Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kim Hyun Joong donates to people in need and to animal shelters

Another charity work for our kind-hearted Leader Kim Hyun Joong. It was said that he donated rice tons, ramen bags, eggs and even coal briquettes to people in need. In addition, he also donated feeds to animal shelters. No wonder he is very blessed because he knows how to pay it forward. So proud of you Leader! 잘했어 김현중! ^^


Kim Hyun Joong Donates 18 Tons of Rice to People in Need

Kim Hyun Joong decided to donate 18 tons of rice as well as ramen and eggs to people in need.

Dreame revealed on June 5, that upon receiving Kim Hyun Joong’s request, it organized 18 tons of rice, 160 ramen bags, 800 eggs and 1,680 coal briquettes to be sent to seven welfare facilities around the country. 600 kilograms of feed has also been sent to animal shelters.

The rice, ramen, eggs and coal briquettes donated by Kim Hyun Joong are from the Dreame flower wreaths that his fans sent over on January 9 to show support for his drama The Age of Feeling. The Dreame flower wreaths were sent over by the fans not only in Korea but also in 23 countries, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Greece, Bulgaria, Morocco, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and more.

Kim Hyun Jong’s international fans also sent Dreame flower wreaths during press conference for MBC’s Playful Kiss on August 26, 2010, sending over 1.36 tons of rice wreaths. The fans continued to show their support by sending the flower wreaths to Kim Hyun Joong’s showcase in 2011, fan meeting concert in 2013 and showcase for The Age of Feeling in 2013, which total up to 26.75 tons of rice donated under Kim Hyun Joong’s name.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong held The Age of Feeling Premium Fan Meeting 2014 in Pacifico Yokohama Convention Hall on May 31, meeting with over 10,000 fans over the two day fan meeting.

Photo credit: Dreame

credits: http://m.enewsworld.interest.me/news/news_view.asp?nsID=67668

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