Monday, September 29, 2014

HD Photos of Kim Kyu Jong at his 'Romantic Brunch with Kyu' Fanmeeting 09.27.14

He's back! Our Triple S President is back!! ^^ After waiting for 2 long years, he's now back and this is his first fanmeeting after ending his military service last July 2014. ^^ New look from our Eternal Center. Blonde hair just like Leader's hair during 'Timing' promotion.^^ I missed him so much and I am really wanting to see him again in person. He really is the sweetest. ♥ I saw from Twitter that taking pictures and videos were strictly prohibited during the fanmeet. However, our kind-hearted and ever sweet Kyu even asked fans to take pictures and videos of him. ☻☻☻ He even posed to some cameras. That's how thoughtful he is. ^^  I bet more fans would fall for him. Who wouldn't? ^^  사랑해요 김규종! ♥ Oh and by the way, I find it cute seeing him doing that 'Ssshhh' gesture again. ^^

credits: http://carpediem501.com/ + http://ourkdream.blogspot.kr/

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