun Joong's Talk Time during his World Tour Concert in Seoul 06.28.14

I decided to collate some translations done by our fellow fans. ^^ Most of the words he said are really funny. Well, that's our 4D Leader! ^^ 김현중 완전 웃겨!! ^^ Never fails to make me laugh. ^^ Thanks to all the translators! ^^

photo credit: @catgojump


- Khj "its my last con in my 20s. So I prepared hard"

- Khj "do u like it? Fun?" Fans "yes" Khj "thats a relief"

- Khj "honestly, when the con just started, I was worried. Cos it's been a long time since I did a concert"

- Khj teased fans. He said family came and my love..my love...my loving.....fans.

- Khj "new album will be out in July"

- Khj "do u know how fast time passes? This con is ending" Fans "ehhhhh" Khj "why ehhh? Its real"

- Fans "cannot" Khj "u guys not gng home?" Fans "yes" Khj "but im gng home. Theres soccer to watch"

- Khj keeps on teasing fans. "The con is 1hr 50 mins. Not 3hrs u know?"


-Now, the words I want to convey to everyone…
It’s time to tell those words.

When times like this come, the words we definitely~~ have to say…



I will always…

want to see you guys.

From the bottom of my heart…

Now, I’ll tell you what I really want to tell you guys:


I love you guys.

Thank you.


-HJ said (roughly): Sing a hundred songs also no use, can't compare to stripping once. by 홍콩완두Vicky: 偶吧說~大意:努力唱一百首歌也沒用,也比不上一脫

-HJ: This time MV shooting really saved a lot of money, company must be very happy, you all must be very happy right.
Fans shouting: Must not have woman (inside MV)!!
HJ: What to do? This time I picked slim and beautiful woman to film, haha.

HJ: I knew it very clearly, all along my music are just very normal, the public can't really take it and don't quite like it, did you all feel the same too?
Fans: No!
HJ: This time for the Korean album (July new album) been thinking a lot how to make music that public will like and music that will be well-remembered.

 HJ: I will say 'Thank you for the effort' to everyone, and all of you will say 'Thank you for the effort', got it? (after some thought) Those who didn't say anything down there are Chinese fans and Japanese fans right? You all can't understand what I say, what should I do?

HJ: Unknowingly the concert is coming to an end...
Fans: No! We won't leave tonight!
HJ: What? You don't want to go home? (after some thought) Then you just stay here, I'll go home first (act cute)
Fans: No no!
HJ: Stop messing around, I still have to go to China for business tomorrow.

HJ saw fans shouting to ask him to strip again, he waved his hand: How can this do, my body is so precious, strip once will do!

by 无敌3宝 + trans by kelemama

- HJ's letter to fans (made my cry while translating this ㅠㅠ )

All the while I've used a quiet character as a shield, never said such mushy words revealing my heart. Today using this chance I really wish to say to you all: I love you all, thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

Sometimes I always felt I'm just alone, it's you all who are always by my side making me not lonely. Today, I also wish to say: I love you all, just like the way you all love me, loving you all.

from @无敌3宝 + trans by kelemama


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