Friday, November 7, 2014

Media Photos of Kim Kyu Jong during 'SOS Please Save Me' Presscon 11.07.14

I was surprised to know that today they held a presscon, so I hurriedly check some photos in the internet. And indeed, a very handsome Kyu Jong was seen posing in front of the camera of reporters. ^^ Nice pose, Kyu Jongie, I missed it a lot. ^^ 멋있다 김규종! ♥ Of course, he would not forget his manners seeing that bow he showed to the audience. As polite as ever, our Kyu Jong has never changed one bit. Still very kind to others. ^^ There are tons of pictures on the web, so I did chose a couple to share them to you. Huge thanks to ivannah501 for the info! ^^

credits: as tagged + daum

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