Friday, November 28, 2014

Photos of Heo Young Saeng during Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's 'Musical & Talk Concert' Show 11.27.14

Whoah! I was surprised they held the show yesterday when I thought it's supposed to be starting on November 29 based on their poster. Oh well, I am still happy and grateful that these pictures were shared to us and more even surprising is that he is not wearing his police uniform. Instead, he was wearing an outfit that he used to wear during his concerts. So basically if you watch this show, you will be mesmerized with that gorgeous performance plus the cool outfit he's wearing. ^^ Based on the pictures, I'm guessing that he performed 'Let it Go', 'Out the Club' and a ballad song. I'm not sure if it's 'Because I'm Stupid' or 'Maria'. Hopefully we get to see a video of his full performance. And did you see that girl together with the host and Young Saeng? I envy her because she is so close with him. ^^ 부럽다 ~ That girl sure is lucky. ^^ My favorite picture would be....? Of course the first picture where he was smiling. ^^ Oh and another one when he was together with that host and he was smiling too. ^^ I could even see the dimples which I really like! ♥ 허영생 미소를 너무 좋아해요. ^^ Thanks to RiCeLyN for the info. ^^

credits: http://blog.daum.net/jygilll/16131942

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