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Official Notice regarding Kim Hyun Joong's World Tour: First Stop is on June 28, 2014

Just got home and I've only got few minutes before it's Leader's birthday. So let me share first some updates regarding his upcoming concert this June. Basically, it will answer all your queries regarding the event. ^^ Really wish I could come! ^^ 김현중 월드콘서트 화이팅!! ^^



We are Keyeast.

Please note that the pre-ticketing for official fan club HENECIA of 2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR(Monghwan) is available on Interpark for June 12(Thursday), 2014.

Please read the following details carefully before ticket reservation.

Thank you.

Title of Performance : 2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR '夢幻'(Monghwan)

Date : PM 7:00, June 28(Saturday), 2014

Place: SK Olympic Handball Stadium(formerly, fencing stadium), Olympic Park

Ticket : KRW 99,000(including the V.A.T)

Organizer : KYEAST

Supervisor : Mays Entertainment

Cooperation: Bonboo Entertainment

Age limit for admission: Those over the age of 6

Fan club pre-ticketing: From 08:00PM on June 12(Thursday), 2014

Ordinary ticketing: From 03:00PM, June 10(Tuseday), 2014

Ticketing organization: Interpark(http://ticket.interpark.com) The webpage information will be announced later.

Scheduled date of ticket delivery: June 20 (Friday), 2014(The date of delivery may be different from the date of receipt.)

Contact for ticketing: 1544-1555

Pre-ticketing period: From 08:00PM June 12(Thursday), 2014 to 06:00PM June 13(Friday), 2014

Fan club authentication period: 03:00PM June 10(Tuesday), 2014 to 06:00PM June 13(Friday), 2014

Fan club authentication method:

1. Log on to the Interpark ticketing page(http://ticket.interpark.com)

2. Log onto the detailed webpage of 2014 KIM HYUN JOONG WORLD TOUR '夢幻'(Monghwan)

3. Click the fan club authentication banner.

4. Authentication with the date of birth and 2013 HENECIA membership card.

ex) Fan club authentication = Card Number 13HJHC1234567890 Date of Birth 19860606

(-,. Symbols are not allowed to be entered)

(※ You must use the regular membership certification number for authentication prior to pre-ticketing.)

** Please contact the HENECIA operation team(070.4650.2016) if you have problem with fan club authentication process.

   (E-mail contac : henecia@hyun-joong.com)

**.  The inquiry related to fan club authentication error and other related matters can be made from 9:30AM to 6:30PM.

** In the fan club pre-ticketing, only one seat is allowed per person. (URL for ticket booking will be announced later.)

Pre-ticket zone : sections marked in green (section A,B,C,10,11,38,39)

Ordinary ticket zone : sections marked in red (31,32,40,41,42, section for the disabled: section2 & 3)

Japanese tourist audience zone : sections marked in yellow (section D,E,F,07,08,33,34,35)

1. The fan club pre-ticketing is a benefit allowed only for the members of 2013 HENECIA.

2. Ticket reservation will be automatically cancelled if you do not deposit the amount within the designated deposit time.

3. The authentication is allowed only one time with the ID when you log on to Inter Park. Authentication can be made even if the ID of member and name of authenticated person are different.

4.. Fan club authentication is not available after the start of ordinary booking.

5. We would appreciate if you understand that the ticketing process may not be smooth due to multiple simultaneous log-ins. Please wait until the server becomes stable and proceed to the ticket reservation.

6. For details of ticket reservation, contact the Interpark Ticketing Customer Center.

** Inquiry related to the performance ticket reservation: Interpark Ticket - 1544-1555

** Office hours : 09:00 ~ 20:00(from Mon. to Sat. / 09:00 ~ 18:00(on Sunday and holidays)

1. Can I use the same ID for ordinary ticketing after the fan club pre-ticketing

- Yes, you can.

However, one person can purchase up to 4 tickets. So, if you bought 1 ticket, you can buy up to 3 tickets during the ordinary ticketing period (up to 4 tickets per person).

2. Are the English website and fan club pre-ticketing available to foreigners?

- The fan club pre-ticketing requires Interpark membership authentication and therefore is available only for Interpark members.

- English website is available for ordinary ticketing, but not available for pre-ticketing.

Therefore, foreigners have to log in with other person’s ID for the fan club authentication process to proceed to pre-ticketing.

(Please note that the English website is operated separately from the Interpark fan club membership authentication, and therefore cannot be adjusted by our company.)

credits: hyun-joong.com

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